What to pack for Patagonia // Fall winter season

What to pack for Patagonia // Fall winter season

Hi everyone! I hope you guys are well as you may already know it I’ve crossed the whole Patagonia for 5 months during the fall winter season hitchhiking and as a result of this I’ve had tons of request from you guys asking me what was in my backpack what clothes I wore and so today I’ve decided to make this video to show you guys exactly what I have in my backpack and how I used it so I’m going to cut this video into two parts the first one will be about all the clothes and the second part about the accessories so yeah, let’s get on to it so to make my backpack I have a rule it’s the rule of two so I have two items for each kind of clothes I have two leggings two pairs of jeans 2 thermal leggings I think this is what works the best for me and what fits the best in my backpack because I travel with a four Season backpack so I have clothes for summer like I’m wearing right now cuz right now it’s like 37 degrees here in Santiago it might seem a lot for some people and I know my backpack is not light it’s pretty heavy and I wore the same clothes for many many months already so I don’t think this is a lot to me the two leggings you always see on the pictures are this one and this one they’re just regular leggings I bought them in Forever 21 I’ve used them for every hike this is way enough for me even when you are hiking somewhere cold your body generates so much heat while you are walking that you don’t need actually to wear a thermal legging but then you always need to have one in your backpack cuz when you stop or when you get to the top of a mountain for example it will get cold and when you stop then your body stops generating heat so you will need to have that extra layer so my advice when you start hiking is don’t wear a lot of clothes start hiking being cold so when I start hiking I have one thermal layer and my jacket my feather jacket and when I stop to eat something then I put on more layers then I have two pairs of jeans also they don’t have anything special they’re just jeans so this one is like a jegging so it’s not as heavy as a jean it’s pretty good to have those kind of items if you’re stopping somewhere I mean you’re not going to be trekking the whole time you’re going to go to cities and you are going to want to fit in a little bit I mean if you’re wearing the same stuff every time you are hiking and you need to wear them also when you are in the city you are going to get crazy at least in my opinion I would get crazy then I have this thing I bought this in Uniqlo cuz it’s in wool it will keep you pretty warm but it doesn’t have anything special like it’s not a thermal t-shirts I have this one which I found really great because this is so long I can actually wear it as a dress I only have to put on a pair of tights and a short underneath and I’m ready to go out I can also put this inside my jeans I’ve been wearing it a lot all the clothes I have here I wear them all the time there is not a single thing I don’t use so now let’s get on to the more technical stuff this little piece of fabric is actually my jacket it’s foldable, it’s ultra light and it’s actually called ultra light down I advise when you stop somewhere, get it out of its little pocket because if it stays too long it’s like a sleeping bag the feather will just get so compact that it will not protect you from the cold as good as it should be so the reason why it’s keeping you so warm and protect you so well from the cold is because it traps your body temperature inside then I have this blocktech parka which is also from Uniqlo so it’s supposed to be waterproof windproof I’ve actually used it in torres Del Paine with winds that were like 120 km/h so I can tell you guys that it protected me pretty well but then when me and my friends got to the shelter and it started raining if you haven’t seen the video yet about this time we went to a secret shelter in the mountain of Torres Del Paine and we got lost and soaked and left without any food and I had to cross an entire forest almost on my knees then click here and so this is what I was wearing when I was there I mean don’t get me wrong this is a great jacket it’s pretty great against the wind and also light rain I would not advise it with very strong rain I had another poncho but I think I had it for too long because it didn’t protect me from the rain anymore so I had to change it what I was doing the most of the time when I was in Patagonia I would wear it above my jacket I mean if it rains you don’t want your feather jacket to get wet because what happens then if you’re like me and your hitchhiking and you don’t know when you’re going to be able to dry your jacket you don’t want your jacket to be wet in Patagonia you want to keep it dry at all cost the majority of the more technical stuff is from them they are a very good brand and affordable they think about all the travelers so they make a lot of compact and ultra light things this jacket cost about 80 euros so I think it is not that expensive compared to other brands that will sell probably a product that has similar properties for 100 more Euros in every houses where I stayed It was freezing because they were using this little they call it “estufa” it’s like a little fireplace but it’s so tiny compared to the size of the houses and the fire dies during the night one day I woke up and the windows from the inside were frozen and you could see like the air coming out of my mouth and that day it was a nightmare to get out of my sleeping bag so I was keeping this all the time on me this was like my second skin I swear so I bought this little raincoat I bought it in a store in Chile called jumbo and I bought it like 10000 pesos this is like a no-brainer you need to have a waterproof trousers and a waterproof coat you need to, you cannot go to Patagonia without it and this so far has been great there was one day I was with my friend Federico and it was raining and we got soaked this protected us so well we were out there on the road and people didn’t stop and they