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  2. Dan those Hermes bags are an investment you can resell them they are valuable and some will be collectible. ON That Note. Hopefully she sees this comment and demands you to buy more buy more buy more!!! Hermes bags More! lol

  3. Dan man you are a good good good mentor a mean you almost see everything an a business perspective big up!

  4. We Love Jennie!! Dan you're so funny when you said she has a lot of them no you don't understand she has so many like a dozen or so. lol

  5. Yes! πŸ™ŒπŸ» Love Hermes. Their branding strategy is great to study! ❀️ and yes, they’re totally snobbish πŸ˜‚ you guys are fantastic together 😊 should do more videos like this!

  6. Nice video Dan! You have a beautiful and wonderful wife ! About that bag I don't know what to say … Thank you for sharing this marketing tactic ! I think this kind of tactic works just for luxury clothes and accessories , nothing more.

  7. Hi Dan, you are a motivation to me, thank you for that. Personally, i have this burning question to ask you, which is "how did your first copywriting client came about?" After watching many of your videos, i understand that you leaked some part of this topic, however, i would like to know whether was it an introduction from your mentors or a friend, cold calling, etc. If possible can you elaborate more on that? Thank you once again

  8. I'm probably the only woman in the world that thinks most of their bags are ugly. Their sale tactics is a stupid game. I think So many Asians are into these Hermes. I only like their bracelet design

  9. Dan but isn't this sometimes frustrating what Hermes does.?

    I mean if you want something… Making you wait even more ..is that a good idea?

    But ….cant say anything because It Works.

  10. Sir Dan Lok, Thank you so much for your advices. I have learnt so much from you. My life is changed 100% I am so enlightened by your advices. And you have such a beautiful relationship. Always looking up to you and I will try my best to reach to a level in life where I can meet you even for a minute and say thank you. Thank you so so much!

  11. Exclusivity, and the feeling of having what isn't easy to acquire, and the happiness once you get it. It's funny the descriptions of when they let you into the exclusive club and sounds like making customers go through some hoops and cherish the membership that you had to work to get. Good info thanks, Dan.

  12. I love all your videos Dan Lok! I actually had the honor of captioning some of your Wing Chun videos and am currently doing this one. πŸ˜€

  13. Dan
    I agree, Hermesnhasnan odd business model that works for them.
    Great choice Simu!! And yes, you are very Cool and certainly deserve it!!

  14. My ex-prime minister's wife have a collection of Hermes Birkins up to $30mil dollar, but she with her husband now are under interrogation for kleptocracy and corruption for numerous soverign funds..
    guess what my country is? Hint = our current PM is the oldest PM ever living on earth

  15. Dan can you explain to me how people make money with these types of videos? I am subscribed to your channel and really love your videos

  16. haha i love you guys! Jennie is too cute! i wanna be her best friend, she got great designer taste πŸ˜€ thanks for sharing the tips to get something in Hermes πŸ˜‰

  17. It does seem like money can indeed buy some happiness from what it looks like! So excited to have you as a role model for how I should spoil my future wife.

  18. I'm learning so much from you on different levels you are starting to become one of the top entrepreneurs I am looking for when it comes to content and advice in today's application of business and personal growth!!

  19. Great taste Jennie!! You are paying for the quality/luxe of the Hermes packaging as well as the extremely high-quality leather and craftsmanship of the bag…Their clean, nice-smelling, well-decorated Hermes store. There is a price tag on High Quality!! Also, their Caleche perfume smells great!!πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

  20. Thank you Sifu Dan and Jenny for making this video. I really love it so relaxed and playful, and yet I have learned a lot about the luxury brand business. This is a tempting video for my wife to see LOL. Appreciate you both.

  21. Elitism at it's finest. It sucks if you're the consumer but it's great if you're the supplier/manufacturer. POrsche and ferrari my favorite car brands do it too, Porsche most recently only producing a limited number of gt2rs's and they won't even disclose how many units they'll be making so if someone decides to flip it they'll just produce more and make it less limited

  22. It obviously makes her happy to get these kind of items just like you get happy when you go out and get a sweetBentley it’s good that people can go out And get rewards for themselves don’t ever stop doing that

  23. This is so funny but true. My coworker bought his wife a Hermes bag in France without the game but had a good story and walked out with the $10,000 Hermes bag. She broke into tears because she couldn't believe it. The Holy Grail of bags….go figure.

  24. Greetings from the tiny Baltic country Estonia where the Internet is considered as the part of the human rights and thank you for the inspirations by your KISS (read: Keep It Simple Stupid) videos!

  25. Haha oh man this video is too funny! But, it's very insightful, seeing how they flip the script and have you chasing them. I agree the tactic is not the best, but I will remember this for sure, it will be very useful.

  26. It depends on the store and SA…my SA here in marbella spain is so nice..she tells me all the colors of the bag that i want..and i call her too if i want a type of bag and size.but yah i buy some items every now and then but not too much money.in asia,yah u need to spend a huge amount before they offer b k or c…

  27. You guys are really fun together. I like how Dan analyses the high-ticket sales angles for these kinds of products, while Jennie teaches us how play the game.

  28. Damn Dan your wife's got personality plus! Put her to work. Pretty soon they'll sending her this shit for free.

  29. Going into Hermes store:
    Wife: I want to buy birkin.
    Sales: Sorry We don't have.
    Husband: Awesome! lets leave.

    I love the sales tactic as a husband.

  30. Ferrari's model is the same. If you want that exclusive car you have to already own a few Ferrari's before you are even invited to buy their exclusive cars.

  31. I love this chemistry! It's good to see how good you treat your wife. Jeannie is someone I'd like to be friends with (seems nice, sweet, lovely, conservative, and humble). You two are cute! More blessings to you both! Good day. πŸ’

  32. Mister Lok I think you are really kind after watching some of your videos but when you are with Jenny you brighten up and you smile happily and that is worth a lot! Two nice people together enjoying moments is great Nice video!!!!

  33. This video is hilarious. Dan is so right. However i am a Hermes sucker and play the game too haha but gosh its so f**king annoying

  34. Both of you are funny! I liked Burrad shop, had nice service when I went buy a new watch strap few months ago. And only been tricked twice by Hermes for a watch & a Garden Party, Their stuff's unit prices are too expensive, I'll be immediately alerted by myself to just buy Valetino & Celine, or even just Prada for way cheaper unit prices, haha. πŸ˜›

  35. Hey bro dont feel bad us guys just dont stand a chance when we have beautiful wives. I feel your pain bro!

  36. Very nice video, and I absolutely understand how you feel about Hermes tactics. It seems very ridiculous to me that a customer needs to suck up to a SA in order to get what she wants. On the other hand, the tactic is very smart and good for their business, and that I admire the effort they put to differentiate their brand from others.

  37. Honestly, this and the other unboxing video of Hermes bags and stuff were so informative because nobody that owns a Birkin explain this freaking selling strategy of Hermes.
    This is the first time I heard that and wonder if the unboxing Birking and Kelly bags that we see on channels of other people are real, I mean how could other buyers donΒ΄t say they had to spend over 15K before purchasing a Birking bag?
    And If you could get just two Birkings per year, how is it possible that so many bloggers and youtubers show off their entire Birking bags collection? Best regards Dan!

  38. Thank you for doing this unboxing video. Now I KNOW the difference between expensive bags and cheap ones …. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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