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– [Narrator] Previously on Villains. – [Man] They may have
defeated my lava monster, but I will take their dog (laughing). Logan! (lightning zap)
(laughing) – [Man] The boxes are gone. Where’d the boxes go Jordan? – I don’t know, I was asleep. – Guys, guys, come on. I know where the next Villain box is. – [Man] Where? – It’s under our computer desk. – Under our computer desk? – Let’s go, c’mon! – [Mom] That is one. That’s a Villain box.
– [Jordan] It’s an orange one. – Wait, so if a box is down here, where’s the other boxes? – [Mom] Guys, let’s go.
– Let me go get my shoes. – [Mom] Let’s search the
house, let’s search the house. – Isn’t somebody gonna take the box? I think we need to grab the
box. Wait up guys, wait. (Zapping) Box, yes, the box (laughing). Hey, you guys.
(upbeat digital music) Let’s play and have fun today. ♪ I ♪
– What are you doing? ♪ Wanna rock and roll all night! ♪ – Dad’s so silly!
(everyone laughing) – Okay, guys enough! We need to figure out who the villain is. There is a villain unleashed. We all need to find who the villain is. Ty and I will go search the park. – I’ll just keep searching
around the house. – I have my shoes on. I could
just search like around the– – Let’s see if we can figure– – (laughing) Yeah, that’d be a great idea. Let’s all go all over the place. – This is not funny. What if more members of our family start disappearing? We need to get them back. You go search the playground
that’s over there. – Okay. – I’ll go search the one down there. – Put ’em on, you can see Logan. It’s really, really cool.
– [Jordan] Wait, let me see. (Mom sighs)
– There’s clues, guys. Here, look.
– [Mom] Where’s your clues? – Look, look, look. Let me see the camera,
– What? – Let me show ya’ (laughing). Ha, I got the camera!
– [Mom] What are you doing? – I got the camera.
– [Mom] Wait! Audrey! Did you find anything? (coughing) – Nope, and I looked all around the house. – Nobody found nothing! (laughing) – What if Dad’s Distraction Dad? What if Distraction Dad is the villain? We just have to convince
him that he can do it. If Dad is trapped inside Distraction Dad, then if we can convince Dad that he can defeat Distraction Dad, then he’ll be able to do it. (yelling) – Made it!
– [Mom] You did it! You beat it! Good job!
– Now what? What’s next? Where is the next box? (ominous chords)
(digital zapping) – Okay, who trashed my room? – What? – Who trashed my room? – I have no idea. I’m trying
to kill this, there’s a wasp. (shouting)
(laughing) – But, who did?
– Let me go see. I haven’t been in your room. Look. – It’s totally, like messed up. – Whoa! Oh, my. Tyler?
– [Tyler] What? – [Dad] Tyler, did you do this
– No! – [Dad] to your room?
– [Tyler] I did not turn– Whoa! – This is horrible. Audrey! Jordan! Audrey!
– Who did that to our room?
– Jordan! (boys shout) – Come here. Did you prank the boys
and do this to their room? (Audrey laughing) – (laughing) Jordan,
– [Jordan] What? – Who’s doing pranks?
Who pranked the boys? – Is is prank week again? No. – Look. (Jordan gasps)
– Did you do this? (ominous chords) – [Jordan] I think it was you guys. – It’s like you got caught, like you took apart half their bed. Half their bed is sitting over here. All their clothes.
– [Jordan] I’m not doing a I’m not doing a prank week video. – [Audrey] Why would we trash their room? – Their new school stuff
is all over the floor. (coughing) – I didn’t even come into your room. I don’t know, like–
– This is so trashed. – [Jordan] Who would’ve– Audrey, do you– – [Boys] Stop, there’s a Villain box right here!
– [Dad] Don’t touch it! (electricity crackles) – [Dad] No!
– Where’d they go? – Jake! Ty!
– Ty! Jake! – Jake, Ty! – Why do we always
– They touched the box! touch the boxes? – No one learns!
