WE TRICKED PZ9 to REVEAL HIS NAME & IDENTITY – Vy & Daniel Undercover in Disguise Spy Gadgets Vlog

WE TRICKED PZ9 to REVEAL HIS NAME & IDENTITY – Vy & Daniel Undercover in Disguise Spy Gadgets Vlog

– Hey, spy ninjas. We think we discovered PZ9’s real name. We think it’s Marlin. Mar-Mar our friend. – PZ9 is right over there, we’re about to confront him, if he actually is Marlin. – We’re gonna yell out his name, and if he turns around, then we know it’s Marlin. – [Daniel] Okay, ready? One, two, three. – Marlin!
– Hey Marlin! – Marlin! (gasps) Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Did you see that? He turned around. – [Daniel] He definitely did. – It’s definitely Marlin. – [Daniel] Did he see us? – I’m not sure. – [Daniel] He’s coming this way. – Let’s run!
(panting) – Run, run.
– Help me. – [Daniel] Go, go, go, go. Run, Vy, run.
– Oh my gosh. – [Daniel] This isn’t a
great hiding place, Vy. – No, it’s not. Maybe we should just confront him. – [Daniel] I’m pretty sure he sees us. – Oh my gosh. – It’s no use trying to hide, Spy Ninjas. – Hey, we found out your real name, PZ9. It’s Marlin. So we’re gonna make you a deal here. We won’t tell Project
Zorgo your real name, if you don’t tell Project
Zorgo where our safe house is. – [Daniel] What do you say? – My name is Marlin? You silly, silly Spy Ninja. You all are totally wrong. (screams) – [Daniel] Hey, hey! – Daniel, are you okay? – Yeah, I’m okay. His name isn’t Marlin. – Yeah, he’s on his way to
the Project Zorgo right now! – Yeah, he’s gonna tell them
where our safe house is! – We gotta catch up to him! Because if Project Zorgo
knows where we live, they’re gonna come, and invade our house, and kick us out. If we figure out his name, he’s gonna be too afraid, ’cause Project Zorgo will
know his true identity. – We gotta, like, trick PZ9 into writing his name down somewhere. How we gonna do that? – Oh, wait, there’s a
Starbucks right over there. – Oh, You’re right! Right there! Wait, wait. So, so what? – PZ9 likes Starbucks. And don’t they always
write your name on the cup? – [Daniel] Oh yeah! – Yeah, and we did this trick
back when you were still PZ1. – What? – [Vy] We followed you to Starbucks. – [Daniel] You did? – That’s how we got your
name and your information. You didn’t even know that we were there. – Okay, well, yeah. But how are we gonna
lure him into Starbucks? – How about you hack the Starbucks app, and say that there’s free
drinks in the next 15 minutes? – Oh, And PZ9 would be
like, Oh, free drinks! I gotta go to Starbucks! – Yeah, he doesn’t have any money, so he’s gonna go! – Of course! Here’s the Starbucks app, Let me run my hacking program. “Free drinks in the next 15 minutes.” Okay, I sent it. Is it, Is it working? – Oh, I just got your alert, Is that it? – Yeah, that’s it! – Yes, it’s working, it’s working! – Oh, I put a typo in there, but it’ll still be okay, I think. – Oh gosh, you can’t spell, Daniel, – I was in a hurry. – All right, guys,
we’re here at Starbucks. Let’s get out your Airpod, Daniel, And we can place it
somewhere inside Starbucks, and we can spy on PZ9 that way. – Okay, perfect. Got the Airpods right here. I’m just gonna put them
next to the counter, so we can eavesdrop on him. – [Vy] Okay. Okay, while Daniel’s doing that, I didn’t know that he
can’t spell very well. Let me know if you guys
catch the spelling error that he made. So embarrassing. Oh my gosh. – [Daniel] All right, let’s
go into Starbucks here. There’s a lot of people in here right now. All right, I’m gonna go over
to this little table here, And put my Airpod right
there on the table. Okay. – I guess Daniel didn’t really
pay attention in school, during spelling tests and stuff. You guys need to pay attention
during spelling tests, because you’re gonna need
that skill in the future. Especially if you wanna be a Spy Ninja. – Hurry. – [Vy] Did you do it? – Yeah, I put the Airpod
right on the table over there. PZ9 should be coming here any moment. [Daniel] Okay, you see him anywhere, Vy? – Okay, okay, There! – [Daniel] There’s a bunch of people, – [Vy] There’s two people in black. – [Daniel] Okay. Oh my gosh, look at all the people! Everybody got my Starbucks message! – Is he going in? – [Daniel] I can’t tell,
let me get a closer look. Oh! Oh! He went in! – Okay.
