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(rhythmic music) – [Brooklyn and Bailey] Hey guys! – It’s Brooklyn and Bailey,
and today we are going to be doing the Water War Challenge. If you’ve seen Jimmy Fallon,
he does this challenge with some of the celebrities on his show.
– Oh, my goodness, it is so funny! – It’s hilarious. – But before we get to
the challenge, follow us on Snapchat @BrookandBailey. We post tons of stories, like
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our friends, our family. – Whatever we’re doing that day. – It’s super funny, so you guys should go. Definitely follow us on Snapchat. – Now I’m going to explain kind of how you do the
Water War Challenge. If you guys know the
game War, with the cards, basically, we both flip over a card, and whoever has the higher
card wins the round. Whoever is the loser for
the Water War Challenge will get a cup of water, ice
cold water, dumped on them. Whoever wins the game
overall, of all the rounds, gets to squirt the other
player with some ice cold water – [Brooklyn and Bailey]
In a giant squirtgun. – We’re gonna be cold
and wet and shivering, but it’s gonna be super fun, so, let’s go on to the challenge. (intense music) (cards flip) – Oh!
(Bailey laughs victoriously) – I got a six, she got a four. Time for ice cup numero uno.
– Ah! (water splashes) (Brooklyn breathes heavily) – Oh, okay. – Okay, next round. – [Brooklyn And Bailey] Ready, set, go! – Ah!
(girls laugh) – Woo, woo, woo! She got a five, I got a King. Ice cup numero dos. (water splashes)
– Oh! I can, like, hear the water,
like, smack me in the chest. It’s just like–
– Woo! Alright, round number three.
– Guys, my heart is freezing. – [Brooklyn and Bailey] Ready, set, go. – Oh, my gosh! – I lost again!
– Yes! Woo! All right, let’s do– – She got a Joker and I got a seven. – This one. (water splashes) – Oh. Oh. (Brooklyn laughs) – Yep, yep. – I don’t know guys, I’m sorry. You’re gonna see raccoon
Brooklyn come out. – Raccoon Brooklyn is comin’ out. – ‘Cause of my makeup.
– We forgot to take the mascara off. – Oh. Please win, please win, please
win, please win, please win. – Ready, set, go. – [Brooklyn and Bailey] War! – Ready? M-kay. One, two, three.
– W, A, R. – Oh wait, now flip. (girls squeal) – I’m so scared right now, oh, my gosh. – She’s ready to be dumped. (ominous music) (water splashes) (Bailey breathes heavily)
– All over you! (Brookyln laughs)
– Man (shivers). – Ready. – Set. – [Brooklyn and Bailey] Go. – No! (Bailey squeals) (girls laugh) – Ah, it’s so cold! (shudders) Okay, okay. – Ready?
– Yeah, ready. – [Brooklyn and Bailey] Set, go. – Yeah!
– Ah! – All right. – No (breathes heavily)! – Ah, it’s so cold. – It tastes good. – I’ve got one cup left, she’s got three, so, she gets one more round. – I can’t open my eyes. – I win the whole game. Ready?
– Okay, here we go. – [Brooklyn and Bailey] Set, go! No!
– I win! Ah-ha! – No, no, no. – Wait, come here. I gotta, just like, smear
it all over your make up. (Bailey breathes heavily) Okay. – I’ve got ice, down my… It’s so cold. – (laughs) Okay, ready?
– Shut up! – We can make it, we can make it– (girls laugh) We can make it through, just
keep flipping your cards. – I can’t open my eyes. – Pick up your next card. (girls laugh) Okay, ready, set, – [Brooklyn and Bailey] Go! – No! (water splashes)
(Bailey shrieks) Ah! Okay, get– (girls laugh) – You can’t even see ’em? – Where, woo! – I’ll tell you who wins and who doesn’t. – Okay, ready? – [Brooklyn and Bailey] Set, go. – Ooh!
– Yes! – You got an eight, I got a three. – And this is the last cup,
which means I’m gonna do– – What?
– Both! (water splashes)
(Brooklyn screams) – (laughs) Oh! – I’m the winner! I’m the winner! Chicken dinner! Woo woo woo hoo!
– It’s going down my… Oh, oh, it’s going everywhere. Ooh. – Supersoaker! – No! – Okay, dude. (rock music) – Oh! – This is for my mascara! And this is for the cold water! I could keep going all day.
– Ah! It kind of tickles. Ah! It’s gettin’ me right in the face. – I hope you enjoy this. (girls laugh) Thank you guys so much for watching. Click here to subscribe to our channel if you liked that challenge and want to see more videos that we’ve done. – Comment below other
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to see all the fun things that happen in our life. Woo! – That’s all we have for you guys today, so, we’ll see ya next week. – Bye!
– Bye! (Bailey blows kiss) (In music) Woo!

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