WHAT TO PACK for SOUTHEAST ASIA | Women | Carry on Only!

WHAT TO PACK for SOUTHEAST ASIA | Women | Carry on Only!

What up, guys? I am Kristin from Be My Travel Muse, and today
we are talking about what to pack when you come to Southeast Asia. I have spent a cumulative two years in Southeast
Asia, split up over five different journeys, and over that time I have learned a lot of
about what you should bring with you when you come and what you should leave at home. Over the time that I’ve spent here I’ve made
a lot of packing mistakes and have learned a lot of really helpful tips along the way. For the first year that I was in Southeast
Asia, I did it all carry-on only, so this is also a minimalist packing video to help
show you how to get a lot of variety into your wardrobe without having to sacrifice
a ton of weight on your back. So let’s get inside, shall we? And I will tell you all about my Southeast
Asia essentials, and the other good news is that it’s air-conditioned inside. I’m face sweating like a beast. Let’s go. Okay, let’s get this mess under control. First of all, I just want to point out that
Southeast Asia is actually a bit more conservative as far as the way that people dress, and the
other thing to take into consideration is it is really hot and humid year round in almost
all of Southeast Asia, so trying to cover up while also not totally sweating through
everything you’re wearing can be a little bit of a juggling act. So everything that I have here is really lightweight
and it all serves a purpose, even though I try to be really fashionable with it at the
same time. I have four pairs of shorts here. Second of all, I always leave a little bit
of room in my bags so that I can make purchases when I’m in Southeast Asia, because you can
buy really lightweight cotton things like these shorts or these elephant shorts, and
I really love these pants here. I just feel like the fashion is kind of getting
really cute over here. Lightweight pants like this are a lifesaver,
as is a nice scarf. I can just throw it around my shoulders if
I’m visiting a temple, which will require that you have your shoulders and your knees
covered up. The other thing that I find really helpful
are lightweight dresses. So, yeah, normally I’m not really a dress
person, but I’m totally covered up when I wear it. Another long dress as well as a long skirt
and a couple of beach cover-ups. Also, I have a short-sleeved shirt here and
a long-sleeved cover-up shirt. So I’ve got a total of three tank tops, and
two shirts, two pairs of longer pants. This one is super thin and lightweight. It’s nice to wear on plane flights, and this
is more like exercise workout pants. And I have four bathing suits with me. Because they’re tiny, they don’t take up much
space, and I like to have variety, and I also bring like 10 pairs of underwear, and 2 bras
as well as a sports bra, and 3 pairs of socks. In the past when I’ve posted packing lists,
people say that it’s way too much stuff and that they only bring like three pairs of underwear. Personally, I really don’t want to do laundry,
like, every other day, so I bring a lot of the small stuff. Trust me, all of this is going to fit into
my packing cube. To make it work I highly advocate the roll
and stuff method. Alright. This absolutely will fit into a carry-on. Yes, if you want to bring variety, if you
want to bring four dresses, if you want to bring four swimsuits, it can be done. So let’s talk about some of the other essentials,
shall we? Kind of like my swimsuit habit, I also like
to bring a lot of different sunglasses with me, and, again, I don’t sweat the small stuff,
because I can fit so many of these into my backpack without it mattering. Other stuff that would be good to bring from
home, I don’t know about you, but I’m really particular about my skin care routine, and
I just want to keep it consistent no matter where I go. So I bring enough face wash and also solar
moisturizer, and I really like this DeVita brand. I like that it keeps me safe from the sun. Speaking of, I always bring a hat along with
me. If you also do not want crow’s feet or a leather
face, bring a hat with you. A deodorant. I kind of need, like, extra strength deodorant,
so I usually bring out these two sticks from home. Razors. I wouldn’t count on finding Venus razors,
so if you really like to have nice razors, bring these from home. I also recommend a DivaCup. It’s a menstrual cup. Obviously, this isn’t relevant to the dudes,
but if you are a lady, it is a much easier way of dealing with everyone’s favorite monthly
visitor. Just Google it. This is a wire mesh bag protector. Most of the time you’re going to come across
lockers, or if you’re staying in higher-end places, they have safes, or if you’re staying
on a beach, and it’s a little bit more basic, and it’s only got bamboo bungalows, which
I’ve come across a lot in Southeast Asia, and it’s usually some of my favorite places
to stay. But I do have my computer and my camera gear
with me, and, you know, my passport, so this just makes me the most annoying person to
rob. That has been enough so far. Next, I just want to talk about my makeup
bag. I don’t know why I brought that with me. Yes, I’m a month in, and I’m just kind of
laughing at myself now, because there’s no way I’m putting that on. Things like shampoo, lotion, conditioner,
you can replace all of that on the road very easily. I’ve never had a problem replacing things
like toothbrushes, toothpaste, basic toiletries. Okay, next, I have a pair of flip-flops made
out of yoga mat fabric. Those are outside, because they’re really
sandy and gross. I also bring some fancier sandals. Actually, they end up pretty small, so I do
have room for them. A lot of people debate whether they should
bring hiking boots with them to Southeast Asia. I can’t really answer that question for you,
but I just use these guys. Have a sarong handy. You can buy that here if you want to. I also highly recommend bringing a packed
towel with you. I also bring a dry bag with me, and we are
seeing general in Southeast Asia you are probably going to be on boats sometimes, whether it’s
in transit or an activity, so this is super small, it folds up really easily, and I think
I paid like, I don’t know, 15 or 20 bucks for it, so, yes, it’s called a dry bag. This is the stuff that sort of goes into my
day pack. I have a wallet here that has spaces for multiple
currencies, and, obviously, you can go a lot smaller, but I just really like this color. I also really like that this comes off, and
then I can attach this within my purse. So even if someone were to get all the way
in and try to take it out, they wouldn’t be able to. I also stick my passport in here and my unlocked
iPhone, which I highly recommend. I always get local SIM cards when I’m traveling. It helps me get out of pickles sometimes if
I’m lost or if I’m just really bored, and I paid like 20 bucks for 16 gigabytes of data
here in Thailand, so that’s really useful to me if working on the road. Some big cities like Ho Chi Minh City and
also Phnom Penh in Cambodia, it’s really common for motorcycle thieves to come by and try
to snatch your bag, but they usually don’t go for you unless you’re an easy target. So, if you’ve got something that is difficult
to slash and it’s worn across your body, then they’re probably just going to go for an easier
target. In case I go hiking or I just need space for
a little bit more stuff, I bring a string bag that’s really small, really easy to just
throw things into. Finally, I bring a Kindle along with me, which
I obviously need to charge, because books take up a lot of space, and I always like
to have a lot of books with me for those long journeys. Those are basically my Southeast Asia essentials,
so let’s put it all together in the backpack, and I will prove to you that it all works. All right, and now I’m good to go. Speaking of the great debate between suitcases
and backpacks, I really think that traveling with a backpack is a lot easier in Southeast
Asia. I have walked on so much uneven pavement,
so much lack of pavement. I just highly advocate going and trying one
on with weight on it. If you live in the U.S., REI is a great store
where you can do that. It just makes life so much easier. So that is my essential backpacking in Southeast
Asia packing list. I hope that you enjoyed this video. If so, give it a thumbs-up, share it with
your friends, and don’t forget to subscribe to new videos every Wednesday. And let me know in the comments below if there’s
anything that you’re wondering about or need help with for your traveling that I could
make a new video on. Thanks for tuning in, guys. Bye.

