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  1. All these people commenting "It peed" are retarded. Of course it peed, it is a rodent that had to go so it went. Try having a pet mouse, get peed and pooed on all the time. It really is no big deal as long as you are a clean person that showers and does laundry regularly.

  2. I wanted to know what is the appropriate food to feed them? I usually give them some fruits and formula for a snack during the day that they can grab and eat while I can't feed them at that time.  Also, What is some good ideas for dieting. Like times to feed them during the day or how many meals you should give them each day. 

  3. I do hope that this video isn't trying to insinuate that either of those cages he has there are appropriate to keep a glider in as their main home.  Gliders need space to play and climb or they will become very depressed and can begin to self harm.  The smaller cage he has there would be acceptable as a travel cage and the other one maybe as a sick cage, if you need to quarantine a glider for a short period of time from the others or to try and keep them from being too active.  But for a real home, they need a large bird cage type of home.  Ideally 5ft tall or larger, filled with toys, pouches, bridges, wheels.  What he has there is a great example of what not to do as far as homing for these fellas goes. 

  4. You should name what food is considered junk. Also I noticed that camera panned over to the cage when talking about appropriate sizes. Now I get you are on a set and those may be travel cages. But you should at least have an actual decent sized cage in the background even. To show people. Because even that cage on the left of you isnt a good sized cage. They will become depressed and they will self mutilate. And there should be a wheel.

  5. Those cages are not appropriate to keep gliders in 24/7 the larger one is a good quarantine cage for new gliders before they are introduced to current gliders, or if a glider gets sick. The smaller one could be used for short term transportation, however a bonding pouch works just as good.

    Also, judging by those cages, this guy is associated with the broker Pocket Pets, a company that preys on impulsive mall shoppers and provides misinformation on the care of these creatures. They also have been known to sell gliders that are too young and even have a warranty in place just in case they die. Basically, take this guy and other videos on here with a grain of salt; especially if those cages are showcased. Those are without a doubt Pocket Pets cages. There are better resources out there if you are interested in adopting a glider you just have to look and ask lots of questions.

  6. My dad got a female after we got a. Male we left her in our carrier (after he just got her) our male was let out to go see her they took like 10 minutes to warm up but now they share a cage and they are happy together

  7. my suger glider is obese, i know im not supposed to let it get fat, but they look so much cuter that way. im trying to get the new ones i bought this year fattened up by feeding them an Orio when its snack time in our house, as they'll look so much cuter when they plump like tubby teddy bears, lol 🙂

  8. This is a paid vet. He doesn't tell the truth he promotes a mill broker and most of the gliders end up dead out mean or with a hundred different homes

  9. With all the possible pets a person could have nowadays..I know I'm going to stick my foot in my mouth, but companies should have a requirement to have the person or people that want to purchase these exotic pets, should have to send in a photo or video proving the type of cage they have for them, before they can purchase them.

  10. If anyone can help, my once wild sugar glider is now very calm & I always hear her whimpering can someone help?):

  11. I have two sugar glider… I'm scared of they bite me. one male is bald and crabbing at me 😂 the female is so active when it's 1am in the morning.. she is in the cage and tried to pull my hand because my hand smells like fruity scent soap

  12. My boyfriend don't like cages bc to him it's looks to much like a prison and he wants to make a DIY plexiglass cage but I think that cages are better for them to climb on bars.
    Please tell me what do you think could be the best.
    Thank you.

  13. Either a wire cage or no cage at all. No glass cages that they can't climb on. Some people who don't like cages will make an entire room completely glider-proof, so there's nothing toxic in the room or any ways to escape or hurt themselves. I'm sure there's videos for how to do this. In general though, gliders do like cages. They like the safety of having a small "home" with things they know and smells they know. Then you take them out for playtime.

  14. i love my cutie cutie cutie sugar gliders… I have a pair of brother and sisters and i dont really have a cage, I just let them roam around my pool (which the water i emptied) and the space is literally so big the girl's a bit scared that animals might lurk in the trees but the boy is simply thrilled lol. But its annoying cuz i got them a box and put all sorts of soft beds good foods and toys and squirrel run but they prefer to sleep under the soil of my plant. why would they do thar

  15. Would it be possible to tell me what cage this is? I've been looking for a cage to be used for transportation purposes – and the larger cage would fit in the passenger seat in my vehicle

  16. this is what you don't an to do keep them in a small cage like this idiot he said a carrier cage the cage he has is a carrier cage that i use rarely you need at least a single flight bird cage!

  17. Hi! Love your vids- I'd really love it if they could touch on more aspects of having a super glider's rather that starting on a topic and sometimes leaving a vague or partial answer to the problem.

  18. Lol I know this would be sad but I like how he's like you want to make sure they won't be loose so they won't run away but yet the sugar glider is on the big cage were it can fall off lol sorry

  19. if i have a cage but put parts of hard clear plexi in front of it is that ok

    i have a cat whom is in the other room and i dont want her to do anything if she gets in by accident

    they would be able to climb the cage so what do you think

  20. are you still active? Maybe adopting a year old sugar glider with not much info on the glider. figured they would need a mate as they appear social. the glider has not been with other gliders since weened. Your suggestions would be helpful. thank you

  21. 1. your talking about how they need big cages and making sure their cages are a good size. Your cage is tiny!!! They must hate it. 2. You can take them outside as long as their bonded. 3. DO U EVEN OWN ONE LIKE SERIOUSLY 😂

  22. may I add that a person is technically not supposed to hand-bathe a sugar glider… I'm sure there are special cases, but…


    I know I am very late, but this “Vet” is just a paid one and is not experienced. I don’t recommend listening to a lot of this persons tips, like them saying you shouldn’t take them outside. That is only true if yours is not bonded with you yet, also, that cage is way to small for a suggie. Always do more research, then just watch one little video and then get one.

  24. You shouldn’t pick them up like that. You should pick them up from underneath not above. It makes them feel trapped.

  25. You say not to have them in to small of a cage yet both of those cages are to small. Midwest ferret nation or all all living things double unit cages are much better for gliders

  26. Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me I've had my gliders for 5 years and my male does backflips and I thought it was just exercise bc his mate always uses the wheel does anyone know why he does it

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