– We don’t touch the boxes. – Wait, now they’re gone.
What’re we gonna do? (electric power up sound) (static sound) (ominous electronic music) (static sound) – Let’s go wreck the girls’ room. (both laughing) – Okay, this is an update. We’re researching online to
see if we can find anything. – I don’t see anything with that box. I believe it had a green
question mark on it. I’m trying to find if I
can see anything out there. – Yeah. (gasps) – To what that is. – Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. What? I just saw Jake and Ty
walk out of the mirror. Like, out of the mirror. Dad, did you see that? – [Dad] What? – Did you see that? Jake and Ty just walked out of the mirror, over there. – That big mirror? – Yeah. – That one that’s, we’re trying to figure out what the heck that’s all about? What do you mean they
walked out of the mirror? – I don’t know. – Let’s go. – Let’s go investigate.
– Let’s go look. – Let’s go wreck Audrey’s room first. (thumping)
(ripping) – Now, time to wreck Jordan’s room. – Mm-hmm (affirmative) (ominous music)
(shattering and rustling) – (shouts) What are you doing? Boys! I just barely cleaned my room! Are you kidding me? What did– Why did you– Why did you do this? Guys you could’ve broken things. My moisturizer, you could have
broken this, this is glass! Boys, Jake and Ty! Mom! Mom! Look! Look at this. Jake and Ty did this. I caught them. They were making my room a huge mess. – Are you sure it was Jake and Ty? – Yeah! Yeah, they were in here. – Okay.
– They were trashing my bed and everything, and I just
barely cleaned my room. – No computers for them, then. Do you want them to come help you fix it? – I’ll just do it. – Okay, well I think that they’re
off computers for the day. – [Jordan] You need to
tell ’em to not do that. – Yeah. – [Jordan] I don’t know
– I don’t know why, either. – [Jordan] What has gotten into them? – Jake, Ty! – [Jordan] This is gonna take forever. (ominous music) (light switch flips) – What just happened? Boys! This is not funny! – Jake and Ty! – Did you guys go in my room?
(Jordan yelling) Why are you making a mess? – Stop it! Stop it! – We have to film, stop! Stop! – Boys, you’re making such a mess! I have friends coming over later today. – Oh, my goodness.
– Jacob! – First your room, now this.
– Jacob, stop it! – What’s gotten into you?
– Stop it! – Stop, stop. Stop. No more. – I’m telling on you.
You’re coming to Mom. – Let’s go. Go! – No!
– Up the stairs. – Walk.
– No! – You’re gonna go talk to Mom. – Come on. Go! – Mom, we got Jake and Ty. – Okay, seriously,
– They’re trashing the house. – Ty, seriously. – They were really having such
a big mess, go downstairs. – Why did you trash Jordan’s room? – They trashed my room! – What’s going on, guys?
Why are you doing this? – We don’t care.
– We don’t care. – Oh really, you don’t
care? How ’bout this? No computers for the rest of the day. – (scoffs) So what? – [Mom] Okay, fine. Do you want to go clean
up everyone’s rooms? Did you trash your own room? – You need to clean up my room. – [Mom] Were you lying
about your own room? Who’s trashing all the rooms? – I just barely cleaned my room, too. – Yeah! – Okay guys, you’ll spend the day the rest of the day in your bedroom. You can stay in your rooms and think about what you’re doing. (swoosh noise)
– This room is trashed. (high five) – Yeah, but Mom said we
don’t get our computers. – Let’s take theirs.
– Good idea. (mysterious spy music) – They’re never gonna find their laptops. – I got a perfect hiding
spot for this one. – Hey, who took the laptops? Audrey, Jordan? Your laptops were here,
too. Where’d they go? I need to get some work done. Where are they at?
