Wednesday, December 4

Wednesday, December 4

Live from New York City, it’s “The Wendy Williams Show”. ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ How you doin’? Now here’s Wendy! (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Ooh-ooh! Thank you for watching. (audience cheers) My cohost, my studio audience, love them. (audience cheers) How you doin’? How you doin’? Oh, I’m ready, let’s get started. It’s time for Hot Topics. (audience cheers)
(upbeat rhythmic music) Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, yup, yup, you, uh-huh. I love you, Wendy! I love you more, thank you for being here, okay. So a couple of. Suzanne.
Yeah, what’s happening? What’s happening?
(audience laughs) Okay, immediately I am distracted. Look at the whole front row and you tell me what I see. An unbelievable green poof. Yes!
Yes! (laughs) Oh God. (audience applauds) It’s unbelievable.
All rise. Yes.
Yeah. (audience cheers)
It’s just so simple. Underneath she’s got on an outfit any girl could wear. But when you put on a poof, doesn’t the world change? That’s what I’m saying, thank you. Thank you. (audience applauds) Now look it here. Okay, so you know Ray J missed the plane the other day. He didn’t miss it, but it was snowing in New York so he had to postpone from yesterday. I promise you he’s here today and he’s in the building. (audience cheers)
Okay, okay. On another note, Morris Day was supposed to be here today and we were supposed to chop it up on the couch about old times and all kinda stuff. Morris Day will be here later this month. He’s a little under the weather so, look. Mr. Day, gather yourself and come one, come all to my Halloween ball. (audience cheers) So last night I did a whole bunch of stuff. But one of the things that I did, ’cause it was Giving Tuesday, and I was at Dylan’s Candy Bar, one of my favorite places. I get the Now and Laters, the gummy stuff, and all that other kinda stuff. But the bigger thing is is that I was there with Paige Davis. She hosts the “Trading Spaces” on the TV. And she and Rachel Weinstein. Rachel is the vice president of Volunteers of America and I’m involved with them. And we’re all three involved in Operation Backpack. And we had the back and the pack and the kids and the thing. It was just a wonderful time. Anyway, so I went to sleep and now I’m up and now I’m here with you. (audience cheers)
Okay. (laughs) I did not see “Empire” last night, unfortunately. No, ’cause a long day. So the first thing you do, you get on the phone with your sister, your mom, your dad, you get on the phone with your people and before you know it, you’re tired. (audience laughs) But I have to say, off topic from “Empire”, Taraji is being very open about something that many of you probably didn’t know. I had no idea. Well, she went into detail. I had heard this before, but she went into detail about suffering from debilitating depression and anxiety. (audience exclaims) See, there’s that word again, anxiety. She said to “Self” magazine that it started for her after Trayvon Martin’s death in 2012. She said that her son, Marcell, was around the same age as Trayvon. Trayvon died at 17. And she began to be anxious-filled about worrying for her fame not being enough to protect her son. (audience exclaims) And I would imagine that would be fame along with money and things like that. I appreciate her speaking out. But for me, ’cause Kev was like, 16 at that time. And me and his dad went over the rules of when cops stop you, you take your hands out, you pull your hood off. All the kids, they do the same thing, a hood is cool. It’s not cool, pull that off. Take your hands out of your pocket, don’t talk tough, and the whole bit. I became aware of this at the time of seeing his head crown. And the penis, like oh boy, it’s a boy. (audience laughs)
Oh boy. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. The world has it in for black men and black boys, okay. So I’m surprised it took her so long to really get up with this, but I appreciate her sharing. She’s about to get married again. Did she already get married? No, she’s engaged. Been engaged for a while.
Yeah, she’s about to get married again.
Yeah. She’s got a whole ‘nother life. But still, the awareness of our sons. It’s not just our sons, it’s a whole race thing. Anyway, let’s move along, ’cause Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Now you know I love some “Seinfeld”. I dance like Elaine. (audience laughs and applauds) When I was a single woman, before meeting my soon-to-be ex-husband, the sponge was my favorite birth control. (audience laughs) Oh yes, oh, I would double up. You use the condom and I’ve got the sponge. And I literally, even before I saw the episode about, is he sponge-worthy? ‘Cause I would say that in my mind. Like, is this sponge-worthy? (audience laughs)
No. Because they’re a pain to get in. They don’t make them anymore, but they were a pain to get in. Clap if you know what I’m talking about with the sponge. (audience applauds)
Okay. (Wendy laughs) Norman, you don’t know anything about this. Never heard of it.
