Weird Ways to Sneak Food Into Class! Back to School Hacks & Pranks 2017! Natalies Outlet

Weird Ways to Sneak Food Into Class! Back to School Hacks & Pranks 2017! Natalies Outlet

What was that I probably wasn’t me? Oh gosh. It does sound like me. Oh, it’s so embarrassing oh oh Oh my God, what Check it out no eating in class and hungry and lunch isn’t for four hours, okay? I got a snack on something I hope this teachers doesn’t hear me Well here. We are detention. I will not Eat in class wait. He’s sleeping I I might have an idea. Let’s see here. Okay get my computer, okay how to sneak it into class thumbs up and subscribe yeah, yeah it’s fake open the top and put your favorite small candy in there and comment below what your favorite is fill it up and Don’t get caught just wait for the perfect moment for the next day when you’re in class and all the sudden you need to brush your hair yummy Let’s put this away. Don’t get caught and the best part is your teacher will be suspicious at all The water bottle and not really check it out. It looks just like water, but in reality. It’s not We can check class your favorite candy or small snack with this clever trick simply twist both ends together and bring them a water bottle and when you’re in class leave your water bottle on your desk when the Teachers are looking simply twist both and sorry you got your snack, and it looks totally normal Using paper clips and gum use combine the two together for a clever way to sneak going into class use them to decorate your paper Or notebooks, and when the teacher is looking to take a bite out of your delicious gummy Post-it notes are blessed to have in school, but so it’s gone So where are we creating some diy? Postage on get the ends to give the pieces along too right shape in size and cut a variety of colors off put them into an alfie container with other post-its to camouflage the gun and add a post-it note that says school supplies or supplies to cover up, the outside packaging Let’s meet your teacher warning me. Oh to tell and it’s like you’re pranking them as well Chapped lips. Nope not really that’s alright taking empty and clean eels and hide some M&Ms in there It’s actually the perfect place to hide any small candy Then cover it up click it in place and bam now you can just pretend to apply your lip balm on but really you’re just Friends and fun, take any chip container in this case I’ll be using late cut the bottom open and add some of your chips in there then put a circular construction paper and place it on top of the chip seal the bottom portion rotate and let the camouflaging big a Type of school supplies and print it out to cover up the chip packaging then on the top add some pencils to make it look a little bit more normal and you’re in school use your principal case and take our pencil for your teachers into Normal and then from the bottom take out your chips a fun and clever way to speak to it into any classrooms and never get caught In next cards here. We go. Let’s make some room for my pop-tart and let’s cover it back up When you’re in class patella here going over some very important notes the rules anyone know you actually have a delicious pop-Tart underneath if your teacher happens to turn around Early simply grab the top of the index cards and covered them up another something to do is to use post-it notes and hang mini Burgers yum, now you have an awesome food buy whatever you’re craving some food in class But simple way to hide something much larger like a sandwich or burrito or maybe a taco is to take a tissue box So new sensations to creams and space all you’re going to do is cut around the bottom of the tissue box and Buy them add your burrito and your sauces and hiding away Have a tissue box on your desk because you’re sick cough call and slide it away any time a teacher is looking another genius wins sneak some into class when you’re hungry is to take markers that you can clean out and remove the ink from and Course and trail McLintock use the school hack as an energy shot anytime you’re tired or feeling like the school day is boring Thumbs up if you need to view and cause below from 1 to 10, how hungry do you get at school? I always get hungry actually I’m hungry. No put the photo on to subscribe to notifications on to never miss an upload also I’m gonna be having a massive giveaway happening on my channel But the only way you’re gonna find out if you want to be the first to find out is on Instagram on Twitter Make sure you follow me on there that is where I will first announced acceptable giveaway happening soon check out this video right here So if you link down below if you want to prank your friends at this school year trust me It’s going to be really awesome. Wait. I hope you guys have an amazing day. Don’t forget to live weird or die normal. Bye. Oh My God, did you ever make a deal with him you? Never been feeling no truly a little sandwich looks never in my life It’s not a little bar if you say to the word

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  1. Hi Outties! ✨I hope you enjoy this video! Probably one of my favs! Stay tuned for a massive back to school giveaway announcement! 😇Follow me on my socials to be the first to know ✨

  2. ******ways of how to make your school supplies instead of buying***** ****for the poor people who ain't got time to spend 1$ (all the cash they have)

  3. Lol my way to sneak snacks in school is just put lots of candy in a small ziplock bag then put it in the pocket of your hoddie! No one would look their 😂

  4. I wouldn't really listen to this because sneaking candy i to class is the perfect way to lose a teachers trust.

  5. Im so. Hungry because when I watch somebody's in the video eating something I'm just like" yummy I like to taste it really bad"

  6. If you are dumb and really not discreet enough for this, just stuff your face in between classes lol it works

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