– They were just here. – Yeah, we were playing
Minecraft last night, they were right here. I don’t know. – You think Jake and Ty took it? – Probably. They messed my room up. – You know, they’ve gone too far. – And they messed up my room, too. – Too far, because we were
gonna film some Minecraft videos now they’re gone. – Okay, guys. You know what? Sit down. I think we need to talk about this. – Family meeting.
– Family meeting time about Jake and Ty, because– – [Dad] Yeah, (mumbles) Jake and Ty. – Jake and Ty have been acting weird. Have you guys noticed that? – Yeah. – They’re doing things that
they wouldn’t normally do. They’re misbehaving a lot. – And what’s with their outfits? Why are they dressed like punk rockers? – Right? Jake and Ty
have been acting weird. – Oh! – They don’t normally do these things. Oh, my goodness! Wait, I
forgot I forgot to mention. Dad, you were there. Remember how I said Jake and
Ty walked out of the mirror? – Oh, that’s right.
– That’s down over there? – That’s true, that’s true. – It was so–
– wait. Did you see them come out of the mirror? – Yeah they walked, like, out. It seemed like it, they came, like, out of the mirror. – Okay, guys.
– It was just so weird. – [Dad] Wait, look– – Wait, no, what?
– they also touched the boxes. Maybe they’re the villains. – What if they’re copies of themselves and it’s not Jake and Ty. – Yeah, wait, what if they’re clones? That’s true, because they
are acting really weird. – Clones. – Jake and Ty’s clones
might be the villains? – That would make sense. That’s why they came out of the mirror. Maybe they came from another dimension.
– Dimension. – So– – Then where’s Jake and Ty? Where’d they go to? (Audrey talking) Do you
think the villains have them? – Do you think they’re with Logan? – I think they might be. – I think we have to defeat the clones before we can back Jake and Ty. – I think they might have switched places. I think when they touched the box, it caused Jake and Ty to go
into the other dimension, and their clones to come
out through the mirror. – How do we get rid of the clones? Figure this out. – I’ve never, I’ve never had any experience
with clones before. – I’ve never met a clone before. – How to get–
– That master villain is getting really, really good at bringing new villains towards us. I mean, so good that we don’t
even recognize them at first. – [Mom] Okay, Jordan. – Okay, a lot of this is
talking about the game Sims. – Well, that’s not gonna help us. – Scroll down. – I’ll try anything. Whatever
it says to defeat a clone, let’s just try them all. – (gasps) Ooh, ooh, this right here! Do you see this? Okay, this person, they asked in, like, one of the little, like, search websites. They said, “How do I defeat a clone?” and somebody said, “You have
to become stronger than them.” since they are basically the
exact same person as you, – [Mom] Stronger than them?
– You have to evolve and become better and stronger than them. – Wait, we don’t have Jake
and Ty here to be stronger. That means we have to.
– You have to– you have to improve
yourself and become better. – Well, Jake and Ty
can’t improve themselves, because we don’t know where they are. – Like, what does that mean, though? That’s so vague, like,
that could be anything. – Let’s try issuing a few
challenges to them, all right? Let’s do like–
– like are we supposed to be stronger? Or like– – Well, let’s do a physical one. So we’ll do, like, arm wrestles. Who can beat the other
person in arm wrestles. So Audrey against Jake
and Jordan against Ty? – Oh, no.
– That’s a good idea. – (gasps) Let’s do a mind game with them. – [Dad] Oh, that could be good, too. – Yeah, ’cause we know some mind games that, maybe, we can kind of
trick them and we’ll win. For, like, they would have no chance. We would just win.
– Yeah. – Okay, so we’re gonna do a mind game and we’re gonna do a
physical challenge with them. – [Mom] Okay, what else? – I feel like we should have some more just as back up, just in case.
– One more? Do you think three? How many challenges do you
think that they would agree to? If we can get them to agree
to go back into the mirror and release Jake and Ty, if we beat them at whatever challenges, ’cause they’re gonna think
they’re better than us. – [Audrey] Yeah. – How many challenges do
you think clones would want? – I think three is the lucky number. – Yeah. ‘Cause then, what
if we tie on the second one? We need a third one to break. – That’s true.