– He definitely went in, Vy. – Okay, we got to listen now. – Yeah, yeah. All right, the one
Airpod is on the counter, We can listen to what PZ9 is saying. – [PZ9] I heard there
were free drinks today. – [Starbucks Employee] Sir,
we have no free drinks. – [PZ9] What? – We totally tricked him! Good job, Daniel! – Wait a minute, Is he still gonna buy something, though? If it’s not free? – Oh, I hope he has money. I don’t know if he has any! He doesn’t work for
Project Zorgo anymore, so, I don’t know where he’s
getting his paycheck. – You know what? Maybe the cashier will just say, What’s your name? He’ll say his name, and we don’t have to worry about him, writing on the cup!
– Yeah! – [Starbucks Employee] Can I
have your name for the order? – Oh, here it is! – [PZ9] My name is, (phone ringing) – What?
– What? – What?
– What, who’s calling you? – Oh no! Chad Wild Clay! – Gosh! Hello. Chad, what, What do you need, man? – We’re in the middle of a mission here! We’re about to find out PZ9’s real name! – Yeah, you called right
when he was about to say it! – I was just trying to make
sure you guys were okay! – Just, Gosh. – Man! – Okay, let’s get back to the Airpod. – [Starbuck Employee] Have a nice day. – Oh, he’s leaving!
– He’s leaving! – Whatever.
– Okay, okay. (suspenseful music) There he is. There’s PZ9. Oh, good, he did order a drink. I can’t really tell if
his name is written on it. – Dang, we’re never
gonna be able to see what the name is on PZ9’s Starbucks cup! He has to, like, put it down somehow. – Oh, yeah. Okay, how do we get him to put it down? Gosh, what does he like? What is he obsessed with? Being famous, right? He, like, wants to take over YouTube, so he obviously wants to be a YouTuber, – That’s right.
– And really famous. – He has his own YouTube channel now, and he keeps asking us for subscribers. – I know, but hopefully he never gets more subscribers than us. But that will never happen if
you guys go below this video right now, hit the subscribe
button, and make it gray, and hit that bell symbol, too. Maybe we should create,
a fake advertisement for free subscribers account? – Oh, I got some paper
and pens in my backpack. – Oh, okay, I got great penmanship, so I’ll do the writing, Daniel. – Okay. – I always have to fight Chad, because Chad has horrible handwriting, so I don’t know if you have
bad handwriting or not. – Huh, I don’t think I’ve
ever written anything lately. – Oh, kinda like you never go outside? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Here’s a paper. – Okay.
– A pen. – “If you want a lot of subscribers, call this number.” He will definitely fall for this. Let’s tape it on this pole right here. – Stick it on right there. Wait a minute, Vy. How is this sign gonna make
PZ9 put his drink down? He’s just gonna look at it, and then say, Cool, and walk away. – Okay, we need to stick this up. Like, way higher, so he needs to jump. Kinda like me, I have to do
that, like, for everything. But he has to put down his drink. – Oh, that’s a great idea, Vy. How are we gonna make
the sign go up that high? – Just boost me up, buttercup. – Oh! [Daniel] Get on my leg right here, I’ll give you a boost. – All right, ready?
– Yeah. – Go!
