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So I feel like a Zantac dealer. Just giving every… you get an antacid,
and you get an antacid. Hey everyone, I’m Jenn. I’m Stephanie. And we’re gonna Spill it. So today I have my Gucci crossbody bag. It’s very deceptive how much stuff can go
into this bag. Your bag is actually the same weight, right? Yeah, it’s like very wide, a little girthy. Girthy? I guess I would say my style is very easy-going. And I want things to make my life easier. So with a bag like this, since it’s a crossbody,
I kind of put it on and, like, have a lot of free range. Yeah, totally. You know what I’m sayin’? My bag is the Louis Vuitton Palm Springs backpack. I would say I gravitate more to warm tones,
as you can see. I like browns, I like yellows, oranges. And
this just correlates with everything that I wear. You love backpacks. True. That’s your jam. I do. Alright, so, are you ready for this? Wow. My Nintendo Switch. I love this thing. And look, it just, it fits. It’s like this
bag was made for the Switch. Look at that. Yeah, it’s your Switch holder. It’s your Switch bag. Speaking of electronics, I’ll grab this
guy out. Oh, ok, here we go. This is the Canon M6. I think this is the best vlogging camera,
so if you’re looking into vlogging, get this one. I mean, I might as well just talk about this
too because… That is your vlogging situation. You can just perch it up. This is my wallet. It is a Clare V. wallet. I don’t like big chunky wallets and I wanted
to have a zip if I have, you know, my coins. So… Change. This is my Saint Laurent wallet. It’s actually not the best for money because when I have too much money, it gets stuck on the zipper. I know, it’s… What a problem to have. What a problem. Ok. I’m just going to grab all the lip products
I have in here. Wow. How many do you have? I… So here we are starting off with the Laneige
Lip Sleeping Mask. It’s like a bougie Vaseline. And then I have the Dior Lip Maximizer Hyaluronic
Lip Plumper. This is a new one from Dior. And then here we have the Nars Powermatte
Lip Pigment in “Don’t Stop”. And it stays on. Yeah. Well, I only have two products. First, I have chapstick. This is Fresh Advanced Lip Therapy Chapstick
and this is like their astrology collection. So I got Virgo. Oooh. Oh, you’re a Virgo too. Wow, we haven’t even made a dent in your
purse. Wow. I have three spray products. This one is for the hands. I don’t know, am I a germaphobe? Umm. Little bit. Yeah. Here we have my Jo Malone Lime Basil &
Mandarin cologne. Oh my gosh. Hi. Oh duh. My Kindle. Hello. I have 67 books on here. How many have you read? I’ve read like 60 of them. She’s so smart. Thanks. I have, well, I have my car keys. Beep beep. And my Jeep. Blotting sheets. You know, I use blotting sheets. Tissues are
fine too. I totally blot with tissues, but… Toilet seat covers, those also work. I cannot. New ones, fresh ones. I don’t know man. Yeah, yeah, fresh ones. I know… I can’t, eww. Do you have anything left? I have one. Ok. Grand finale for me. Umm, it’s my sunglasses. See, like I told you, warm tones baby. Alright. That’s it. That’s all our stuff. Wow. Alright, bye. Bye. Toodles. Thank you so much for watching Refinery29. If you’d like to watch more videos, click
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