Unboxing Luxury Items / Huge Luxury Haul incl Dior, Gucci, Coach, DKNY from a Designer Outlet

Unboxing Luxury Items / Huge Luxury Haul incl Dior, Gucci, Coach, DKNY from a Designer Outlet

hi guys my name is Anyeka Jamal and a
welcome to my channel so in today’s video we are unboxing some goodies these
items I actually bought in a previous vlog it should be called a luxury
shopping spree and it was for graduation is for graduation graduation is still to
come as of right this moment so me and my
best friend headed over to Bicester village and I’ve logged the whole day so
if you haven’t seen that video that will be already up I’ll link that in the
description box below so you can see me purchasing all of these items in my last
luxury shopping spree a few of you guys told me that you would like to see the
items properly so I figured this time round I’m gonna unbox them with you so I
have not opened any of these obviously they get packaged again and it’s in
brand new packaging it’s all still in its original wrapping and stuff you guys
are going to unbox these goodies with me what should we start with so we’ve got
some dky we’ve got some D or we’ve got some Gucci and I really couldn’t resist
buying makeup because if you know me I love my goodie especially when it’s
cheaper and you’re just like how can I resist you know we also have some coach
over here as well so the thing that I’m like really dying to see you right now
is the Gucci and the Dior so let’s get into that because that’s what I want to
see okay so in the Gucci bag this is what it comes like and I got a bag this
is for graduation so I just want is something I compose with and I do one
like a clutch bag because how often do you really use a clutch bag you know
even at weddings they’re so annoying so I wanted something I’d use more
regularly especially when you’re spending
a ton of money you want to get used out of it so I decided to get yes okay so it
comes in there and then this is what it looks like oh it was covered in these
little things paper but this is the Gucci bag looks the same on the side it
just doesn’t have the Gucci sign here that’s the back this is a front it has a
Gucci sign here and I just thought it’s really subtle it’s black I haven’t
bought my outfit yeah that should be coming in another vlog because this
shopping spree isn’t over guys there should be another vlog so make sure you
hit that subscribe button and the notification bow because those videos
are on their way guys so yeah let’s open this beauty up but I wanted black that
was something that I wanted because black just goes with everything from one
and it’s my first-ever Gucci bag the only other Gucci thing I have is those
sunglasses I wear in like every single video but I don’t have like a proper
designer bag like that I’ve spent more than 100 pounds on actually total I
probably have spent more than I’m trying on her bag I’ve spent like more than the
average are this was like 405 pounds I believe 105 406 something like that so
that’s know this is the first proper bag so yeah inside this is what it looks like it’s
got the little handle and then this is just a strap that you put on it and then
the strap goes on this thing and then this thing over here it’s just a plain
black strap but this is what it looks like inside so we’ve got the certificate
of authenticity here which was in the little pouch here so yeah that’s pretty
much it it’s just quite normal I prefer zip bags I just think they’re
much safer especially like I travel from my town to London to here to there so I
just think the zip thing is way more safer for your items obviously so yeah
otherwise it just sometimes falls out and you don’t even realize so that my
friends is the Gucci bag so that is the only thing that I got from Gucci the
next thing let’s do some Dior they package this so nicely it’s literally so
beautiful so this is what we doing so you got the ideal sign on the box and
then it’s in a little pouch inside a little sleeve and it says do down here
too so is inside this little pouch over here and this is the beauty this is a beauty
I really had to think about purchasing this she put it on my wrist and it fits
amazing I have really really really small wrists so it’s really hard to find
bracelets and things that fit it’s so beautiful it’s got Dior on the little
bubble and then it’s got a star and a little gem here and it’s the clasp is
one of these things with the little thing and and this is the Dior little
sign on the end but obviously you clasp it here so then it dangles like that and
I just thought it was really cute and I really had to think about this it was a
hundred and eighty-five pounds I believe it was on sale from like 300 pounds or
something about 370 maybe something like that but it was originally really
expensive it’s got like a moon and a star on the
other side of the little path the reason why I was like thinking more than
multiple times about this because I’m a gold kind of girl like this is gold this
was a present from my brother and then this was from Saudi and it’s 22 carats I
believe this is my mom’s it’s 24 carats I believe and this is not gold and it
was a hundred and eighty five pounds so I really had to think about it but then
I just thought you know what designer things tend to hold their value
regardless yeah it might decrease in my increase but they do tend to hold some
value still and then I thought you know what like graduation girl get it you