– Go! (screaming)
– Oh, yeah! – Got it!
– There you go! – Oh my gosh, look how high it is! – [Daniel] Yes, perfect! – He’ll definitely need
to put his drink down. – [Daniel] Let’s go back
to the tree and hide. – PZ9 should be on his way
soon with his Starbucks cup. He should be coming around
that corner right there. Here he comes! – [Daniel] There he is, okay, okay. Please see the sign, PZ9. – [Vy] Oh gosh. – [Daniel] You want more
subscribers, don’t you? – [Vy] Yeah, yeah. – [Daniel] He’s coming. – [Vy] He spots the sign! – [Daniel] Yeah, he sees it! That’s it, what’s it say, PZ9? – Want more subscribers? Of course! – Yeah!
– Yes, there you go, PZ9. You got to figure out what
the phone number is, though. – Yeah, yeah. – You got to get a
closer look at that sign. – He’s too short, he’s too
short, he can’t reach it. Come on, put down the drink. – Yes, Oh, no! He’s, He’s jumping. – [Vy] No, he’s not,
he’s not putting it down! – [Daniel] Yeah, I thought
he was gonna climb it up. Vy, the plan is not working.
– It’s not working. (gasping) – Oh my gosh, he spilled
drinks all over his pants! – Oh crap, are you kidding me? Oh come on! – He peed his pants again! – Yeah, that’s one of his worst fears! – Hey, Ah! Hey, come back! Come on, yes. – He just dropped his cup. – That’s, Your plan actually worked, Vy, In a weird way. [Daniel] He just threw it on the ground. – He’s going away. Okay, let’s go grab it! – Let’s go! There it is! – Ah,ew! – [Daniel] It’s just a Starbucks drink. – Ew, But it’s PZ9’s. – Ew,
– Gross. – [Daniel] So, what, What’s his name? – It’s all smudged! – It is?
– Look at that! – [Daniel] That was it right there. – Yeah, That was is definitely a V! – [Daniel] Oh, yeah, that’s
the only letter we can see. So that means there’s definitely
a V in his name somewhere. We know there’s an, It ends in an I-N, and we know that it starts with an M, there’s a V in it now. – Oh, Vy, there’s no hope! We’re never gonna find out
what PZ9’s real name is. – Gosh, if only there’s a
way that we can have him sign his signature again somehow. Like, when do people need to
sign their names for things? Like on contracts, – Hmm, The last time I
signed my name for something, was when I got a package in the mail. (gasps) – [Vy And Daniel] Are you
thinking what I’m thinking? (gasps) – [Daniel] Call him, Vy, call him. – Yeah, I’m calling. It’s ringing. – [Dax] Hey, what’s going on? – Is that Dax? I think that’s Dax! – [Daniel] That’s him! Hey, man, Dax, hey! – Spy Ninjas, Vy and Daniel! – Oh, well, it’s pronounced VEE. – Sorry. – [Daniel] Hey, thanks for
coming and helping us, man. – Of course.
(gasping) – Dax, you got the spy essential kit! – Oh, Vy, spy essential kit, yeah! – Oh my gosh, we’re
like, twinning right now. You guys, if you wanna get
your own spy essential kit, just like Dax and I, link
is in the description below. We got binoculars, No. – Oh, there’s also a campus, – It’s a, It’s a compass. You got a flashlight, and
a little wristband, too. Dax, we need your help,
because we need to figure out what PZ9’s real name is! – And we thought, Oh, we can
just get a signature from him. That’s where you come in to play, Dax! – Yeah, because some
packages require signature! – Oh, I get to use my Spy
Ninja delivery skills! – Yeah, so our plan is, We’re gonna give you a box, you go up to PZ9, and you say,
It’s a prize for you, PZ9! But we need your signature. And then, we’ll find out what his name is! – Well speaking of signatures, can you guys sign my spy essentials kit? Yeah! – Dax, we’re in the
middle of a mission, here! If you deliver PZ9 the prize, we’ll sign your spy essentials kit. Vy, what’s wrong? – Hold on, Dax, I mean, I
think you’re, like, pretty good at your job, I’m not sure if this
is the mission for you. I think this might be
the mission for Daniel, – Well, do you need me to protect you guys from hackers, or something? – [Daniel] Whoa! – Oh my gosh.
