Underwater Hidden Code TRAP after Escaping GAME MASTER Clue Room w/ Chad Wild Clay & Stephen Sharer

Underwater Hidden Code TRAP after Escaping GAME MASTER Clue Room w/ Chad Wild Clay & Stephen Sharer

– Hey Zam Fam, it’s Rebecca and I’m with Stephen
Sharer and Grace Sharer and we are trapped in this clue room at the Game Master’s Top
Secret Escape Room House. So on the other side right now is Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint and Matt. We’re trying to get through to them thanks to you guys in the comment section. You guys said that they had some type of key card to put on this door and we’re hoping that their key card we can somehow figure out to get over here so we can open up that
door and get to them and escape out of this room. Also since they’re stuck in
that room you guys said that the four letter word we found which was tick? – Yeah tick. – Might be the word
for them to get the key to get in to here also. So maybe if we can swap
clues we can get in and meet each other and
then get out of here. – [Chad] Hey! – Chad, Hey! They said you guys might have a key card, we think a key card is what we need to get into the next room. – [Vy] Slide it underneath
the door for you. – Oh my gosh that’s
such a good idea. Okay. – [People Behind Door] Two, one, Go! – Get it. – Oh okay, okay! And we have a word for
you guys, the word is… Is there like a four digit
lock or code of some sort? – [Vy] We have one of those. – Okay they said that we might
have that clue for you guys so try tick. T-I-C-K. Alright, are you guys ready? – [Both] Yeah. – Okay, three, two, one. – [Stephen] C’mon is it
opening? Did it open? – [Grace] Wow! – You guys! – Oh my gosh thank you
guys so much for helping us get into this room. – [Grace] But wait, it’s a shower. – This isn’t the exit. – [Stephen] This is a bathroom. – Wait, is the door still, can it open? – It’s locked. – [Stephen] Wait, check
the door, it’s locked? – Your door is locked too? – [Stephen] Yeah, it’s locked too – [Chad] Gotta be a
clue in here somewhere. – Wait, look. – Whoa. – [Everyone] The clue
less bathroom, or is it? – So maybe there’s
clues in here. It’s red. – And then it transitions into blue – Into blue. – And it’s above the light. – Oh! – Think about it, blue
light. What’s a blue light? – I wish we had a blue… – Black light! We have one in the room. – Oh, you did? – Yes! – Okay, you guys. So they
I guess found a black light we’re gonna see if there’s
any clues in this bathroom to hopefully figure out
how we can get out of here. If you guys see any clues
in here please let us know in the comments section And thumbs up this, because the sacred six are about to get out of this place. – Let’s get out of here. – [Stephen] You see anything? – I don’t see anything. – [Rebecca] Nothing on the eyes, okay. – Rebecca, look there’s
blue on this painting. – [Rebecca] Okay, maybe it’s here. – [Stephen] Scan the blue,
there could be something. – Do you guys see anything? – Nothing so far – Anything else? – I mean there’s this painting. This is the only one we
haven’t done, it’s not blue. – It looks weird. – You guys, those eyes look so weird. You guys, come here. – Whoa, wait a second! – Shine into the right
on the wall, on the wall. – [Everyone] Whoa.. – [Everyone] this dude is a $750 tax liability. – [Rebecca] Oh my gosh – There’s something more here too. – There’s an arrow pointing to something – [Everyone] Whoa! Clue… – [Rebecca] Clue plus Leuc, 4987 – [Stephen] So what does clue equal? – Wait, 4987. – That’s a code. – 4987. – [Stephen] Maybe that gets us out. – Okay, but look there’s two doors. What if we have to get out of both? What if there’s more than one clue? So Vy found a clue on the mirror
that was a four digit code. And we found the one on the wall so we’re thinking if we do it at the – [Both] Exact same time – The doors will open and we
