What Is Lightweight Backpacking? | Lightweight Backpacking Series

What Is Lightweight Backpacking? | Lightweight Backpacking Series

Let me ask you a serious question Why did you start backpacking what got you into it? What was the motivation for you to load up all your gear? Put a pack on your back and go walk. Why Yeah, I’m really hoping that your answer was not because I wanted to See how little weight I could put in my backpack and carry and be comfortable That’s a real real question that I’m asking because this is basically the beginning of this lightweight backpacking series and what I want to accomplish more than anything more than anything with what we’re doing with this series is To really get back to the root of why did you start backpacking and what is it about? Backpacking that gets you so excited. Why is it when you come home from a trip? You start thinking about the next trip? For me guys, that’s really important to think about when you are Starting to get to the point where I want to save weight on my backpacking system And I want to enjoy my experience in a different way Is it about saving weight or is it about enhancing the experience that you have in the backcountry? Now, I know I’m acting pretty serious about this. But for me, it’s a really important topic to discuss and so let’s talk about why Even go to the point of a lightweight backpacking mindset. We’re not going to talk about ultralight with this we’re gonna talk about lightweight and the importance of taking your first steps in backpacking and using that as a means of learning how to better pack your backpack how to be more aware of the gear that you’re taking and really create a system that works for you That really should be the lightweight mindset and I’m gonna refer to that quite often throughout this series but the whole point is that I want to Give an impression that it’s not about the ounces. It’s not about the grams It’s about enhancing your experience by creating a backpacking system that achieves a lightweight but a system that is very methodically put together and It enhances your experience in the backcountry. Am I using every piece of gear that I take with me? That’s an important part of your lightweight mindset If you’re not using that piece of gear leave it behind but if it’s an essential piece of gear Figure out a way to make it an integral part of your system. Is it a redundant piece of gear that is being accomplished by something else So let’s answer the question and be serious about it what really is lightweight backpacking is it am I trying to achieve Losing as much weight in my pack as possible or is it just simply a mindset of I want to create like I said earlier a mindset that allows me to reduce and Really focus on the gear that I’m taking with me If I’m taking a piece of gear that just doesn’t match with what I’m trying to accomplish Then I might be failing myself and not achieving that light weight mindset so yes, you could get specific and say okay a Lightweight backpacking set up is going to be 13 pounds or less. I mean, I really just don’t care what that number is I mean they say the ultralight backpacking You’re not an ultralight backpacker, unless you are lower than 10 pounds for your base weight That is what it is guys And I really don’t care about that because what I’m trying to accomplish with this video series is that the mindset that you create for yourself is far more important than The gear that you’re taking with you and how low your base way it is if achieving that super low base weight is what you’re trying to accomplish and That is your goal. And that is a big part of your experience kudos to you keep doing that and Go for it. Like that’s an important part of your backpacking experience The reason I started this video with the question of why did you start backpacking? What was the motivation behind it was to get you to think back to no? It really wasn’t about how much weight I could lose in my pack that is a fun part of the sport of backpacking and the hobby the Whatever you want to call it of backpacking it really is an important part, but the the most important part is the Experience at least for me. I want to have the experience and if I can create a Backpacking system that works well for me, it’s gear that I’m psyched about. It’s a pack that I’m excited about that works well for my body and Maybe it’s a four pound pack. I don’t care I really don’t but it’s important that the gear that you choose for yourself is something that you’re psyched about It doesn’t always have to be everything Dyneema composite fabric doesn’t have to be all these really thin lightweight Steel nylon fabrics. It could be something a little bit heavier again, it goes back to Deciding what that mindset needs to be for you So now let’s go ahead and answer the question of why save weight because that really is an important part of this whole series because we’re going to talk about how to save weight in your shelter systems how to save weight in your backpack how to save weight in a bunch of different type of applications in your overall backpacking gear loadout but Let’s answer why it’s even important to Develop this mindset from I used to carry 50 pounds on my pack on my back now I want to carry 25 pounds. How do I achieve that and why is that important? really what it comes down to is a Light weight mindset is going to make it put less strain on your body You’re gonna be able to hike further. You’re gonna put less strain on your joints on your back and It’s really just going to enhance your experience that’s what we’re trying to achieve here is Make it so you can enjoy your experience more instead of feeling like oh my gosh lugging this 50-pound pack Six miles and it’s going to kill me I would rather be able to carry a backpacking system of Gear that just makes it so that I can look at the wildflowers and enjoy looking at the wildflowers bend over bend down look at them build a stand back up and not like Oh, That’s the whole point of this really the root of it is Being able to enhance your experience. So there you go guys lightweight backpacking. It’s all out on the line I cannot wait to share this series with you guys because I’ve got a lot of really fun ideas about this and it’s going to be something that I think is really positive for people to get a better understanding of why people talk about Losing weight so much in their backpacking system So if you’re not subscribed make sure that you get subscribed hit that button as well as hit the bell to get notifications when I post new videos on Mondays and Thursdays and I have a brand new website guys. I just launched it It’s called back country exposure calm posting gear reviews in the written form on their trip reports as well as going to be writing some like Educational type pieces on there so go check out my website Backcountry exposure calm as always guys. Thanks for watching have an awesome day catch on the next video

27 thoughts on “What Is Lightweight Backpacking? | Lightweight Backpacking Series

  1. The point that you made in this video is the same point that I have been stressing to many of my friends for so long now. I will definitely be sharing your video with them hopefully hearing it from someone else will allow them to see what I've been telling them the whole time.