– Oh gosh. – Okay, Daniel, Daniel,
look at his ninja moves. It’s not that good. – Yeah, you know what, – Yeah, PZ9 is the best
fighter, he proclaims. I think this is a job for like, The real spy ninjas. Me and you. – Yeah, it’s for his own safety, I guess. – Yeah, he–
– And you know what? He’s the whole reason we’re
in this predicament right now. – Exactly! I mean, he didn’t even know
that PZ9 was following him. Which lead us to our safe house. He jepordized our safety. – Oh, okay, that’s true, but, but then how else are we gonna
deliver a package to PZ9? Without Dax? – That’s true. Wait a minute, why don’t
you go undercover as Dax? You should dress up as Dax! – Dress up as Dax? – Yeah, your ninja moves
are closer to him, too. – Hey!
(laughing) – I’m just kidding, Daniel! – Let’s go ask him for his uniform. – Yeah, yeah. Dax, are you okay? – Yeah, I’m just taking
a small spy ninja break. – Oh, okay. – So, weird question, but, Can you, remove all your clothes? If you could give me your uniform? And, you know what? In exchange, I’ll give
you some cool CWC merch. – Oh yeah, merch, cool! I thought you were expecting
me to walk around, like, In my birthday suit. – Oh. (laughing) – No, no, no, no, no.
– No. – All right, Danielle, I’m really excited for that signature afterwards. – All right. Thanks a lot for helping us, man. What do you think?
– Whoa! – What? What’s going on down there? – [Vy] I don’t think I’ve ever seen your legs before, Daniel. – [Daniel] Oh, you know what? I don’t think I’ve seen them in, in years. – I mean, you obviously
still look like Daniel, – Oh, you’re right. I got to get, like, blonde hair somehow. – [Vy] Yeah. – Like, I got to go to,
like, a store, or something. There’s a store right
down the block over there. – [Vy] Bye, oh, gosh. – Let’s go to the costume store! – I’ve never seen legs that bright before. Jeez, he needs to get out in the sun more. – Man, I can’t find any wigs here. Maybe they don’t have any wigs! Okay, we’ll have to find
a way to disguise my face, because PZ9 is definitely gonna recognize, That it’s me Daniel. Maybe this right here? Aloha! Maybe this? King of the castle. My lady. Houston, we have an accident. Project Zorgo’s favorite hat. (mimicking chicken noises) I’m gonna take my horse
to the ol’ town road. Oh, wait, here’s all the wigs! Which one looks like Dax the most? Oh, this kind of looks like Dax, right? I mean, not the, The face, but the hair. Let’s give it a go! Okay! I got it right here! – Oh, Daniel! – Hey!
– You’re back! – I bought one! It kinda looks just
like Dax’s hair, right? – Yeah, but, Dax doesn’t
have long hair, Daniel. – It’s kinda long?
– This is super long! – It’s kinda long.
– Oh my gosh. You really are becoming Dax, aren’t you? – What do you mean by that exactly? – Nothing. Let’s adjust that, I think. This should go in the front, yes. – Like that? – [Vy] Yeah, kinda. – With the bandana on like that? – [Vy] Yeah, okay, now let’s
hear you accent, Daniel. – Hey, bro, it’s me, Dax, from FedEx. – That’s pretty good, Daniel! – It hurts my throat. – So, we actually need to get a package to deliver to PZ9, though. Let’s go look for one. Wait, there’s a package right here!. Is it empty? We gotta make sure that we’re
not just taking anybody’s– – Yeah.
– Packages. – I think it’s just recycling. Oh gosh.
