VLOGMAS DAY 1! Flight Attendant Life

VLOGMAS DAY 1! Flight Attendant Life

Good morning everyone. It is December first so welcome to vlogmas well Really? It’s gonna be my attempt at vlogmas since this is my first year having a youtube channel. I have never done this before I Really don’t know if it’s feasible for me to be able to upload every single day but I am going to do my best and Eric told me that I should name this doing my best miss and it’s 8:30 a.m So i’m going to go take Luna out to play and make breakfast And she’s ready to go Are you ready to play Luna? Yeah Time to feed this one and yes, I know the floor is so dirty but it’s because it rained the other day and I need a vacuum and then Luna got it all dirty with her paws for now. It’s lucky so I’m going to do that today and I have our November calendar that I need to obviously Make into our December calendar Eric wanted two of these breakfast sandwiches that you just pop in the microwave, but there’s only one left, so, whoops I really think we need to make a Costco run soon Making some Breakfast sandwiches. I’m gonna sit That’s it And catch good girl I gave her a little piece of cereal that I always put in my oatmeal. We’re eating breakfast in bed now and watching American Dad Do any of you guys watch American Dad? I think Roger is my absolute favorite character. I think he is so funny All right, so I have a few things on my agenda today first I need to stop at Walgreens just to drop off at prescription and then I went ahead to LA Fitness and get in a quick workout I also need to put some gas in my car and get a few things from the grocery store And then I do have airport standby tonight, which if you are new to my channel that means I have to go and Essentially sit in our room at the airport for six hours and wait and see if I get a trip or not Just picked up some groceries and I ended up getting this really cute little Christmas tree I am Super excited to decorate it. I just got home So I think I’m going to eat clean and then relax a little bit before I have to get ready for work tonight Time to vacuum up all of her hair and if anyone has a suggestion for a good vacuum specifically for a dog hair Let me know because that would be awesome. I have my standby shift that starts in about an hour and I am there until 10:40 3 p.m. Tonight, so I’m really hoping that I don’t get used because I really want to come back home tonight, but we’ll see Alright you guys I am officially off the clock and I get to go home so I sat here on my standby ship from 443 to 10:43 p.m. And I am so tired. I am so ready to just go home shower and Climb into bed. It’s seriously the best feeling ever when you don’t get called on your standby shift on standby. I love two things I love either not getting called at all and getting to go home or getting called for a big international trip Which just this year in 2019? Well on standby I have been called for a Narita Japan Santiago Chile London and Honolulu, which even though that is a domestic trip, it’s still a long-haul flight and obviously a beautiful destination Oh, I’m sorry. This lighting is awful. I’m in my car about to drive home But I was wondering if you guys have any video requests or anything you’d like me to record for? Vlogmas in December because I like I said earlier have never done this before And I’m definitely going to film every single day and try to upload as much as possible So if you guys have anything that you’d like to see for this month, please let me know because that would really help me out No You got your tiger hi, baby, I Just got home. I am really tired So I’m going to shower and head off to bed, but I will talk to you guys tomorrow morning Good morning, everyone. We are about to take Luna to the vet We were just bringing her in for her first checkup here in Texas and to renew her heart guard medication Yeah, you get to go to the vet today. Oh She thinks we’re going to play and to go on a walk, but no you’re going to the vet We just wait Luna and she came in at 58.5 pounds so now we’re just filling out some paperwork since we’re new here and Then we’re gonna maybe would you like to do this house? Yes, I’d like to be the spouse And then we’re gonna see if we can get her some vaccinations and other stuff today possibly I think Luna is a little bit nervous Whenever we take her to the vet she is boys next to Erik the whole time We’re back from the vet now, Luna did awesome. She is healthy We ended up just getting her some new heart guard medication that also had flea prevention in it And we got some of her vaccines done So I’m going to conclude this vlog now But thank you everyone so much for watching and make sure that you stay tuned for the rest of blog miss I’ll see you guys next time Bye

57 thoughts on “VLOGMAS DAY 1! Flight Attendant Life

  1. Ready for my first VLOGMAS! I promise to do my best to film/upload as much as I can for the month of December! 🎄 Any video/content requests for this month? Let me know! ⬇️

  2. Oh my ….those breakfast packages that your man wanted to eat are rubbish…..and are a good way to a high cholesterol attack, why doesn’t he have some cereal or fruit instead!

