WHAT’S iN MY BACKPACK 2018 (School’s Out Senior Edition) | Brooklyn and Bailey

WHAT’S iN MY BACKPACK 2018  (School’s Out Senior Edition) | Brooklyn and Bailey

(upbeat music) – [Bailey] I am scared. – [Brooklyn] Dude. – What is this?
– What is this? I don’t even know! (laughs) I don’t know. Hey Guys!
– Hey guys! It’s Brooklyn and Bailey!
– It’s Brooklyn and Bailey! And guess what you guys, it is finally time. The time has come! The Lash Next Door is going to go live for you guys to purchase as soon as this video is over. We are literally so excited. Here it is, here is the mascara that
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– Two years, guys. Two years. – To formulate, we have worked so stinkin’ hard on this so hopefully you guys like it. We know that everyone who
pre-ordered it for Indigo-go literally cannot stop talking about it. – [Brooklyn] They keep
coming back for more, like when they’d come to the meet’n’greets they keeping wanting more. – Buying like four or five, six, ’cause they keep saying, “You know, I can’t run out of this, because this is now my favorite mascara.” So you guys, everybody who has used it really loves it and we do know that it works on everybody’s eyelashes. We’ve had all our friends try it.
– Friends use it. Literally everybody. – All these different types of people and it looks good on literally everybody.
– Everybody. – So get ready to purchase your own Lash Next Door at the end of this video. The link will be in the
description box below to buy the mascara. – We have loads of people
coming back to buy more so you guys are gonna
have to get on that fast ’cause it could sell out and it could… you never know.
– You might miss your chance! And then there you go. – [Brooklyn] Yeah, so
click the link down below at the end of this video, get your mascara fast. – Ah, it’s finally happening! Whoo! Ah, I feel so accomplished, it’s finally out, it’s finally happening. Okay, so now we will move on to the meat of the video which is; What are we doing in this video? Well you guys know it is tradition for us to show you what is in our backpack at the end of the year. – Man, this year is bad. – So this year, it was senior year. – And I traveled a bunch with my backpack so there’s, I don’t even know what’s in there.
– There’s just stuff. – I don’t even know. – So we’re about to dive into the depths of the backpacks. – Don’t judge us too hard. (laughs) – Let’s go. Okay. Time to start, the backpacks have been brought in. – Mine weighs so much. – So, first, let’s evaluate the condition it is in. – I’m sure we have pictures
of our old backpack can we put those side by side, please? – [Bailey] Flash these up. – Because everything off the front of my backpack is gone. I don’t have any of the
decoration I started out with except for this one. – See, okay, and my little thing broke so I had to tie it back onto this chain. – You have black marks all over it. – Black marks all over it, this is from my jeans. – Yeah look at this, this is coming off. – Everybody knows what… The condition of your backpack from the beginning of the year, to the end of the year typically doesn’t stay the same. Okay, first let’s dive into the front pocket. I am scared. – [Brooklyn] Dude. – Okay, okay not looking too bad. First thing’s first. Ear buds, the old version. These don’t even fit my phone anymore. So I don’t know why I
have these in my bag. – I have a flashlight! It doesn’t even work but it used to work I remember it used to work. – Survival. – I know, I always have- Oh! – She’d be like… – It’s flickering! – She’d be in an apocalypse or something and I pull out the flashlight and be like, “guys look I’m so prepared.” (intense music) and then turn it on and it doesn’t work. – No, I’m always really weird about… I carry things I don’t think I need but just on the off chance I need them and then I always end up
using them for some reason. – An empty gum package. That’s really helpful. – Anybody need some Pamprin, I’ve got 24 capsules. – Hand sanitizer spray, I don’t think I’ve ever used this. – A lip liner. A red lip liner. – Oo, nice. – Maroon lip liner. – Oh this is nice. Reese’s minis! I guess I just was hungry, but they’re not opened. Plus I’m also really
confused by the fact that this is right side up
but if I turn it around all of this is upside down. Maybe that’s why I kept it in here. It’s very cool. Oh and then just a whole
bunch of gum wrappers. – Altoids, chap stick… Guys I would just like to say, I made it to the end of
the year with two pencils. (applause) – So far I haven’t got a single one. – I had two, I mean granted this one has no eraser and this one’s old but I got two pencils. – I don’t have any so far. I wouldn’t be surprised
if I didn’t end with any. I have a Propel that’s half empty. – More chap stick. More highlighters. – Main pocket here we come. This doesn’t look so bad. – I have my traditional bag of things. – Her bag of things. – That I just keep in case I need them. – Well that’s not random, everybody knows you have that. – Sunscreen, bandaids, cough drops, tooth brush, tooth paste…. – She just has a preparedness bag. – Food digestion pills, I have so many random things in here. – Of supplies we need.
– If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, everybody. (intense music) If you wanna come with me. – So the first thing I
