What’s in My Audition Bag? (2019) | THEATRE TALK | tss6295

What’s in My Audition Bag? (2019) | THEATRE TALK | tss6295

hello youtube and welcome to theater
talk since the bulk of audition season is kind of coming to a close but there’s
still things going on with audition season I thought for today’s video I
would give you an updated what is in my audition bag I did this video last year
I thought it was a lot of fun to kind of show you what I call around with me
every single day and as you can tell this bag is pretty heavy so I thought
I’d update you since I’ve added some things change some things around since
then if you’re new here hello my name is Tori cyclic I make new videos every
Sunday for a cyclic Sunday with other videos throughout the week if you like
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at TSS 6 to 95 now let’s get into the video so let’s start with like just the
outside of it it is a JanSport backpack you don’t know really how much of a
difference that makes what else that I’ve got fine swell water bottle here
this I got from a phantom 30th anniversary party the line is now dented
because I dropped it once but it works really well it’s nice for me I get a lot
of water use out of it I’m gonna start with the smallest compartment here and
go up to the back so this front compartment right over here has got pens
pencils highlighters the like of that so I can keep myself organized keep my book
organized for my music highlighting lines if I have any callbacks or sides
or things that I need to do like on the go really fast and it’s also always just
good to have like pens or pencils in regards to literally anything next
section of my backpack is this one right here in that little section I’ve got a
hairbrush that I use all the time to brush my hair and make it look nice my
Lululemon skirt that I wear for a lot of auditions and for classes and things
like that’s a nice option to have in case I don’t feel like wearing leggings
or if I want to like look a little bit more girly I have two tennis balls that
I use for rolling out my muscles specifically in my feet because these
are really good just to like roll out on the floor move your muscles against them
a little pair of booty shorts that I have just in case I ever need them for
anything for auditions if I need to I throw them on underneath like a ballet
skirt or anything like that or if I need to throw them on underneath the dress
for singing auditions it’s always good to have that so I’m not showing
underwear this pile of black things are piles of little like stocking socks that
I wear with my Leduc boots that you’re going to see a little bit later
because I don’t want to get blisters and these are really good to protect my feet
from that some cough drops because you got to stay healthy and lasting that
section of my bag are my sunglasses next section of my bag is this little zipper
right here first thing in there is some nidal because like women cramp suck so I
always have these on me no matter what I should have my advil in here somewhere
but I don’t know where it is my little bag of staples and a mini stapler that I
use for a safe in my headshot and resume moisturizer I don’t use this a ton but
it’s always good to have it on me just in case I needed deodorant because you
gotta smell nice and lastly and this section of my bag is tiger balm which is
a lifesaver for sore muscles specifically you past few days my body
has really been in pain so I’ve been abusing my Tiger foam a lot you’re now
going onto this section of my bag which is my shoe section of my bag first up
are my LaDuke of boots which I absolutely love and have abused a bit
with Beauty and the Beast I wear these honestly all the time
because I just love the way they make me feel these are the Annie can-can yeah
they’re just like incredible and make me feel really sexy and I like wearing them
a lot and they’re just they’re super comfortable too because they’re Ladue
cos they’re incredible for my heel tap shoes these are from Capezio I wear this
all the time for pop tap and for other tap auditions and other tap classes my
Leduc a– heels these are the Alexis I think the style is called they look like
that I haven’t worn these in a little while because I’ve been loving wearing
my boots but I usually wear these for singing auditions because they’re just
like a nice nude heel to bring the whole look together and if I want to be a
little bit taller in the audition because these shoes are three inches in
the heel and these are two and a half so it just kind of depends on the day of
the audition what I think of wearing but yeah you sort of the first pair of the
dude is that I ever bought and like changed my life in the world of like
thinking about how to dance in a shoe and they are awesome if you can invest
the money in Ladue cos if you’re a dancer or just an actor and musical
theater person in general it’s it’s really good purchase because the issues
are amazing last pair of shoes in that section on my back are my ballet shoes I
used to have my jazz shoes and my pointe shoes in my bag with me all the time but
I decided to switch those outs I don’t use those a time I got my ballet shoes
in here cuz I use these for ballet auditions and last but not least we are
onto the last big section of my bag here which is like has all the important
in there first things first in that section of my bag is my makeup bag I got
all my makeup in here that I use every single day take it with me on the go
everywhere because I usually do my makeup sitting in an audition room I
haven’t really done my makeup at home in a very long time so practice with me all
the time this also has in this pocket of this bag a ton of bobby pins that I can
use for like putting my hair back and making it look put together Oh would you
look at that remember how I was talking about my advil or my ibuprofen I have it
right here so it’s in this section of the bag I have just in an OCO bottle and
refill it with my ibuprofen from a huge bottle that I have in that closet
there’s my curling wand I definitely need to get a new one of these have a
little notebook I used to use this as a kind of planner but now I kind of use it
just as a notebook to have with me in case I need to write anything down very
urgently the dress that I always have with me it is a wrap shirt dress that I
got from a stitch fix box whenever I go to a singing audition it’s always good
to just have a dress on me that I can throw it on easily that’s not like an
extra thing I have to carry around with me this one is also like nice it folds
up very nicely into a nice little ball I can just keep it in the bottom of my bag
happy with me make it look nice once I get to the audition it’s a book just for
reading for fun you will have already seen my review of this in my March Book
of the Month video but this is the book that I’m reading when I’m filming this
on March 25th next here is my music book this is one of the most important things
in my bag because I need to sing out auditions and I need to have this with
me to like actually do that with I’m currently in the process of like
updating my book and getting new music and organizing this a little bit
differently so and I need to get a new one because this binder is pretty old
but yeah I’m this is very very important to have in my bag with me at all times
and the last thing that is in my bag here is my folder which has in it my
headshot and resume so this also has like extra music stuff from callbacks
different things like that but I have keep in this side of it but this side
has my headshot and resume resume here headshot here we look at her she’s so
fancy mmm look at that my headshot rise means literally my like way to get into
an audition and like show them my experience to show them things I’ve done
and why they should hire me so always always important to have this in
bag-like if i ever think that my bag doesn’t have my binder of music and my
folder of headshots i feel naked so that is everything that i’ve gotten this big
heavy obnoxious bag of mine for auditions and the rest of my life let me
know what you thought of this video and if there’s anything you think I should
add to this take out of this bag whatever you think of that and also let
me know if you are in the world of theater musical theater acting all that
kind of stuff in the comments down below what is in your audition bag and as per
usual if there is anything you’d like to see in particular on my channel or in
regards to theater talk or just in general videos let me know about that in
the constant below as well thank you guys so much for watching
dftba and I will see you guys next time bye

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  1. 🙃 whoa! bear mace?! o_0! The audition scene has become even MORE fierce in a single year! =O

  2. 2:30 naproxan and ibuprophen are contraindicated. Cant take aspirin w/them either. unless that is the acetaminophen and caffeine midol. 4:55 your cramps could be mild bleeding or kidney damage from combination dosing. Though the specifics change every month as to what is dangerous, now we are pretending there is an opioid crisis for a while, that has anything to do w/the clinic. Which it doesnt. The warnings jump from bleeding and cardic risk, to no fx at all except on inflammation, to better than acetaminophen – to now we love (especially iv) acetaminophen, comparing it to 1mg/kg of morphine. Which is definitely wrong. But the gut bleeding & kidney damage biz from upper dose & combo dose NSAIDs stays pretty stable. . #GetAllYourMedicalAdviceFromYoutubeCommentSections

  3. This will sound strange, but your hair looks amazing! You look like a elf! (That's a good thing) and you're also so organised, wish I could do that 🙂

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