  3. Maybe try a dyson vacuum they are great…maybe try one out somewhere ! And what a gorgeous dog you have too….!

  4. I have a vid request. Could you go over the 'stations' on the aircraft. I hear FA's talk about how their lead, 1st position, 7 position, etc., but I don't know what those mean or what duties go with each station. Could you go over that? Also, which stations are your fav and why. Thanks!

  5. Video Suggestions:
    1. Day In the Life
    2. Decorating for Christmas
    3. Anything with Luna
    4. Holiday Activities
    5. Work Travel (especially hotel tours)

  6. Rumba is good for dog hair and you can program it. Standby would be boring as heck, but at lest you can just chill.

  7. Hey girl! I love your channel!!! Super weird, but I'd love to see you more at the gym!! I've been eating super good and I fell off the band wagon of being in the gym so seeing you in the gym makes me feel the need to get back to it!!! ❤️❤️💋 XOXO

  8. Definitely a Pack with Me. Especially when you have no clue where you’re going. How to pack that type of carry on. How to stay healthy when on you’re trips. How to pass time while sitting on standby. 💚💙

  9. Hi again
    I have a Dyson which are pricey but better than most and they make animal versions to concentrate on picking up dog and cat hair.
    Nothing specific to request although daily vlogs can be hard to do and Christmas is a very busy period so would prefer perhaps 3 vids per week? That way we get to see what your up too and you get some time to enjoy the lead up to the holiday period.
    Luna is a lovely girl

  10. Hi Julia. Question…. when you’re “ on call “ and have to sit @ the airport for 6 hours, fo you get paid for that time? Thanks!

  11. Hey super cool you're doing Vlogmas/ Doing My Bestmas! 🙂 No pressure to upload every single day if you can't. Glad Luna had a good check-up and that you didn't get called. Love the tree you bought! Maybe you can include decorating in forthcoming videos, as well as general day in the life stuff, other holiday activities you Eric and Luna partake in, shopping hauls..any/all the above!
    BTW I love Quaker Oat Squares and how cute that Luna does too! Those Jimmy Dean sandwiches are good as well 🙂

  12. I enjoy seeing lona in the videos. My lab mix passed away a couple of months ago. She reminds me of my dog wanting to play frisbee. He was the first dog that my wife and I picked out and my wife passed away in a car wreck a year before. It’s been hard but seeing your dog brings back good memories I had with mine. That’s my dog in my profile pic.

  13. I love Eric’s idea of “Doing my Bestmas!” That’s hilarious!!! I loved watching your trip to London. That’s on my bucket list. And I agree with the idea about the gym. Maybe like easy workouts at the gym.

  14. I'm curious if flight attendants are trained on multiple types of aircraft or a single type. Looks like most of your videos are on either a narrow body Airbus or Boeing, but if you do international trips while on standby, I would imagine those are on widebody aircraft. Love the videos!

  15. You should start rating the airports based on their Christmas decor! I fly almost daily and one of the reasons I love traveling this time of year is because of all the Christmas decorations in airports and hotels! Some really go all out!!

  16. Hi julia,
    I know you can do this due you are a hard worker.
    Anyways I like see your daily life with you Eric and Luna.
    I want to add your channel is absolutely the best.

  17. Ever thought of doing a Snapchat for your YouTube channel? So you can do snaps on your flight locations etc! Great video as usual 🙂

  18. You should go to a dermatologist and laser off your two moles. Prolonged exposure to the Sun could turn them cancerous.

  19. If you are able to upload 25 vlogs I will watch 25 vlogs..the 6 hour standby is similar to my job, we have 15 hour standby 😪

  20. Love how you do your makeup! Would you consider doing a work makeup tutorial or running through the list of the skin care & makeup products you use? This could actually be two videos !☺️🎄

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