(audience laughs) Look it here.
(Norman laughs) To put the sponge in was easier than taking it out. (audience exclaims) Because to take it out, there were two rubber straps on it, and you have to grab each strap to pull it out. And then depending on how full you got the night of using it, (audience and Norman laugh) you might forget that the sponge was in there. It became a whole thing. So, look, I love Elaine. And I know her name is Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but I’ll always call her Elaine. And then I love that show, “New Adventures of Old Christine”. That is one of my joints. (audience applauds)
Yes, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. Just so funny. By the way, princess, happy birthday. You and I are jiving together, yes, you, yes, yes. “New Adventures of Old Christine”, right? The entire cast, not just Elaine, but everybody on the cast. Wanda Sykes and the whole bit, just a good show. So anyway, something horrible is happening with Elaine now. (audience exclaims) Well, Elaine has a restraining order against a homeless woman. (audience exclaims) No, no, no. Who has allegedly been stalking and harassing her and her family. (audience exclaims) I know. Well, according to The Blast, they’re alleging that a homeless woman has been showing up at Elaine’s house for months. Now you gotta imagine that “Seinfeld” money is long. (audience laughs) So she’s not living in a house like me and you just live. Somebody can just walk up and knock. She’s got gates upon gates with that long “Seinfeld” money. (audience laughs) Anyway, the homeless woman threatened to throw a hand grenade. (audience exclaims) Into her home. (audience exclaims) And while the homeless woman is homeless, she still has access to the web, because she’s cyber-stalking Elaine and her family. (audience exclaims) Allegedly the homeless woman posted pornographic material online, falsely claiming that it was Elaine’s son. (audience exclaims) Yeah, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ son. I’m just stuck on Elaine. (audience laughs) Hey, girl, hey. So funny. Anyway, look, this is very, very bad. The allegations also go on to say that the woman posted cardboard signs like this all around, this is one of them, this is one of them, all around her neighborhood. Now you have to imagine with that long “Seinfeld” money, this is just no ‘hood. There’s mansion, Suzanne, on top of mansion on top of mansion. I can’t imagine. But the homeless woman is still able to get in and post signs. And you’ve got to understand. To me, the neighbors all understand, it’s Elaine from “Seinfeld”. And by the way, we’ve as much money as her. And remember the show “Veep”? I wasn’t a “Veep”. That’s the one thing, I wasn’t a “Veep”. I don’t know when that came, were you a “Veep”? One of the best shows, it’s so funny. She’s really funny on it, on HBO. Oh, it’s on now? It just ended. Oh.
Like, earlier this year. I missed out.
Yeah. But you can still catch it on-demand. I watch “Seinfeld” and “Old Christine” every day. I’m already invested.
Right. From the ground up.
Right. So if I don’t watch “Veep” I don’t feel bad. I’m a supporter. (laughs) Right? What does she call her squad? Oh. The Laineys!
I would say. The Laineys. The Laineys.
Yup. I’m a Lainey, are you a Lainey? I’m a Lainey, Elaine. Anyway, this is probably one of the big downsides of fame, is that you never know who’s watching you and what they’re capable of doing. And also, a big downside of living in a home versus a high-rise. I appreciate new life so much. Because the high-rise thing, there’s one way in and there’s one way out. And there are cameras everywhere. There’s a doorman, there are people watching. And if you tell the high-rise, see this picture? Don’t even allow him on the sidewalk. Then that’s how it’s gonna be. I grew up in a home with a two-car garage in Ocean Township and stuff like that. During my bachelorette times, I’ve always lived in apartments. But I wasn’t Wendy, 11 years on a talk show, Wendy. It’s a little different now. And now I just don’t understand why everybody doesn’t live in a high-rise. (audience laughs) Honestly. The worst part about it though, I do have to say, is when they do the sweeping view of New York, before they go into the news, it’s weird seeing my home. No, I see it, it’s part of the landscape. And I see it, factual. And I’m like, oh my gosh, girls, get away from the window. (audience laughs) They’re looking at us. (laughs) But Elaine, look, I wish you well with this homeless woman. There’s no point in suing or anything like that. She’s got nothing for you. Mental illness is a real big deal and homelessness is a real big deal in this country. And The Blast, thank you so much for the information. And by the way, according to The Blast, the woman has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from Julia. Now how far is 100 yards? Is that from here to the back row, Suzanne? No, no, no, it’s a football field. A little league, like a flag football?
