Visiting Coatepeque El Salvador | Blue Lake | El Salvador Travel Guide.

Visiting Coatepeque El Salvador | Blue Lake | El Salvador Travel Guide.

Well this is something a little bit special, we’ve come down to Lake Coatepeque, but this is no ordinary Lake!! Oh No! For the past, about four years, for only a
couple of weeks a year, this lake turns a very bright blue. 🎼 Well we have just had at the best time in San Salvador, we had a fantastic interview yesterday with Gabby and this morning we’ve woken up, and we’re going to be packing our bags,
our rucksacks up and heading off to Hostel Dona Marta, which is our home in
San Salvador, with the lovely family that welcomed us, when we first arrived here
on our original trip. Bienvenidos A El Salvador – We are waiting for you in Hostel Dona Marta! We’re just walking around by the
World Trade Centre here in San Salvador We’ve had some lovely breakfast at
Florence’s and I just spotted a little camper van, a little VW that’s been turned into a coffee and tea place, how lovely is that that’s absolutely beautiful. 🎼 So we’ve been staying at Hotel Mediterraneo
Plaza that you can see behind us and we stayed here whilst we were being
interviewed for the TV yesterday, great location, smack in the business district
here in San Salvador and literally like five, ten minutes walk to the World Trade
Centre, which has got lots of places to eat, and it’s a very modern
modern place to hang out, so it’s been very comfortable here, and yeah we’re
heading off to go and get packed to head back to the Dona Marta hostel. So we’ve arrived at Dona Marta hostel our little home from home, the family here had been
so lovely to us and shown us around taken us out and shown us the true
Salvadorian warmth of the people, and so we’re back for our last night in San
Salvador with the family, just to catch up we’re just gonna hang out and share
stories. I’m gonna really miss this family, they’ve been lovely so I wanted
to share our hostel here it’s this lovely little house at the back of a
courtyard community and its really lovely, they’ve got big big rooms, it’s a
little bit like a Tardis (looks small but is big inside), just lovely it’s actually hard to believe for your
even in the city. The amount of birds that we’ve seen here, including the
national bird in the garden here has just been phenomenal, huge amounts of
birds. So you’ve got this lovely reception area here and then just to the
side there is the breakfast room which is here, which is the lovely room and
they’re doing some building work at the back because they’re actually so popular
now, that they’re growing their business and putting an extra six rooms on
because the location for visiting the city, just an Uber in, just a couple of
dollars to Uber in, is perfect, there’s free drinking water here and then the
kitchens just off there where they prepare your breakfast. So it’s a lovely
situation and it’s a lovely family and there is nothing that you can’t ask for,
everyone is super helpful, so come and have a look at our room. I love it it’s
huge, but often in city hostels you tend to get very small amount of space, but
our room is massive. So there’s a bathroom ensuite which is lovely with a
huge shower, a massive shower, private loo, private sink, and then, just through
here is where we have been sleeping and working, when we’re in San Salvador. In
fact let’s see what Chris is doing. What you doing love? Making videos, answering all your
questions, I have a little desk area, air-con right next to me which in this heat is
always welcomed, the Internet here is actually very good. We’ve stayed in some
places where it’s been a bit of a struggle to get online and answer
messages and upload videos and things. But here it’s working really fine, my
work time you put upload as you’re going to sleep, when you wake up in the
morning, it’s all finished, which is even better! It’s our last day in San Salvador,
and we’ve said goodbye to the beautiful family at Dona Marta and Edwin our
friend here in San Salvador has come to pick us up and take us to a special place. It’s a mystery tour from EC Tours, so he’s taking us out for our last day here and
we’re feeling really sad that we’re going to be leaving El Salvador, but
really hopeful that one day we’ll be back, and visit this beautiful Nation.
So let’s go and see where this beautiful mystery tour takes us. 🎼 Well! This is something a little bit
special ,we’ve come down to Lake Coatepeque, but this is no ordinary Lake! Oh
No! For the past about four years, for only a
couple of weeks a year, this lake turns a very bright blue and normally it happens
at the end of August but for some reason this year, it’s happened earlier, just
because we’re here! and so we are so lucky on our last day in El Salvador, to
have a look at this Lake and if I turn around and you look there, how blue does that look? I’ve never seen a lake or water that blue! Just when we thought El Salvador couldn’t surprise us or show us anything
