Today, I wanted to share with y’all baby girl’s hospital bag. I have quite a few little outfits for her Good morning Jaxon. Are you brushing your teeth? Are you brushing your teeth? Cut the water off, okay. Did you do a good job? Yeah, you did good job, okay Good morning y’all! I look really bad Per usual Check out his outfit. He’s wearing the cutest outfit ever. Hey y’all and welcome back to our Channel I’m Heather if you’re new here and Whoo? That’s baby girl My husband just wrote me and he wants me to meet him in town. You want those? Yeah, say please Please Okay, love you, love you. Jaxon: Love you too. That sounded like he just said I love you too My husband just wrote me and he wants me to meet him in town Because he’s taking a break from his job and we’re going to go out to eat. I’m really really hungry I have not ate at all today Jaxon already had breakfast. He fell asleep and then he woke back up just now and he brushed his teeth But I really am so hungry And I’m also so pregnant Baby girl’ s room is coming along really good. It’s almost finished I’m going to do a nursery reveal very soon, but my mom still wants to do a few more things She has did an extraordinary job. It’s incredible, but I am due in Just a few weeks. So I’m kind of freaking out about that. I’m so happy that we’re finally getting the nursery done Yeah But I also want today to show y’all What’s in our hospital bag for baby girl. The baby girl, I almost said her name Here’s her hospital bag. And here’s mine. Okay, so I want to do that later today, but we got to go out to eat Come on baby, let’s go. Okay Yeah, come here Are you ready to go? No, you’re not ready to go yeah, we’re going to go see daddy, okay You’re going to do good. Okay, let’s go. Jaxon: Go Mm-hmm. We’re all ready. Let’s go Jaxon, you ready? Jaxon, is that a sticker? Wow, this is a terrible angle. Alright, you ready to get something to eat? Look who is here. The husband. You hungry? The husband hungry? I’ve been waiting on you for like two hours. Look at him Look at the seriousness That was a really good meal. I’m full and Jaxon Ate his entire corndog, which he never usually does. So that was really good. But today I wanted to share with y’all baby girl’s hospital baby and this is her diaper bag. I have not officially shown y’all her diaper bag yet, but I did get this one and this is the Jujube diaper bag and This is the diaper bag that I will be using with her and also with my son but he doesn’t really need very much stuff, but a newborn will need a lot of stuff and This is also what I will be taking to the hospital with me when I have her. I also have a hospital bag which is this one right here But it is not Completely finished yet. I still have to get a few things So I’m not going to show that today, but I am going to show our baby girls hospital bag and what is inside? This is my second baby, but I do find myself Still unsure of what to bring so I did have to look up a list and for your baby You actually don’t have to bring that much stuff. For yourself, you want to bring a lot of stuff. because you will you will need a lot but for the little girl generally your hospital will Provide you with diapers and wipes and a lot of other things as well so you don’t really have to bring those things to the hospital if you do give birth at A hospital and I am planning to give birth at our hospital Like I did with my son I’m going to go ahead and show y’all this diaper bag And I actually got this dagger bag at a baby store, a baby consignment store. So it is second-hand But these are very nice very nice diaper bags and when I seen it, I just knew I wanted to get it This is the blooming romance, I believe. it is the BFF diaper bag from JuJuBe. I really liked how organized this diaper bag is and the front is actually What they call the mama Pocket, but I don’t have anything in there for me At this point because I’m putting everything in my own hospital bag But it has several pockets This time around. I did want to get a backpack, so that’s what I got and Open it up inside So Inside you will see that I have First of all, it’s going to be very cold when she’s born So I wanted to bring a blanket that was super super warm. This is a really nice What brand is this? This I love this blanket. It is extremely thick, so that will be really good Especially when we leave the hospital and put her in her car seat is going to be really cold. So I wanted to definitely bring Any blanket and then inside There is all her stuff One thing I like about the Jujube is that they come with these pacifier Holders I guess So I did get her several different types of pacifiers and in this one I have Just an Avent soothie These are very similar to the ones that give you at the hospital and I like to just keep that inside of here instead of on the Outside just because I’m paranoid I have a pair of socks for her I also wanted to bring a swaddle for her and this is the kind that pretty much swaddles for you, so that you have an easier time if you’re not really good at swaddling like I am it’s a lot easier to swaddle them this way and you just It’s very easy But I wanted to make it a point to get swaddles like this And also I have other types of swaddles because with my son I’ll be honest I did not use swaddles with him like at all. I never swaddled him and He never slept so I thought that kind of contributed to that So that’s in here and Then I have quite a few little outfits for her. I’m not going to take this many outfits, but I put in here several