will escape this escape room. You guys over there – Okay, yeah. – We’ll try it, Okay. – [Stephen] Here we go, 4987. – [Rebecca] Okay, Vy, are you ready? – [Everyone] Four, nine, eight, seven. – It worked – Let’s get out of here. Let’s get out. – What should we do now? – I don’t know. – Whoa, what? – Whoa! – What? – Outside? – What’s going on? – Wait, what is… – It’s another game. – [Both] It’s a challenge. – So you guys are finding
clues and we’re finding clues and then we’re gonna have to – And we have to team up. – Yeah, and we have to go outside. – Okay. – Well, we’re about to lose
sun, we gotta get going. – [Both] Okay. – Zam Fam let us know if you
see any clues on their channel. You guys knew the Game Master
switched things up last time so we really need your help. Make sure to check out Vy’s video and if you see any clues on her video come and let me know what they are. We’ll figure this out. So Vy, you can’t swim, right? – I can’t, so I think you
should take that challenge And I’ll stay on land. – Okay, you guys check out the backyard, we’ll look at the pool and hopefully we’ll just switch clues and
they’ll be able to help. – Yes, alright, Let’s go. – So we gotta go to the pool, right? – [Vy] Good luck guys – Thanks. So here’s the pool. – [Matt] So what are we looking for? – I don’t know, it’s December and it’s freezing cold out here. – Oh my God, it will
be like a Polar plunge if we had to go in. – Yeah. – Let’s try looking around
the pool for anything. – There’s gotta be a clue
around here somewhere. – [Matt] Yeah, absolutely. – Zam Fam, if you see any
clues please let us know. The Sun is going down
and the Game Master said we have to finish before
the Sun goes down. – Yeah, we need to hurry. – [Matt] What exactly are we looking for? – [Both] I don’t know! – Maybe something that just
stands out or looks different? – I mean, do you see
anything in the water, Matt or anything? – [Matt] What is that down there? – [Chad] Dirt or something – [Rebecca] Oh my gosh, wait. That’s kind of weird. – [Chad] Wait, there’s a rock. – [Matt] There is a rock! – Wait, Becca, you remember that? – Oh my gosh, the Game Master hid that at the top of a mountain,
it’s a hiding key. That’s not a real rock. – [Matt] Chad, can you do some ninja moves and get out there? – Maybe if we go from this side? – We gotta be careful, it’s very slippery, there’s water everywhere. – [Matt] Be careful,
Chad, but hurry though. – Oh my gosh! – [Matt] That was close. – I almost fell into the water. I’m going to scale this rope right here. Alright, here we go – [Matt] Over, over here. – There we go, that’s a much safer way. – You gotta be careful. – I think this is just a rock. – [Matt] Oh, good, okay, okay. – Here let me bring it over
to you guys, just to show you. – So glad you got that. I would’ve fallen into the pool. – Yes, it’s way too cold for that. – Wait, how tall are you? – I’m six feet, four inches. – I’m like five foot and a half. You guys, how tall are you? Comment below – Wait, that is a hiding key rock. – Oh my god. – Oh man, I thought it was a real rock. – This is exactly like the rock
we found before, right Matt? – [Matt] Yeah. – You can hide things inside of it? – Yeah, it’s like a spy gadget. – It’s a piece of paper in there. – That’s the Game Master paper. – It says eye spy a slide. – I spy, but it’s like an eye. – Oh, like an eye ball. – There’s a slide. – [Matt] There’s a huge slide right there and Rebecca, it’s really
getting dark right now. – I know, we have to hurry. Maybe if we go up there
we’ll see something. Should we go to the top? – Okay, maybe there’s another
note or something up there. – Okay, yeah. – Want me to hold the camera, Matt? – [Matt] Yeah. – [Chad] Alright, yeah, you head up there. Careful it’s a little slippery. – Do you guys see any clues? – [Chad] Yeah, keep your eye out guys. It’s really tall. – This is a very giant water slide. – Could you imagine having
this in your back yard? – [Chad] This should be crazy. – You guys remember when I
