WASTEFUL or TASTEFUL?! | 10 Pointless Tech Gadgets!

WASTEFUL or TASTEFUL?! | 10 Pointless Tech Gadgets!

Yay! Flap your wings You’re free, bird! You’re freeeeee dragon! W-watch out for the – oh no watch out for the nest! Ohhhhh! *thump* [intro music plays] OHHHHHHH Welcome! Welcome one, welcome all Who’s that, whose that in the background?! Oh it’s just Dave. Guys guess what! Brian has finally officially left us. He’s no longer on the channel. I know. I know what you’re saying. You want him back… So for this limited time only he’s back! [children cheering yay sound effect]
Brian: Ayyyyyyy! [Matthias laughing] Today, we’re doing ten pointless tech gadgets, Brian. Yes. That’s true Brian did it again this time M: He did it-
Brian (confused): Did you speak Spanish? M: (accent) Este, este Brian. (normal) went on Amazon, went to stores, went to all various places to find just some gadgets that’s going to get me shook nasty But before I get all shook nasty because of some stupid tech make sure you click that bell icon, huh? Why not? What does it hurt to click a button? Am I right? See a little button? TICKLE IT M: eugh
B: euuuu HmM still do it though Light up glasses. Men. Oh good thing you got the men one because if they were for women whoops I wouldn’t have been able to wear them. Light up the night with our classic Light-up glasses. One size fits all black framing, clear lenses – oh Relax okay, I barely even looked at the other glasses, and you’re trying to email me some new glasses But this girl can’t even look through these glasses So she’s got to look above them. It takes two double-a batteries wheres it gonna fit a double-A battery? I’m dead inside I’m dead inside ah M: Let’s check it out, dude. Add to cart. Do you like my shirt?
B: Bro, you gotta crow with a skull on it M: Oh, it’s a crow! Is that really a skull? Oh yeah, it’s a tiny little skull! At first it was a little flamboyant, but now. It’s kind of B.A. Oh geez that’s heavy. That’s heeaaavy. Oh my – you gotta be kidding me man. What- do you put this behind your ear? Come on. The only time anyone’s ever going to wear this is if they’re drunk. Otherwise, It’s going to be very bothersome Wow, that really doesn’t light up does it. Do you hear that hat? Brian: Yeah
[high pitched noise] That would really bother me Here’s what I don’t understand: why put clear frames? Brian: You’re saying no frames at all?
Matthias: Yeah, why put clear? What’s the purpose of that? [lenses popping out and falling to table] Much better. Now I don’t have all that excess unneeded glare and honestly looking through (stutters) clear point white front quick frames Can hurt you. See the difference? Yeah, you see it kind of like warping the lens a little bit It’s not good for your eyeballs. I rate these Wasteful, but I’m going to wear them for the rest of the video Selfie mic – no… Hahaha, how did you – where did you find this? This is a real thing! Is this a popular thing? Am I going to bash something that all the kids are gonna like hate on me for? Does that work? I mean wouldn’t you think at a certain point? It’s gonna be really awkward to hold and heavy? My – my phone is my phone is heavy dude, okay? well sing like a star and create your own music videos with selfie mic. This has gotta… uh… [sighs] This cable dude. Here’s the thing about selfies right the only person that likes your selfie I hate to say it is you is that your mother no your mom doesn’t even like your selfies trust me Those are the only person that likes your selfie, okay all those selfies Gonna Take you think people like those or do you think gunner likes those if I like it the most? Yeah? I got are you ever me dude since like distance so much. There’s this channel right there? Oh, make me feel a little bit better now I bought this for the original price of 25 usd not worth the money at all bad product design stick to short The Olympics made me buy it LOL, no seriously. I don’t get live TV and the first thing. I did was succumb to the marketing during the Olympics well I’m gonna succumb to my own marketing to myself by oh create your Your yeah, I hate it. I don’t know why I hate I just hate it, and I’ve literally made a living off of doing selfies just moving selfies It’s called a blog let’s see if this is realistic, okay? to tell you about Society right now self-centered, I mean I’m literally shooting myself though for video. You’re self-centered. I mean I’m trying to like it. I’m trying to figure out something. That’s musically people Yeah, I mean musically people But this is because no one ever said they weren’t so honored this would be perfect for would it though Or would we want something to detract them from making more musically. I’m just shaking up the musically fan club over here So much trouble with a bubble entertainment wobble Change it every day. Oh Hi I’m Gonna give