WANDRD PRVKE 31 Backpack Review (2018) (Best Photography Backpack)

WANDRD PRVKE 31 Backpack Review (2018) (Best Photography Backpack)

hello this Tom Crandall from GearMashers.com
today we’re gonna be reviewing a backpack by WANDRD (wonder’d) called the PRVKE 31 (provoke) Backpack
this is a travel bag / camera bag / go anywhere bag pretty amazing. I recently
reviewed a bag by Peak Design called the Everyday Sling 10L this is a 10 liter
bag so you can sort of get a comparison between the two the Everyday Sling which is much smaller
it’s more of a day bag and the WANDRD PRVKE 31 is definitely a travel bag where you can
put extra gear in here so we’re gonna go through the whole backpack and sort of walk
you around what the WANDRD PRVKE 31 has to offer. so to begin with it has a front pouch here so if you are a cyclist
or something like that you can actually put say a walk in the front so if you’re
commuting this bag is not a bad bag to commute so that’s the first pocket
secondly the PRVKE is a roll top and what’s sort of nice about that is it
will add a lot of space to the bag probably about 4 to 5 litres total so
you can stuff things in there like I got a jacket in there so you can stuff that
down look it’s really easy to close it has sort of I don’t know if this is
metal underneath or what it is but it’s a pretty sturdy and then you just roll
it down and then here’s a clip here and you just it has some webbing that you
can just put the clip on and then cinch it down no problem when I was traveling
to Jamaica I used this lot I had like two or three
jackets plus like an extra shirt because when I’m on the airplane I tend to get
cold and so it’s nice to be able to pull this all out right as you board and then
cinch it down and then you can stuff it under your seat I was actually able to
do that with this bag or you can put it in the overhead bin but either way it’s
just sort of nice to have some extra room plus when you’re traveling if you
pick up something and you’ll have some room in your bag to carry it back home
with so that’s a really neat feature of the PRVKE. It has handles on the bag so you can
sort of carry the bag two ways you can use these handles and they have magnets
so they sort of attach to each other so you can just carry it like a tote bag
and then on the back it has regular backpack straps and the one thing that’s
really nice about this backpack is the straps are nice and wide and they’re not
too thick with material I found them to be almost perfect so going back on the
front here there’s a side pocket and so you can put say a monopod or a tripod in
here but I think it’s really designed more for a water bottle or something
like that but it does unzip so if you have a
bigger water bottle it should fit in here nice but if you do put a tripod in
here you have a little cinch strap on the side so that should work fine also
on the bottom there’s some places to put straps so if you prefer to have say your
monopod or tripod on the bottom of the pack you can do that as well no problem
and so the straps it I have that come with the pack are these things right
here and they have these little quick-release sort of levers and so the
way it works I’ll just do one in the front here so I have a little loop here
and I can just put it through and then lock it in place and then I can do the
same thing on the other side and then to remove it it’s real easy so when they
were designing this bag they didn’t want to have like all these straps hanging
out so that’s why they have things that you can add or take off pretty quickly
the same thing here this was an extra so I believe the unit I got was sort of the
photograph bundle so it came with a few extra things so it came with the hip
straps here and again just like these straps you can remove the hip straps and
so if I just look at this got this thing right here
here a little harder on this okay here we go all right I guess I’m having some
technical difficulty and there we go all right so you can just remove it and it
has the same thing here the strap on one side has a little pocket so you can put
maybe a little bit of change or something like that in there and then to
put it back on should be easier you just slide it in and then you have this
little metal hoop that you just click on and then it’s good to go
going back to the top here so on the top you can put things like an iPhone or
something like that and it has some this sort of nice material so it won’t
scratch up the screen I presume you could probably put some glasses in here
as well just be aware that if you have other
things in the pack this pockets not totally secure as far as things bumping
into it so that’s one thing to remember on the side here on the other side we
have a little pocket so here you can put things like keychains and maybe I have
some business cards in there and so you just put your keychain no problem on on
this side lower side you have access to your camera or if you have camera gear
if you don’t have camera gear in here it you just have access to the side pocket
so in this case I have a Canon 70d so it’s real easy to get in and out if I
needed access to that and this part is padded so and it also has sort of like
this felt stuff so it won’t scratch up your camera and then there’s another
additional pocket here so you can store things like batteries or flash cards
things like that that you might want now for those that aren’t into photography