transformed my living room into a spiral slide? – It was almost just like this. – It was just like this. Mine was worse. – Look at this Beck, this is a huge fish. The pool’s a fish! – [Chad] What!? – How did you even know that? – [Matt] There’s a fin back here. – [Chad] Oh, there’s a tail. – [Matt] Oh, we were on the eye. – That’s where the rock was. So it says eye spy a slide,
we see that that’s a fish. – [Matt] And then here’s
the slide right here. – I wonder if there’s
any clues down there. – The slide isn’t even on. – What if we have to go down this slide? What if there’s a clue inside it? You guys, let me know if you think that there’s a clue inside this. Oh, look, I hope they’re
figuring out clues over there. It’s getting so dark
I can barely see them. – [Matt] Oh, Vy Stephen
and Grace are over there. – Hopefully they’re figuring clues. Eye spy a slide, I feel like
one of us needs to go down. – Okay, do you want to
Rock, Paper, Scissors? – I don’t wanna go! – Well I don’t wanna go either! – Chad, do you wanna go? – [Chad] Um, not really, no. I’ll Rock, Paper, Scissors you for it. – This is your channel. You and I should Rock,
Paper, Scissors, you ready? – [Both] Rock, Paper, Scissors, shoot! – [Matt] You have to go down. – I know. – [Chad] You’re gonna get wet. – And we’re losing sun. – Just so we don’t miss
anything, take this GoPro just so you can see all of
the footage right there. – Okay. Oh my God! – [Chad] How’d that just turn on? – I don’t know it’s gonna be so cold. Is the Game Master watching us? How did he know that we’re
gonna go down the slide? – [Matt] Huh, is there a
drone flying around anywhere? – [Chad] I don’t see anything. – I feel like he’s spying on us. – He is kinda taunting us a little bit. – Oh my gosh. – Yeah, let’s turn this on. – If you want me to be careful you should do it instead of me. – [Chad] Yeah, Matt. – Okay, I’m gonna take off my
shoes so they don’t get wet. – [Chad] And your socks. you don’t want to get your socks wet. – No, I’m going to keep
them on, I don’t care. – [Chad] Oh yeah, it’s too cold. – Yell at us if you hear
anything or see anything, okay? I don’t know what you’re
going to find in a slide but I feel like there’s a clue in there. – I hope so. Otherwise I’m
getting wet for nothing. Thumbs up this video for some good luck ’cause I have to go down a water
slide and it’s really cold. – [Chad] Oh, I feel so
bad for you Rebecca. – Oh, Chad! – I’m really glad I’m
the camera man right now and I don’t have to go down the slide. – It’s so cold! – [Chad] Oh no! – It’s so cold. – I’m gonna wait down here for you, okay? – [Chad] He just doesn’t
want to get wet Rebecca. – I know, I really hope
there’s a clue or something or I’m doing this for nothing. Count down with me. – [Both] Three, two, one. – [Chad] She found something! – Oh no! Got something, she found something! – [Chad] Whoa, what’d she find? – Come down here Chad. – [Chad] Alright, I’m coming. I’m coming down the stairs. I’m coming, here we go. What did you find, Rebecca? Oh my God, she’s soaking wet! – So cold. I found a note, it was hanging
on the top of the slide. I wonder if we’ll be able to
read it, it’s soaking wet. Fish at the bottom. Zam Fam comment at the
bottom what you think fish at the bottom means. – This is a giant fish – You think there’s
something at the bottom? – Do we have to go fishing or something? Fish at the bottom. – But we don’t have like a
fishing pole or anything. – Rebecca, you’re already wet so maybe it would make sense for you to
go to the bottom of the pool. – [Chad] Matt, you are a really smart guy. – I’m just saying. – Oh my god. – Looks like there is stuff
there at the bottom, you see it? – What, what is that? You guys, it is very dark
and we have to finish this up or I don’t know what
the Game Master is going to do. I really want to defeat Project Zorgo, so, Alright, I’m going in – [Chad] I hope that’s the one. – [Matt] Good luck, Beck. – I see something. It’s like coins, Matt. – [Matt] Okay, grab ’em! Go, Beck. – [Chad] Oh, I think she got ’em. Did you get ’em? – Matt, I can’t get ’em. – [Matt] It sounds like I have go in. – Matt, I think you
