Unboxing And Installation Of Everlast 6 Piece Advanced Speed Bag Set

Unboxing And Installation Of Everlast 6 Piece Advanced Speed Bag Set

All righty we’re gonna do a quick
unboxing here got a Everlast bag 60 speed bag set and it came in the mail so
we’ll get it open and I’m gonna get it put up and show you how I did all right
we had a one speed bag in the box two adjustable bars to bracket and some
gloves a jump rope swivel all righty where we got to jump rope yeah hand
wraps got a swivel some speed bag gloves pretty cool and my instruction manual so
give me a few minutes now get this put together already trying to get this
frame put together I really should have attached it to the wall first but it is
what it is kind of did it backwards I had to redo it a couple times but I got
it done so check out me messing it up and watch me put it back together couple
of tacks or you can just skip the lowest
grappling go to the end and see how it looks all right family gotta put up on the
wall and actually hit those full boats and upside down so eventually I’d take
those up and redo those again trying to get the swivel in but there’s a lot of
play in it so had to stuff some old cotton from my dryer lint pad inside
school to get it to stay in place pretty much stead of jumping around when you
hit it so had to redo this like 15 or 16 times just to get it right so why can we
mess up and eventually I got it right and looks really good so check it out all right here I’m just turning those
boats around it knows our land adjusted and I got the speed they pretty much
suggested to where I liked it when I wasn’t moving too fast and jumping
around jumping out of the swivel hey take your time make sure you get
everything in one side note when you put them together it comes with a bunch of
boats for a reason so don’t skip any boats unlike some screws make sure
everything gets in there and it’s tighten up then you should be looking
good and good to go let’s get ready to Train

28 thoughts on “Unboxing And Installation Of Everlast 6 Piece Advanced Speed Bag Set

  1. I got this speed ball today and haven’t fully set it up yet, but since you have, how well does it bounce off the board as I am slightly advanced on it and can hit it very fast?(sorry if it sounds like I am bragging)

  2. I got the same one and then I bought a bag stand that supports the 100 pound heavy bag and a speed bag but the speed bag isn't secured enough it has too much bounce to it so I used this other kit and now have two speed bag set ups but this one is rigid and works pretty good.

  3. I bought a different bearing though the one it's supplied with is cheap shitty plastic so I had these tuf-wear ones from the early 90s. My best friends dad was a boxing equipment salesman for tuf-wear and he hooked me up with the best gear. I got this badass bag that's blue and it's 125lbs and you can punch right thru it . speed bag swivels are steel and are real fast too. No corrosion and the bag responds real nice. I used to hit that heavy bag so much that we had to reinforce my father's garage support beam because I knocked the beam off the joist. Man That was before i had kids and two jobs. Now I barely get time to punch the bag once a week.

  4. Did everything you need for the set come with it or did you have to get tools and stuff from other places.

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