Tyga, That Girl Lay Lay & More Jaw-Dropping Freestyles | Ranked: Wild ‘N Out

Tyga, That Girl Lay Lay & More Jaw-Dropping Freestyles | Ranked: Wild ‘N Out

– No b, no b, no b.
– [Scott Disick] Yeah, yeah. – Fifty thousand for the ring that’s how I get my bling on. – Speak on it! – Make some noise
if y’all wanna hear Nick new song. (silence) (laughter)
– [Crowd] Oh! (ding) – DJ D-Wrek, drop the beat. Uh, uh, clap your hands y’all. Clap your hands y’all. Ay yo Pete, you my favorite sike I lied. Matter fact since
you left the show it’s been fried. I’ma tell you like this, I stay high. They need to change
your show name to Saturday Night Died. – [Crowd] Oh. (ding) – Hey Nick, it’s an honor
to be here to perform with the hottest
new star of 2004. – [Crowd] Oh! (ding) – We all know Wiz
gets the munchies every time his eyes chinky, only reason that he with you, cause your head look
look like a Twinkie. – [Crowd] Oh!
(ding) – I got your back.
– Oh no, I got it, I got it. – Uh oh, uh oh. – I’m on this show,
doin’ you a favor just like Mariah, she’s
your career saver. (audience cheers)
(ding) (dings repeatedly) (cheering) – Yo DJ D-Wrek
who won that game? – [DJ D-Wrek] Black Team wins, make some noise
for the Black Team! – She came and beasted out. Uh, clap your hands y’all. Clap your hands y’all. Yo I took him through Red
Hook, he wasn’t no chump They would (beep) with him
cause his music do bump but I’ma tell y’all a secret, this ain’t what you want, on some real (beep), he voted for Trump. (crowd jeers) (ding) – Ay yo, Ay yo, Ay yo, hold up let me make one thing clear. One of my songs sold seven
million copies this year. Add that up, what
do we have there? More singles sold
than his whole career. (crowd cheers)
(ding) – Hold on! See I wasn’t even gon’ go there! Tried to be nice! This right there
for you, you ready? – Always ready. – Let’s get to it, will
Black Squad step up, Red Squad step up, DJ
D-Wrek drop the beat. (record scratching)
(hip hop beat) – Clap ya hands A
Town clap ya hands. Aight we start it off. Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah. You went from making hits, from everybody see like the joints off
like, like fantasy but now you hostin’ shows on MTV and that’s my network
so now you work for me. (crowd jeers) (ding)
– Oh really? Oh stop the beat then,
hold on, hold on. (record scratch)
(music stops) – Luda done cut
the beat already! – So now you say I work for you but all jokes aside, you’re last stand-up
comedy Don’t Shoot made me wanna commit suicide. – [Crowd] Oh.
(ding) [Ludacris] – Hold up, hold up.
– Whoa. – But black lives matter so I decided to
choose to stay livin’. How the hell you
get a team with all Flava Flav’s children? (crowd cheers)
(ding) How’d that happen? – This is Wild Style Ne-Yo you know I’m the best scrap it seem like your hair
line dropped out of school by the way it got left back. (laughter) (ding)
(cheering) – Nice, nice, nice. I’m about to set you off
for early retirement. Don’t the Wildstyle battle
have a height requirement? (cheering) (dings repeatedly) (drum beat)
– I wanna get your wife for this one, come here wife! (laughter)
Bring that ass here. Now look, the diss
track’s about Nicki, yeah. You put her in place but guess what? I gotta surprise, I
brought Nicki Minaj here now say it to her face. (crowd cheers)
(ding) (screams)
– Y’all hold on, hold on. – Here we go. – Pap goin’ crazy. – I got Papoose. Watch this. – Hey yo! You always
tellin’ another man “Bring yo’ ass here”,
it gets stranger. Now I see what DC stand
for…(beep) chaser. (audience cheers) – Okay. Okay. Okay. Dat ass. – Alright. – All right, what
did I do wrong? – You got jokes,
yeah you real funny. The gag is you broke, Nick
the only one with real money. Backstage I was all chummy, but now I’ll leave you, your mans, and this can
stick, you’re all done. (crowd cheering)
(ding) – What was that? – [DJ D-Wrek] Oh
yeah, yeah tell them! – Hey DJ D-Wrek, drop the beat! (record scratches)
(hip hop music starts) – Ooh! – Okay, check, check. Okay look, don’t boy
you’re too big to be cool come on man, you not a
leader of the new school. Your lips is chapped,
they look like his ass, I don’t like that,
it’s the better pass. I hate his beard,
your whole team stink take that vest, it’s
not even a mink! (beep) I hate the white boy, at the end of the
day, he’s a white boy. Yeah, that’s all I got, I’m not a rapper, but
I’m comin’ out on top. I’m not done! Hold up, yo. These leather shorts
ain’t leather, I know what they is. It’s a wallet, you
expressed it kid. (ding)
(cheering) – T-Pain, bring
that ass here boy. Look, I’m ’bout to hit
you with a sonic boom, Your career ain’t (beeep)
without auto tune. (ding)
But listen, I fu’ witchu, don’t
get me though. I hate you every time you
do this in your video. (applause)
(ding) – He ain’t that dude, A small Chris Tucker with
