UGQ Bandit topquilt review after a year of use! Custom ultralight top quilt!

UGQ Bandit topquilt review after a year of use! Custom ultralight top quilt!

well I hope you all ready today because
we are talking all about insulation andd today we are going over my ug cube and
it 20-degree top quilt if you are new here to my channel welcome to Madi
outdoors thank you for clicking that watch button I love hiking and I love
backpacking I love ultralight backpacking hiking a lot in the Canadian
Rockies places like Jasper Bath kananaskis if that sounds cool to you
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we’re going over my ugq banded 22 coffee I got my Timmy’s no I am I am not
sponsored by Tim Hortons I’m just Canadian and I love my Tim Hortons
coffee but if anyone from Tim Hortons is watching you guys should probably get on
that sponsorship deal soon before I blow up and I am way too big for you guys
right like I went with the non tapered version with an open foot box on my
quilt so when you unsnap the foot box and you
unclip the little Clips around your neck there and you open it up completely with
like the two shock cords at the end this same kind of setup on either end where
you’ve got a sewn channel with a shock cord so you open it up completely you
get a 50 wide by 78 inch long down blanket essentially so yeah this is what
my coat looks like when she’s completely opened up and what I like about this
setup right here is this opening it up and in the mornings if you see my
Instagram at all you guys probably know I love my morning coffees and I love my
sunrise shots this is generally how I am sitting when I shoot those shots I
opened up my quilt and I just drape it over my shoulders walk out to wherever
find a good spot sit down and enjoy alright so
snap backed up you got snaps up either side you just clip them up together and
then at the bottom you’ve got a like a solid cordage at the top you got the
same thing you’ve got two snaps look around your neck but you’ve got a shock
cord at the top but at the bottom you pulled these all the way closed and what
I’ve heard a lot of people complain about with these the open foot box
design is you get this little bit of a gap here where the material kind of
bunches up what I find works really well reaching your closed bag whatever is on
the top loosen these up a little tiny bit take a little piece of clothing
stuff it in there done deal that solves the the draft problem for your open foot
box and then you get to open it up and you get a down blank you got two snaps a
couple shot cords Center up together so getting into the technical specs on this
thing as I said before fifty inches wide seventy eight long it’s a 20 degree
rating so it’s good to minus-6 Celsius or 20 degrees Fahrenheit I have found
personally that the ugq bandit does hold to its temperature rating
personally I’ve taken mine down to about minus 10 Celsius so yeah I’ve gotten
down a little bit below what the intended rating for the quilt is and
yeah I’ve been very impressed with a temperature wise weight wise my cold
alone is 612 grams or 21.6 ounces and that does not include the stuff sack
because for me personally I don’t use the stuff sack I just stuffed my quilt
into the trash compactor bag in my pack and yeah I just crammed it in I don’t
bother using a stuff sack with it so say the truth I actually had to spend about
15 minutes this morning hunting for this thing because I had no effing clue where
it was but I yeah it does come with a stuff sack the stuff sack is 25 grams or
7/8 of an ounce so yeah if you’re a stuff sack person it does come with one
as I said I do not use the stuff sack so uh yeah I saved myself a little bit of
weight so yeah 612 grams for equal twenty one point six ounces the fill
that I went with is the 800 fill power I just
I’m up in Canada and the exchange rate for buying stuff coming up from the
states is just brutal so basically what you guys pay at about a third and that’s
what I’m paying so I went with the 800 fill power honestly just to save myself
a little bit of coin the outer material I went with her HD 1.0 in the Moroccan
blue I’ll fully admit that did cost me an extra ounce I did add an ounce to the
weight of my quilt to get into the Moroccan blue but my hammock is Moroccan
blue and I just really like the idea that my quilt would match my hammock the
inner material I went with there burnt orange and the m10 super light just a
super like almost like a silky feel to the inside I I love it I know a couple
people have said like this kind of feeling material can like almost feel
like clammy when you sweat inside of it personally I haven’t had that issue a
crown situation what these uh what these quilts actually do come with is on the
sides they have these little like grosgrain tabs going up the side here
they’ve got three of them on either side and your quilt when you buy it it comes
with this loop of shock cord with two toggles that’s supposed to slide around
your sleeping pad I never used it and honestly I lost it I have ground slept
with this and I have never had an issue so I just yeah I never bothered to bring
it and I have zero clue where it is but essentially yeah you would slide that
around your pad and then kind of toggle your quilt on and your cold will
generally stay in place lay down on your pad kick your feet into the foot box and
then you close up your top cord here and just pull it up over your head pulls the
quilt right around you and it tucks it on the sides so I have no quilt
underneath my back my back is completely exposed up against your sleeping pad as
you can see there like when you’re laying down your back is completely
exposed so so yeah with that in mind like you’re
relying on your sleeping pad the R value from your sleeping powder in my case in
my hammock I’m relying on the insulation from my under quilt to supply the heat
up through my back like when you’re in a sleeping bag you lay on that down that
down or the the synthetic insulation you can press that you don’t really get much
insulation value from it so the the benefits of the quilt is you eliminate
that material you’re not carrying it weight savings there that’s kind of the
idea behind it so yeah that’s that’s about all I got for for my ugq ban at
twenty uh the the quality and craftsmanship is absolutely top-notch
you you actually get what you’re paying for and more
yeah Paul admits he were great to deal with I had a couple questions and they
were very very quick to reply back great experience dealing with them and yeah
hopefully that helps anybody out he’s torn on looking into one of these if you
got any questions fire on my way in the comment section down below I would love
to help you guys out if I can as always I am Maddy subscribe button on this side
if you guys haven’t always clicked on it it may be worth checking out I keep
telling you guys I hike a lot in the Canadian Rockies I’m gonna pop some
videos up on this side for you you know if that might be your thing I had some
pretty wicked places as always thank you guys for watching and I will see you on
the next one

