Van Life vs Backpacking vs Adventure Travel Pros and Cons (with graphs)

Van Life vs Backpacking vs Adventure Travel Pros and Cons (with graphs)

Hey guys welcome back to Emerging Alternatives today, we’re going to talk about travel and a few different styles of travel We’re going to be covering some van life, backpacking and adventure travel I’ve teased you about this one in the video last week, but today We’re going to see the pros and cons of the different styles of travel alright Let’s get some coffee going and then start talking about travel ready Okay are you guys ready? so today we’re going to see the pros and cons of van life of backpacking and Adventure travel and for those of you, who are sitting in an office. I will break the ice with a little Powerpoint Alright, let’s start with the pros and what got me into van life’s. A small part because I wanted to launch the Emerging Alternatives project And meet amazing people along the way and a little more because I was quite happy to stop paying rent But let’s face it the main thing that drove me into van life is my lifelong dream of becoming an Instagram influencer What what do you mean where on YouTube I’ve been posting on the wrong platform for the past months Seriously, all right nevermind; let’s move on. The cons. What scared me about getting into van life I don’t really like being stuck in a tiny space when it rains outside all day I was a little bit worried about the van breaking down at some point as well But the biggest fear of all is one that came true I now have to answer every day the number one question of van life. Where do you poop? all right Let’s move on to backpacking the pros of backpacking well a little bit because I like making lifelong memories and discover new cultures But I have to admit it. It’s mostly so I finally have something to say on my tinder profile What scared me most about backpacking? I was a little bit scared of losing my passport and for sure there was gonna be bedbugs in every single hostels But I was really scared when I discovered that French wasn’t the international language I’ve been killing myself studying French at school for 12 years, and I can’t even use it and And the Pros and what got me into adventure travel in the first place I Really wanted to push my limits and realize a few dreams like crossing the Gobi Desert on a bicycle or paddling down the Mekong River Little more because I’m too cheap to buy a plane ticket, and I thought Bangkok was easy to cycle to I was wrong. I should have paid more attention in geography, but for the most part I was trying to get as far away as possible from my mother-in-law and the cons What scared me most about adventure travel well? I had no idea I could actually do it But it was a little more scared of my ass being sore after that much cycling But by far the biggest fear of going in an adventure was being attacked by a man was a chainsaw while sleeping in the forest Yes, and that never happened. I did get attacked by wild dogs in Mongolia though, but that’s another story Travelling isn’t only one thing There are plenty of ways to travel And I think we should try travelling a little differently from time to time don’t be afraid to ditch conventional travel and try something new There are so many alternatives to booking all-inclusive package in a resort maybe you rent a van and go for a week of travel around your own home or maybe go backpacking in Southeast Asia for a month. Or take a bicycle and cycle in one direction from your home for a few days just to see how far you can go. Don’t be afraid to try it at least once. what other alternatives to conventional travel Do you know and like let me know in the comments, and we’ll meet again for a lot more alternatives to come I’m just covering the ones that I know about but the van is here for me to travel around and meet new people and talk about the subject that they know best and if You like the content you can subscribe to the channel Thank you alright. I hope you guys enjoy the video. I’ll see you guys soon. Bye one two one two clap

20 thoughts on “Van Life vs Backpacking vs Adventure Travel Pros and Cons (with graphs)

  1. Good to see you're putting yourself out there and trying stuff out, not taking yourself too seriously! I enjoy your sense of humour, Man keep it up!

  2. Just realized that i did not include shots of two of the thumbnail images in the video.. my bad. So the adventure travel video is available here:

  3. Here's a funny thought, Imagine every time people visited your home they asked "Where do you poop and what do you with it ?" 🤔😜

  4. A short bio would be great. Name, age, origins, family. I like your content, however I like to know a little more about the creator before I subscribed. God bless.🚙

  5. Great videos man! I watched your Van build! Amazing! I wonder how much it cost. How much did you pay for the van and all the material. Thanks…

  6. I have just arrived at your channel earlier today and only just realised how cool you are and that you are having an amazing life,
    You have influenced me to literally go and make my own van and travel our beautiful world one day
    Thank You.

  7. I really like your video. It’s not like most fancy one, but most, how do I put this direct, most natural one. Yeah that’s it.

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