  2. Love the intro – probably one of the most genuine approaches to integrating "lightweight backpacking" into your hiking life without going overboard. Great video!

  3. First of all, killer edit on the intro!

    Second, I've always viewed lightweight backpacking as simply having a "cost-benefit analysis" type of approach to what you put in your pack. For each item you bring, does the benefit you get from having that item with you outweigh the cost (i.e. the weight). The most important part of this mindset is that only you can define what the benefit of each item is. Something that may be super important to me, may not matter at all to you. Many people know the phrase "Hike your own hike". Lightweight backpacking is all about "packing your own pack".

    Very much looking forward to the rest of the series!

  4. I'm not a "backpacker", but I am a "preparer". I subscribe to channels like yours in order to perhaps learn a few things that will enhance my get-home experience, if and when I have to un-ass my vehicle and travel on foot to get home. I figure… who better to suggest things to us all than the backpackers? Especially when it comes to footwear, food, shelter and rain gear. Of course, my system will probably develop into something very much different, based on the need, but I'm not stopping to look at flowers either. Show me a comfortable yet tough hiking shoe/boot, a shelter that is lightweight but able to deal with the extremes, and foods of choice. That's what I've come for. Winter backpacking gear would be awesome as well… do backpackers backpack in the Winter? (I'm talking Northern US ). I'm looking forward to your series to see what I may be able to take from it.

  5. I started out watching Luke on the outdoor gear review. He encouraged me through his videos to get out and camp in the backyard. Then I went on my first overnight trip. My pack was like 70 lbs. lol. It was heavy for the longest. I have finically gotten it down to about 20 lbs.

  6. I'm an old fart. Hahaha but I remember when my sleeping bag and tent alone weighed more than my whole kit now ๐Ÿ˜† Whether light or UL it really make a difference, especially when you mature (let's call it) Lol Great discussion Devin.

  7. Can I steal this video idea and make an ultralight one =P? I was gonna do one about lightening up but never got around to it.

  8. It's where I get to recharge the batteries. It's where I find peace. It's where I get to leave behind the noise and listen. I could go on but it's gettin' pretty sappy.

  9. Great topic to discuss. I've hiked since I was a kid. Backpacking seems like just a natural progression to me for prolonging my time in nature. Once learning more about places to backpack it motivates me to go and see the great natural spaces that one can only see if they backpack. Lightening my pack weight helps with the wear on my body which helps make it more enjoyable.

  10. My drive to start backpacking was to escape the daily responsibilities. Not only too find myself again but to renew my love of the outdoors. After losing 100 lbs I needed to challenge myself and use the pack to remind me of the weight I removed from my body. Now it's time to lighten my load and go farther.

  11. To get out into the wilderness and be adventurous as F%&#!
    I'm getting my pack as light as I can. I'm 48 and my knees can't handle all the weight. I'm also hiking the JMT next year and need to be as light as possible before the tent/bear canister/extra food I have to carry on that trail. I'm taking my Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 which weighs just over 3 lbs, these days that seems heavy. I'm normally a hammock'er now and have that system to just over 10 lbs. So I don't want to spend $600 on a new tent to save 2 lbs just for the JMT. I want to spend money on other things that I will always use, which I have done a lot of believe me. One more thing about the JMT is I will be carrying heavier because all the food I have to carry plus the bear canister.

  12. Hey Devan! I finally started a backpacking channel! Sooooo Iโ€™m basically where you were just a few years ago ๐Ÿ˜‰ Whatโ€™s the best way to promote my channel? I uploaded a video today and would love to have you check it out ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I plan on getting a 3 person tent, 6.5 pounds though. Ideally I wouldn't go backpacking alone. I haven't gone backpacking yet, but if I were to buy all the gear I have now with the tent my weight would be around 22-25 pounds. With food and water add a few more pounds.

    Is this a good base weight? I want to be most efficient and bring only what I need.

  14. Thank you much for doing a lightweight backpacking series. Iโ€™m a 62 year old mother and grandmother who began backpacking last year. I started because I enjoy nature, hiking, comfortable camping, and a lightweight (not ultralight) pack. ๐Ÿ’—

  15. Great video!!

    I used to worry about having a backup for everything, enough first aid gear to survive multiple limb amputations and carried enough batteries to light up a small town. ID over stuff an 80L pack for only 3 days. Those were some grueling hikes esp at altitude. I think a big part of the lightweight evolution is growing accustomed to being outdoors in remote places and having that enlightened moment realizing there is no need to pack the whole house to be both comfortable and safe. I have trimmed down my weights over the last 10 years by upgrading gear and using a need vs joy approach as well. I love eating well on the trail so I bring a ton of gear and fresh food for cooking and making unexpected treats for those with me. I could cut several pounds off my load by skimping but I wouldn't get the same enjoyment from the trip! Really glad there are others that have the same mindset.

  16. Lighter is always nicer… but isn't always better. It's not necessarily what's best for you.
    That's something I tell people when talking about baseweights etc. I am FAR from ultralight, probably not even in the "lightweight" zone yet, but its a journey just like everything else in life!
    This is going to be a good series. Thanks Devon!
    Keep Moving Forward!

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