found was a Baylor Bear hat. I don’t really know why this is in my bag, but single bears, I guess. – Single bears, yeah it’s our future college! I have an umbrella. – But that’s useful.
– But it’s useful. – In a backpack it makes sense. – Cool backpack. – Sometimes I just have stuff and I just put it in my bag and then never take it out. Like socks. Why would I have socks?
– Hey look, here’s my pair of head phones. – But they match!
– Only it’s the… It’s the right end. – Why do I have a pair of Pocahontas socks and they look like they were worn. – [Voice Clip] Ew! – Don’t know. What is this? – I don’t even know, I don’t know. – It looks like a… – A purse strap.
– Clip for a purse – Or something but I don’t know what
purse it would go to. Weird. – Oh, guys look. A random bag of candy. – Dude! – Can you tell Bailey likes sweets. I don’t know. – Why haven’t I seen that, I would eat that. – I don’t know. – I have two vitamin C gummies. – Ew. Oh, and earrings? Guess I just wanted to wear them and then never put them in. Go figure. – Oh my gosh. This is my tour earbud case from October. – Why do you have that bag? – With all the extra earbuds and plugs. – Gum! An unopened pack.
– Of gum. – Dude. – I have pens, a big bag of pens that I actually kept
track of all year long everyone should be impressed. – What the heck is this? Oh! – How do you dig through your backpack and not see these things and go, “oh maybe I should take that out!” – No, this was recent. This was from prom week for twenties day. I had put that in there to wear that day and then I guess I just never did. – Oh, it smells like
the twenties. (laughs) – Eh. Yeah you’re right, that doesn’t smell very good. – Smells like an attic. Oh my gosh if there are pencils in here. Oh, there’s pencils in here. – No. So far I haven’t found one.
– I forgot this even existed. This has been at the bottom of my backpack this whole year. These laces aren’t even tied anymore. – So confused by my stuff right now. – Here’s all of my homework. – Here’s all my homework. – Oh, oh, oh! – Brooklyn loves throat-coat tea and we needed it a lot during tour so apparently she has
the whole world supply. – And I had a cold the other day and I put a box in here, but the box is no longer in here but I have 50 throat-coat teas. In case anybody wants some. – Oh, look at me though. Pens, unopened, that shows you how often I use… – So concerned. Peanuts, from a plane. Roasted peanuts, but
the package is like… – Just put it away, that’s so gross. I just love that I have an
unopened package of pens. This is from the beginning of the year. – I have this treasure trove of gum. – I have lots of quarters! Why do I have quarters? Again, I don’t know.
– Oo, give me the quarters. – No, no, no. Those quarters are my quarters. – I have a notebook. That’s lame. – Toenail clippers! I think I can reasonably explain this one.
– Oh this is my ACT notebook. – I think I had it for tips on my nails and they were starting to come off and so I used these to
help me get them off. But I guess they just sat
at the bottom of my bag for the rest of the year. Ah. I wanna know why I have
Christmas decorating tools and crafts in my backpack. This is pretty good, I’m just gonna save it for
Christmas time next year and just use that. – That’s pretty much…
– That’s really weird. – Everything in my bag. A broken pen. – Oh, this is a Valentine’s
day letter from Aysa! – Oh! – I finished the school year
with a real legit pencil. Everybody, I deserve applause for this. (applause) Thank you, thank you very much. – I have a battery pack for my phone, but I’m
pretty sure it’s dead. – That’s all I have folks! That’s mine. – Okay, this granola bar has a story. – Oh, no. – It’s been in there for a while but so, when I was on the orange carpet for the kid’s choice awards I was hungry because they hadn’t fed us yet. – We were starving. – And I was sitting
there telling somebody, I was like, “oh man, what I would give for popcorn,” or something like that and then Miranda Sings’ little nephew… – Comes up.
– Comes up and hands me a granola bar. – He’s like, “here you go!”
– I was like, dude! You’re the best! But then as soon as I went to eat it, then I had to talk to people and I never actually
got around to eating it. A rope. – Uh, what. You just have multiple ropes in your bag? – If ya’ll ever want to, um, survive a zombie apocalypse… (intense music) I’m your guy. – Your girl. – Your girl. – Oh, here’s all the things, – The rest of the back pack!
– That fell off my backpack! – The rest of your backpack. – I duct-taped it on at one point now there’s just duct-tape in there. – Oh my gosh. – Tada! That’s my backpack, guys. – Comment down below what ya’lls backpacks look like at the end of the year we wanna know and… – Make me feel a bit better and please say dirty. – Make us feel better. Please say that they’re very dirty so that we feel a lot
better about ourselves. – Oops. Thank you guys so much for watching. Hopefully this stuff didn’t weird you out or gross you out too much. Now don’t forget to
subscribe to our channel by clicking the button right there. And you guys, our mascara is live! So you guys can go ahead. I want you to go to brooklynandbailey.com or click the button right down there to go shop there mascara
before it sells out, so go. You guys can also check out more of our videos by clicking over here. And we’ll see you guys next week. Don’t forget about mascara! Go! – Bye y’all!

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