Vacation Tips and Essentials – It’s Happening! with Jerrod Blandino

Vacation Tips and Essentials – It’s Happening! with Jerrod Blandino

Hey guys! As Chief Creative Officer
of Too Faced Cosmetics, I need to feed myself
with inspiration. So, one of the best
ways to do that is to travel, to get out
there, see the world, and see some new culture. So it’s one of the best ways
for me to get inspiration and to reinvigorate
that spirit within me. So I’m going to show you today
some of my favorite travel essentials that I can
not travel without. [MUSIC PLAYING] One of the first things
you need is a great hat, whether you’re going to get
bed head sleeping on a plane overnight or you’re
out in the sun. So I love something
with a little style. So I love this hair from Sensi
Studios because it’s packable. It has these fun little,
colorful, bee-boppy balls on it. It protects me from the sun. It covers up my bed head, and
adds a little bit of style if I need to pop out
to dinner or something, and I’ve got pool hair. You know that, that’s my cute. So I take this hair everywhere. I love it. And it’s really packable. You can scrunch it. Next thing you need
is a great travel bag. So I’ve got this
peacock-colored Birkin. It goes with me all
around the world. It’s such a great travel bag. It’s so sturdy. And it holds everything. So I’m going to show
you what’s inside. So the first thing
I need is sunblock. And I really, really do
love this Creme de la Mer. It’s called the Broad
Spectrum SPF 50 UV. I throw it into my bag
when a bunch of the pool, going to the beach,
wherever I’m going. But I also use it
in the morning. I mix it with my moisturizer. Even if it’s an
SPF moisturizer, it just gives me a shot, a punch
of that SPF 50 that I love. Don’t forget to do the back
of your neck and your ears as well, you guys, OK? Even if you’re
wearing a hair, you’re staying under that
cabana, you’re still going to get sun exposure. So you want a really
great, lightweight, non-greasy sunblock. And that’s what this is. The next thing is you need
a great pair of sunnies. So I love sunglasses. These are Acme Studio. I love these sunglasses. A great pair of black, really
great UV protection sunglasses are going to do you well. They cover up hangovers. They cover up jet lag. And they protect your
eyes from the sun. So what else could you ask for? Next thing is you need a great
pair of swim trunks, right? So I love these. They have a scene
from Paris on them. They’re this brand. How do you say that,
“Vil-la-bre-queen?” I don’t know. Anyway, they made
great swim trunks. I like a board short. I know these kind
of look long here. But nobody needs to see my
upper thigh because it’s like wider than my– it’s wider than my ass actually. It’s always a wide as my ass. So anyway, I love these. And they dry really quickly. Also I have to tell you, my
Hangover Primer, it’s great. It’s great. Again, if you’re
drinking too much, you’re not sleeping
enough, for me, I wear it before I go to bed,
and I wake up feeling great. But if I’m at the pool, or I’m
running around sightseeing, and I have to go to a
quick dinner or cocktails, you put this on, and then you
add a little Chocolate Soleil bronzer, and you
literally look like you’ve spent an hour in the mirror,
or you’ve been resting all day and luxuriating at the spa. I do love my Chocolate
Soleil bronzer because it was actually
inspired from a trip to Hawaii when I
was on vacation. I got a chocolate
facial at the spa. And a learn there
that chocolate, cocoa, is the most potent
antioxidant in the world. So I’m like, let’s
pigment a bronzer in it! And I actually made
this while I was sitting on a beach in Hawaii
e-mailing back and forth. This was created
while I was in Hawaii. And my team did it. So I actually love this product. And then you guys, you can’t
tell right now because Drybar always hooks me up and
make sure that my best when I’m on camera. But I have a blonde fro. I have really kinky, curly hair. And I can not live without my
Baby Buttercup dryer, you guys. I don’t know if you’ve
seen this from Drybar. It is the most powerful, amazing
machine I have ever tried. It straightens your
hair super, super fast. It actually feels shinier
and softer after using it. And they made this
great travel version, so you don’t have to sacrifice
your gorgeous hair when you travel. So I have the
full-size Buttercup, and now I have the Baby
Buttercup– love it. And then, of course,
to put all of this in, I need larger luggage, right? So I pack it all in to my
Too Faced pink Away Luggage. Isn’t this cute? They make this
travel bag, and it’s our perfect Too Faced pink. So, of course, I have
to travel in pink style. So I throw everything in
there, throw it on the jet, get to wherever I need
to get to, and just try to have as much fun as I can. So those are my must-have
travel essentials. I’d love to know what yours are. So please hit me up
@JerrodBlandino on Instagram. And for today’s Jerrodism– [HARP PLAYS] –it’s all about
life is an adventure. Guys, listen, I wasn’t always
able to travel the world, but just get out
your front door! Explore your neighborhood. Explore the planet. Whatever you can do in whatever
stage of life you’re in, have as much fun as
you can, go explore, especially see other cultures. Whether it’s an amusement
park, or a safari, or a trip just into another zip code,
just get out of your front door and go have an adventure because
everything we collect in life is love and memories. You can’t take
anything else with you. So grab those memories,
grab those adventures, and have as much fun as you
can because you deserve it. So, until next time,
I love you, boo. [KISSING SOUND]

46 thoughts on “Vacation Tips and Essentials – It’s Happening! with Jerrod Blandino

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  2. I'm from Argentina and yestesday i buy my first eyeshadow palette and I choose Too faced.. the sweet peach palette and I really love it. Thanks Jerrod and thanks too faced because I trust in the company and was great!! Kisses!!1

  3. Hi Jarrod, love too faced products, sweet peach palette is the best palette I ever had, your formula is amazing! Hands down, only this palette is so pigmented, easy to blend, no fall out, and smells good! What else can I ask for? 😃

  4. neck and back of the ears. .great tip for me to pass on to my kids who are always and constantly outside in the sun. they always end up with red ears and neck

  5. Love Jerrod and the amazing brand he has created! The only makeup I wear is too faced… I have far too much of it ❤️

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  7. Hey jerrod I know you've been getting a lot of hate and I want you to know don't let them get to you. People nowadays can freely express themselves and as they express hate to you. Express your love and show them you are strong because you and your husband's strong will, love and passion for your work and your amazing products put you in the map as one of the most amazing companies as of now and of course forever. Love you Jerrod you are my inspiration in life. I hope to someday own a makeup company as good as Too Faced. It's a long way cause I'm only 14 but one thing I must say I do have my own makeup collection and it's mostly Too Faced products and I'm a hard person to impress and I want things to be always perfect, so I must say Too Faced is one of the most solid brands out there. I love you Jerrod and Too Faced. And someday I'd like to visit the Too Faced headquarters where it all happens

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