– [Mom] Hoops! Are you good at basketball? – Yeah. – [Mom] Do you wanna
do hoops against them? – Let’s do it. – Sports, physical, and mind. – Okay. All right,
let’s go challenge them. Boys, come here. Come here for a minute. We wanna talk to you guys, come here. (intense percussive music) Come here. Okay guys, we wanna issue you a challenge. Are you guys up for a challenge? – Yeah. – Because we know that you guys are really good at, like,
pulling pranks and messes, but we wanna see if you guys
can beat us in three areas. Physical, mental, and sports. If you guys can beat us, we know that you guys
came from that mirror. – [Mom] We figured it out. – Yeah we know–
– We saw it. – [Mom] We know what’s going on. – So if you guys can beat
us, we’ll go to the mirror. – [Mom] And you have to
give us back Jake and Ty. – If we win, we get Jake
and Ty, and you guys go. Deal? – Deal.
– Deal. – All right. First challenge.
Jordan verses Ty arm wrestle. – This is physical. – Right here. – Okay. – All right, no cheating.
You gotta interlock. – Use my scrunchie for a lock? – We’ll lock it.
(laughs) – My scrunchie! – If your hand goes all the
way to the table, you lose. – This is gonna be too easy. – Yeah, right! Ready boy? – Ready, set, go! (buzz noise) – Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
– All right. – I got the magic power of the scrunchie. – Okay. Audrey versus Jacob.
– Audrey, your turn. (whoosh noise) – He might have let her
win, but I got this. – Yeah, right. You’re going down. – [Dad] Ready, set, go!
(buzzing noise) (straining noise) Come on, Aud. (yelling)
(everyone cheering on) Audrey, come on, Audrey! Audrey! Come on!
– [Mom] Come on, Audrey! You can do it!
– [Dad] You can do it! – [Jordan] Audrey, come on! (straining) – I’m trying! I’m trying, I’m trying.
I don’t have muscles. – Use Audrey’s power. Audrey power! Audrey power! Audrey power! (straining) – [Jacob] Guys, we wanna
get out of this mirror! Audrey, you got this! Come on! – [Dad] Come on, Audrey! (slam noise)
(bell noise) (yells)
(cheering) – We won the first round. – [Mom] That’s one challenge. – Yes! (Mom sighs) All right, we just
beat them in the physical. It’s time for the sports side. So we’re gonna go downstairs where we got the basketball hoop. I’m gonna challenge them
the best out of five, wins. Okay, guys, you ready? Let’s go play some basketball. I’m really good at this, I’m gonna win. ‘Kay, in this challenge,
the basketball challenge, it’s the best out of five. We each get to shoot five, person who gets the most hoops wins. Are you ready? I’ll let you go first. (bell ringing) (buzzer sounds) (buzzer sounds) (bell ringing) (buzzer sounds) – [Jordan] (yells) two! – All right, you got two out of five. Let’s see if I can do this.
– Come on, Dad. You can do this! You’ve
got this. You got this. You just have to get at least two. (buzzer sounding)
(groans) Try and get three. Oh, no. (buzzer sounds)
– That slipped, that slipped. – [Audrey] Come on, I thought you were so good at basketball. (bell rings)
– (cheers) I got one. – [Jordan] You got one! Okay, okay. You’re almost there.
(buzzer sounds) – Oh no. – [Jordan] Dad you can’t–
(girls yelling) – Is this the last shot? (buzzer sounds)
(dad groans) (girls yelling) – [Mom] I thought this was your game. – [Jordan] Wait– – I’m so much better than this, usually. All right, let’s try it again. Your turn. – Okay.
(footsteps) (bell rings) (girls yelling) (buzzer sounds) (bell rings) – [Mom] Oh no.
– [Jordan] Two. (bell rings) – [Mom] Oh no.