need to come in with me. – [Chad] You ready, Matt? – I think so. I don’t have my glasses on anymore. – [Chad] Oh, no! You can do it! – [Matt] I’m going in! – [Chad] There he goes. He did it! He got it! – You’re in the hot tub? – Hurry, it’s not a hot tub, it’s a luke-warm tub. – [Chad] A luke-warm tub. – It looks like it is a B. So we have D and B right now. – [Chad] A D and a B. – Uh huh – [Chad] You found one? – I wanna see if I can
get one with my toe. – [Chad] With your toe, there you go. – It won’t in my toe at all. – I got another one. This one is a G, it’s a G. – [Chad] It’s two of them. – Look at that, yeah there’s two. How many do you have, Beck? – I have three. – Give me a thumbs up. If you think I can get
this right now, here we go. – [Chad] You can do it! – [Rebecca] Come on, Matt! – [Chad] Oh, I think he got both. – I can’t see what it is Here, take it. – [Chad] Here you go, Rebecca. – Thank you. – [Chad] You looking for more, Matt? – I’m looking for more. – [Chad] While you’re
looking for more we’re gonna figure these coins out – I Found one! – [Chad] Oh, you found one. Come on, Matt. You can do it! You got it! – [Matt] Yes, alright,
let me get my glasses I’ll meet you guys over there. – [Chad] Here you go Rebecca. – Perfect. Say Chad, maybe you could help. We have a D, a C. No, it’s a… – [Both] It’s a G. – [Matt] Like the Game Master. – Oh, and then a B, an I. This one’s hard to see,
I think it’s an E though. Oh, R for Rebecca – [Both] Rebecca! – Okay, Wait. Red… – Red. I, G, B-I-G! – [Chad] B-I-G, Big! – [Both] Big Red. – That’s a gum. – It’s a gum? You think that’s it? – Chewing gum, Big Red. – Do you think that’s it, you guys? Or do you think all the
coins spell one word? – [Matt] I think we should try one word. Okay, we need to start
with the consonants. – Okay, so probably that means either an R or a B or a G or a D. – You guys we really
need your help right now if you know what this
spells comment below. – [Matt] This is a tough one. – [Chad] B-R-E? – [Rebecca] Bread? Oh, oh, oh, oh. B-R-I – B-R-I-D-G-E! [All] Bridge! – Where is there a bridge? – There’s a bridge over there, you guys if you commented bridge,
thumbs up your comment. Come on! – [Chad] Let’s go. – We have to go. – A bridge! – The one here from earlier. – Oh, yeah! – Wait, was there a clue
here the whole time? – This was on the bridge. It’s a rubber helmet. – [Matt] It’s a swim cap! – Oh, swim cap! Oh, it’s really wet. – Is this some kind of cheat code? – Oh, it’s a finger print pad – [Matt] No, nothing happened. – There’s a bunch of them. – [Matt] They’re everywhere. – I just see three ropes. Three ropes on each side, so
it’s a total of six ropes. – Have we looked everywhere on the bridge? – [Matt] I can look
underneath if we have to. – Maybe with the camera,
maybe the Zam Fam can help. – [Matt] Yeah, okay, okay. Wait, wait, wait. There’s something right there. – [Rebecca] Where? – [Matt] You see it, Chad? – [Rebecca] I’ll hold you. – [Matt] Don’t let it
fall in the water, Chad. – [Rebecca] Careful! – Oh, there we go. – Here, you want me to get it? – What is it? – Look, it’s a note. – Did the Game Master write this? – Yes, the Game Master uses this. We’ve had a treasure map
on this same material. For the final clue you
must leave the pool, take a boat to the
middle, inside is a tool. – A boat? – The only boat I know of is on the lake or the pond or whatever. – The middle of the night
right now, I don’t know. We’re in Florida, there
might be aligators. – Oh my gosh! – Crocodiles out there – So creepy, and how would we know what, like, the middle is if it’s that dark? Do you think inside is a tool… Do you think it’s like something
to defeat Project Zorgo? Is this what we need? – Yeah, that might be it! – Let us know if you think we should go over to the boat right now. – Yeah, give us a thumbs
up if you want us to go. It’s really dangerous, though. – It’s really dark. – I don’t know if we should do it. – It’s already dark. – Are we lost already, or? – I mean, I hope not. – I feel it’s little bit of light left. – And I just don’t want