– Oh. – So we’ll just tape
this up, it’ll be empty, and I’ll say, Hey, PZ9,
give me your signature, bro. – Daniel, let’s kill two
birds with one stone here. How about I make a flash
package out of this, so just in case PZ9
attack you, or something. You can use this against him! – Nice, okay, cool! – I’m a DIY Spy Ninja. Perfect, I have all the materials I need! (suspenseful music) A flash package is
nothing but a loud sound, with a big flash. So here, I have a flashlight
from the essential spy kit, to combine that with a walkie talkie, make the perfect combination! And of course, some secret DIY wiring work that I can’t truly reveal to you guys. But here it is, the complete package! – Let’s put it in the box. Tape this baby up. Is that him over there? – Oh my gosh, you’re right! – That’s definitely him! – That’s him! All right, Daniel, I’m not in disguise, so I think I need to hide. – Find a hiding place over there. I’m gonna go work my magic. Okay, guys, give me a thumbs
up to wish me good luck, to help my Dax disguise
work, and trick PZ9! – [Vy] Make sure to talk in
the Dax accent, okay, Daniel? – Oh, oh that’s right. – [Vy] Okay, all right, – Okay, bro. – [Vy] All right, bye bro. – Bye, bro, see you around. – See you. Wait, over here, here’s
a good hiding spot. Daniel is approaching PZ9 right now. Look. – Hey, bro, how’s it going, man? – Dax? – Yeah, it’s me, Dax, from FedEx. – Oh, I think they bought his accent. He didn’t have a lot
of time to work on it, so it could use a little tweaking. – I was driving around in my FedEx truck, and I realized I have
a package for you, bro! The only thing is, bro,
I need your signature to deliver this package. – I didn’t sign up for any packages. I’m not interested, Dax. – Oh, well this is a prize, man. A righteous prize! You won! – I didn’t enroll in any
giveaways, or anything like that. – Come on, Daniel. Persuade him, use your persuasion skills. – Usually, when FedEx tells
me to get a signature, it’s really expensive, yeah. – Well, expensive, huh? That might be more my flavor. – Yeah, bro. – PZ9 doesn’t have any money, so saying that it’s expensive
is a great idea, Daniel! – Oh, hey, bro! Whoa, bro! Not so fast, I need a signature
if you want the package. – All right, hand it over, come on. – Sign here. – Have you been staying
inside a lot lately, Dax? – What do you mean, staying inside, bro? – Looks like you need
a little bit more sun. – Oh my gosh, that’s so true, That’s what I said, too! – You also look really hungry. – Here you go, congratulations! Don’t open it up yet, though! See you later! – Why? – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! We got a good hiding spot. Daniel. – It worked, it totally worked! – Oh my gosh, good job, Daniel! – I got his signature right here! He’s gonna open the flash
package, though, I think. (gasps)
– Oh no. (suspenseful music) – [Daniel] Yes! – [Vy] It worked! – [Daniel] Yes, there you go! – It’s so good, good job! – Okay, let’s get the heck outta here, and see what his name is once and for all. – Okay, let’s go! – [Daniel] Over here. – Oh my gosh, right here. I don’t think they can
see us behind the bushes. – No, definitely not. – Okay.
– Let’s see what the signature says. You’re the signature expert, right? – I am. – All right, what, What’s it say? – Right there! Oh my gosh. You guys, that is
definitely an M right there. – Yeah, I think so. – Yeah, like, it’s right here. – I can’t tell what this is. This can be an L, or a T,
but they didn’t cross it. – [Daniel] And that kinda
looks like an I-N again. – Yeah, like, there’s a dot
here for an I, and an N. Spy ninjas, leave a comment down below if you know what this is. – Spy ninjas, you gotta
figure out this name for us, or else PZ9’s gonna reveal
our safe house location to Project Zorgo! – Let’s meet up with Chad and Regina and tell them what we found! – Yeah, let’s go!
– Go! (static radio signalling)

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