No, like a full-on NFL football field. Well that’s safe unless she has a bow and arrow or a gun. (audience laughs)
Exactly. I don’t think it’s far enough. Well the hand grenade can certainly hand and grenade.
Yes, you have a strong arm. It’s not enough.
Nope. Good luck, Elaine.
All right. (audience applauds)
All right. Now look. I have something to show you and I want you to pay attention to what I’m telling you. (laughs) Don’t move a muscle, okay? All right, this is not for dramatic effect, this is because I want you to be in on this. Tokyo Toni, yeah, (laughs) look. My friend, Blac Chyna’s mom, is furious with the Zeus Network. (audience exclaims) Now you know the Zeus Network is the network that runs Blac Chyna’s show and Tokyo Toni’s show, Tokyo Toni is looking for love. Well, and then Blac Chyna is trying to date, okay. So Tokyo Toni went on social media claiming that Zeus has not paid her yet. (audience exclaims) Now hold on. Clap if you’ve ever been employed by somebody where the paychecks are late or not as consistent as they should. (audience members applaud) Me too. Me too. But I don’t think that this is how you handle it. And while she’s talking, notice the spit strings. (audience laughs) And everything. Take a look. I bust my ass for Zeus! (audience exclaims)
For two shows! I did my own hair, makeup and clothes! I walked! I had no PR! No type of advertisement! And I can’t get my check. By all means, subscribe to Zeus, to Blac Chyna’s channel. Thank you. (audience applauds) (audience murmurs) I mean, honestly, I’m at a loss for words. I don’t really know what to say because, as you can see, Tokyo Toni, and cohost at home, half of my studio audience, we’ve all worked, including me, worked for people where the money is not on time, or when you get the money, you have to rush to the bank before the other employees. Yup, yup, yup, yup.
(audience laughs) Rush to cash that check before the money’s no longer in the account from the employers. I don’t know what to say, Tokyo Toni, except, at first I thought this is not the way to get your check, on one hand. On the other hand, now that it’s on Hot Topics– (laughs) Right?
Zeus, you better do right by this woman. You better do right. (audience applauds) Right. They’re gonna pay her. They need to pay her. Yeah, immediately. And she looked very much in pain. (audience laughs) Very much.
(laughs) Very much. (Norman laughs) So when I got in last night, I put myself in a candy coma, ’cause I was, you know, the candy at the, you know. The backpacks, but also the candy and stuff. I stopped at Serendipity. Have you ever had their carbonara pasta? No. Honey.
But that sounds delicious. Me and my manager, Bernie. First of all, he has the carbonara pasta, I had the chicken wings. Yum. So I had a few of the chicken wings, but he couldn’t finish his carbonara pasta. And this is how I am. So I see what side that he’s eating on, and I said, look, can we get some, are you gonna eat the rest of that? He said, no. (laughs) (Norman and audience laugh) I took his and the rest of mine and went home. Now he had some shrimp on top of his pasta. I said, you gonna eat all the shrimp? (Norman and audience laugh) He said no. So I took them home, I cut them up for Chit Chat and My Way, and I’m eating the candy and the pasta and I’m having a good ol’ time. And then I get a text from you regarding Hot Topics for today. And there was something I wanted to text you back but I got tired and fell asleep with pasta. (Norman and audience laugh) Me and the cats, we just fell asleep. But here’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Billy Dee Williams. (audience exclaims)
Billy Dee. I had no idea that he’s gender non-binary. (audience exclaims) (laughs) Yes, Marco, yes, Marco, your man. (audience exclaims)
Okay? Your man is down with, I guess, whatever. I don’t know what that means. All I’m saying is that Billy Dee is now 82. Sorry, Daddy. I know my father’s looking at this saying, damn it, man. (audience laughs) Yeah, yeah. (laughs) Shady cameraman. (audience and Wendy laugh) Sir. Sir, I don’t know what’s going on with your generation, but Billy Dee is part of your generation. Welcome to the show, by the way, sir. Yes, cameraman got that shot. Now look. Billy Dee Williams, the legend, “Lady Sings the Blues”, “Mahogany”, Colt 45. He says that, here’s a quote. He did an interview with “Esquire” magazine and he says, “I see myself as female as well as masculine”. (audience exclaims) (audience laughs) We don’t have any more quotes? I knew I should’ve come with that. Look, I had the story already in my mind and all you all gave me was that? Well, also, Billy Dee, which, I mean. Billy Dee is gender non-binary, which means I don’t actually know what Billy Dee’s pronoun is, if it’s he or she. He refers to himself– As both feminine and masculine.
