VLOG #2.2019 | WHAT’S IN MY BAG | Louis Vuitton Speedy 25

VLOG #2.2019 | WHAT’S IN MY BAG | Louis Vuitton Speedy 25

Good morning everybody. Welcome to another vlog. It’s a Friday when I’m filming this, and I hope that you are
having an excellent weekend and day or whatever day it is today. I’m sorry about the harsh lighting. Let me get in some better light. All right, so I have
dropped off dry cleaning. And now I am sitting in the parking lot of the hardware store ’cause I got to go pick up a, For some reason, my garage door opener, even though it doesn’t,
even though it’s hooked up to power, the battery dies. Not really sure how that’s happening. But that is out. I just replaced it last year. So I don’t know what’s going on with it. I’ve got to get another
battery ’cause it’s beeping and it’s driving us absolutely bonkers. So that’s what’s going on. I filmed a video which
maybe you’ve seen by now. Maybe you haven’t. I’m not really sure yet. It’s like a luxury collective
hall and un-boxing. And, I haven’t done one
of those in a hot minute, and I’m a little nervous about
it, because luxury un-boxings get hate a lot of times, off-line on other websites and stuff, but whatever. You don’t have to watch
it if you don’t want. If that kind of stuff
triggers you, don’t watch it. Then I’ll need to go to the bank. I’m going to go pick up lunch
for Harper’s nanny and I, and that’s pretty much all. Oh yeah, and then I’ve got
a film more videos. [laughs] So I’ve got a whole lot, a whole range of new content coming, and
today was my day to film it. So, the Christmas decorations are down. I will show you that
later, but I’ve got to get my errands run and then I
got to get my videos filmed. I got two more videos to film today. I’ve already filmed one,
before my Christmas decorations were taken down. And now, I’m filming the next ones, and then I will check
back in with you guys. Okay, so I have just left the bank. I was supposed to go to the bank with HB, because we were going to set
up some different savings accts and funds for things we
want to invest in, in 2019 and he got stuck at the hospital
doing cases, so we can’t. So now, I am seriously underdressed
for the weather. It’s 59 degrees, and I got skinny jeans and Tom’s flaps on right
now, and I’m freezing from about the waist down. So anyway, sun is, It’s a beautiful day today
and it’s promising to be an even more beautiful one
tomorrow, ’cause I think it’s going to be 70s, which
I’m very excited about ’cause that will mean
lots of walking weather. Walking is something,
strangely that we’ve definitely gotten into as a family,
since Harper was born. It was definitely a good
way for me to get out and stretch my legs,
when I was postpartum, and we’ve continued that,
because Harper really, really enjoys walks and she
loves going on a walk. I think, I’m going to come back. I found another video,
and now I need to film that third video that I mentioned, before Harper’s nanny goes home for today, because she can watch
Harper while I actually get videos filmed. My hair is looking so blonde. So weird. I don’t know why. I am going to go home and do that, and then I might do, like
a little, What’s in My Bag and then, show you what’s
currently in my bag right now because you guys have been
asking for that repeatedly on my YouTube channel
and I need to comply, because I make videos for you guys. So, I think I’m going to
do that as part of a vlogs. [background television noise] Good job. [ball clacking] Oi. Oi, oi. [ball clacking] [ball clacking] We are watching Incredible 2. What is it called? Despicable 2, 3? Despicable 3. Playing with that ball. Playing with a ball. Some things in life are so simple. Boo. Peekaboo. [ball clacking] This could go on for hours. She gets her energy out by
chasing around a wooden ball. Highly recommend, small painted
wooden balls to play with. Uh oh, should we go get it? Should we go get it? Can you say, “uh oh”. Say, “uh oh”. [Harper] Wha. [Kristina] Where’s your ball? Where’s your ball? Where’s your ball? Where is it actually? Is
it underneath that fridge? No. [baby babbling] Where is it though? Bah. Where’s the ball? [baby babbling] Where is it? Where is it? [Harper] Wah. Where? All right, so I am now
getting ready to eat dinner and I’ve gotten most things taken care of that I wanted to get taken care of, including filming that third video. So, I’m going to eat and
enjoy a glass of wine, hang out with my husband,
see how his day was and then go to bed, and
I’ll see you guys tomorrow. [baby grunts] Hi baby. [faint background music] We are currently at Cafe Toulouse, which is in River Oaks, district [laughs]. That’s so funny. That’s so funny [camera clicking] I can’t see myself on the screen, because it’s so bright outside. But, it’s about what time? Almost 2 o’clock. So, we’re just grabbing
a, sort of brunch, lunch. I’m actually getting almond French toast, and then we’re going to
head back home I think, huh, and give this little one a nap. [background chattering] This mouth is too full. [faint background music] [baby grunts] [camera clicks] [silverware clinking] Good morning everybody, I have no makeup, Well, no foundation on. The by Terry CC Lumi-Serum and Sunny Flash that I talked about in my
makeup or skincare favorites? I think it was skincare favorites. So, I’m just outside
of the hardware store. We went earlier this morning. I didn’t vlog. It was just too hectic. Picked up some more
tamper resistant outlets, ’cause we realize some of
our outlets in our house are not tamper resistant. Which is, kind of like an extra feature, if you have small children
that will potentially stick things in there and try