19 thoughts on “WHAT TO PACK for SOUTHEAST ASIA | Women | Carry on Only!

  1. I love packing videos – and I love YOUR videos! Are you using specific travel underwear? I know they're fast drying and supposed to have odor control but I tried a bunch – and sure they're good, but also very expensive. It was just too much of a hassle for me, and so I always just bring my normal boxers. And might I add, in SE Asia as you know, because of the weather, ANYthing dries up in like 2 minutes. Where are you in this video and what is your travel itenary? I want to re-visit Vietnam. Was there in 2002 with almost no tourist and I know it's very very different know… I'm considering leaving for SE Asia soon. Have a great trip! BTW, love your Berlin apartment.

  2. I packed similar stuff for when I went to Vietnam and then regretted not having any warm layers cause it got cold up in Halong Bay! I also had to spend a lot of time in my waterproof whilst there cause there was a post-season cyclone! Other than that I love your mix of prints!!

  3. I'm starting to get excited for an upcoming trip and really liked your great essentials packing guide! Thanks

  4. Thank you for this video! It was so helpful and I love that you didn't just pack black or brown plain clothes, but stayed kind of fun and stylish. I just love what you're wearing in the video for example and am inspired to try a lightweight, carry on only wardrobe but that's CUTE. I'm using this for Central America instead of SEA but I still think it will work. 🙂

  5. THANK YOU!! Going over I always felt like I had to choose between being comfortable or being stylish. I'm headed to Vietnam next week and will make my way through Thailand and Malaysia through the course of 5 weeks, I just wanna look cute this time here's hoping!😄

  6. I’ve got a question, what about your camera gear? Don’t you need a backpack for that too? How do you carry two backpacks?

  7. Thank you! I'm starting to plan for my trip in the middle of next year, and I'm trying to figure out what I will need or will need to pack, etc.

  8. Very helpful guide.. I had no idea about the wire mesh lock! 😀 It's been added on my To Buy List. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I remember the first video you did on this, feels amazing to have been able to watch you grow over the last few years! You're iconic girl, please never change!

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