these lil’ whiny tattoos. Once again I’m on, once again I got another
million dollar home and I don’t (beep) wit’ ’em,
(jeering) too many cars, I got too many (beep)
I got too many bars. This (beep) say (beep) with me, I ain’t even playin’ around. That’s why they called me, Teddy pimped her ass down.
(ding) (air horn) – So let’s have both squads
step up or somethin’. Yo DJ D-Wrek drop the beat. (record scratching)
(hip hop music starts) Big Snoop Dogg, straight
reppin’ the blues but how you gon’ Crip walk with
those ugly ass church shoes? (laughing)
(ding) – Okay, that was fresh and all, but lemme tell you something
about Big Snoop Dogg. I can look so fresh and
so clean and so sack, but lemme tell you ’bout your
rap, it’s straight whack. (jeering)
(ding) You can’t get it,
and you don’t do it I’m s’posed to do two bars
but I’m bouts to ruin your day Wildin’ out, the Platinum Crew, we came to getchu,
and you, and you too. (cheering)
(ding) – I’m gon’ keep it real you think you up here grown, until your little ass
start paying some bills. (audience cheering)
(ding) I’m talking light bills, gas.
(ding) – [Nick] Pay it! Tha’s gon’ kick your ass.
(laughing) – All right, okay, less do it. All y’all whack
like your outfit, I’m here makin’
money six to six. I work for me,
y’all work for Nick. (audience cheering
and applauding) – That was a crazy Wild Style! I think I already know who won. DJ D-Wrek, let the
rest o’ everybody know. – [Dj D-Wrek] I gotta give
that to the Black Squad, make some noise! (cheering) – Cut the beat. (airhorn)
(music stops) Yo Vic, come here Vic. I think right now I’m ’bout
to do Vic Mensa wrong, I mean you know what, we should probably kill
him using Vic Mensa songs. – Let’s drive through
in a blue Jag’, – I’ll tie you up like a do-rag, – With two mags. – Put the beats
on ‘im like Kanye, – And ask “Are you mad?” (ding) – But matter fact your
girl gave me sex in a thong is that weapon is drawn? – I grabbed her, – You can’t do nothin’, – Cause we don’t know
the rest of your songs. (applause)
(ding) – These battle rappers
always think they gangsters, that’s the problem. I’m with the real hit man,
all y’all do is holler. Y’all be tellin’ them jokes, you think they cool
and you ownin’ them, but this phony ass chain
is just cubic zirconium. Are you thinkin’ it’s heavy? Are you thinking you ready? It ain’t heavy as your man,
he big body like Chevy. I ain’t got time for all
of that (beep) you talkin’, Your sweatpants tryin’
to jump off your legs while you walkin’. – Hold on, hold on! (Audience cheering)
(repeated dinging) – Yo yo, Tyga, Tyga. We ’bout to make
history right here. Imma just say oh well Tyga ain’t heard
shit we said all show ’cause he high as hell. (laughter)
(ding) – Hey drop the
beat, drop the beat. – Ohh! – You know, I had to
come bring my homie out to come support me and (beep). Yo where the Lord at? – I got you baby. – [Nick] It’s Scott Disick!
(applause and cheering) – I know we got a
couple things in common, We got baby mamas,
we got this and that, – All right. – Only difference is I got style What up Puff Daddy in 1992. – Slow down on the jetts! – Get off with
that Rack City boy. – Go ‘head Tyga! (Scott drowned out by Tgya) – No b, no b, no b. Fifty thousand for the ring that’s how I get my bling on. – Speak on it! – Make some noise if y’all
wanna hear Nick new song. (silence) (cheering)
(ding) – I think he could be pregnant ’cause you just hit him so raw. – Hold up, hold up, hold up. Hey yo Nick, That’s
how you know you whack Your wife rather play with old
balls than to hear you rap. They say once you go
black you never go back, damn, I know that
made Mariah laugh. (jeering)
(ding) – Okay, you what. You wanna talk about my ex. Let’s make one thing clear. Your ex ain’t even old
enough to get up in here. (jeering)

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  1. It would be good to invite a Latino, such as aczino, chuty or wos.

    They know English to overcome one of them except the girl.

  2. Tyga as number 1… sure u don't mind… but there was this other freestyle where he went for the whole team actually showing us it's a freestyle…

  3. 9:24 Tyga's bars made Emmanuel Hudson fall out but Nick's last bar resurrected him. Did you see the look on E's face! "You wanna talk about my ex, let's make one thing clear, your ex isn't even old enough to get up in here!" Deezamn!

  4. in 10 years someone will upload a vΓ­deo talking about wild n out was all fake and staged like these old mtv shows

  5. 6:52, alright okay let's do it, all y'all wack like yo outfits I've been making money since 6, I work for me y'all work for Nick 7:03

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  7. That little girl lay lay said a sentence and everybody got wild it wasn’t even that fire πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

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