13 thoughts on “UGQ Bandit topquilt review after a year of use! Custom ultralight top quilt!

  1. Great review – I have basically the same quilt but 10*F and I went with the draft coller. Seems like a lot of newcomers to quilts go to Enlightened Equipment, but I have been happier with my UGQ Bandit for sure. The quality is top-notch. Don't think I'll buy another bag, pretty sold on quilts now! They are way more versatile – I can use this for winter and even summer in the mountains since you can open it up and kick a leg out or whatever. Look forward to some of you packing vids this summer 👍🏼

  2. Great review! I just got my quilts from Hammock Gear and though I haven't tried them outside yet I srill love them 😀
    Here in Sweden we have the same deal with import taxes from the US, one have to add about a third. It stings like a sob but this time I at least knew it. I didn't when I bought my Chameleon hammock 😂

  3. Great review!. I don't understand why they would charge you for another ounce of down to have a blue color?. makes no sense to me 🙂

  4. Thanks Matty, great review and feedback. I ordered a 10F with 800, 2oz overstuff Zeppelin underquilt and seeking a companion top quilt for fall/winter/spring in Pennsylvania. Any thoughts on comparable Bandit option? I know how down compresses and spreads out in loft channel causing cold spots with puffs of wind, did you ever get any with yours? Thanks, Rob

  5. I ordered a 20 degree version of these with 2 oz of overstuff. Do you ever do tent camping and if you do, what sleeping pads do you use? Inflatable? Foam? Both? and what are the r ratings if you do use them? Im trying to maximize my ground set up with a quilt before jumping into hammock camping and I feel that getting a quilt and trying that out on the ground is a good way to transition into hammock camping.

  6. Great review! Very informative.

    I finally decided on, and just ordered, a Hammock Gear 20°F Econ Burrow top-quilt. I paid extra for the sewn footbox and opted for the wide 55-inch version. I got it during a sale and it was only $215.00-US including shipping! It uses 800 fill duck down. I haven't received it yet and I'm checking out all the reviews of quilts to see what people are saying about more expensive ones. Mine does have an advertised weight of 24.59 ounces (697 grams), so the UGQ beats the HG there. And the HG quilt uses a 1.1oz fabric – I don't know how durability vs weight works out between those fabrics. I would presume that a slightly heavier fabric would be a little more durable, but I imagine there are a bunch of variables in these high-tech fabrics that I'm not aware of, so I'm not going to jump to a conclusion there.

    I just went to the UGQ website and compared pricing, and there's not a huge difference! Similarly spec'd as my HG quilt, the UGQ comes to $245.00US + shipping I imagine. The 800 fill power is duck on both – I just confirmed that. And The UGQ does weigh one ounce less than the similar HG even though the UGQ uses about 3/4 ounce more down in their 20° quilt. I'm guessing lighter fabric is where the UGQ manages to be a fuzz lighter.

    Considering my quilt was only $30.00US (+ shipping) cheaper, it seems like a toss-up. Mine came with a storage bag!…I didn't include the optional $10.00 storage bag in the comparison. I was under the impression that I couldn't get anything close to the HG Burrow for less than $275.00 or so. I guess $255 (including storage bag) + shipping is $275 though.

    I'm happy with my purchase so far, and haven't even seen the quilt yet. I hope I enjoy mine as much as you've enjoyed yours. I'm sure I will. I'll sleep really good knowing I saved $60.00!! 🤣

    Good video again! 👍

  7. I also live in Edmonton, and I was wondering how much you had to pay for duty to have it shipped here? The price of the quilt itself is definitely reasonable even with the exchange rate, but I feel like shipping will be ridiculous.

  8. Awesome review – did Skoki Lakes beginning of September and really thinking this quilt is the way to go
    What temps have you down to with this quilt ?

  9. Very good video review. I liked it so much I subscribed to your channel. I feel very enthusiastic about changing from sleeping bags to a quilt. I see too many advantages to it. Your video really help me decide for this company. Do you always use a quilt or do you go back to sleeping bags sometimes? Thank you so much for sharing this video. God bless you.

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