What’s In Inanna’s Bag | Spill It | Refinery29

What’s In Inanna’s Bag | Spill It | Refinery29

Wait, do I have anything in here? I’m surprised I never used the zipper side
pockets. Nope. Oh no, I scratched it! Hey guys, I’m Inanna and today I’m going
to Spill It. My bag’s gonna spill. So I got my bag from my brother as a birthday
gift. I forced him to get it for me and I got it
because it’s a nice emerald green which is my birthstone color. The weirdest item–like a thong? But people carry underwear in their bags,
right? So…tampons, thongs. Oh, a bunch of dollar bills. But people thought I was at the strip club
or something like that. Okay, well I have my phone, which I can’t
go anywhere without. It has a cute little blue case on it right
now. But this is my life. That’s definitely in my purse. I have…oh, my journal. That says, “anything is possible” on the
front. I write a bunch of poetry in it and just how
I’m feeling, you know. I’m all emotional. Just write it down. Yeah. This is my little book. I have my makeup bag. It’s just an ordinary bag, a black one. I got my altoids because everytime I eat I
feel like I need to put one in. I have an eyelash curler. I always change my lip liner, so like right
now I love this one. It’s Charlotte Tilbury “Pillowtalk”. My makeup artist used it on me and I loved
it so this is my dream. And it has a matching lipstick. And I just love this stuff cause it’s so
cute. It’s all matching. It’s the rose gold and it has a nice smell
to it. It’s bomb. I love this stuff actually. I think it’s from my makeup artist. It’s similar to what I have on right now. It gives it that natural red lip. Then I have, oh, I love this stuff. It’s my favorite bronzer and it comes with
a brush, cause I always lose the brush, so it stays in there. And you just…nice and brown. It’s from Benefit. Mascara. This is my favorite stuff actually. I’ve been using this since high school. Bomb. And it’s small so it fits well in my makeup
bag. Got it. Then I have Nars Tinted Moisturizer. I love this stuff. It literally– And it has 30 SPF on it…sunscreen. So I put a little bit of that and I actually
just use my fingers and rub it in and just put it all over my face. What is this called? Magic Eraser? Magic marker? Beauty Blender! Thank you. A beauty blender that I can’t go without
because this is great for applying my Nars when I want a little bit extra under my eye. Cause I have dark circles and that’s a huge
problem of mine that I like covering up. So this. Oh no! My beauty blender! Yep that’s in my makeup bag. Next I have a charger. But it’s not just any charger, it’s one
with two plugs. Cause I’m just that much of a nice person. If anyone needs a plug I’ve got you. My friend actually makes this. It’s called revive and they’re just cool. You can put two things and I can’t go anywhere
without a charger. Because I feel like my phone dies all the
time. I’ll charge it all night and it’ll die
two hours later. I have my wallet with all my cards on it. My drivers license which I’m not going to
show you guys. Oh, I like–here’s a secret of mine. I collect fortune cookie things and put them
in here. See, I can’t grab it cause my nails. But there’s a bunch of them inside. Here’s one. And they just sit there, and I just collect
the ones that I really like. This one is, “your planning will bring you
rich rewards”. I feel like they just manifest when I keep
them. But that’s just me. Then I have…oh! Dollar bills. I always have just random floating dollar
bills in my purse. Some hairspray. Just in case, you need to get touched up. That’s it. That’s all in my bag. So that’s what’s in my bag. Alright guys! Well thank you for watching Refinery29. For more videos, click here. And to subscribe, click here.

100 thoughts on “What’s In Inanna’s Bag | Spill It | Refinery29

  1. This actually want too long ago I feel like everyone had a makeup bag I like writing stuff in a journal and reading it after a while like idk

  2. Magic marker magic eraser srsly INNA ITS CALLED BEAUTY BLENDER .
    Am I a make up Guru now…..?
    I am Patrick Star yaaas

  3. What I find so funny is that so many celebrities Iphone x’s in the spill it series are different prices but they are all from Apple.com.

  4. Can we get someone that doesn't soend thousands of dollars on a purse and instead someone who get a cheap purse

  5. For me, when she was still with Lele Pons or idk she looks really natural but idk if its the same but now she looks so different

  6. that Gucci bag is so not real. if it was, she wouldn't throw it around like it's from H&M. Plus the shape of the bagis pretty weird. Then the logo GG has a different gold color than the chain. and the inside has a different material than a real one. i own a REAL one, so I know. And again, the whole shape of the bag is so strange. You realize when you first see it. too bad she's too proud to admit it :/

  7. I love her videos are inspirational and cool and she is respectful and is just amazing. But she would be better off without Lele pons in my opinion

  8. This Girl is Really Spoiled BOI YO HEARD I got this for a gift I forced them to get it to me LIKEEEE GURL

  9. Tbh back when I was younger a kid said my breath smelled bad and it stuck with me ever since lol I use like 10 mints everyday lol

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