Want To Wear This Street View Backpack?

Want To Wear This Street View Backpack?

NAT: This is a tale
of grand adventure, of climbing Mount Fuji,
of trekking the Arctic, of swimming with dolphins,
and window-washing the tallest building in the world. Just kidding. We don’t have the
money for that. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is just a video of us
doing doughnuts in a Street View car in a parking lot. OK, I don’t know how
many more I can take. But also a little bit more. Hey, there, I’m Nat. LO: And I’m Lo. And this is our
20% Project, where we go around Google
learning about all the stuff we’re curious about. NAT: And in this episode,
we’re finding out how Street View
gets off the street and into some of the
crazier places it goes. LO: Lots of people know
the Street View car. It’s been around the block,
mapping and photographing streets since 2007. But there’s actually a
smaller, lighter version of it, a backpack called Trekker,
for mapping all the places the cars can’t go. So we wanted to know,
how does it work? Is it the same as the cars? Or is it different? So we met up with
Steve, who engineers the camera systems, and a
repair facility of sorts for Street View. STEVE: So my job was
to take the car system and make it light
enough so we could carry it around and capture some
stuff that’s not on the street. And so this is the Trekker. NAT: Like, where was the
first place that this went? STEVE: So the first
public launch of this, we took it to the Grand Canyon. And the reason we took it to
the Grand Canyon is it’s iconic. And part of this program
is to make the world accessible to everybody. My parents can’t make
it to the Grand Canyon, but they can walk
down the Grand Canyon because of the experience
you have with the Trekker. Kids in Mexico can
see the Eiffel Tower, and kids in France can see
the temples in Mexico City. One of my colleagues
says, let’s put this on a camel– it was
actually a dromedary. LO: Is a dromedary
a kind of camel? STEVE: It’s a
single-humped camel. LO: Oh, see, I didn’t know that. STEVE: So those are
the more common things that– the two-humped
things are camels. What was really cool when
I saw the footage, is you can see the
shadow of this Trekker with this dromedary outline on
the sand, and it was gorgeous. NAT: And in addition to camels,
the Trekker camera system has been on horses, ziplines,
boats, rafts, sleds, snow cats, tricycles, kayaks,
a Wam-V, even 80 stories high. And who knows where else, next? STEVE: So there are 15 cameras. They’re five megapixels each. It makes a panoramic image– so
it looks up, looks all around, and looks down. LO: What happens in every
Street View you actually see is software that’s
automatically stitching together those 15 images. STEVE: And then,
looking down, it won’t see my feet, because
this is in the way. So we have to do something
called ground fill. And we do that by
looking forward and back, and saying, OK,
the ground probably looks something like that. And then we fill that in. So when you look straight down
in Street View, it’s not real. LO: Oh. Wow. [MUSIC PLAYING] NAT: Who gets to wear them,
like, out in the world? STEVE: At the start, Google
hired people to do it, but our biggest program is
the Trekker Loan Program. People can figure out what’s
important to their place. Like in Michigan, had some
Trekkers, and they went out and they collected a whole
bunch of beautiful places in Michigan. And we’re doing that
all over the world. LO: Can I put it on? NAT: Yes. LO: I mean, now that you’re
talking about the Trekker Program. [MUSIC PLAYING] Looks good? STEVE: Don’t lean back. I mean you can stand up. [LAUGHTER] LO: Oh, it’s there. Yeah, I can definitely feel it. STEVE: So this is 50
pounds fully-loaded with the two batteries. NAT: How often is
it taking photos? Like, if someone’s
walking around with it, is it always on,
always taking photos? STEVE: Yeah. Great question. So this is running a
frame every two seconds. So it’s sort of– step, step,
picture, step, step, picture. LO: Can you walk with me? Like, what pace would I walk? STEVE: I mean, any
speed you want you– it can go faster than you. NAT: Could she run in it? STEVE: You can run
in it if you’re– NAT: You should try. STEVE: Yeah. [LAUGHTER] LO: I feel like I could do this. NAT: You got your
hiking shoes on? LO: No. Left them in my car. But my Converse it is, instead. STEVE: All right. Off we go. [MUSIC PLAYING] LO: So say you’re going out
for a Trekker expedition. You’re going to have
this backpack that has the camera system on top,
that little soccer ball shaped thing. And then inside the backpack
is a computer that’s actually storing all those photos. And you’ve got two batteries
that last for, like, six to eight hours. And everything is controlled
via a phone, via Bluetooth. Typically a Trekker would
go out by themselves, but sometimes they
have a buddy system, just to make sure that
there’s someone else. Because you don’t actually need
two, three, people with Trekker backpacks on covering
the same thing. NAT: It’s a solo
adventure kind of mission. LO: Yeah. My kind. NAT: But I mean, I guess
you could bring a dog, if you wanted to. LO: I feel like I accomplished
a lot today, actually. I definitely learned a lot. NAT: What happens
if I hit this tree? STEVE: You might fall over. NAT: OK. Well, that wouldn’t be fun. [MUSIC PLAYING] [WAVES CRASHING]

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  1. Cool Video. I wish I could borrow a Google Trekker Camera for a day or two. The reason, to give the individual a glimpse of our roads and dirt roads in Iberia, Missouri.
    – Hwy K, Iberia, Missouri,
    – Bethany Rd and some other nearby dirty roads of Iberia, Missouri.
    Exploring and getting data for the world.

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