that I’m Considering taking with me. Oh, here’s another pair of socks, too so I have two pairs of socks in here for her and I think I got them because they match the different outfits and Then so in my pregnancy Q&A I said that my favorite Baby outfit or baby clothing item is the gowns and this is what I was talking about I just love these so this will be going with us to the hospital and it has the little Cuffs I guess you would call So this is a really cute one and this is from Carter’s And I also am bringing a hat that matches it because I just thought that would be so cute so we have This little hat to go with it. Sorry about that. I had to charge my battery again and then I had to change my shirt But the next thing that’s in her hospital bag, is this really really cute? Sleeper pajamas, I think that’s what you call these. I Absolutely, love this Love love love this. I think I’m sure this to see all before these are my favorite pajamas for them because it is the kind that zips and During the night you don’t want to have to find the Buttons and have to button them up love this one a Lot, of course because it says little sister And this is also a Carter’s newborn size And then the rest of the stuff and here I have is her outfits that I’m considering taking with us, but I may switch them up a little bit and still depending on What we decide but I will go ahead and show you all the outfits But I’m not sure which of the outfits I’m going to bring. I think I’m going to probably bring two outfits for her She also has a coming-home outfit That I’m not going to show you all because that’s going to be left as a surprise for y’all But it’s really cute and I love it but I’ll show you what’s in here. And this is an outfit that I had picked out for her My mom actually got this for her but it is so cute has a long-sleeve onesie that says such a lovely girl and I loved a little kind of wreath around it. I think that’s so cute. And Then it came with some pants and these are just some grey pants with ruffle bottoms really cute Really cute outfit and then we had a hairband or a headband for her That I thought matched it perfectly. I feel like it matches it really good. It’s a really cute little band It’s a little big. I don’t know if the bow is like huge So I don’t know how that’s going to look but I thought it was cute I’m a first-time girl mom, so I don’t know anything, but I just thought that was really cute So that’s why the outfits that I’m probably going to take to the hospital with us The next outfit is This one and it is says fabulous And it’s just a long-sleeve onesie as well But it’s purple love purple and then the pants are really cute and They are almost like a rainbow the stars Really cute the cute little outfit We have for her And then the next outfit is This one and I thought it was really cute Well, my mom did get like pretty much all of these and my mama, I mean my grandma got this one for her But this one says mommy and me and also it’s just another little onesie and then the pants look like blue jeans Which I thought was really cute So that’s another outfit that I’m considering taking with us Let me know in the comments below what you took For your baby for the hospital because I don’t know if this is entirely too much or not I do think that I’m only going to bring like I said Probably not going to bring all of the outfits because I think that’s a bit probably too many To bring for only a couple days But I want to take pictures so I want Options, you know what I mean? And also I’ve heard that you want to take different sizes With you in case your baby is bigger or smaller. You want to make sure you have something that fits. For me personally, I’m taking newborn sizes, and I’m probably not going to take anything else but newborn size because my son was 6 pounds 14 ounces when he was born and I Pretty much expect her to be around that probably a little bit bigger, but not by much so I think newborn would fit her fine. In fact, it might be big on here. I don’t know but So that’s all that’s in her diaper bag. Oh wait a minute, that’s not actually all that’s in her diaper bag There is one thing I forgot to show y’all and that is in The Front pocket right here. There is a pocket right here. That’s a little zipper and there are so many pockets in this diaper bag I love this diaper bag. I love the way it feels. It’s very durable. I’ve washed it several times just for different reasons and it has held up really great. Of course, we haven’t used it, but and I don’t think I’m packing the stuff in here, right but It’s not as neat as it was. I’ll have to go back and go through things. But in here I did get for Some night time and I can tell you exactly what these are called I wanted to make sure I got her some Binky’s and pacifiers that she would hopefully like and these are the Tommee Tippee Newborn night orthodontic. Oh It says orthodontic accepted guaranteed And these are for these are newborn night and they are for 0 to 2 months. So I got these at Walmart actually so I just want to share that with y’all because I Don’t know if these are going to be good or not And they glow in the dark I think too But they’re just little bitty tiny little bitty tiny pacifiers So cute. They’re just they’re just gender neutral They didn’t have any pinks they just had these little green ones a few other colors, but I thought was really cute I’m hoping this will help her sleep my big focus this time around is helping her sleep everything that I have pretty much gotten for her