this a very technical rating This is absolutely a tech item. It’s a go-kart, but it’s electric I Thought that was Gonna be louder guys This is a like to buy it because look at that price tag Even 150 dollars just for shipping dude as you guys know we use the like bar down there to let us know if you guys Want us to buy products for future videos because sometimes products are a little too expensive It helps us gauge the risk in buying these to make sure that you guys are actually wanting to see this Wacky Product or expensive. I should say it looks fun Yeah, my family 200k likes Mama Brian’s sake of the nation because that’s only 20% of the people that’s less than 3% yeah That’s that if you think I’m going to get a million views on this video. Odds are you’re going to hit him plus. No, thanks 200k likes and we buy it Right I know that’s the point Kidi Race remote control RC. Bumper cars set of two with rechargeable batteries, oh This looks like fun dude look how weird those remotes are though They’re like little aliens. Just different angles different sides fun and easy control has it worked driver ejects on impact with ejection sound oh That’s dope, so you know who wins and who loses! Add to cart We had a charge of us. Oh you charge them up. I was like this thing came janky dude Oh, look at the guy, dude. He’s perpetually squatting Oh no, well these things broke Okay, so there are wheels on the bottom. It’s not actually like hovering. On. Ooh! I see I see these are the attack zone. So if you hit one of these zones, okay, okay? Let’s move over to the bigger table ESaias Megan this dude versus three rest first two three ah I literally just turn you you know first applied birth to five now three to zero Haha, this is quick reaction dude oh So the cake pops up how about this Winner-takes-all on this one, where’d it go three two one why does he that folks our duty? Haha, Brendan too bad who’s not my Jam gomez that’s hateful Mara curry who universal dancing, Led speakers stereo sound play your music through two-Channel Stereo time system You’re like spit like food particles on me dude. Oh not good ratings not good broken within two moths What is a medium just? Awful there’s no way to turn the lights for water off today 100% on all the time. I got a jig with that dude Universal Connector multicolored, Led light area sound volume sensitivity controls my word dude Wow, there’s a lot of heart. Let’s turn this on okay. We’re plugging it in I’m going to play some of my music Link down the description below if you want to buy it They’re loud are they supposed to be going to the music? to my dreams Doesn’t look like it’s going to the music. I know it’s trying, but it looks like it’s like ah where other words be oh There you go that’s better, but then you have to make it really quiet So the amount of sensitivity is based on the volume that you’re inputting Which is really bizarre so that they don’t really work if you want it louder? They’re delayed – they’re delayed by like a half a second which is a little disorienting It’s wasteful the trash bin Reach your peak performance the school performance system Provides a deeper understanding of your physical strengths and weaknesses along with the workout and nutritional guidance based on your okay What is it it measures fat maps and analyzes data gets personal advice by now? $99 oh, so it’s this thing so you put it against your body, and you’re like. Tell me something yeah It links to my phone that is that right? I’m eating stop eating of the cold cereal at night for dessert all right look at because Let’s find out what this doohickey is what the heck? measure muscle quality muscle quality d – Body fat percentage analyze and map your unique physiology clear this thing dude, whoa What is this like a charging dock right here and you put this in like that and then charge you meet your chisel Get the app Pair it when to measure the best time to measure yourself is first thing in the morning at a consistent time of day before any Workouts Avoid measuring yourself after exercise okay, so it says right here to measure yourself on your arm Oh, you can select which muscle you want to measure Oh, so it could be like your left bicep muscles grady your right one sma plus here. We’ve got it connected I’ll select my right bicep by step. Why don’t I say bicep so I’m going to put this on great spray? Oh, I got a spray So now I’m all wet and I’m going to click start scanning firmly against Your skin. Oh once you did it that fast reading a muscle strength relative to muscle, Mass Good body fat percentage needs work I’m literally in the worst one dude it thinks I’m fat. It’s literally like your fat Workout one, how do they know my strength there are ways the density of your my toto really yeah, here’s a real way You can know my strength Let’s try to left by them This