Volcanic Hot Pools | El Salvador Travel Guide | British Couple backpacking El Salvador

Volcanic Hot Pools | El Salvador Travel Guide | British Couple backpacking El Salvador

So we were just saying to Edwin it’s
very warm can you take us to some nice cool springs? And Edwin said … No we’re going to a hot spring! Aaaaahhhhh ! 🎼 So we have come about 10 minutes drive from Ahuachapan, to an area that is known for its volcanic hot pools and no word of a lie, the heat coming off this pool behind me is insane …. pfoooo When the steam hits you, oh it’s sulphur
and steam and it’s literally boiling behind me, this lake is actually boiling. 🎼 We’ve just been looking at the bubbling
and boiling pools, the thermal pools, but now we’ve come up to the thermal baths of Santa Teresa and they’re very pretty it’s got lovely gardens and lovely pools 🎼 When you use the phrase spa and hotel and therapy This is exactly what you would imagine it is a beautiful place surrounded by beautiful gardens. filled with loads of pockets of pools, dotted around, different temperatures of the pools. They start off super hot coming from the volcanic spring and then as they go down through into the shaded pools amongst the trees they slowly cool down. It is beautiful. 🎼 So if you’re looking for somewhere to come and relax while you are staying in Ahuachapan then this place is literally ten minutes drive. They charge ten dollars entrance fee if you’re a non-resident So you can come relax enjoy these beautiful pools, they have a restaurant attached and we’ve actually stopped because we’re gonna get an iced coffee and they got some very naughty looking apple pie! but it is apple – so it is healthy ! one of your five-a-day! fruit is good for you! Iced coffee and apple pie with ice cream, the best lunch ever and it’s delicious! I am eating it before Chris gets it ! I know right films gone otherwise Marianne is going to eat it all! We couldn’t come all the way to these pools and not actually have a nice dip, so that’s what we’re doing! oh I can’t touch the floor! This is lovely the water is super refreshing, it’s warm but you can feel like the minerals in it, you feel like you’re getting a full body spa! It’s lovely. They have these different layers of pools and actually the water starts at the top at its hottest and each pool it actually gets cooler, and this pool actually feels pretty much body temperature! Marianne is just trying the next pool up. Is it hot? Wow – I feel like boil in the bag rice ! WOW ! it’s hot! i It’s really hot! Have you been? Yeah ! That one at the top must be really hot! Did you go in that one? What! ohhhh ! Normally you do this when it’s cold!! It is hot ! it’s really hot I think we should go and try the hottest pool! No ! I’m gonna try! I’m gonna try the hottest pool, very hot? Oh it’s hot Caliente 🎼 Okay we’re gonna try and go into the hottest one! I don’t know whether I can! I’m getting used to it it takes a while to get used to it Wow – oooohhhh Okay! He’s in the top pool! It is so hot I’m gonna try and go across to Marianne and then sweet okay you gotta be quick it’s too hot it’s really really hot! it’s really hot! put your foot in it! Oh okay, only for the brave!! I am going to sit down, I’m dizzy so we would definitely recommend coming to this place, and it has been so relaxing this is what travels about, hanging out in places like this which we don’t get to do that often and thank you very much to Edwin for bringing us here, it’s been
a super, lovely, relaxing couple of hours. Yeah, anyone travelling long term, you know how frantic it can be living out of a rucksack, well this makes it all worthwhile! Absolutely, it’s lovely and to think it’s all heated by volcanic springs, Yeah, it’s just like it’s just crazy Yeah, when we saw the bubbling water, I actually came away from there and said I was a little bit nervous because that was like boiling the lakes boiling but you realise and appreciate how close you are to the volcanic action. So when we came to the pools I was still a little bit like … oh I’m not sure It might be still too hot !! But the top pool is very hot but this pool is just a perfect temperature. So here in El Salvador, they actually take advantage of all this volcanic action and you can see a geothermic electric plant in the distance behind me which is producing electricity. So Ahuachapan here on Ruta de la Flores is actually a great base to go off and explore you know as we have, we’ve seen the hot springs, we’ve gone off to beautiful little towns, Ataco is only a ten minute bus ride away, they’ve
got a wonderful market and it’s just been a really, we’ve had three days here
and it’s been an absolute pleasure. So make sure you come to Ahuachapan. that’s air trapped in my shorts by the
way nothing else! Oh it’s nice! What did I say? geothermic okay I’ll start again And then we’re off I’m not sure what’s happening here … Is actually hot water and the cold waterfall next to it no Something’s crawling up my leg ha ha

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