We Had a Bake-Off ⁄⁄ WE 🙂WEDNESDAY

We Had a Bake-Off ⁄⁄ WE 🙂WEDNESDAY

hello! tonight, we are going to make pizza
for dinner, we have a leftover can of dough that we didn’t use at the birthday party so we have all our ingredients out here and we’re deciding to have a bit of a bake off, just to see who makes the better looking one and the better tasting one no pressure because you know you.. will lose.. ooooh that’s a challenge! I am ready to take you on! -I’m ready -we will see
-I’m ready -don’t cry when you lose prairie! – I almost stepped on her. -she’s like, ‘do I get dinner too?’ we’re using the pizza crust by Pillsbury, just classic, these always scare me to open. -I love the popping it’s so satisfying “press spoon at seam” -*laughing* are you afraid? *laughs* -okay -you were covering your head like an explosion’s about to happen -you get dis and I get dis -I can’t do this thing *haha* yeah it needs to be much bigger -Hey! look at you exit that’s not bad *screams* yeah yours is gonna be better cuz you’re
gonna get that flavor from the floor at Pizza Shops they wear gloves for this -do you want this?
– yeah I’ll make it into a masterpiece. we didn’t have enough dough, so I’m opening up our other one pizza.. by wiwaka wewoka.. -what about.. I can go like this is what I was
thinking but I don’t want to break it I don’t want to break the cup even though it’s already chipped Tyler’s Pizza has to pre bake in the
oven before he puts on toppings, -instructions said, -12 minutes? 8 minutes. so we are ready to begin decorating now, his dough just came out, this is what it looks like, slightly raised feel like I should have rolled it flatter. this is mine, you know, it’s for… -it looks like a sad face *gasp* move, move, my pizza is… done after her omg Tyler that is so much sauce! I’m taking some that’s crazy, you are crazy! -don’t worry I’m going to make most of
mine Alfredo, and just top it off with a little bit of tomato at certain parts, so it’s like a vodka sauce fine you know what actually I’m not helping you. this is good. the judge is going to.. -love
-see -my pizza
-what that is, and judge accordingly. hold on, shreded Monterey Jack… mozzarella… parmesan… we have more than 4 cheeses here! Oh. puttin chili powder in here -that is gonna make your pizza VERY salty. tell her not to eat the eyes I’ll tell you after- -no looking!!! why ?? because. then you’ll want to use it too I think yours is prettier than mine. prairie is very salty… the transfer!! -thats.right. this is why I wanted the flour! don’t blame the flour that’s a nice fit. It’s good. so mine is a white sauce Carbonera pizza, with a little bit of garlic intermingled into the sauce, pork and organized mushrooms that have now disappeared.. um.. green onions, onions, a little bit of Cajun seasoning, some cracked peppercorn topped with Parmesan cheese. …so boring this is my pizza it’s chat au fromage, and it is a cat shaped composition that’s very intentionally sectioned off into three sauces we have vodka here, we have white sauce, and then we have barbecue for the ears. -“I like it” – “you’re not supposed to support your enemy, tyler!” -“A lot of sauce on there” -that is how I love my pizzas hmm Tyler, Annabelle, I think you both did a fabulous job with your pizzas I.. really enjoyed- Annabelle, all your fun
spontaneity, creativity, and the way you seamlessly incorporated many different flavors to your pizza. and for Tyler, I really enjoy the texture of the dough
and the.. even distribution of all the ingredients, so that every bite I got a
little bit of everything. this was a really tough decision.. but… after a long period of consideration, I must say… the winner is… Tyler. *gasp*
-what !? -I’m crowned victor! -thank you! -yeah… congrats! though I’m not sure what you win but.. I -clearly dignity. the reason why I felt Annabelle scored so high was because of the aesthetics and the visuals, but when it came to the flavor, I did feel like yours is a little bit more well rounded. overall, so, it’s just like an overall grading.. we put a lot of our heart into this, it was a close competition and honestly I liked Annabelle’s a lot- oh! I always have to say ‘hi mom!’ so this brings are we Wednesday to a close, thank you so much for joining us for those who are celebrating, Thanksgiving’s very soon so we wish you a lovely holiday.
– if you are spending Thanksgiving
alone, or away from family I hope you know that we’re thinking about you and you’re in our prayers, and you’re not alone. I hope that you all get to spend this time to cherish the people that you are thankful for, this was just a really fun little thing that we spontaneously decided to do so thank you for joining our little bake off, it was really funny and- is our dinner tonight! so I hope that you have a great day or
night wherever you are, sending you our love! bye! -hi mom! bye bye! -he doesn’t know! -he doesn’t know!! -hey!! -ooh -ooh aggressive I’m sorry let me make up for it – a long period of
consideration I must say.. *laughs*

100 thoughts on “We Had a Bake-Off ⁄⁄ WE 🙂WEDNESDAY

  1. This was so fun to watch! But I'm so hungry now! Plus your face at 7:12 is hilarious! Clearly, your creative cat pizza should have won! ^-^

  2. Tbh, both pizzas looked bomb! And I don’t comment often but I just wanted to say that your little blurbs and updates in the info box are always so soothing to read, like a letter to a friend and I just love reading them. From one stressed student to another it also reminds me to just take a breath and let go.
    I hope you have a great time skiing on the beginner slopes too!

  3. I have to admit I expected Tyler to win 🤣😂 but yours was so creative!! Also I loved this video so so much! It gave me really warm and fuzzy vibes and I felt so cozy the entire time ☺️ also really loved the filming and editing style as always ❤️

  4. I loved this video<3 so cute adorable and funny ^^
    ps. im still shook that Tyler was the winner ldfbvlisib you better win next time! cant wait for the next one 🙂

  5. I love how fun and relaxing your videos are I literally can't fit inside my head how everything you make is so precious lol

  6. I love this so much! I enjoy how your channel has different and creative content every time! It never gets boring 💓

  7. I'm in stitches! I'm a contestant on Bake-Off (American version airing on ABC next week), and I wish I had seen this before I got on the show.

  8. Took me a while before watching this because I wasn't comfortable seeing food being prepared esp. if its PIZZA when I'm hungry (or not full, atleast) and I kinda forgot about this video but then I came across it while I was eating lol

    Btw, the judging part a la ANTM was hilarious, i literally LOL-ed 😂

  9. I'm new here so currently binge watching all your videos. I absolutely adore you all, and your content Annabelle! 🙂 <3 this warmed my heart!

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