Masculine. Uh-huh. And he embraces both equally. Correct. (audience applauds) All right, sometimes it takes you a while to find yourself. 82 years later, he’s talking about this. Well, good for him. That’s why I appreciate, I don’t like the “Old Town Road” song, but I appreciate Lil Nas X. ‘Cause he’s young, he’s found himself. So now he’s got the rest of his life to enjoy himself. I don’t know whether Billy Dee is enjoying himself now as gender– Non-binary. Non-binary, yeah. But at least he’s a spokesperson for his people. Right.
All right. (audience applauds) It’s a lot. The Christmas tree gets lit tonight at Rockefeller Center here in New York. (audience applauds) And I’m just warning you that if you’re not gonna be a part of it, stay away from that part of town. (audience laughs) Until January 17th ’cause that’s when they knock it down and take it back to the woods. (audience laughs) Anyway, I guess the lighting will be on TV, it’ll be a great thing. And it’s always, it’s a nice time. The greatest city in the world, the biggest tree. 50,000 lights. It’s really spectacular. (audience applauds) I did not get a chance to see “The Real Housewives of OC” last night because you know, I told you what I was doing. But apparently my girl, Vicki Gunvalson, did a real stupid thing. (audience exclaims) And everybody is coming for her. Now, Vicki, this was a real old lady move, girl. (audience laughs) All right, Vicki’s 57, my age group. So the ladies went to a drag show while they’re on vacation, right? And we all know what a drag show is. When I hear a drag show, I’m ready to have fun. I’m grabbing my panty shorts and my poof. I want my hair to be all kinda this and that, you know what I’m saying?
(audience applauds) It’s like, we are going for a show and fun. But not corny old Vicki. (audience laughs) Here she is at the drag show, take a look. ♪ You make me wanna go up, go up, go ♪ I don’t understand it. Boys dressed like girls and girls dressed like boys. I don’t get it. Sorry drags. ♪ You make me wanna go up, go ♪ (audience laughs) So everybody’s hating on Vicki for that because Vicki, you know what, Vicki, I’m not hating on you, but I’m looking at you squinty eyed and old. (audience laughs) Like, you knew where you were going. Don’t try to act like a drag show is not fun, and you know what that is. And how dare you make fun of a really talented community? (audience applauds) I don’t like you today, but I’ll be back liking you tomorrow, Vicki. But don’t be so stupid, okay? (audience laughs) In the meantime, everybody, we have waited and he is here. Ray J next.
(audience cheers) So grab a snack and come on back. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! Please welcome Ray J. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! (audience cheers)
(Wendy laughs) Okay, first of all, Ray J, can we please talk eye to eye? Yeah, wait, hold on. (audience laughs) Oh, I know, Bunny Eyez, I wear them too. (audience laughs) All right, I love those, that’s a good invention. Bunny Eyez, these are new Bunny Rayz.
I know, all right. Let’s not talk about that.
These are Bunny Rayz. (audience laughs)
Listen. Ray J.
The Bunny Rayz, not the Bunny Eyez.
Ray J, more importantly. Shoe Cam.
Bunny Rayz, okay. (dreamy harp music)
All right. No, no, no, down, down, down. Model.
(audience applauds) (audience laughs) You saw that? That’s fly. Balmain?
