What’s In Amber Scholl’s Bag | Spill It | Refinery29

What’s In Amber Scholl’s Bag | Spill It | Refinery29

So this bag really correlates with my style
mostly because it’s really extra, and that’s me. Hi, guys, I’m Amber Scholl and today I’m going to Spill It. So I brought this purse today because it symbolizes like early 2000s iconic fashion. I was obsessed with Paris Hilton. So when I was 10, I would have died to have this. And now I have it. Okay so this is gonna be like an unboxing cause I don’t even know what’s in here, to be honest. There’s so much stuff it’s like it’s like, a dark abyss except it’s way more fun than that because it’s my stuff. Anyways, okay, so what do I have in my purse? Oh, Fenty Beauty Diamond Powder. It’s really pretty and I just rub it on. You know, if you need a little bit of extra glitter after the gym, before the gym, while you’re at the gym. I have sunglasses. These are great. I love like vintage looking sunglasses. So these were three dollars. Fabulous. So I would say I usually have a lot of quarters for parking meters because in LA there’s nowhere to park. But today I only have like three quarters. Oh, one dollar. Very wealthy. This is my favorite kind of gum; I always
have a fresh pack in here. You just never know, you might go on a date spur-of-the-moment or run into Harry Styles on the street. So this is my wallet. I lost my good wallet and this one George chewed. George is my dog, I love him. Except I don’t love that he did this, but it’s
okay cause I got this at the gas station for five bucks, but now I kind of feel like
it’s like my son made this for me. So I might actually keep this. So I also have my phone. And it’s in no case because I am a reckless human being. I just like to take a lot of selfies and I
feel like in the mirror this just looks the most aesthetic. So that’s why there’s no case on it. Oh okay, so this is really random. This is the most expensive thing in my bag. This is Le Mer Concentrate. I got this in a gift bag the other day and
then afterwards someone was like “that’s $500.” And I was like, “Oh my god, that is a lot.” But it’s super great. I like to use it as
lotion for my hands. What else do I have? Oh. So I’m obsessed with makeup and I always have
like six million things of makeup in my bag. So I carry a bunch of lip glosses today. We have, what’s this one? This one is Saint Laurent. This one is Chanel. This one is Too Faced. I love them cause they’re like super glittery. What else do we have? Oh, my favorite lip liner in the world, what
I’m wearing today. KKW Beauty Nude #1. Keep your pucker looking puckered. More KKW Beauty because I love Kim. Hi Kim! Hello, hi. Yeah, so I always carry my favorite perfume. This smells amazing. Wow. So you all know I wear fake eyelashes every day and guess what? They fly off all the time. Eyelash glue, very important because if your
eyelashes start to fly off while you’re driving, or like I went to Disneyland the other day
and I road a rollercoaster and they flew off, not all the way, just like a little bit. You gotta have some eyelash glue. And just in case your eyelashes do fly all
the way off on the roller coaster. Some extra eyelashes, you just never know. Oh duh, so I’m a blogger, you know, I gotta keep my camera. So this is my Canon g7x. You guys are always asking what kind
of camera I have, this is it. It’s my original. I had it since I started YouTube. Never changed it, it’s great. It’s also really
dirty. I should get this cleaned as well. So I always keep a little bit of superglue
with me because, you know, if your nail breaks you need to be able to glue it back on if
you can find it on the floor. And also in case you just need to do a spur of the moment craft which ironically enough happens to me a lot, I feel like. I don’t know if that happens to
normal people but I feel like I’m always needing to like glue something to something. And do I have anything else in my bag? Three more quarters. Jackpot. So anyways, that’s what I got. Bye. Thanks for watching Refinery29. To watch more videos click here, and to subscribe
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100 thoughts on “What’s In Amber Scholl’s Bag | Spill It | Refinery29

  1. Does anybody think she like Mary popins with that stuff in her little bag omg lol LOVE YOU amber I never thought that any of those things would fit like that into a small bag wow

  2. Amber School: I don't know if normal people have super glue in their purse?
    Me: Wait so are you saying you're not normal?!

  3. I freaked out when I saw her, I’m glad how well she’s doing I remember when she used to do on budget DIYs, I’ve been a long ass subscriber I love her so much

  4. I’ve always wondered how she can afford such a lavish life, now I understand she spends practically where she can, so she can spend on what she wants that’ll last longer. ($3 wallet that was chewed on instead of a $600 one that her dog could ruin) That’s actually super smart.

  5. Okay so when I was watching this I was like there’s a lot of makeup in her bag! Like my bag either has rubbish or chocolate in it my Wallet keys and phone headphones and my baccie bag with all my baccie and essentials that go with baccie 😂 that’s legit it I don’t have anything else in it

  6. Amber: pulls out a lotion that cost over $500 this is the most expensive thing in my bag
    Me:*bruh what about your phone*?

  7. I’m sure that bag is real because amber has it but if anyone else wore it I would swear it was fake bc the lv is upside down

  8. i like how she has like cheap things in there too lmfaoo. like the sunglasses or wallet. it makes it more relatable in comparison to like the people who have $200 wallets and $100 sunglasses

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