UNBOXING Portable Backpacks: LL Bean Stowaway Daypack 22L Version 2016 / 2017

UNBOXING Portable Backpacks: LL Bean Stowaway Daypack 22L Version 2016 / 2017

Hello guys this is Gary, I’m going to do a package opening today as you can see I got this from LL. Bean it’s there stowaway daypack they claim it’s their lightest pack ever daypack weights in at 14 ounces and stows in its own built-in travel packet adjustable waist belt sternum strap padded shoulder straps back panel rugged ripstop nylon fabric back panel with wicking air-mesh lots of pockets including mesh water bottle pockets pre-loaded design it is 1,343 cubic inches pack size is eight inches by seven inches and I ordered their Burnt Orange What I’m going to do here now is get into the package delivery was a little slow do not know if it was because of Hurricane Matthew just an invoice … October sale card There we go. Beautiful Burnet Orange daypack That looks clear– Looks very nice. Let’s see here, When I was helping a friend move to Minnesota I stayed a little longer than originally planned. This would have came in handy when I did small jaunts to the store. Apartment to keep the keys and/or wallet things you need to get quickly Undo these straps here — I like the “U” style zipper opening. Easy get into access, huge compartments, this is 22 liters little tag on here for your name, address and phone number. Another little pouch to hide away items on the inside they’re lightly padded but it looks like it might be comfortable would’ve been nice if they did like Osprey and put a little whistle on the sternum strap, hip belt all this roomy mesh on both sides for your water bottle or whatever. Looks very well-made feels feels like, its nice and roomy Feels like good fabric it’s not chintzy like I thought it was going to be for the price actually they sell this for $39.99 or was it $39.95 let’s verify that it’s $39.95 and I receive a catalog with a code given me an additional ten dollars off so for $29.95, free shipping this is actually a fantastic buy. Looks like that would be nice, breathable and wick moisture away probably won’t wear for such a long period that that would be necessary Carry handle, Carry handle there. I am, I am liking this. I’ll test that out there we go oh what we got here … There’s a little strap here something on here maybe a little beeping light for nighttime or something that would be nice if that was reflective — I might have to check that out later see might have some reflection to it doesn’t look like it but that’s an ideal Oh look a small pocket over here nice night I didn’t pay any attention to that right off hand zippers are nice listen no snags and I like that they are plastic I don’t normally go for plastic but get caught in the rain to get rusty I’m very happy with this I love the color that’s yeah that’s good it’s just a little difficult to do it like this but it’s you know when you place it is going to stay in place it’s gonna it’s nice and adjustable it probably won’t get a lot of use let’s see this is supposed to pack up into itself I believe Maybe that’s what this pockets for let’s give it a try or maybe not, let’s see here well I’m not a hundred percent sure how this is posted stow away with itself let’s try this text this. I’ll tuck this on its side bring this over it seems to be working Just keep on tucking Tuck the straps in. maybe that tag goes I’ll have to investigate that updated if it’s not correct Ah, let’s see that’s roughly, 8″ x 7″ press it a little bit even if that’s not correct it works okay then thank you for watching this video of opening my package and receiving today I hope it was a little helpful if you want to take a look here’s the catalog see if we can focus in on that they have a variety of colors they have dark orchid, the mineral gray, burnt orange the pure blue and chartreuse according to the catalog it’s a five-star item, top-rated ok I think that’s if you like the video please like, comment, subscribe, share. Hope this was a little helpful I’ll have to take an opportunity to try it out Ok I cut away there, went and stuffed the stowaway daypack by LL. Bean with three sofa throw-pillows just to show you its shape and give you an idea of its capacity as a nice little shape to it very similar to an Osprey pack and then I went and grabbed up my water bottle here Fits in there nicely and there’s still room place one on the other side, umbrella or whatever you want easy to get to Open and show you the compression straps here we go one, two, three and they was still room that you know utilize this pouch here this pocket here stick anything in this pocket and then you still have enough room to put anything you want to here. The base is just wide enough you can put a gallon of milk in here if you’re out grocery shopping … see if you can See you still have room over here throwing some other items, you’re out for the day in town, so. yeah I think I’m going to like this pack I’m going to investigate the stowaway option and then what I showed you wasn’t correct I will update this. Maybe even demonstrate putting it on after a few minutes ago when it seemed very comfortable in the padding in this seems sufficient to maintain that comfort for me I don’t think I would need to waist belt here depending on what I was carrying but other than that I’m pretty happy with my purchase this far and I do hope this video helped you out on choosing a daypack and that you’ll consider this one if you’re in the market to purchase a new or replace and older one Okay thanks for watching have a great day. Well fellas, I have been exploring new pack the stowaway daypack but LL. Bean and after my investigation this pocket here is also used as its own stuff sack I can’t really see the camera monitor so I hope this is in view Now bear with me this is my initial try stuffing this into its pack, its own stuff sack If it’s a little clumsy forgive me, do forgive me There like I said I can’t see the camera monitor and my first try is clumsy now showed you earlier how stuffed it inside itself and other than the shape is pretty much the same size. Here we are completely stuff once you get the hang of it … it would be a lot easier to do don’t be deterred by how difficult that was for me on my first try was a little clumsy it’s got a nice little hanging loop here. So, let’s take out as some extra room in here might have to practice a little bit it’s pretty easy and retrieving it should be a lot less trouble. This is the 2016 / 2017 model and you can actually zip this pocket and use it as a pocket when it’s not stuff. Again THANK YOU for watching and I hope this video was useful.

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  1. Thanks for the overview of the bag… looks like it will be a good one for my needs (carry inside my backpacking pack, and use for day trips from a basecamp. Main appeal to me is the compression straps above each water bottle pocket. I'm hoping to be able to use one side to securely carry a small tripod… fingers crossed it holds it in there tight enough. May have to sew a strap on somewhere to really hold it in place). Pack ordered!

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