(audience laughs) No, these D&G. Oh, D&G.
D&G. Shout out to D&G. (audience applauds)
Now look. Did you write on them or they came like that? No, they come like this. They have a few different kind with different–
How much were they? Like $1,300.
Okay. I only got ’em because I knew they had the Shoe Cam. (audience laughs)
That’s why they so new. That’s why they so never worn before. Usually I just wear just regular dirty white sneakers and I just go to work, but I had to come with it for you.
Your coat felt very luxurious. It’s cold outside. I resisted hugging you. Why? Well, Ray J, I’m scared of you. What’d I do? (audience laughs)
I don’t know. The most. I try to do the right thing. Now, who makes the coat, Ray J? Just a real Navy Army jacket from, you know, it’s vintage. I got it from one of those stores, what is it called? The vintage stores. Okay.
The? Thrift shops. Thrift shop, yeah. (audience laughs) Open up, open up, what kinda message are you giving us with your hoodie? Oh, you wanna get this message? Yes, just open.
There it go. Oh! I didn’t see it, what’s that, Death Row? Oh, wait, hold on. Oh gosh, here he goes. Here he goes.
There you go. What is this? The E25 earbuds.
Oh, earbuds, okay. Let’s talk about the money you’re making. First of all, little did we all know, but I do follow you closely behind the scenes. You and your family, you are of interest to me for decades. Thank you. Tell your mother I said, no. I will give these to my son.
Okay. Okay?
I’ll have more for you. Happy holidays to everybody too. (audience cheers)
Happy holidays to everybody. Little did you all know that Ray J has a tech company worth millions. And I am not lying to you. Am I lying? No, only because the customers make us successful. Without the customers we can be nothing, so thank you to the customers. (audience applauds)
Just when you think it’s all about singing and acting, this is the deep money. Yeah, you try to take some of the money you make and put it in other things, just so it can grow and it can– Wireless earbuds. Yeah, Raycon E25s, those are the new ones. We got the E25–
Raycon. Raycon.
Like, you got a cool name. You can just put it to anything. Raycon. Like, I heard about Ray’s Jays. The Ray Jays. Oh, okay.
Yeah, that’s the cannabis. Okay.
That’s the cannabis. (audience laughs)
As in a joint. Ray Jay.
The Ray Jay. Okay.
The Ray Jay. Okay, so you know, Snoop is Ray J’s cousin. Shout out to Snoop, shout out to Snoop. (audience applauds) So you know it runs in the family. We’ve known that for a while, but can you explain to us again how Snoop is related to you? We all from Mississippi. (laughs) That’s not a cousin, Ray J.
No, we’re all from Mississippi. We all got relatives in Greenwood, we have relatives in Jackson, we have relatives in McComb. Are you blood relatives? We blood relatives. So now you’re involved with cannabis, and your product is Ray Jays. The Ray Jays.
Pre-rolled. Pre-rolls. That’s one product. We got pretzels, we have infusion bites, we have flour, we have distillate. (Wendy laughs) The big line is called William Ray LA. It’s a cannabis brand firm. So we brand other products from other companies and we put ’em in, we have licenses. How do Willie and Sonja feel about this branch of the Ray? I think that the cannabis world is a big world. I think it’s a very good business to have, especially if you do it legally and you do it right and all your licenses are compliant.
Do you sit on the porch with your dad and eat pretzels? (audience laughs) Pops ain’t tried the pretzels yet. Yet.
Pops ain’t tried the pretzels yet.
What’s he tried? Pops might’ve tried the CBD stuff. Oh, yeah.
You know CBD? Shout out to CBD. (audience applauds) I love you, but you also scare me at the same time. Well you scare me, you blinking right now, I should keep my shades on. ‘Cause you really shining today, that’s how you feel? That’s how you feel? (audience applauds)
Well the single life is a good life for me, you know what I’m saying?
You said the single life? Yes!
Oh, yeah. Yeah, eh, eh, eh, eh, hey.
(audience laughs) I mean, it’s a good life for me. But you’re still married, I think? Absolutely. Can we talk about you and Princess Love?
Absolutely, hey Princess. I love you baby, if you watching. Hey Melody.