left bicep is fit I’m now athletic rating of muscle strength to relative muscle Mass is athletic to this less muscle is my king dude over here I’m like am I literally now supposed to only workout my left side of my body you’re right. My right side of my body That’s not how it works I can’t work out one side of my body and make it more fit than the other here’s a fun fact Did you know if you’ve only worked out your right bicep? You’re left to get stronger as well of course okay of course mitochondrial reaction That is a wasteful you can so much that is wasteful guys This is an item that Sunflower box sent me they sent me decide and they were like hey Yo, we see that you review weird and crazy items. We got something for you Outdoor cycling Bluetooth MP3 speaker back back back stereo music amplifier they have caught the virus of diarrhea titles no, but in reality what it is is a cycle backpack that I think has a speaker on the back this backpack speaker comes with two Built-in bass resonating stereo subwoofers and multi compartments ideal for Outdoor sports like cycling Heights King Mountain bike climbing a waterproof anti Shawn and pressure resistance My only concern with this is putting a speaker on the back I mean if you’re trekking if you’re if you’re mountain climbing and stuff like that cool But I feel like people are going to buy this and like just cycle around the city And then you’re like kind of like an annoyance to everyone add to cart I don’t know why I said I’d two-car. I literally will sent this by the company. Thank you company all right Just send a bag in a bag a bag in a bag in the bag in the bag wow dude Just like Ninja Turtle style. Oh The wire here. What does this wire do oh? Ok so see this right here this remote connects directly to your back back plus – Volume forward So maybe you like clip this to your shirt, and you’re just like clop kind of cool I like having tactile buttons, especially when you’re doing things slightly dangerous, so my question is what does this actually connect to okay? So connect in the bag down through that portal and then connect up to the speaker look at this got all these bills compartments It’s actually quite a few compromises the speaker’s relatively flat it’s heavy which means that it’s decent quality powered on I believe you unzip this little secret – right here, woah Look at that. That is no joke okay? So you do all you do have the guillory input waiting for the commercial come up with measures Arraigning for the commercial oh it lights up That’s kind of cool you hear that noise something’s wrong here What are you quite in that’s white? Yeah? I’m trying to figure out what that is You hear that weird tone in there, okay, got one I? Don’t know what that is do that Every time I turn the light on and off It makes noise. I don’t think it’s supposed to do that to me not bad try High quality Needs to be a grounding issue it there That’s a weird sound I don’t know what that sound is guys. That’s rough. That’s rough That’s rough if they fix that grounding issue. Otherwise, just don’t use the light so for the bag itself It’s not a bad bag but for the speaker in the grounding issue. That’s got any fixed feel bad I got to be true to you guys. I don’t want to send you product I don’t want to send you with places that you know are going to disappoint you with the products that you buy So that’s what I say to the company. Thank you for sending me this, but fix the grounding issue and It’s good Starwars Smart R2D2 What is this a loyal and dependable astromech Droid well equipped for? Starship repair and computer interface even after decades of service let’s watch a YouTube video today We’re going to talk to you about the Smart R2D2 R2D2 Is one of the most beloved characters and all of the star wars films? You don’t need to tell me Smart R2D2 has several amazing modes There’s an RC mode So you can actually drive your artoo around and doesn’t look like you’re good remote though another great one is actually guard mode You can set them up in front of your doorway to your bedroom and make sure your siblings stay out. Okay, I get the picture It looks smaller, but it’s actually quite large. It’s got little missions It goes on it plays and dances it stalks and explores on its own at controlled personally I don’t like things when they’re at control. I’d rather have a physical remote to control it okay There’s our judy Zoo is the little knob oh What’s up will do I got the wool remote here? I’m going to dry them. I can go forward to the left back So there’s little steps here that I can program so I can keep dragging in these various things To essentially program a set of tasks so I can add all these tasks And then he’ll go through this program and do it send a toy forward and backwards what I programmed it to do And now did it. I have a dance and do various