more beautiful, Edwin has given us this! Look at that! What is that? It is the cherry on the cake !! It is the cherry on top of the cake !! Yeah I’ve got to admit it, he has pulled this one out of the bag!! Good job EC Tours! 🎼 There is a model of a snake here in this
little restaurant bar that we’ve just stopped off to take some photographs of the view, and I just asked Edwin, when why is there a snake? And apparently what Coatepeque means is a place of snakes! There are a couple of theories as to why the lake is this colour, originally because it’s a volcanic lake they were thinking that maybe there some kind of bubbling explosion going on the underneath and maybe the ash is actually changing the colour of the water. Then they were thinking that because it happened in August, maybe it’s some kind of bloom or blossom of weed or
algae that’s causing this to happen? Because for three years in a row it happened in August, but this year, it’s happened in June so nobody exactly knows why the lake turns this colour for a couple of weeks a year, but that is the mystery of Lake Coatepeque. So we’ve driven down from the top of the
hill, down to the shore of the lake and we’re off for a nice spot of lunch, and this place they taking us to looks absolutely amazing right on the shore of this amazingly Blue Lake 🎼 So that was a delicious lunch, a bit of crab soup to start with and then I had a lovely bit of fish that was caught from this very lake and it was delicious. And we’re off now we’re heading back to San Salvador. 🎼 Well we’ve been hanging out at Edwin’s
house for this evening, because our bus back to San Jose is at the ungodly hour
of half-past 2:00 this morning!! And 10 o’clock, so yeah, we can’t make him wait up till 2:00 that’s just horrible, that is rude !! Even though he offered !! But we said we will go on down to the bus station now, we’ll hang out we’ll just do some work, watch a bit of Netflix, try not to sleep, and then we’ll be ready in the waiting room. So yeah absolutely, so this is really the end of our trip of new places because we’re heading back to San Jose. Yeah,
our last night in San Salvador! There you go, we feel really emotional, we’ve had so much fun and everybody has been so friendly and helpful! Yep, we are feeling a little be sad – there you go! anyway, now we’re off to the bus. So we’ve arrived like four hours early for the bus here at terminal San Carlos, but there isn’t a waiting room! So we’re just trying to work out, the security guards just trying to see if there’s somewhere we can wait, so definite tip of the day! Don’t turn up for hours before your bus thinking there’s a waiting room you can hang out in!! Marianne talking to the Security guard who was trying to help us! Right now we’ll take over
now hey you leave a 2:45 in the morning You are going to Costa Rica ? Check in time is 02.15, it is now 2 O’Clock, We have been here since 10 PM in this room, and we’re in a little bit
tired now, which is probably good because when we finally do get on the bus, I
think I’m going to sleep! I know I’m going to sleep, but the problem is that after three hours they wake you up to do a border crossing!! But we don’t get there till 11PM tomorrow, We’ve got plenty of time to sleep. 🎼 So that was a hell of a trip yesterday! Twenty-one hours on a bus! Yes! Thank you very much tikka bus, We got the bus all the way from San Salvador in El Salvador, all the way to San Jose here in Costa Rica. And a big THANK YOU to Edwin, for taking us to the bus station to save us carrying and Ubering, So Thank you for that! Absolutely! Yeah, a hell of a trip, across all the way to El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa
Rica, and now it marks the end of this season of TREAD the Globe. and our travels in Central America have come to an end. Five months! Yeah we’ve had a fab time! Indeed! but there is lots more exciting stuff ahead, because by the time you’re watching this video, because we’re a couple of weeks behind on the videos, we
will be back in the UK and filming and getting ready, for our drive around the
world in Trudy, our camper van. The next big adventure!! And that is a hell of an adventure!! So stay tuned, if you want to follow our adventures as we travel
around the world in our camper van as we get ready, then make sure you click ‘Subscribe’ below it’s been an absolute pleasure showing you all around Central America Yeah it has been heartfelt feelings for Central America we have had a beautiful time … Yeah and if you’ve got any questions on our travels, or want any
advice, don’t hesitate to message us or leave a comment below. Absolutely. We’ve just experienced our first
earthquake the light is still moving that was really scary, and you can hear the car alarms going off!!

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