it to turn to 3 a.m. – Dry off a little bit, maybe. – Okay. – [Matt] Maybe we could put
like a jacket on or something. – We gotta go fast, and let’s just do it. – Going to the lake! – [Both] Going to the lake! – It’s so cold. – I heard Project Zorgo was framing you. – Yeah, they’re trying to
frame me for stealing a car which I didn’t do. – What if this is a setup? – I was under the impression
that the Game Master wanted to help us defeat Project Zorgo but you might be right. – Do you guys think this is a setup? I mean, we’re by a lake, it’s dark out. – Yeah, maybe they’re trying
to finish us off out here. – They also had us split up. Stephen Sharer, Grace Sharer
and Vy are over there. – Cause they know we’re stronger together. – Yeah, I don’t know. You guys
let us know what you think. – [Rebecca] Oh my! – [Matt] Oh, it’s a kayak. – There’s no way, I don’t
see any clues in here. – Might be out on the water. – We didn’t really look at the boats. Matt, did you see a boat
that could fit three people? – [Matt] I wanna say these two, but.. – [Chad] Yeah, this might work. – [Both] There’s three seats. – [Matt] Are we really going
out on the water right now? – I think we have to. – I don’t want to go in. – [Matt] No, it’s not safe
to go swimming in that water. Wait, what’s this red flashing? You see that red flashing over there? – I’m freezing. – [Chad] So, we’re, wait… Where’s Matt? – [Both] Matt? – I found some oars. – [Chad] You found oars? Nice! Good find, dude. – We each have one. – Awesome, we each can row. – [Rebecca] No, I’m scared
of alligators you guys. – Oh, this thing’s really tippy. – [Rebecca] Oh my gosh! – If an alligator comes,
what’s our strategy? – I can’t believe we’re out
right now, this is so scary. – I think we’re getting closer
to the center of the lake. – Okay. It said in the
middle, there’ll be a tool. – If you guys see
anything, I know it’s dark, let us, oh my gosh! I don’t see. – [Matt] I know. – Wait, I see… I think I see something floating up ahead. – Okay, what is that? – Let’s head out towards it. – Okay. Oh I see it too! No, no, no. – [Matt] There it is,
there it is, grab, grab! – Oh my gosh, oh! – [Both] It’s just garbage – Why is there rope tied
to a bunch of bottles? – I don’t know, wait. – [Matt] Should we keep pulling the rope? – It says G M. There’s like a three digit code 736, you think this is it? This isn’t a tool. – What does that mean? – Do you think this was just
a clue so we knew to pull? – Maybe it’s a buoy – Okay – Keep on pulling – It’s like a box – Okay, this must have
the three digit code Okay, we got it, we got it Wait, this is four, we’re missing one. Maybe I try it and we
just add like a zero? – Wait, that’s not it. – Didn’t work, it didn’t work. – [Matt] I just got a
DM from the Game Master – What? Okay, what does it say? – [Matt] It says you’re
out past your time. You can’t leave until you get it right, don’t forget to switch it up. – We can’t leave? We’re in the middle of
a lake with alligators. We can’t leave? – We gotta leave. Switch it up, though. – So, like, switch up the numbers. Okay, so maybe the zero
goes at the bottom? – What if we gotta switch
with Vy, Stephen and Grace? – But they’re on land, there’s no way – It says we can’t leave
until we figure this out – Okay – Maybe we yell at them – [Both] Vy, Stephen – You guys! We need a four digit code. – [Both] Seven, three, six you guys. – You guys go and check on Vy’s channel If Vy and Stephen and Grace
found a four digit code because we are stuck
in the middle of a lake and we do not want it to turn 3 a.m. There are alligators and crocodiles and let them know that the
three digit code we found was seven three six. Maybe there’s something they can open but we really need to open this you guys. So again, please get us the
four digit code and tell them… – Oh my god! – You guys go tell them!

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