things over here like this And I also wish that there it could literally go around and do its own thing You know like essentially have a sensor on the front row watch it. Yeah like the robot chen exactly Relax I mean that the robot chimp is slightly more advanced than this and that’s a little disappointing I wish there was a sensor the perfect place for a sensor active right there I mean, technically this thing has sensors all over it And if it hits an obstacle and back up and move to the left. I mean that’s a pretty simple program so for that reason It’s going to be on my show. Oh are you to replace the other one the other yeah your chair offers you a nice Before I move on to the next couple products if you see a red Subscribe button down below that means you are not subscribed that means you have to click it otherwise You’re not going to see these videos regularly, and that would be a shame. Let’s move on animal Planet remote-Control flying Dragon flying dragon though maybe you’re like into like the adventure stuff, and you’re like playing action figures, and you’re just like yeah Let’s get a dragon in there, and it’s like man dragons fly. So that’s cool I get it. If it was a dinosaur or even like most dinosaurs Don’t fly well some do you know what I mean, not a T-rex. Let’s watch a little video about this thing shall the final G dude Not about animation zach a pa on the controller wait what on these aziz in the job Oh, I didn’t even realize that one in English say indonesia, Tim. Yo, whoa that was talented dude full drone movement oh Whoa these are thin wings. This is actually fake it comes with a fake one, so you put the wings on like this Boom another on and these flat back and forth while it’s flying kind of a cool idea Bro, okay, hold up guys hold up I do not know how to steer it. Oh this thing is way too difficult to control Look Bob your wings flap your wings Wow, here is your lesson right? Okay? Here is left. Oh I see It automatically goes forward that’s the dress that direction will always go, so you have to kind of relax Here it around because it’s not going to stop flap your wings Macho and Will flattens legs anymore Flap your wings, okay flap your wings you’re free, bird you are free Dragon, but watch out for the oh no watch out for the nest. Oh It’s so sad to see it on the ground just like this It’s just like totally dying. I’m dead inside Next item is another product that somebody sent me divyam. Tine box mini portable sleep Aid smart alarm clock with a programmable pixel, led Bluetooth speaker, so it’s a bluetooth speaker I don’t why would it be a sleep aid? It’s just an alarm clock right a little speaker in there You could program it to all these various cool things little fun You want to you want to wake up to little snapchat logos you can do that. That’s up to you You know if you’re just obsessing over snapchat watch a little video here Date now have you got a date today? Is she talking it everywhere? Stop no she is not I’m a little confused by that take this big like low pixel screen everywhere you go And you have like a really nice high pixel screen in your pocket already. Let’s move on add the card oh Oh that’s heavy dude Do you think it’s the product or the is the box is heavy Wow, the product is heavy I wonder why looks really well-made got an on button brightness button volume plus and minus a play button There we go wow, oh That’s it know what to say do you see that? It’s this dope or nope it really yeah, let’s do this again Dope or Nope I get you I get you you think you slide you think you slut you see that weird kind of Thing that’s happening. That’s not what it actually looks like in real life. That’s the cameras Frame rate having an issue with the LCD in real life looks pretty good. I’m going to actually turn it brighter whoa, okay It’s like lightning and thunder and stuff like that But so interesting is the camera’s not capturing the Vivid color of it You name like it’s way more yellow and blue it looks much better in real life. So here. We have the app Let’s make our own logo here everything yellow That’s actually really thing I don’t know why it’s actually way more yellow in real life than it actually shows up on on the screen So now I’m going to make a little snapchat logo That’s the snapchat logo. That’s kind of cool. I did it mom. I did it. That’s cool It’s got little like seashore sounds and music box That’s the sleep. Aid that would actually help you. I like having some type of white noise. Oh all these different games on here This is actually made really well like nice soft material decent speaker bright, LCD. I rate it tasteful See that thumbnail right there that is literally a spin-the-bottle game for kids No, joke click it and I’ll see you over there high-five… Made by SpubbyTheHero

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