is very focused around sleep because my son never And it was really hard to go on 1 or 2 hours of sleep a day That’s why I’m like so focused on in the sleep aspect of having a newborn So hopefully we’ll be okay in that department, but I’m sure that I still won’t probably get very much sleep I think that’s pretty average But I also wanted to share with y’all Something that I’ve been using with my clothes and this is really great. Not only to get the wrinkles out of your clothes, but also To sanitize your clothes as well, which I thought was really really good, especially when you have a newborn you want to make sure that everything is sanitary and You could even if you go somewhere say you are at the hospital And you take your diaper bag with you? you may want to use it on the bottom of your diaper bag and you get home and that is a Garment steamer, and this one is from etekcity and I’m going to show y’all really quickly how it works But I really like this a lot you Could even take this to the hospital, but I don’t know if I would do that because that might be a little bit extra but I Plug it in and I’ve already pre let me unplug it first and show y’all that You really are It’s really easy. Actually, you just pull it off and you Pull out this stopper at the top you pour water in it and it tells you the minimum and Max on the side So it’s really easy and then you match up the arrows on the side It helps when you do like that and There you have it It takes about 20 seconds to heat up and I can feel it’s already got warm just from a couple seconds But you plug it up into the wall And the light comes on on the top It also came with several different heads for Like really wrinkled clothes and lint which I think is really good Especially because some of my so my clothes get lint on them definitely going to demonstrate this with y’all. I also think this would probably be good, even for like Bassinets and stuff like that anything. You don’t want to have to wash and put in the washer But you want to make sure that it’s sanitized. I think it’ll be really great And of course getting wrinkles out of your clothes or her clothes Absolutely and let me just show y’all one thing that I have with my son that Is this and I’m really not even sure what this is, but it was given to me by somebody I think it’s maybe a burp rag or um For decor. I don’t really know what this is, but I always just kind of hung it up in his room on His crib and you can just see that it’s pretty wrinkled So I’m going to be using this with it today and just show you how this works you Really should probably have it hanging up But just for the sake of convenience, I’m going to hold it. Just don’t like burn yourself. You just press the trigger And there you go Yeah, I definitely recommend to Not hold it because it is a little hot But it’s already getting the wrinkles out You can see that the wrinkles are already starting to go away and this thing has been wrinkled for Like what three years now? Wow Look at that. Can you tell like it’s not even hardly wrinkled at all now and That was just a few seconds of doing that I’m going to go get the Attachment for very wrinkled clothes and Try that with that to get this even more dewrinkled. Hold on just a second I got the attachment on and this is for very wrinkled clothes. Oh Yeah, I definitely can tell Wow, okay, let’s get these wrinkles out It never would not have wrinkles this is actually probably the first time I’ve ever had it with no wrinkles so I I am very look at this. Look how much better it looks now, like seriously This is so cute. Now. Wow I’ve never seen it looked as good before Honestly, I’ve never seen it. Look this good before Wow, if y’all are interested in this etekcity Garment steamer, I’m gonna leave the link down below. I really do recommend this. It did a really great job and It’s that’s just amazing to me. It does come with three different attachments. This one is for extreme wrinkles increasing like this thing over here and It also comes with this attachment and this is for dust and this attachment is for lint That’s pretty much it for today’s video I’m going to go ahead and end it here because it is getting to be a long video But if you liked today’s video, please give it a big thumbs up and also consider subscribing to our channel to join our family I have an Instagram account as well at morganfamily_yt I love you all so much, and I’ll see y’all in our next video. Bye


  1. My last two babies were girls and I packed 4 outfits for them. The hospital that I delivered at didn't provide clothes just diapers and wipes. I also brought burb clothes.

  2. My advice take ALL the outfits… I didn’t think logically … baby spit up , throwing up even after she gets a bath …everything you can think of …i brought 3 outfit wasn’t nearly enough

  3. I tried those other pacifiers with my daughter and she didn’t like those ones because of the shape she likes a flat shaped pacifier you should get some like that to try as well just in case!!!

  4. Heather gets off the floor like a pro during late pregnancy. I got off the floor like a dying whale when I was pregnant 🤣😂

  5. You are getting so close and will be holding your rainbow baby in no time! Haha the part of pregnancy when shirts don’t cover the bump.

  6. Yessss Girl my first didn't sleep I was dead. So my 2nd I was focused on sleep and by the grace of god she was my best sleeper. I love my steamer. You are gonna be a great girl momma.

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