What Happened on Our Spring Break?

What Happened on Our Spring Break?

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  1. 20:40 There is a boat in the first movie/book. As far as I remember they take it from the HW train station across a lake to the HW castle itself.

  2. Fun fact: London is sunnier and drier than half of Europe and most of UK. So yeah, good luck if you ever come back to the northern half of Europe lmao.

  3. #earbiscuts I went on a snorkel vacation once. We swam out pretty far, i told my friend that my feet were hurting. She said let me see your flipper. I had left the inserts in the flippers. She said 'heres your sign'. Bahahaha!

  4. The amount of compassion I had just for Rhett having a cold surprised me. I love you guys so much! Feel better Rhett!

  5. Honestly guys it doesn't have to be a perfect vacation. As a kid I can tell you that I remember issues on vacations to laugh but it was the time spent together that I recall most. What is more special than perfection is just quality time spent with your parents!

  6. I have a couple of songs from 'Bread' on a playlist of favs from the 70s. Excellent choice. Great song to get a makeout session started. Honey there was no Disco in '73. They were following suit of others like The Carpenters, Carole King, etc.

  7. I already listened to the podcast when it came out on Monday, but I had to come and see Rhett’s foot 😭😂

  8. Those father and daughter magical moments happen through time, years from now she’ll be able to pull good memories from all the experiences and time spent together. There are fathers who could care less about building memories with their daughter/s. There are woman who can only remember how much their father ignored them. The fact that you even take so much time to talk about it demonstrates the love you have for her is special.

  9. Everyone in Italy is rich because everyone has the same greatx100 grandparent who invented pasta. They get a check in the mail for every strand of spagehtti you buy.

  10. @49:08 – don't blame the Ski-Gee for your hare-brained episode, Rhett! 😄 😅 😆

    Oh, Link: see if your daughter likes Terry Pratchett. His DiscWorld novels are amazing!

  11. Hey Rhett! I'M 37. I get my parents not just a great card for their bday, but a personalized, special type gift. They always love them. I hope you get that too.

  12. Wouldn’t $3,098 be close to $3,100 not $4,000… Also what is it with Dads and their short temper when traveling and technology istg it causes kids so much stress😂😂

  13. Over time the “moment” will be the whole trip. Stories of her “16th Birthday Trip” will become part of your family’s lexicon.

  14. Link, for sure she's going to realize and perceive through all of these things later as she gets older. I am 30 this year and I remember so many situations and things that my dad said or did that have definitely shaped me and my values today and how I think about things. there are little lessons that he taught me through different situations that I did not realize were lessons at the time and the more I think about them today the more I am thankful!

  15. Link interrupts Rhetts stories so freaking much that sometimes I just want to turn off the the whole podcast. It's so frustrating. It's like he always wants him to skip to the end…. But he'll go on and on with an anticlimactic story

  16. I honestly love hearing link talk about his daughter ☺️ Reminds me how my husband would be if we have a daughter.

  17. I thought I heard you say the song that you listened with your son was called "naked with you" and I immediately thought "they have been in California far too long"

  18. You shouldn’t say all that information about your daughter on the Internet that might be a little personal and A little embarrassing for her

  19. Some really sound advice from Rhett. “It’s not about you- it’s about the investment…..”. I appreciate Link being so open here too. I fall into the same thing re: expectations vs reality. Great Ear Biscuit.

  20. I’ve always only listened to your podcasts, and this much more enjoyable. They’re still extremely fun to listen to, but watching you guys interact is the best part

  21. If you're going to London in August you should go Amorino. Theres loads scattered about but there is one just down the road from the Harry Potter play, they sell these amazing icecream that they shape into flowers. Super yummy

  22. My two oldest used to fight a LOT. It drove me crazy. To stop myself from throttling them I frequently told them that their punishment would be that they'd be good friends when they grew up (an idea that was torture to them in those moments). They're in their mid-twenties now, and they are indeed good friends. It warms my heart. Especially because I long since lost the patience to be around them fighting like that!!

