We Found Something UNEXPECTED Inside This Abandoned Mine…

We Found Something UNEXPECTED Inside This Abandoned Mine…

Alright guys Today we’re hiking way up into this canyon As you can see it’s pretty snowy out but back here there is an old mine tunnel and it looks like there could be a building right next to it but the road has been completely washed out you can see, like, they had a flash flood here So we’ve been hiking about about a half mile you can see the old road right there right up there, you can see the old road but look at this there’s a big flash flood through here you can see this entire little valley now As you can see we’ve hiked from this way pretty far down, about a, about a mile that way but over here you can see the tailing pile of this mine and if this tunnel is open, should be a pretty interesting explore. Let’s go check it out. Here ya are, look guys, this is a tunnel. Looks pretty creepy too. Let’s get our gear and take a look. Check out these icicles guys That’s not creepy lookin’ Look at that I wonder how strong they are So, I guess we’re going to try and walk underneath them carefully to get through You gotta watch out for these icicles guys, look at them Birds nest right here Oh, lets turn on our oxygen meter. I do see some prints in here this old coda…coda. Old soda can got our oxygen sensors to be safe Make sure we’re safe Alright, lets get started. Anybody, any of you, you explorers know why they would do this to the walls? Let us know in the comments. Ok, we got good oxygen This one seems pretty safe actually, but I don’t want to say that cause them “boom”, you know, something happens. You just see rocks start falling’. I see something back here. Let’s go back and see a little further There’s a little bat you guys

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    Just to clarify and to avoid confusion, I had another person with me in the mine. You may hear her voice from time to time and eventually see her, but not until more than half way through the video. I wanted to clear up any confusion as to the other voice in the video. 🙂

  2. Those are wedges that's what they use to tie the blast line on to keep it up off the ground and up out of the water.

  3. The shadow from the camera was shading the bug, couldn't get a good look. Most likely a beetle of somekind.

  4. The bug looked a lot like a cave beetle, which have survived in caves and caverns for millions of years.

  5. Watch a movie called “the tunnel” you would never catch me in a tunnel. I’m expecting something to come rushing out 😂 great videos thank you 🙏

  6. Hi my name is Dan I've got some questions for you I'm not good at email or texting friends helping me do this my phone number is 773 963 344 3 thank you hope to hear from you soon

  7. I Hope The EXPLORE WITH US GOT CHECKED OUT FOR RADIATION POISINING .Hope you all are ok . After going in that mine . yes an the water & Food that was found was For In case there was a Cave in.

  8. Any kid who has ever looked into a storm drain or abandoned house and explored the land around them has probably grown into an adult and subscribed to this channel

  9. have you ever set out to do an explore and got there and decided to abandoned the mission and if so would you go back out at a later time with additional equipment to make it safer for you to explore? would love to know – watching from central texas

  10. Looked over your video again the wood in the walls stop water something that is always a problem for miners. Yes that is assbestos in there be careful brother. Love your videos #1. I would like to write to you I know some story's you could explore. I've worked some cold cases and solved them maybe I could help out. Old Sgt.Kenny

  11. Next time you're going to abandoned mining tunnel. Be with filter mask, UV light and radiation detector minimum (radiascan 701)
    This yellow stuff on walls looks like uranium ore.

  12. Calcite, the main ingredient of limestone, is usually white or clear in its crystalline form in sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. But massive calcite found near the Earth's surface very often takes on yellowish colors from iron oxide staining.

  13. Would have been great if you had open the barrels to see what was in them. 22 minutes of you walking through a mine was not very exciting

  14. If it didn't stink like sulfur, could be that radioactive "yellow cake" stuff. You really, really, really need to take a Geiger counter with you if you go into abandoned mines, especially in the Southwest.

  15. Cómo me encanta ver las exploraciones , gracias por compartir estos muy buenos videos. Siga haciéndolo y tenga mucho cuidado porque son lugares muy viejos. Y por las esporas y gases que puede haber ahí.

  16. Scared for you guys going into those mine holes (caves) …. I keep asking myself what if a dwarf popped out , can you guys go over 90mph escaping 😄

  17. Those weren't supplies somebody's using it for toxic waste dump that's what was on those barrels. You're crazy for staying in that cave

  18. I'm perfectly happy with planes, boats, submarines, heights, I absolutely love the sea, I don't mind climbing, but I absolutely HATE going underground and hate underground tight spaces. I don't know why. I'd literally fly to space before I ever went into a cave like this.

  19. Looks like a sulfur or iron mine, possibly mercury.
    After seeing the respirator storage bag, it's probably a mercury or asbestos mine.
    You should wear respirators before going into mines lol.
    Looks like asbestos 15:50

  20. 1986 wow thats ancient, dude! That's probably when they try to convert it into a fallout shelter right! Wonder if you can find any more of that Miner graffiti!

  21. You got to take a gun in with you, some animals that will eat you also go in mine like that bird, Some
    Thing killed those birds and brought it down in the mine. The mine has no track and just junk wood. Not a gold mine for sure. I date it back to the 70’s. Those guys are long gone. The drums may have cash in them. Cartel cash better look.

  22. 2:59
    What was that voice in the background? 👀
    Scared the crap outA me!!!
    Anybody can tell me what it's saying?

  23. As long as air quality is good and you feel a good cool air flow especially a wind. Icicles kill people every year though! 😳 I’d smash them with my forearm walking through. But as long as there’s no fresh fallen dirt/rock and it’s not layered profusely it’s usually safe especially with the chain link with helps with structure. Trickling dust from the ceiling is the dead giveaway it’s not safe. I’ve sampled mines with a respirator and a MSHAW regulated helmet and headlamp working with my father for assaying and old mines are amazing keep doing everything you guys do. I’m addicted to your videos now and will always be a subscriber. Your family motivates others to travel and that’s A+. 👍

  24. This is how I found the EWU crew back a couple of years. I loved watching them explore old abandoned places. I wish I had the funds to do so.

  25. Does anyone not hear that female voice say something at 12:54 ? I know you are not a believer in the paranormal but I think you might have something there to go on!

  26. I’d bet that yellow is sulfur it’s pretty common in the area around mines. I’m sure if you smelled it it realer of rotten eggs

  27. Please tell us where you’re hiking and finding these different spots in your videos . I live out here in Nv and would love to also visit spots I’ve seen on your channel

  28. Someone must have been trying too live in their especially with the pallets and I thought I saw an axe by that first barrel with yellow handle

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