Ultimate Budget Backpacking Tarp Kit

Ultimate Budget Backpacking Tarp Kit

What’s up guys? So the other week I was on YouTube and I entered
a giveaway courtesy of Backcountry Exposure. Which you should go check him out. I will put a link to his channel right here. And I won a Paria Outdoor Product’s Sanctuary
SilTarp tarp from Paria Outdoors. Paria Outdoor Products sent me this tarp. But I will show you this a little more in
detail about what comes inside the kit and how I’m going to use it for my backpacking
needs. So stick around! music So the kit includes
three stuff sacks. You have the main stuff sack. You have a stuff sack for you tent stakes. And you have a stuff sack for your guy lines. Which once I actually get these guy lines
on my tarp I’m going to leave them on permantely. And I’m actually going to use this bag for
my other tarp’s tent stakes that I use for my winter tarp. And then we have the tarp inside of the stuff
sack. So like most backpacking tarps that you buy
from manufactures, most do not include tent stakes. Like I know my Warbonnet Superfly did not
include tent stakes. Paria does something different and they send
you tent stakes. They send you six aluminum, y style tent stakes. Almost like the MSR Ground Hog. They are really light weight and so far I
think I might like them. I’ve never used this style of tent stake. But I am kind of looking forward to giving
it a shot now that I have some. Another thing that Paria does that most backpacking
tarps do not include is your guy lines. They have include 1.5mm Dynima reflective
guy line. They include 6 pieces at 9 ft a piece. When the light hits this dynima reflective
it glows in the dark. So if you are walking your camp at night you
won’t trip over it like I normally do. I know I have orange reflective on my Superfly
and again I had to buy that separate. So I am really glad that Paria includes this
in their kit. It is quite a money saver for the bargain. Finally the tarp is a 30d silnylon tarp. It is a 10ft x 8 ft tarp. So let’s go ahead and set it up. I’m going to use a simple bolyn hitch to attach
my guy line to my tie out point. I’m going to bring that rope through. Then you are going to want to bring this under. Bring the rabbit through, bring it around
the tree and back down the hole. Then pull it tight. There we go, it is attached. Alright, so with these guy line tensioners
that Paria includes on all their guy lines are fairly simple. You are going to pull this out really far. And say this is the way to your tarp. This way. And this way is the way to your tent stake. You are going to want to have it leaning like
this. So this goes towards your tarp and this goes
towards your tent stake. So you are going to have it leaning that way. So that way this part can snap in here to
tension. And I will show you how that work. Okay, so you are going to take your tent stake
and put it down into the ground right there. See how I have it looped around. Now let’s go to the guy line tensioners. Now see how the guy line is here going towards
the stake and this is going towards the tarp. If you want to tension it just pull out until
it unlocks. Then pull this tighter and that’s it. It is that simple. Okay, so I was putting in the final tent stake
and I bent it. I was pushing into the ground. The ground is really hard and I felt it give
when I pushed. Lesson learned, hard ground and tent stakes,
you are probably going to bend them. I’ve bent sheppard hooks. But I didn’t know these bent that easily. But still I am digging this tarp. And the guy out tensioners and the tent stakes. Even though it bent pretty easily. As you can see I have the tarp set up in hammock
mode as I would have it set up for my hammock. It has a 10 ft. long ridge line. Each side will be 4 ft. seems how we have
a total width of 8 ft. So each side would be 4 foot in length. So we have 11 guy out points, so lets take
a look at all eleven of them. We have one each side. We have one in each corner. We have two, one here and one here. Giving us a total of two on each side. We have the one at the top of the tarp. Then we have the two on this side as well. So here are the corner guy out points. They are double stitched here for extra security. And here is the double layer of fabric, just
to give it a little extra umph and security. As I said earlier in the video, the fabric
is a 30d rip-stop nylon. The tarp has a 3,000 mm waterproof dual coating
using silicon/pu coatings. There is plenty of space in here for a summer
breeze to come underneath and reach me on my hammock. I’m definitely not going to have problems
finding room for everything when I go camping. The tarp comes straight from Paria Outdoor
Products seam sealed. As you can see the tarp has been seam sealed
using seam tape. Overall I am really impressed with this tarp. Besides the the tent stake breaking as I pushed
it into the ground. Which is probably my fault some how, so I
am not blaming Paria Outdoor Products for that at all. I really like this tarp. I actually looked at this one before I bought
my Warbonnet Superfly. I went with the Superfly because I could take
it in the winter time as well. And for a budget, it worked. But for a summer time tarp, this is going
to be perfect for what I need it for. For $79.99 that the company sells it for,
you can’t beat it. It is plenty big enough and light weight. So if you are looking for a good tarp that
isn’t going to break the wallet or bank. I suggest the Sanctuary SilTarp from Paria
Outdoor Products. Thanks to Paria Outdoors and Backcountry Exposure
for providing me with this tarp. I’m looking forward to using it for many more
trips to come. So that concludes today’s video. Comment down below with any comments or suggestions. Hit the like button, it lets me know you like
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20 thoughts on “Ultimate Budget Backpacking Tarp Kit

  1. Nice review, and a nice tarp, too. Looks like a good alternative to something like the ENO Profly – a little shorter on the ridgeline, but deeper coverage on the sides, same price and almost the same weight. I can't believe you bent one of those stakes – I have some of those things and I thought they were pretty indestructible!

  2. Thanks for the great video Ben! Glad to hear that the tarp will be a good addition to your kit.

    As for the bent stake, sorry to see that happen. We'll get a couple new ones out to you. We're also in the process of selecting a stiffer aluminum for the stakes to improve their durability.

  3. Nice tarp. It would nice to use for a ultralight ground sleeping setup or hammock setup. Congrats on the giveaway.
    -ATB Adam

  4. Good review of this tarp. I usually use a square tarp but this one would give me a little more coverage. It's lightweight and inexpensive — I'm going to check it out further, thanks.

  5. $80 (£60) isn't really a budget tarp, then to have the pegs fail like that isn't good either, get yourself a DD 3×3 for $45 (£35) bigger, lots of hanging choices and pick the pegs you know that'll work!

  6. Hey, just stumbled across this channel…when are we going to see more videos?? 🙂 I Have subscribed..all the way from Australia 🙂

  7. The guys don’t ‘glow’ they reflect the light hitting them. To glow implies they self illuminate which they don’t.

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