good morning everybody welcome back to
my youtube channel! today I’m going to share with you a little bit of what I
received for Christmas, as Christmas gifts and what I gave for Christmas
gifts which is the most important part. but because I know a lot of you guys
watch these videos because we like to see what other people got I’m gonna
start with that! the first thing I got is from my mother-in-law– this is in no
particular order so whatever strewn out on my living room couch right now–
also I apologize I am filming this on my vlogging camera because I don’t have
enough time to set up all the big stuff but…and if I’m speaking a little bit
quietly it’s because my daughter is asleep upstairs–
so! all those disclaimers aside–also we cannot forget the disclaimer I’m not
bragging blah blah blah blah this is not about bragging, okay? we really wanted to
focus on, you know, giving and receiving gifts especially in particular with
regards to my husband. and I wanted to focus on gifts that were really like
meaningful playful fun and showed that we you know like we’re thinking of the
other person and all that kind of stuff and it was less about consumerism and
what we wanted and all those kind of we had to have and all that kind of stuff
so because of that I do feel like gift-giving was so much more fun and so
much more like stress-free and the spirit of Christmas was really hold on
you know what we need to turn this fire on even though it’s really really hot
outside oh my god there it goes alright okay so the first thing is from my
mother-in-law and she got the daughter-in-laws and her daughter I
think this well I just need to show you this it was in this beautiful bag and
it’s called merry chase and I think it comes from England I’m not entirely
certain but it was in this box and it’s beautiful it is a necklace and it’s kind
of like a lanyard style long necklace so beautiful I love this and it’s got
crystals on these little things called like pavilion no I don’t know how to
describe this necklace but I will show it to you up close so you can see just
how stunningly gorgeous this is oh I love its
but was just I mean I cannot wait to wear this for so many like those little
black dresses and even just with like a light flowy top and this summer it’s
just gonna be so useful and this it’s just gorgeous I love it and she has
excellent taste anyway speaking of excellent taste my sister-in-law was
again my Secret Santa she was my secret santa last year and it’s never a bad
thing to get gifts from Brooke so she got me as my first gift this beautiful
Michael Kors puffy belt of best almost a belt with this faux fur hood it is so
beautiful I love the cold detailing it’s just really my style I mean like she
knows me to a tee it’s so pretty I can’t wait to wear that when it gets a little
bit cooler into the play it starts to get really cooled right around January
February and then warms up again and March here in Houston so then continuing
with that I’ve got not one but three presents from Brooke this beautiful faux
fur throw oh I love it so much Harper loves anything really soft she likes to
plow her face into something that’s really soft so we were looking at
getting one of these really soft plush faux fur throws and now I don’t have to
because what I’m so excited so soft I love it and then she also got me a set mercury glass vases there’s this one and
then in this one is this smaller set and you can put like a flameless candle LED
candle or even a real candle in here and it’s just beautiful it just goes with my
decor in my home so nice she is the queen of like interior decorating
on top of that she is an artist and she has an Instagram I think I will link it
down below all for information she’s wonderful my sister-in-law so thank you
to Brooke of course I’m saying thank you to all these people but obviously I
thinked them in person next up was this very beautiful and very thoughtful gift
from Harper’s nanny we call her Yaya and look is this not me to a tee first of
all hearts second of all pearl Swarovski crystals
all around but on top of that it says my name on it it’s engraved and it’s a
little jewelry but you have everything in there and it’s like lined with velvet
and everything so it keeps everything nice and safe it is so beautiful I just
love it I’ve got it on my bedside table normally I just went and grabbed it for
this video it’s so pretty I love it now on my my side of the family we also
do Secret Santa and my dad happened to be Secret Santa this year this is the
first year that my dad and mom participated and so a little birdie
tipped him off that I had had my eye on this Etsy shop called modern mud
ceramics I’m obsessed with everything in that shop like everything is just made
to a tee I would have everything if I could but they’re really like pricy
ceramics like they’re not cheap this is what was on my sort of wish slit it’s
this beautiful mug and it’s in the scallops of course you know I love
everything galaxies and stars and everything it’s just so unique and and
precious and I just love it so much I’ve already had a copy of this Kelly saw
this in one of my last few days of vlogmas and then moving on my husband
got me up several gifts the first was this trapped fragrances candle and the
and mediterranean say a vanilla fig no number-14 mediterranean fake and just
opening this the scent is just wafting out and it smells so so good I already
know where I’m gonna put this in my house it smells delicious but I just
love the packaging of it looks like a little house it’s so cute
and then the other thing you got me was this beautiful knit look at this I mean
that’s pretty good right it’s like Norwegian sweater style throw so
basically our couches are fully decked out for the next you know foreseeable
future because this is so well made so I know that based on the quality it’s
gonna last a really long time it’s beautiful it fits in with my theme and
it’s just gonna be perfect for winters cozying up on the couch I love it
another thing my husband got me was this necklace and it’s from a jewelry