(audience applauds) I love you, I love y’all, I’ll be home soon. Yeah, well, when you were in Vegas, that wasn’t a good look. Ray J, I’ve got a job, and one thing that you and I have always agreed on is I still have a job to do. Absolutely. And your mother, Brandy, you all agree that I still have a job to do. They bringing out food. Oh, no, we’re setting up. We’re about to make chocolate over there. Oh, me too? No, not you. I’ve got a chef coming out.
(audience laughs) Okay. And so here at “Wendy” a lot of things happen at one time. I’m hungry, I’m hungry. Cohost, don’t get distracted. It’s a small set, we make big things happen though. Absolutely.
Okay. Absolutely.
Okay. (audience applauds) (Wendy laughs) Absolutely, I mean, I can smell it. Okay, so listen. You and Princess Love. You got in a fight in Vegas. And you left your pregnant Princess Love, along with your beautiful new baby, on the side of the road while you, according to her, went to the strip club. No, you know, I would never do– And you blocked her from calling you. And here she is eight months pregnant. She could’ve delivered right there. I love you, Princess, and again, look. It didn’t happen like that. I would never leave my baby and my wife, I would die first before I’d leave them on the side of the road.
Well, where were you? Well they were at the hotel. And that’s what she considered stranded at the time. But look, she’s right, I’m not gonna even defend it. What’d you fight about?
Baby, I was wrong. What were you fighting about?
You are right. We were fighting about I wanted to stay in Vegas and she wanted to stay in LA, as far as buying a house and stuff like that, and we just– Oh, so not stay, you wanted to live in Vegas, and she wants to live in LA.
In LA, and so– Well, what is the attraction for you to live in Vegas? I’m done with Vegas, I hate Vegas, never again. (audience laughs) (audience applauds) Now, the intervention to set you right, ’cause sometimes a man, men do stupid things. We do, we do, we do. Were Brandy and your mom, Sonja, a part of your intervention along with Princess? Was Willie a part of it? My intervention?
Yes. Meaning what?
To tell you you don’t need to live in Vegas. Well, no. Princess pretty much made it pretty clear enough. (audience laughs) So at the end of the day, I have to– Don’t mess it up, Ray J.
I have to compromise, I have to do better as a– How old are you now?
Husband. I’m 38. Cute as hell. Thank you. (audience applauds)
I gotta do better though. I have to do better, and I have to understand my wife is pregnant, and I have to think a little more wiser when I’m making decisions.
For all the partying you do, you look every bit of 28. I don’t party though. Anyway.
I don’t. (audience laughs) I work hard, I work all night. Is that permanent down there or are those in and outs? Nah, they in and out. Perfect.
They in and out. I went to the dentist last night though. I had to get it right, had to get it right. Shout out to Dr. Rubenstein. (audience laughs) So are you a faithful man? Is it a regular marriage or is it an open marriage? I’m asking.
Oh, no. It would never be like that. Okay, perfect.
I would never get married if it wasn’t super locked between us. I think what we gotta work on is just keeping our circle tight, where it’s just me, her, and our babies.
So you’re wearing your wedding ring right now. What is that, a Cartier loop-de-loop? There you go. I know what I’m looking at. Girl, you better stop that. I know things. But I think that somebody– Why weren’t you wearing it at the airport? ‘Cause we covered that. On your way here TMZ caught you. (audience exclaims) My hands was ashy, okay? (audience laughs) And I needed to put some lotion on. So when I get up to the gate, I didn’t have no lotion. I’m looking for the lotion. Right there, boom, they got the picture. (audience laughs) (audience applauds)
Because look. Look, when you black and you wash your hands after you go– I understand.
To the bathroom, they get ashy. I got clean hands– Okay, stop.
Because they ashy ’cause I washed ’em.
Stop. (audience laughs) I always wash my hands.
Any excuse is better than none. I always wash my hands.
Look, okay. So now what’s the relationship with you and Suge? So you’ve taken over Death Row Records? So look, Suge told me to tell you. Oh gosh, a message? Suge–
Wait, wait, wait, hold on. When did he tell you this? This was the message yesterday. (audience exclaims) He said that he found out that I’m going on “Wendy”, and he said, “Tell Wendy don’t ask no questions “about me or Death Row because she never “treated me right or never said nothing nice “about me”.
