Wearable Bass = MIND BLOWN?

Wearable Bass = MIND BLOWN?

What’s up guys, Lew here back with another video and today I have something that I am very excited for. I think you might be too, this is… Well, it definitely fits into the weird zone. The weird zone keeps expanding, but this is really in that neighborhood.
It’s called the SUBPAC look at that.
This here is wearable bass, tactile bass. What?! It’s like a back pack, the SubPac M2 And this is supposed to enhance your experience of sound, in like a physical way.
I can see that being interesting specifically for gaming. If you could imagine some warzone type game you’re getting shot at. You can actually feel the… feel the rumble! *shaking uncontrollably* If this doesn’t get you excited as a tech head, I don’t know what would, you’re gonna wear your sound. Bro. Is that the title of the video?
“Wear your sound, Bro”? Now this thing isn’t cheap,
I’m going to warn you so before you click the link just realize that This thing looks like some kind of body armor Wow! A little sound card kind of deal Intensity, bluetooth, a line-in and a headphone out.
A little power brick for that unit. What is this? It’s a strap? That’s what I’m going to look like in a minute when I strap this baby on. You can hook on the little sound unit to the belt straps. So you actually be completely mobile, Oh! There is right there. All the international connectors Holy! This is some terminator type stuff right here Pick that up there, Jack? It’s very slim, Grado here from a previous video.
Now, these are very, highly regarded, but they’re not well known for having the most bass. So the headphone out, and go to my headphones It thumped me a little bit, plug this guy in OOOH *laugh* The audio is coming out of this iPad into the box out to the headphones.
I’m exited! *exclaiming pleasure* *laughs* What?! OOOH Wow! *laughs* Wah! That I didn’t… you… You don’t even think about music that way,
It is so weird! To feel the bass, not to hear it! I can’t even imagine you got the headset one, people shooting machine guns at you and *machine guns like sounds* It’s that kinda like, You know what? We we’re having a bad day.
I’m alive again! It just gave me juice!
If you can try the thing, try the thing, I don’t know maybe… you could send it back if you don’t have this weird experience that I do, but I’m a different guy now. It’s a subwoofer and you wear it! I feel like I’m 12 years old

100 thoughts on “Wearable Bass = MIND BLOWN?

  1. 1979. The wearable vest radio. You could turn up the volume all the way and the wearer was the only one that could hear the sound. The downside was the weight as to work it used like 8 D Cell Batteries and had a limited battery life. It looked like a pillowed winter vest with no visible speakers. In this day and age… WHERE IS IT TODAY?

  2. Hi, Can you tell me if its wearable to sit for hours gaming in a computer chair? and does it give you a feeling of a back massager?

  3. A fair warning, if you buy this, do not put the intensity up to max for very long or else it can stop working completely. This seems to be the #1 error people make, haha.

  4. so i have 2 12” xfinitys pushing like 3000W legit if i wore this i would disappear like when thanks snapped his fingurwa

  5. What about Acoustic volume? How loud is it to the person next to it? I would like to use it for studio recording, for vocals, for drummers, to input the excitement taken off but the use off inears/headphones

  6. One bad thing, that if it will brake, nobody will help you with it. ( Mine become dead after 3 years of rare use, and officially they even don't answer me, about what I can do with it next ) Sad.

  7. This was given to a chick on gc who's deaf and she was in love! Great product. Definitely good for those who are hearing impaired and love going to festivals

  8. Imagine the Nuraphones, Those headphones with the bass that goes around your ear and the trebel is an in ear earbud inside the headphone cup… Imagine those with this… WOOF

  9. he actually said it right: the bass is felt and not heard.
    As far as my music knowledge goes, I'm pretty sure SubPac enhances frequencies below 40Hz since they are the ones we can feel rather than hear.
    or maybe what I said is just a big bullshit idk ahahah

  10. Hui sir. I was a big fan of you.I really exated with you videos. I each time I found a surprise on your video

  11. Test the new 2019 kickstarter bassme, it's also a wearable subwoofer created by a french startup, but much smaller, works with jack, bluetooth, 6h battery… One of the best french startup at the CES 2019 !

  12. 2 questions? Can I connect this to my Andriod Galaxy 29 plus via bluetooth? And how do I use headphones with it if its connected via bluetooth ? I want one so bad but I dont understand how to connect both headphones and my phone. Pls help

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