What If Your Backpack Did All The Charging?

What If Your Backpack Did All The Charging?

It looks like a regular backpack But if it was a regular backpack It’s highly unlikely that I’d be showing it to you here on Unbox Therapy where your expectations are up here They’re out of the frame. They’re so high You look at my videos and you’re like “Lew, show me the hot thing !” Well here’s the problem with showing you the hot thing Then you want the next hot thing. And then your heat meter gets up here But thats okey Thats the way I want you to be, because thats the way I am I am like what is that next cool thing, and how cool is it Show me, show me what you got So, this backpack does something special, it’s called the Mose Pack ? Mos Pack ? Mose Pack ? There is a power situation happening in here, now we have seen backpacks previously That have built in batteries, how did they approach it First off It’s a high quality backpack Canvas… It’s got all the pouches you would expect Spots in here for your various pens, devices But then, things start to get a little bit more interesting You open up your first pocket, and it’s something you notice There is a little slot where you can push cable through This little pouch here is meant for your phone And the cable to keep your phone charged is meant to go through there Lew, you showing me a backpack right now Yes, I am This thing is all about keeping your gadgets charged And the way that it does that is by having to plug the backpack in Not the individual gadgets but the backpack itself There is an actual charger A power cord in the bottom of the pack You want your battery pack itself to be modular You don’t necessarily want the battery pack always in the same bag The battery pack can become a component in the backpack You still have access to your ports and you can keep that charged So how do you keep this charged? At the very bottom of this bag, is an actual power brick A slim power brick Which fits down there nice and you don’t notice then it’s tucked away A power port, so you can actually send power out to a laptop And then some decent space for your usb chargers as well Now this is important Because the power port is probably going to be used for a laptop power brick, right ? Let’s imagine for a second You got the laptop plugged in as well I’m going to tuck this back down And then you use these little cable ties here to manage the length You don’t have all that cable floating around You take your little power and that goes like that And the whole thing closes up, right ? So now it’s like you’re out You’re travelling If you like me, you travel a lot You’re needing juice for all your different stuff What do you do with this bag ? How do you charge up everything ? How do you charge up the battery bank ? How do you charge up your phone which might be in the front ? How do you charge up your laptop ? Ok, this is the beautiful moment Right over here, you unzip down the side Check this out Access to your cable right there I mean that, it’s a simple thing But it makes perfect sense Plug the bag in and everything is juicing That would better that getting juice for one thing It’s juicing it all My strategy here is you put the battery bank in And then that goes to the, to the various USB components And now you’ve got juice on top of juice now you’re portably juiced And this guy like I said, it just goes back in there And it zips As a backpack, you got some nice straps Some padding here You got the chest strap if you’re carrying more weight A waterproof section for water bottle So what you see is it will pop through And then plug that in And now you’re juiced up there as well So you got juice to this front compartment through that pass through There’s nothing worse than being without the juice when you need it This makes sure that you don’t have to remember to charge each independent one Yank up the power cord JUICE IT ALL !

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  1. I have one concern. With all that charging going on, INSIDE the backpack, wouldn't that generate a lot of heat and potentially catch on fire?

  2. Oh. And I will juice it all. I wish the power bank slot was bigger because I found a bank with an AC out port but it was too big 😕 I use the tablet and laptop slots already so yeahhh.

  3. In case anyone was wondering what that nifty red brick was on his Macbook Charger: https://www.amazon.com/Twelve-South-PlugBug-MacBook-adapter/dp/B009ZT2CE4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1478456775&sr=8-1&keywords=plug+bug

  4. This seems kind of counter intuitive to me…I mean isn't the point of having a portable charger so that you can access charging capabilities even when you aren't in a situation where you can access an outlet? To use this device you still need to be able to plug your backpack into a typical wall outlet.

  5. I thought you plug it in, it charges a portable charger, and whenever you travel and don't have a wall outlet you just plug it into the "built in" portable charger

  6. Slight problem, charging lithium ion batteries in a bag where ventilation is almost nonexistent. Seems like a great idea!

  7. Wow it's just a backpack with an extension cord stuck through it… that's actually really disappointing I thought it was a backpack with a built in battery pack. If anyone knows of any product like what I'm thinking please respond😁

  8. Anyone else just thinking they could buy a higher quality backpack and but in a plug in box thing and make your own backpack like this

  9. Just buy a 2$ power brick and put it in your backpack , i wonder who got this idea and how you impressed with this simple thing? Or may be your promoting?

  10. Cool ok so I hv one of these.. how do I use the earplug feature where it has an opening but not any place to thread it through the backpack.. ??🤔🤔

  11. With so much charging happening inside the back, all the heat generated will be trapped inside. A potential fire hazard IMHO.

  12. but it's not waterproof.

    I guess I'm the only person in the world that has to carry their laptop in the rain.

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