  23. Link's daughter shares a birthday with me, but she's 6 years younger. That's pretty cool cause I've never even heard about anyone having a 3/31 birthday

  24. I just want to let you guys know how much I love Ear Biscuits. I am a big fan of all your work – GMM and GMMore are the start of my daily morning routine – but there’s just something special about EB. I feel like I’m eavesdropping on two funny friends just chatting away about their lives and adventures, which, I guess in a way, is exactly what I’m doing. My best friend and I met when she was 3 and I was 5 (I’m 43 now), so I really do get the “brother from another mother” vibe that the two of you rock, and I love it. Keep on keeping on. ❤️

  25. I personally do not care for all of the music related recommendations you guys make. I always look for to them at the end, but it seems like they usually revolve around a song or band. I know it’s your show and you can do what you want- You do you! Just throwing out my opinion since I know you guys look at comments and suggestions. Go Ear Biscuits!!

  26. Ear biscuits is great because it's so simple. Rhett and Link coming in and talking to us and each other and telling stories and that's like it. There's too much going on in gmm now a days.

  27. Wow I just finished my trig homework right when link said "we're gonna wrap this up". I love watching ear biscuits while i do homework haha

  28. For those of you who enjoyed Rhett's (Link's) rec of 'Make it with You' by Bread, I think you might also enjoy 'Out in the Country' by Three Dog Night. It's the same era and it brings back such memories to me that I felt I needed to share it. Here's a link to the song and lyrics… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I61jbgvkGdU

  29. Hearing you guys talk things out about Links daughter makes me wish I had better parents…. that even tried let alone thought how they might have been selfish. You guys are really amazing people.

  30. Am I the only one that uses Ear Biscuits as a lullaby? Nothing helps me sleep better than the dim lighting and the radio-talk-show-like tone and dialogue between Rhett and Link. I tried all sorts of things to try to fall asleep but listening to these works like a charm.
    By the way, i don’t mean it is boring, I listen to it again when I’m awake and enjoy it thoroughly too! 😊please keep baking 🍪biscuits for my 👂🏻ears!

  31. Hey guys I know your latest ear biscuit isn't on YouTube yet, I was listening to it on Spotify on my way to work and EVERY SINGLE TIME you said ok Google my Google in the jeep would click on haha 😂 thanks for that.

  32. Maybe but the timecodes pines in the comments so you can easily go them with out meticulously scrubbing through the video… (which is really hard bc the video is so long a find move is alot of time

  33. i really want to be Lillys' best friend, is that weird? we have a lot in common and its kind of creepy 😀

  34. I thought the "controversial person" Rhett was talking about was Barbara Streisand, but apparently the person is not well known. hmm…

    But yes, Make It With You is a great song. Calms me down.

  35. The Goldbergs, Survivor, and GMM are the ONLY shows my whole family will always watch together. You guys are so relatable!

  36. It's absolutely an investment in the child's future. The better life you have given your children, the better parents they will in turn become. Helping make a better future for mankind, one generation at a time.

  37. Link, you are such a good and thoughtful dad. When I got married I could see my own dad going through something similar. He looked at me and said "I just wish I could show you how special you are to me." And just him saying that was enough…
    But then he bought me a house. And that was great too but it was his words and intention that meant the most.

  38. Just the fact that you guys care about these things and even like watch a netflix show that your daughter/son likes, is like awsome in my opinion. It shows that you care.

  39. It is absolute insanity to use bus/car in London when you have the subway! On some cases you get there faster by walking (no joke). The streets of london are not prepared for 1/10 of the city's population

  40. Ah Link! Thank you, I went to London last August and I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly went wrong but I had a hard time and I think it was exactly that, I had an idea in my head of how I thought it should go and I had a similar experience with transportation and it as just a lot harder and messier of a trip than the glamours vacation I had pictured.

  41. He really questioned if it could have been a more special sweet 16. Like dude you went to the UK. Like us low income people would be super excited if we even took a plane to LA from San Francisco.

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