– [Jordan] Three! – [Mom] If David can make the last two, can you make these three? – Katie, how about you try
it. We’ll switch you out. – [Mom] No! – Let’s go. Because I’m,
apparently, not very good at this. But let’s see how good Katie is. Katie you gotta get four out of five. – Mom, you have to do this. – I’m am not good at hoops. – [Dad] Okay, here we go. Four
out of five. You can do this. Underhand?
(buzzer sounds) Oh no.
(girls yelling) (buzzer sounds)
Two. You gotta get the next three! (buzzer sounds)
(everyone yelling) (buzzer sounds) What happened? You didn’t even get one! – I don’t play basketball, guys. Why would you have me do that challenge? – We knew that you weren’t gonna win. The next one’s gonna be a piece of cake. – Yeah! – Okay, this last challenge
is going to be the mind games. So the way this is going to work, is we’re gonna have, we’re gonna go in different rounds, and we’re gonna see how
many minds you can read. So we’re on a team, and
you guys are on a team. – Okay. – And so you can see if you
can read each other’s minds whoever can read the most minds wins. If we win this, we get
back the real Jake and Ty, and you guys have to go back
to the mirror. Is that a deal? – Deal. – Okay. (sighs) Guys,
we really have to win. Okay. You ready? Round one. I’m gonna try and read Audrey’s mind. Okay. Audrey has to leave the
room while we pick an item. So go ahead. Oh, or just close your eyes and ears. The item is… (pats leg) (laughs) Ready, okay. Audrey, is the item the curtains? – No. – Is the item the carpet. – No. – Is the item Dad? (laughs) – No. – His face! (laughs) Is the item the pillow?
– No. – Is the item the fireplace?
– No. – Is the item the coffee table? – Yes!
(bell rings) – Yes! I knew we were gonna get it. – You did it! – We read each other’s mind, okay. Let’s have you guys try. – This is so easy. We can
read each other’s minds. – You pick the item. – Okay. Is the item the vase?
(Jordan coughs) – No. – Is the item the curtains? – No. – Is the item the coffee table? – No. – Is the item the picture frame? – No. – Is the item the pillow? – Yes. (buzzer sounds) – Hey, he got it wrong.
– That’s, that’s wrong! – [Dad] That’s wrong! – That’s wrong, you
didn’t get the right item. The item was the lamp. Wait, so– – [Mom] We won that one. We won that one.
– Yeah! We won! – We won! (everyone cheering)
(upbeat digital music) – [Mom] We won! We won! We get Jake and Ty back! – Yes! – Back to the mirror, guys. – [Mom] That’s right,
you guys have to leave. – You guys are outta here. – [Mom] And you promised, Jake
and Ty get to return to us, so, bye!
– Yes. – Bye.
– Bring them back! (zapping noise)
(ominous chords) – [Dad] They’re back in the mirror. Why are there hand prints on this mirror. – I’m not touching that.
(upbeat pop music) – [Dad] What do you think that means? – I don’t know, but I’m
just glad that we did it and we defeated this level. – Guys! – [Dad] Jake and Ty’s back! – We got through the mirror! – [Dad] You guys are back!
– Group hug, group hug! – [Dad] Where were you guys?
– Talking to you! – [Dad] What?
– No. – We could hear you, but
yeah, did you guys hear us talking to you through the mirror? – No. – [Dad] No, we couldn’t hear anything. – Yeah, we were trying to speak to you. – You were stuck in the mirror? – Yeah! We were listening to you. – So wait, you could, like hear us. Could you see us or anything like that? – Yeah!
– Mm-hmm (affirmative) – [Dad] Did you see the
clones go back in the mirror? – Yeah! – [Dad] Were they happy? – No. No, no, no, no. – I’m glad you guys are back. Oh my goodness. – Well, now, we’ve defeated the clones, where’s the next box?
(zapping sound) (static sound) (ominous orchestral music)

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