didn’t stop until eventually somebody did luckily also forget about being sexy I like to take care of myself, I’m pretty feminine but I’d rather look ridiculous and protected from the rain than just be like all fashion and completely soaked so an other advise I want to give you guys if you leave with like an incomplete equipment don’t worry you will find everything you need on the way I mean I left without a sleeping bag I didn’t have a waterproof trousers anyway this trousers I bought it in Zona Franca in Punta Arenas and this has been gold I swear it’s protected me so well from the rain like I said earlier you will not look sexy with this so before I get onto the more technical stuff make sure you have like two simple t-shirts it doesn’t take that much space and it’s always useful on to the thermal leggings so I only have one left because the other one got completely wrecked I sat on a tree and it just destroyed it so I have one left and it’s from Uniqlo Uniqlo has a great collection called Heattech and you can have extra warm or Ultra warm when I went to the shop in Paris they had only extra warm left I wanted to buy the ultra warm but they didn’t have it so about the extra warm which worked pretty great it’s just a simple legging it’s so thin that you are going to be able to put it underneath your jeans one is from Uniqlo and the other one is from Decathlon all the links are down below anyway like I said I would wear my legging and when I would get to the top of a mountain or stop hiking then I would put this above my legging my regular legging then at night if it would get very cold then I would get change and put both thermal leggings on and like this I could stay a long time outside I was not cold with that anyway these were the only two thermal leggings I had then I have those two long sleeve T-shirts from Uniqlo also and from the heattech collection extra warm these are cute, they’re good layers, they will protect you from the cold there were some days I would only wear this one and my feather jacket and that was it and then I have 2 long sleeve T-shirts in Merinos wool for the ones who don’t know the merinos is great because it regulates your body temperature so will protect you from the cold but also the heat I have those two I bought them about 3 years ago and I still have them they’re very good quality I really love them and they really make the difference I swear when I was cold at night I would put both of them same as with the leggings so every time I went hiking I was wearing this one my feather jacket and then have those two in my backpack in case I would get very cold all right so now that we’ve talked about all the clothes I wore I’m going to show you all the accessories let’s start with my underwear I’m not going to show them to you you know what an underwear looks like you know what a bra looks like so I’m just gonna tell you how many I have I have two bras and 4 panties and I have one swimsuit because you are going to find hot Springs probably on the way there are a lot of hot springs in the south then I have this little hiking scarf you know the one that you can wear like a hundred ways it protects you well from the dust and the wind I have an other scarf a neck scarf, I don’t know how you call this this is for when it gets very cold I don’t have enough space in my backpack to have like a big scarf then I have four pairs of socks they’re like very breathable socks from Decathlon I have 2 that are very low and 2 long then I have one merinos pair for hiking which you don’t have to wash all the time I mean you can be hiking with the same pair of socks for 4 days and it will not smell anything which is great then I have this big pair of socks I used to have another one but I don’t know it’s like the socks curse I think a lot of people have it I use this a lot when I’m camping at night once I put my two thermal leggings then I put this pair of socks and it’s all good I have a running bra also in decathlon and it cost me like 5 Euros I have this pair of gloves I bought it in Mountain House in Punta Arenas so it’s pretty great because it protects you well from the wind and the rain so it says windproof and weatherproof which happens to be very true but at some point it will not protect you from the rain anymore so don’t expect it to be like 100 percent waterproof it will not those two hats that you saw me with on a lot of my pictures and videos and I have this one a little bit more fashion a little bit more feminine and I really love it too and to end this video guys don’t forget your towels one is for my hair or just when I want to use something small to wash my face and this microfiber towel that you can find pretty much in any camping store too I bought this one in Punta Arenas in Chile so these are the shoes I’ve used and I still use now they’re not in a good state but they’re pretty great they’re the lady light from Lowa I advise you not to buy anything online because you need to try them on and they will put you in situations of ascending and descending to see how you feel in the shoes and I think this is so important to have waterproof shoes when you are in Patagonia because you’re going to have so much mud and water to cross that you will want to keep your feet dry they’ve been great, it’s a really great brand well that’s it for today guys I hope this was useful next video will be about all the travel gear I’ve used during my crossing of Patagonia so the travel gear I’m going to show you is to be completely self-sufficient and spend time in the nature please let me know in the comments what you thought about the video if you liked it and if you have other topics you would like me to talk about then please tell me so in the comments as well and yeah see you guys in the next video cheers 🙂

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  1. Finally we have good wifi to check your video out haha! Great tips, we nearly used the same before we got robbed. But now we are in warm temperatures so nothing to worry right now 😂 enjoy your further travels!

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