know if you like it you like it so I ended up buying it now I’m looking about
Ike I’m glad I got it so in the vlog I did show you guys these sunglasses from
Versace and now I can’t stop thinking about them so I did show you guys
so if you haven’t seen that video go ahead and see that one because there
were other items I was interested in that I didn’t end up buying but these
are the main arms that I did buy ok so next let’s do some decal why we have
another bag and this it was really pretty more of a practical bag I just
wanted something that I can use everyday and you know just something easy and
everyday and still very classy this was on sale like proper on sale and it is
really nice I’m stuck between this one and another one which I also showed you
guys so it’s just one of them long ones that’s what it looks like we’ve got a
decal wire over here embellished on it I just prefer zips I just think it’s way
safer especially for like expensive bags you should definitely get I don’t I
don’t understand why they put these things in bags and stuff like you meant
to throw it away anyway I don’t get it what does it do if you know what it does
leave me a comment down below and let me know what it does does it keep the bag
fresh I don’t know but this is what it looks like inside
I really love the inside it’s so nice this thing that just says is leather so
they had this thing where if you buy two items from DKNY you get an extra 10% off
this was already 30% off so my other item was these I was gonna buy these
anyway actually and then my friend found this little leaflet thing that said oh
if you buy it two things to do it but I didn’t even know but I wanted these
anyway so they’re just socks that say dky oh no and I really hope they fit
because it’s a four to ten and I’m three well I think it just means that it
stretches to those sizes oh yeah these are just DKNY socks it came in like the
DKNY bag thing didn’t have to pay no Tempe whoever just came
that so together these two items were 71 pounds I think what which is really
cheap because if you look on the decal wire web sites or anything that holds D
count why things like this are really quite expensive they go up to like the
300s and stuff so I’m really happy with this purchase from this place it was
good the cosmetics company store so from here I bought things that I’ve already
used religiously and I bought the connect number two clarifying lotion and
it exfoliates your skin basically you’re supposed to use it twice a day but I
feel like it’s quite strong so I only use it when my skin gets really gross
and clogged up and stuff and I use it like in this area completely avoid your
eyes if you want to purchase it they have a three different one this is for
dry to combination skin so the first one is for very dry skin to dry skin and the
third one is for oily skin I believe I might be wrong but this one is the one
that I use and I love it so much everyone’s skin is different so
obviously other people might not like it but I love it so this is the second one
I bought and the original price is 18 pounds on a boy for 13 pound 50 the
other items that I bought from here was the Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer
if you guys have been watching any of my makeup videos then you know I love love
love this concealer and it’s quite an expensive concealer the retail price of
this is 24 pounds and I got it for 17 and I literally swear by this I just ran
out of it sorry purchased it and last but certainly not least especially since
we’re going on another shopping spree definitely not the last lost thing so
from coach I bought this little percy thing it says coach in gold across here is
black it’s zippy inside here it just has some
card slots a few card slots on it’s like empty inside and I just thought this is
so cute like it’s really easy you know when you don’t want to take a bag and
it’s just easy maybe you can take it to a wedding or something and it’s just
very easy you just pop in a lipstick or something some powder some eyelash glue
and you’re good to go with your driver’s license and possibly
a card possibly some money as well just put it on your wrist and you’re all good
to go so I really like this it was thirty nine pounds I think
thirty nine pounds the second thing I bought from coach was a bracelet this
was 49 pounds apparently the retail price of this is
75 pounds is very very simple so I like having these little things that move
that’s how it gets tighter or looser just prefer those because then your prop
against on your wrist and obviously everyone’s wrist is completely different
and I have very tiny wrists as I mentioned earlier and it just has this
little diamond thing and it says coach around it and it’s gold as you already
know I love gold things so yeah that is the last item very simple very chic and
I just love it so those are all of the items that I bought in Vista Village and
that pretty much completes this little unboxing video I hope you guys enjoyed
it don’t forget to follow me on Instagram follow me on snapchat don’t
forget to give this video a huge thumbs up subscribe to my channel if you
haven’t already and I’ll see you guys next time bye

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  1. I love your vlogs😘 and you deserved to treat yourself since you passed your law masters degree 👩🏻‍🎓👏🏾

  2. OMG i got that exact same bag last year at the Gucci outlet in Venice. A year later still loving it – got it for €420

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