Get out of here, Suge. That’s what Suge said.
Get out of here with that. I always treated you right. And all I do is report what is going on. It’s not my fault you ran over a man, backed up and ran him over again. (audience applauds) That’s not my fault. That’s not right.
Okay, no, no, I am fair. I am fair. I am fair, Suge. And good morning, inmates. But that’s what he said.
Suge, I still have love for you like I have love for Ray J and I understand what he said. But didn’t you explain to him, we used to have a problem, me and your whole family? And now we’re thick as thieves. Absolutely, because we grow through it and– But why can’t he understand that? Why, ’cause he’s locked up for life? No, I think, well he’s got only 26. 26 years, but he’s already old. (audience laughs) He’ll be elderly.
And you know what? Maybe y’all just need to get on the phone and hash it out. Maybe we do.
How ’bout that? (audience applauds)
How ’bout that? Maybe we do. Just put the past behind you. I’ll set that up. Okay.
I’ll come back and then we’ll get on the speaker. I have no problem with that. Okay, there we go. I’m coming back.
Suge, I have no problem with talking to you on the phone. I’m coming back again. (audience applauds) “Technology”, “Technology”, the new song, the new album, “Emerald City”. “Technology”, the new song. That’s your new album coming out?
That’s my new song. Not that you even need new music because you’ve got this whole tech thing.
I’m having fun. Your millions and millions, lucky you. So tell me about this Christmas movie. The clip that we showed looked really funny. “Dear Santa, I Need a Date”. It’s starring me and Reagan Gomez-Preston, she’s my sister. And we competing to bring a date home for Christmas, ’cause our parents really want us to have kids and they really wanna be grandparents, so they pressuring us. So now we competing to bring somebody home, and you know, finding a date could be rough. TV One, seven o’clock, December 8th, it’s going down. (audience applauds) And it’s funny too, it’s lit, it’s funny. And it’s a good family movie, it’s something you can just drink hot chocolate or sip some water and eat some cookies
(audience laughs) and just have a good time with the family. It’s a family movie. There’s something about you. Like, I wanna wash my hands in boiling water, but at the same time, I just wanna hug you. (audience laughs) No, I can’t, I’m conflicted. Everybody, the one and only Ray J. (audience cheers)
Thank you. Get outta here! Look, TV One?
Yes, TV One, it’s going down.
Seven o’clock? Seven o’clock.
“Dear Santa, “I Need a Date”.
TV One. Yes.
Sunday night. We’ll all watch it together, okay?
This Sunday. TV One.
(audience cheers) Let’s go! Up next– What’s up, Kathy?
We’re making holiday treats in the Wendy kitchen, don’t go far.
Hey, mama! (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) Ooh-ooh! That’s a clip from Netflix show, it’s called “Nailed It!”. Please welcome for the holidays, Jacques Torres. Welcome back.
So happy to be here. Thank you very much.
(audience cheers) Oh, Jacques, what are we making? We’re going to make cookies, chocolate chip cookies with a little French flair. So when you make cookies, you can use all-purpose flour. I love to use bread flour and cake flour. If you like your cookies a little bit more chewy, do the percentage like, 60% bread, 40% cake. And the opposite make them a little bit softer. So this way you–
I like a chewy one. Is this gonna be chewy? A little bit, yes.
Oh, yes. Oh, look.
Then the chocolate is the most important. Some cookies have chocolate that doesn’t melt at 350 degrees, so guess what that chocolate do in your stomach. Doesn’t melt. So you need to use good chocolate. That’s very important. And the last thing is, when we make the dough, we actually let the dough rest overnight. So all the flavor combine, come together, it’s really nice. And then, the next day I will bake them. To rest overnight, do you put them in formation? You can, a little film. You can tie them together, put them in the fridge, and next day you just bake them. If you’re like me, you love raw cookie dough, so I’d probably devour one of these before even baking them. You can, but when you do that– (audience applauds) When you do raw cookie dough, you have to use pasteurized eggs, you never know with eggs. You don’t want to get sick.
I know. So that’s important.