the photo bundle with this pack comes with a basically a square camera case
and so I’m going to open the pack here so the way you open it up is on the
back side I’m going to have access to the inside of the pack and what’s nice
is it will lay flat and so here’s where the most of my camera gear is stored and
then I also have this little mesh area here that I have access to anything that
I put down the roll-top so I have sort of two places I can access my clothing
or whatever gear I have in here and so if I unzip this I have this protective
pad and then here’s my Canon camera that I had in there I have a GoPro sitting
there and I have a bunch of dividers so you can put lenses and things like that
in there no problem now if you didn’t want this the photo or
the camera case here or cube as they call it that’s removable and so you
could take that out and then you’d have all that storage for extra clothes or
whatever yeah else you need it I as far as backpacks go I really like the
WANDRD PRVKE 31 Backpack, I mean it’s super it’s just a great great backpack they pretty much
thought of everything with this thing it’s pretty amazing in the front here
you have room for both a say a 15-inch I have a MacBook here and also an iPad and
so you can quickly just take the the computer out if you needed to and so
when I was going through the airport this was great because I had quick
access to my computer I could take it out and lay it into one of the trays for
scanning last time I flew they also required anything that was bigger in a
cell phone so I was able to lay the bag flat grab my computer grab some of the
things that were bigger put those out for scanning as well and then once the
scanning was done I was able to quickly put everything back in place pretty fast
it was a pain but it still abused other bags and it hadn’t been that easy
another really cool feature of this bag is it has what I call this hidden pocket
or secret pocket so it sits flush to your back and so you can put things in
here like your passport money and wallet or anything else that you might need
that you don’t want people to have quick access to but the great thing about this
little area is you actually do have pretty fast access to this so again when
I was going through the airport I needed to get to my passport really quickly
it’s all right here I know exactly where it is in the bag a lot of times when
you’re taking backpacks and things like that you put things in various pockets
and you’re like where did I put it this makes it super easy you know
exactly where everything is they’re all your you know essential stuff let’s see
what else Oh so on the pack here if you are taking
a camera you have a little lens cap holder so you can put the lens cap here
I thought that was sort of a neat idea as far as the shoulder straps again
these things are really wide and super comfortable okay so when you have the
pack on so let me just quickly just put it on here so when the packs on you also
have a little chest strap so that sort of holds it on tighter and again I guess
I took this thing off but you would have a waist strap as well to distribute the
the weight the waist strap is an extra so if you buy the packages based it’s
like two hundred four dollars and then if you bundle it with some other things
it runs about 260 so when I went to Jamaica
I used three bags so I use this bag to carry all my valuable camera here so I
had like a Sony a7iii had microphone I had a nice screen display so I put all
that stuff in this bag because I didn’t lose it if the handlers airplane
handlers and stuff like that did something weird with it then the next
thing I had was I packed this in my my check bag so I had a North Face check
bag and so I just packed this flat and then when I got to Jamaica this was sort
of my day bag that I put just some of my essential camera gear in and then this
was sort of if I needed more heavier stuff I did that also vada brought a
tripod so that’s what I’m actually shooting with right now it’s a Sirui monopod
but it has feet on the bottom and I’ll talk about that or I’ll review that at a
later date but anyway I think you’re gonna be really really happy with the WANDRD PRVKE
and even if you’re not a photographer the PRVKE 31 is a great backpack carry on for traveling just
just absolutely love it please check out GearMashers.com I have a lot of
reviews I actually have a review up on the PRVKE 31 Backpack on the website please subscribe
to the YouTube channel that really helps out that helps me get product in and
I’ll talk to you later thanks so much for watching our WANDRD PRVKE 31 Backpack Review 2018, have a great day

3 thoughts on “WANDRD PRVKE 31 Backpack Review (2018) (Best Photography Backpack)

  1. One item I didn't mention was the included rain fly. That can be accessed from the bottom of the bag via a zippered pouch.

    I also didn't mention that the WANDRD PRVKE 31 has a little brother called the PRVKE 21. The "21" stands for 21 liters. While the 31 can hold the WANDRD Medium camera cube, the smaller 21 is designed to hold the small camera cube.

  2. Does that protective pad come with the set up ? Or is just just yours and it happen to fit perfectly ?

  3. Thanks for sharing the review. What's your verdict on the back comfort and the straps? Is it snug or does it press down on your shoulders when the roll-top is filled up?

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