to electrocute themselves. So, we got a couple, a pack of those. And then, I got some more
undercabinet LED light strips, because ours were kind of
painted over, accidentally by our painter when we moved
in, and when we painted the bookshelves, I don’t
know if you remember that or if I vlogged to that. So, they don’t really show
the best light anymore ’cause they’ve been painted over. However, I brought like,
several different packs. I didn’t know which would be compatible. They looked like they’d be compatible. They plugged in just
fine, but they don’t work. So I think they’re just not compatible. So, I’m just back now to return
them, and I’ve done that. And I did install one new
plug in our kitchen island, new socket that has USB in it. So cool. I love living in today’s day in age. Very, very cool. So now, I’m going to go pick
up some lunch for HB and I. It’s already 1:15. That’s what’s going on. I’m not filming any videos
this weekend because I filmed a whole bunch on Friday. I filmed like three or
four, as I mentioned earlier in this video. And, I hope you guys check them out. Recently, I’ve noticed
that overall views are down on a lot of channels. A lot of channels on YouTube,
their views are down. Almost everyone I see, I’m like, wow. They have all these subscribers,
and like barely any views. So, it might’ve been okay. But I just wanted to make
sure, that you guys are seeing videos that you might want to be seeing. So, in case you haven’t, Maybe it’s just everyone’s
busy with the new year and they not watching a
whole bunch of YouTube. I totally get it. But, just in case you haven’t, I have at least three new videos up. One, No, four new videos up. One is makeup favorites of 2018. One is, skincare favorites of 2018, and one is lifestyle favorites of 2018. That’s like technology and everything. That’s kind of, the one
everyone looks forward to, including myself. I like to watch those
types of videos on YouTube. But, in case you wanted to watch those, the skincare ones have been, like, they’re game changers, because my skin like, this is no makeup. I mean, obviously it’s not perfect. But it’s so much better
than it was a year ago, that I think that you would really benefit from watching that video. And I will leave everything
linked down below and up top and I’ve been
talking, up in this corner here. But, I don’t know. So, Oh, and then there’s another vlog. So, vlog is pretty cool. I really like the way that it turned out. I edited it in a way that I just, I just really felt proud of. So, I would love it if
you would check those out if you haven’t seen them already, and if you have, thank you. I’m going to go pick up some lunch. HB once tacos and he’s taking, Harper, not doing the best right now. I don’t know if it’s teething
or she got a little virus, but she’s, like, snotting up a storm. She’s waking up in the
middle of the night, and I have to go in and comfort her, which I secretly, kind of love. Is that weird, ’cause I miss her at night and then I get to come in and cuddle her, and get my snuggles in, and yeah. [laughs] So anyway, I did that, And I did that, actually
at 6 o’clock this morning. We usually like to wake her up
now at 7:30, or she wakes up. She woke up super early,
like 5:50, 6 o’clock, and so I comforted her,
gave her something to drink and then she went back to sleep,
and we all got up at like, nine, 9:30, which is crazy late for us. So then, she didn’t sleep
very well for her first nap and a little low-grade temp, like, literally not even febrile. She is 100. I just, I feel bad for her. I feel like, she’s hurting somewhere. For some reason, I don’t know where. But, she may be coming down with something or she could be teething. Who knows. [keyboard clicking] Good morning. It’s another day. And I did promise that
I was going to film. I’m sorry. I have ,like, self tan and everything. So, I look kind of gross but, I did say, that I was going
to film a What’s in My Bag, and so we’re going to do a
casual little, What’s in My Bag. This is the Louis Vuitton
Speedy 25 bandouliere. Bandouliere, bandouliere. And so, this is what it is. I have not gone through this at all. There’s literally a receipt,
you can see right in there. And I think, this is going to
promise to be pretty interesting. So I think, you’re going
to want to stay tuned. This is a taco receipt for Sunday tacos. This is the receipt for what
I had my lips touched up. This is a whatchamacallit,
ring-light that was given to me by Pixi. I think it’s out of batteries,
’cause it keeps turning off immediately, so I need to get that done. Oh, this is a pro tip for anyone with kids or small children. Buy these little bit balms,
’cause they do double duty. Right. They act like toy. Something interesting when your
kid is gettin’ kind of fussy and want something to look at. But then, you can also
use them as a lip balm, and my daughter gets a kick
out of it, when I like, put that on my lips, and
she’s like, oh my God. Like, she didn’t realize that they open. [toys clanking] They’re so fun. I will link my, They’re kind of hard to find. So I’ll link these down below. I know that’s silly to
link these little kids lip balms down below, but, This is a receipt to
Lowe’s Home Improvement, which is where I went yesterday. These are my sun, I know I’m going kind of
fast, but I have a lot of stuff in here. These are my sunglasses,
my everyday sunglasses. They are by Gucci. They are fantabulous. I highly recommend these. Even if you don’t get these,
like, really crazy ones, I get looks when I wear
this, and I’m okay with that. All right. And this is a great way for