I know. And so those are fresh eggs, be careful. What is this, sea salt? This is sea salt, I like to put a tiny bit of sea salt in them just before
(audience applauds) I’m going to bake them, so this way they get a nice flavor. How is your family? Oh my God, my family, I love my little one. Look at that. So beautiful.
Pierre, Jacqueline, and wifey. Pierre is three and Jacqueline is eight months old now. Late in life children. Yes, better late than never. Right?
(Jacques laughs) They keep me young, that’s what’s going on. Okay, so now what do we do? You want to play with that? This is a game.
Mm, a chocolate maze! Yes, and you know what? The little ball inside is a candy too. So that’s something that we do, merchandising that we do for “Nailed It!”. So you know that cookies, you can eat them with milk. I like to eat them with wine, but you can also eat them with–
I like them with apple cider, or apple juice. Apple juice.
When you take a chocolate chip cookie–
Try the wine. And you put it in the apple, no ’cause. (audience laughs) Put ’em in the apple juice and let it sit there for a moment and you pull it out. Okay, okay, no, you’re right, you’re right. And it’s good for the kids. And the milk too, the milk is good too. So if you want, we’re going to make some hot chocolate. The milk is boiling over there. Oh my gosh, yeah, oh my gosh, wait, hold on. Are we burning it? No, no, just boiling it. Look, there’s a whole– This is a skin, it’s okay, look, it’s going to go away. I’m going to mix that and it’s going to go away. So basically what we do here, we boil the milk. And we’re going to make the hot chocolate with real chocolate, not cacao. Cacao is a byproduct, real chocolate is way better. No, I was thinking the powder out the can, but– (audience laughs)
Actually, I have a can here. Oh!
But this is also real chocolate. And what I’m going to put in is the milk. This is you.
The chocolate. This is, right here, this is all you.
This is my company, yes. This is my company, we do that. You’re very creative. I like this maze thing, can I keep this stuff?
It’s fun, huh? Of course you can. You can keep anything on the table. Okay. Not the pot, but everything else. (audience laughs) So, I add chocolate, milk, butter, a little bit of starch, and I’m going to bring everything to a boil. But look, if you. What is that? No, ’cause of the, it’s steam in my nose and mouth’s watering.
No, that. What is that thing?
You know. That’s whipped cream, huh? I like this one, look. (whipped cream spraying) (audience applauds) I like this one. This is the Frenchy one. So you have to taste this one, it’s good too. Okay, this is also real whipped cream. It’s better on your finger, yes, definitely. It is better. You see? You know Nicole Byer, huh? Yes.
Nicole? Yeah, she’s great, I love her on the show. Thank you very much. (audience applauds) Really good. Jacques Torres, everybody. Be sure you check him out on “Nailed It! Holiday!”. It’s streaming on Netflix. And we’ll be right back with Ask Wendy. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) So everything you wanna know about the “Wendy Show” is available at Even stuff you don’t expect. I’ve got this weekend planned this weekend and when I feed you the pictures you’re gonna be like, wow. Anyway, see it first, see it now only at We’ll be right back. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Dinae, I noticed her when the double doors opened. It’s time for Eye Candy. She’s from DC and she is a realtor. So simple underneath. Denim and black and whatnot and shoes. But the poof is everything.
(audience cheers) And by the way, so is your minimal makeup. Thank you.
And your beautiful hair. Thank you.
Talk about it real quick. So I have my black bodysuit from, I’m sorry, it’s $40. My jeans were $20, and my poof I caught on sale for $270 just for you, Wendy. (audience cheers)
But don’t you love it? I love it, it’s a robe too, and I love robes. I do a robe with mine, yeah, I wear mine around the house too and then in the street! This’ll be for my husband.
Dinae, thank you. We’ll be right back.
Thank you. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! Brooklyn, Philly, the Bronx. Where are you from? Go to, the tickets are free. I guarantee you a real good time. We’ll be right back. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Oh gosh. Did you have a good time? Yes!
(audience cheers) There’s a secret society here in the studio. The tickets are free. Listen, tomorrow, fashion designer Christian Siriano is here. I got you covered with the Hot Topics. I love you for watching today. And I’ll see you next time on “Wendy”, bye. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Ooh-ooh! How you doin’? Nice! (animal growls)

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