What’s in my Backpack 2019 | Senior Year

What’s in my Backpack 2019 | Senior Year

honestly this is the third time that I’m
filming this particular video so I hope everything goes well this time and I
don’t have to film it again hey guys welcome back to my channel and if you’re new here,
hi I’m Mariel welcome to my channel. so the reason why
I keep re-filming this particular video is either my Energy’s too low or I just
don’t make sense at all so I hope this video turns out really good and that I
don’t have to film it again because it’s pretty stressful anyway as you can see by
the title of this video I am doing a bag raid or what’s in my backpack or
whatever you call in a lot of you have been asking what my bag is since I’ve
posted my back to school haul because of the thumbnail and a little bit of
disclaimer I am already done with school I graduated weeks ago unfortunately I’m
gonna have to pack tomorrow because I’ll be leaving for college literally every
Riyadh or Saudi Arabian kid will kind of relate to the fact that we’re gonna have
to leave home for college because apparently we have no choice and since
I’m gonna pack for college tomorrow I’m gonna have to remove all the things
that’s in my school bag so this is basically the perfect opportunity to
show you what I usually bring when I was in school so without further ado let’s
get started so this is the backpack that I use for
school it is from the brand Doughnut I got this last summer and the reason why
I really really love this backpack is because it’s so small yet it can carry
so many things unfortunately this specific model is
only limited edition so I’m not really sure if they
still sell it or not but even if it’s sold out there’s tons
of models similar to this one in their website so if you’re interested I’m just
going to link them down below I usually keep my phone in this pocket but it’s
currently charging so the thing that I store in this pocket
other than my phone is my pocket Wi-Fi I always carry this with me so that I have
Wi-Fi everywhere I go so that’s basically the two things that I put in
this pocket now the other pocket contains my alcohol
this is an essential for me because I always get my hands dirty I don’t know
why the next thing that I have in this pocket is this sani-spray so I’ve
talked about this in my previous video this is basically a table and seat
sanitizer so yeah this is very handy and then this is basically the main
exterior pocket so it has this little locks so the first thing that I have in
here is some hair tie my hanky because i sneeze a lot and I sweat a lot so it
is a handy hanky then I have my mirror looks like this and then I have my mask
because I currently live in Riyadh Saudi Arabia we don’t have rivers don’t have oceans
we don’t have beaches we just have sand so whenever there’s a sandstorm
this comes in handy the next thing that I have here is my ID with its lanyard
and some keys attached to it I have an inhaler from Vicks because I tend to get
colds a lot and my nose gets stuffy all the time so this basically helps with
making my nose runny instead of stuffy so and then I have a fan because it gets
hot in school sometimes so this oh there’s one last thing what is this
oh it’s a Fevadol because I always get sick all the time literally that is
basically all that’s in my exterior pocket now let’s move on to the main
pocket inside it basically looks like this there are so many compartments in
this one I’m just gonna start off with this section the very first thing that I
have is my wallet that’s empty because I’m not it’s holding two more that means
I don’t have a lower sodium cord and then the next thing that I have in here
is my earphones because I listen to music a lot and that’s basically what’s
in this pocket they don’t really have that much stuff to carry because I’m a
boring person I’m a very minimal person I
carry what I need to the next compartment has a little velcro in it
and inside I have my lip tents so these are the two Lipton’s that I use every
single day this one is from exit house this is the dear darling tent in the
shade I can’t see the shade I’m just gonna pop it anywhere in here so I
really like buying dark Lipton’s because it saves so much like a little goes a
long way already this is a little bit more of a pinkish shade but this is what
it will looks like and the other lip tint that I have is the everybo Lenna
lip and cheek roller in the shade uptown red this is a very strong red shade and
it’s kind of watery so this is what it looks like I know it’s crazy and the
last thing in this compartment is my lip balm so this is the LA blow original
this is the 24-hour melt so when you apply it it just melts like butter I
really like this because it leaves a velocity finish in their lips which is
so pretty so that’s basically all in this velcro compartment and now we have
these last two compartments and I usually just keep random stuff in here
but in here I keep my gum which is the five gum and peppermint I always always
love to store a gun in the back because they’re just so good so in this
mesh compartment I keep like the dangerous things the first thing that I
have in here is some scissors to cut all the toxic people in life and then I have