designer called Alexis guitar and it is this really unique like horn style
choker necklace and you just slip that on and I could just see this with like a
white sleeveless top in the summer and like just some dainty gold jewelry and
some flats and jeans so I got something like eye and flats and jeans and just
looking really chic and put together maybe a red lip also I think that would
be really cute but anyway so it’s so nice it’s actually quite heavy but
really well made I just love it it’s so unique and very thoughtful and another
thing that he got me is also jewelry and I’m actually wearing it I haven’t taken
it off since I put it on and it is this pearl bracelet and it has a little K on
it isn’t that so pretty I love that my husband also got me a couple of things
that were personalized and so I will put you know whatever they were here but
they’re they’ve not arrived yet so they’re on their way
they’re coming oh I forgot one more thing so other thing my husband he
really outdid himself this year all very thoughtful gifts this is the moment
superfish and I do have a case on the way so that
I can attach it so I’m not quite used it yet but basically what this is is a lens
that you it’s so heavy it’s like as heavy as an actual phone a lens that you
place on a case that moment this brand makes and it fits over the lens on your
current phone like this and then you get like these really big wide-angle shots
I’m so excited I can’t wait to use it I’ve not used it yet obviously but I’m
very very excited about the types of shots I’ll be able to get just out and
about with my iPhone so I’ll link the information down and the description box
for any if any of these things seem interesting to you if I can find them I
will try and find links yeah that is it so now I’m going to talk a little bit
about what I got for some of my friends and family and stuff so for HP I got him
a I’m trying to remember because I can’t remember everything we’ve got a bunch of
little things I got him a couple of desk calendars one with malteses on it and
then one that was Aggie themed oh I got a Nintendo switch with a couple games
that was more for us and then I got him a beer like craft beer brewing kit so he
can make his own craft beer I got a him and us a wine jug that you like pour
your favorite bottle of wine in and then you can like savor it over several days
because it keeps it fresh and it’s really chic and cute and you can put
outside and put an ice pack in it and you know have like a white wine lawyer
illuminating or something like that and then I also got him a vest from one of
his favorite brands called howler brothers they’re based out in Austin I
believe Harper got a bunch of toys now HP did most of the shopping for her
because I wasn’t I knew she was gonna get a bunch of toys from from family
because she’s young and she’s a kid and everyone gets excited about buying toys
for babies and I didn’t want to go overboard because she just doesn’t need
that many toys and you know it’s important not to like set expectations
too high at a really young age not the showroom
this age but I don’t want to go overboard with presents for her all the
time so it’s important to remember what Christmas is really all about
right so Harbor did get some toys she got a mr. Potato Head
she got a Oh another set of maracas because she loves maracas she loves
music and these are fun maracas because they’re like Mickey themed and and they
play music and they’re just really cute and so it was perfect gift I thought
that was a really good fun on HP’s part and then she got some wooden toys it
really fun like a little puppy dog on a leash that you know that you can she can
follow around with her and she some really cute clothes and some really
pretty like silver things like something to put her first tooth in that was
really sweet and yeah that was just really really nice for my Secret Santa
my secrets I was a Secret Santa for Hanukkah this year and I got her some
really cute backless loafers I’ll link them down below because they’re so so
cute and they’re really great dupe for the coochie slides so she is she loves
them she says they fit perfectly and she’s gonna enjoy wearing them Clinic
and stuff like that she’s a medical student and then for my Secret Santa I
was a Secret Santa for Frank H B’s brother and I got him however others
best and then a really cool like unique a Lincoln it’s like a it’s like a
six-pack holder for long neck beers and then it has a bottle opener on it and it
just really like rustic looking so you can you know whenever he goes to an
event or goes to a buddy’s house or whatever and brings beer you know he
knows that like that says beer and it’s just kind of a cool way to carry on a
six-pack of beer basically a lot of alcohol themed you guys saw on vlogmas
what I got my mother-in-law just an extra gift it was something really small
I wasn’t under Secret Santa or anything but I just wanted to you know give up to
her because it was really cute and both sets of parents got these
customized books from life cake that my husband picked out and they were just
all pictures of the grandparents with Harper and pictures of Harper from the
past year it’s really really cute anyway that is it for what I got for Christmas
and what I received for Christmas I hope you enjoyed this video short but sweet
and I hope you enjoyed blogging less if you did I am so happy because that is
the end goal with that but thank you so much for watching every single day
that’s vlogmas and for your comments and likes and
shares it just really meant the most to us and our family so thank you for
watching this video and all of log with and I will link the whole playlist if
you want to revisit any of those vlogs missed any I’ll link them at the end of
this video and thank you so much for watching give this video a thumbs up
make sure you subscribe and I will see you in the next video bye

46 thoughts on “WHAT I GOT & GAVE FOR CHRISTMAS 2018!!

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