me to clean out my purse too. In other Lowe’s receipt. This is my Louis Vuitton cardholder. I’ll leave this link down below too. It’s part of the men’s collection. And so yeah, I absolutely
love it ’cause it’s in the monogram graffiti. It’s really pretty. I have it completely stuffed. Probably don’t recommend
doing that, but you know. C’est la vie. This battered hand cream. Do you guys remember
when I purchased this? I think it was beginning of
December, during Vlogmas. I have a tampon. Let’s see, some more lip glosses. I’m going to put these
lip glosses to the side, so that I can keep track of them, and kind of, cull the collection. This is a really pretty one. The shade is 162. I have extra card, Well, I have a straw,
paper that’s going to go in the trash pile. I have an extra cardholder. You all remember this. My beloved red, Chanel. I love this thing. It’s so beautiful. It’s hold up so well. And this is where I keep,
like, loyalty cards. This is the, I guess they give you
two receipts for tacos. This is the pouch with the keys, I assume. Does it have the keys in it? No, this doesn’t have anything in it. Well, it should have keys in it. But, I’m assuming they’ve fallen out. This is my husband’s car key. We keep a spare with me,
in case I need to drive it for whatever reason. These are just, These are like, gift cards. I need to put these in here. See, we’re being productive. This is a Charlotte Tilbury
lipstick and Penelope pink. This is a really pretty color. It’s like a beige. Kind of like a beige pink. Very, on the beige side though. I assume this is for Penelope Cruz, ’cause she names them after celebrities. But that in the lipstick pile. We’re going to see how
much I accrue over time. Blushing pop, by Clinique. Two of my moment lenses. I will keep these because,
you never know when you want to use them. My Louis Vuitton Cles. This also has, kind of like,
lesser used credit card and loyalty cards. But, I really need to like,
slim down that collection. I don’t need to bring
all that stuff with me. My all-time favorite Chanel
lipgloss, which is 03. [table clanking] Literally, anybody can wear that. Man or woman. It doesn’t show up as pink. This is a bare minerals
lipgloss, in Forbidden. Oh my God, this lipgloss
collection is epic. There’s my keys. This is a Balmain compact mirror, that I got in my Balmain advent calendar. So, I’m going to keep that. I think that’s pretty useful. Oh, here’s my ring. My pinky ring, that I took off. This is the charger for
that little Pixi ring light. I think I’m going to keep
that out, ’cause I don’t think I’ll ever use that. Balmain hairbrush from the
Balmain hair advent calendar. All right. We are still not done. Why is there a teabag in here? That’s going in the trash. My purse light is
definitely staying with me. If you guys seen My Lifestyle
Favorites, I’ll link up top. My keys on my Aramis tassel. Bunch of you guys talked
about how much you love this and picked this up, or edit this to your gift wish list for the holidays. I hope some of you guys
are enjoying those. My DJI Osmo pocket. This is just so small and
doesn’t weigh very much, so I just keep it in there,
but I really don’t use it all that much. Some cuticle oil. Guys, know I always have matches. Always. Comment down below, if you
know why I have matches. I always have matches in my purse. This is like a lens cleaning wipe. I think I got it in some sort of kit, with one of my cameras I bought. Alcohol swabs. I always have some, because
we just have them all the time in the hospital. A pen, with a little thing. This is really great to use
one of these combo pins, just on your phone for photo
editing, is really nice. Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream. I don’t need that. I don’t need an eye cream in my purse. Why do I have that? Okay. Balmain hair tie. Again, a lot of really useful things from that Balmain advent calendar. Another lens cleaning wipe. Gettin’ to the bottom here. A 20% off coupon to Ulta, that expired Christmas Eve. A rather battered hair, eyelash spoolie. I’m letting my eyelash
extensions fallout because I am, I don’t have enough time to go in. So, I’ll probably get them
done in a month or two. But, I just don’t have time. This is just a busy month, you know. Oh my gosh. So much dirt. Gross. My AirPods. Here’s the keys. So I’m going to put that
in my, little pouch here. Now, we’re going to go, That’s empty. Now, we’re going to go in here. So, in there I have one credit card that we don’t use anymore. So, I can just shred that. A camera battery. This where I usually keep
SD cards and batteries. Yeah. Another spoolie, that I’m throwing away. An SD card, another spare
camera battery for vlogging, and another spare camera
battery for vlogging. So, that is it. Just going to show you here
that, that is everything. I don’t use a purse organizer in a 25. I think it takes up too much space. It takes up too much space
in an otherwise small bag. Oh my God. It’s so dirty. Gross, gross gross gross. I actually think I’m
going to take a baby wipe. Alcohol free baby wipe
to just clean this out. Even if you don’t make
What’s in My Bag videos, doing a quick emptying
of your purse and running a alcohol free, fragrance
free baby wipe on the inside can do you a lot of good. Especially get in those corners here, where dirt seems to accumulate. Look at that. Whoo. And I just give it a
quick clean on the handles and on the strap. All right guys, that is everything that is in my Speedy 25. I hope you enjoyed this vlog, and I will see you in the next one. Make sure you thumbs up,
subscribe, share the channel with a friend and I’ll
see you in a little bit.

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