my stapler and then I just have my staples that’s basically all the things
that I have in this compartment now moving on to the main stuff okay so my
camera died and now I’m back but I’m gonna try to make it as quick as
possible because the Sun is about to set and I’m only using natural lighting so
moving on so the very first thing what I have in here is my wipes so there are
just some days that I feel so irritated like I feel like my face is so heavy and
dirty so this is where it comes in handy I just take this and wipe my face and I
feel fresh and clean already so then the next thing that I have is this beauty
essentials pouch Rasputin’s mystic it whatever you call it but yeah this is
just a regular white pouch and I keep all my beauty stuff like the stuff that
I need to freshen up the very first thing that’s in here is my baby powder
because I’m a very greasy oily person and I hate it I’m very proud of that so
just carry this around with me another thing that I have in here that reduces
the oil in my face during the day this clean and clear oil blotting sheets
now I only use this whatever I feel so lazy to put powder on because before I
applied the powder I usually just have to clean the house first and I’m just
really lazy to do that I just take a sheets and just put it on my face and my
face is all free so the next thing that I have is an extra alcohol now I only
use this whenever I get cuts and stuff like that because this is also like the
number two ticket so if in case I ran out of my alcohol I just have an extra
one so the next thing they have is just a pocket tissue papers because you’ll
never know when you’ll need them I also have a band age in case I get cuts
because I’m a very clumsy person so I also have an extra penny later and
another penny later I have those in case the type of the month that I don’t
really expect that much comes and I just have to have some panty liners or pads
with me so and then I have some hand cream this is from us it just smells so
good it smells like flowers I don’t know exactly what it is I also have my Madsen
here and I have a nail cutter because I always always always break a nail so
whenever I do break a nail this comes in handy the next thing that I have in here
is yet another pouch and this is a different touch because this pouch
contains all my tech stuff very first thing that I have in here is my life
this is basically the soft copy of my life so then I have a
little Powerbank in here I also have this little card type USB that was given
by the Philippine Airlines so I usually carried this with me
whenever I have to transfer something from computer to computer I mean I could
just transfer them using my hard drive but since my hard drive carries a lot of
files it a lot it tends to be a little slow so I just break this because it’s
much faster to transfer files from computer to computer so I don’t bring my
laptop every day at school because it don’t really need it every single day I
only bring my laptop whenever I have like a presentation to make part and
note the day is going to be free most of the time so that’s the only time that
I’m gonna have to bring a laptop but when I do I usually keep my phone
charger in here and my charger for my laptop in this batch so the next thing
that I have and here is my pencil case you are probably familiar with this
pencil case if you watched my back to school haul and then the last thing and
my main main main compartment is my agenda I really like planning ahead of
me when there’s an event coming up so that I wouldn’t really stress out that
much so it’s really really nice to keep a planner with you to keep organized
especially when you’re a busy person so that’s basically all in this main pocket
and at times that I have to bring my laptop there is a little laptop slot in
here then there’s two side pockets of the inside as well here I just keep my
calculator because you need that then here is my body spray from bench it
smells the best and the last thing that I have in here is just a regular
hairbrush to detangle my hair during the day so that is for today’s video if you
enjoyed it don’t forget to like comment subscribe follow my social media links
down below to keep up with my life if you’d like to see more videos like this
just comment down below some video ideas to like to see me do and I will try my
best to make it possible it’s getting really dark now so I’m gonna go now and
I will see you in the next video bye

11 thoughts on “What’s in my Backpack 2019 | Senior Year

  1. what the heck- pocket wifi..? where did you get it and how does it work!! i’m shook bc i don’t have 50+ dollars to pay for a phone card so that’ll come in handy!

  2. idk which colour to get, the yellow or black because the yellow is soooo pretty but it might get dirty

    Edit: i just ordered the yellow 😂

  3. im commenting this on most doughnut vids but yeah 😂:

    GUYS LISTEN UP IF YOU WANT ONE FOR CHEAPER (AND ITS REAL) at urban outfitters they have it reduced to £50 , however if you sign up to UO subscriptions they give you 10% off and its also free shipping because its over £30 , sooo you can get one for £45 ($45) and you know its real bc its from urban (ive just ordered the yellow one for sixth form 😊)

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