WHAT’S IN MY BACKPACK | Back to School 2018

WHAT’S IN MY BACKPACK | Back to School 2018

(energetic music) – Hello, guys! Welcome back to my channel! You guys can probably already
guess what this video is because we do this every single year, so here it is again, it is, drumroll please, my back-to-school backpack haul, 2018, sophomore edition. So, this is my backpack for this year, so make sure you guys
subscribe to my channel and also, stay ’til the end of this video so you guys can see the
huge, giant giveaway item that will be included in this backpack. Alright, so, I’m gonna start with the outside of my backpack. I feel like this is a
different kind of backpack than I’ve had previous years. I’m not gonna lie, when it first came, it
was a different color than I thought it was gonna be, I thought it was gonna be
more of a vibrant yellow, not neon or anything, but
just a little bit brighter, and it’s actually mustard. But it’s actually grown on me a lot, and I think it’s actually
one of my favorite backpacks now that we’ve accessorized
it and everything like that. So, I’m super excited about this one. So, first, I guess, I’ll
start with the water bottle. I have this water bottle here, it holds your ice all day long, so it’s really nice and it’s super cute, it’s just simple enough, but then it has little
specks of black in it that I really like. Now, the outside decorations. I found this key chain, it is adorable, it’s a little llama, guys, llamas are in this year, they’re coming in everywhere. I went shopping for all this
stuff and they’re everywhere. So then, it also has these beads on it, and I like the yellow because it matches with the rest of it, and then the other
colors just kinda give it a little bit more of a pop. And on the back of the
llama, it says, live happy. It’s so cute! So then, up here, I had pins last year, you
guys might’ve seen my video from last year. I really liked the pins last year but I didn’t wanna do ’em
the same style as last year, so I just added a few
that kinda represented me or kinda matched the theme, so, I have llamas, right there, they came as a set with
the ‘no drama’ one, and it kinda just added a
white pop, which I liked, so those were perfect, and then I have sunglasses because the backpack’s kinda
like the color of the sun, and then a camera, because
I love taking pictures and then YouTube, because, obviously, we’re here on YouTube right now (laughs). Okay, so we’re gonna go in
the inside of the backpack. There’s a ton of stuff in here, so, I think I’m all set for this year. I’m gonna start with the lunchbox. So, lunchboxes are something
that I find really hard to actually find one that I really like, but I’ve seen these previously and I’m super excited about this one. They didn’t have a ton of color options, so, I decided just to stick with black so it wouldn’t get dirty over the years. I know my lunchboxes
typically get pretty dirty. But this one is super cool, it’s called a PackIt, it folds out like this and
then you pack your lunch. It has a ice thing in the bottom of this, or somethin’ like that, and you just stick it
in the freezer overnight and then you pack your
lunch in this in the morning and it’ll stay cool all day long, which, I found this really cool. And then once you’re done with it, you just pack it up like this, and it just kinda compacts
into this little bundle here, and then you can just stick
it into your backpack. I have just the typical
spiral notebook here, and this one’s really fun, I think it’s just simple enough but it also brings in all
the colors that I have. I don’t really have a theme, but I kinda wanted to get
colors that all matched. So, my colors are blue,
gray, white, and then, just kinda like earthy tones, I guess. So now, I have these white notebooks and these are a little bit smaller but I like them this size, especially for, like, my
WHAP class I’m taking, an AP class, it’s called WHAP, and we do a ton of writing. And I like the smaller ones for that because they’re easier when
I need to study for them, and they’re a lot smaller so
I don’t have to travel around with this huge, big notebook, but I love that it has a tie on this, it kinda binds everything together, which I found super helpful when I had one of these last year. I don’t think it was
added in my actual haul I just adapted it into my backpack, ’cause I ran out of notebooks. And now, for my last notebook, guys, I love this notebook. It’s so cute! Boom! (people aww-ing)
It’s a sloth. It’s so perfect, it
literally matched perfectly with all my other ones. Just look at this, guys. Look at how put together this is. I’m so excited. It has a little tie thing, which I like, to show where I am in the book. I actually started writing in this already for my summer assignment. It doesn’t bleed through,
a lot of notebooks I have, when I’m using pen, you can
see it on the other side. You actually can’t with this notebook, which I really like. This is one of my favorite
items in this backpack, it is so cute! So, every year, I have
pens in my backpack. I really like using color in my notes. I find it more interesting, I guess, when I’m writing notes, so, I love colored pens like these. And one of my friends had these last year. She used them and I loved them so much that I used them all the time
when we had classes together. So, I really wanted to
get these this year. These are super fun and
they’ll match perfectly with my notebooks when
you’re writing with them. Okay, let’s see. What is next? Ooh, this is cool! It’s basically like a draw
on your own calculator. So, on the back, it might
give you a better picture of what it’ll look like. You draw on the numbers and stuff, and it’s super fun and super cute. So, I thought this would be a good add in my backpack, and it
kinda matches the theme, but it’s super fun and I’m super excited to actually try this
out and see how it looks once I’m done doodling on it. I have a pencil bag. This is a cute, little cactus pencil bag. I think it works perfectly with the theme, blue, green, stuff like that, and it’s just adorable! Who doesn’t like cactuses? Inside of here, I have these highlighters, and I don’t know why, but
I’m so mesmerized by these. They’re like liquid highlighters, I guess, but they’re see-through. See? You can see the bubbles
moving around in them. I feel like I’m gonna get so
distracted by these in class. They’re so cool! I found, last year, that I actually needed a lot more colored pencils
than I thought I needed. I feel like everybody has
a basic colored pencil set, like it’s rainbow or whatever, so I wanted to get something
a little bit different that would still add a lot of pop to my papers or whatever I
was using to color them for. I’ve found this metallic set and it still has lots of
different color variations but it’s metallic, so they’re really cool, and they’re different
than your just regular, basic rainbow colors. And now, for pencils. You always need pencils, I always need more
pencils than I think I do because I always lose them, but I personally like mechanical pencils and I feel like everybody
has mechanical pencils now. But, I find people have these and they last them all year long, so I really wanted to
try these out this year. It’s my first time ever
really trying them. I feel like they’re the
fancy mechanical pencils. If you’re in school, you
know what I’m talking about. The cool kids have these, it’s the truth. I’m super excited to
actually have them this year and see if they last me all year long like the other kids say they do. And now, just for your basic folders, these match perfectly with everything, it kinda ties in all the colors. I have just gray, blue, and white. They’re double-pocketed,
which I find really nice because I like to use a folder
that has my homework in it. It’s just all classes but it’s just what I have to do that night. I do need-to-do and done,
and turn-it-in stuff, so I like when they have two pockets, so, I was super excited
when I found these, ’cause I feel like they’re pretty durable and they won’t rip when
they’re in my backpack. Another thing that I love
about this backpack is that it has three pockets,
a big, medium, and small. Last year, mine only had two, so I like that it has more
options to put my stuff, and this one, we get some
fun, different stuff in here. I guess this isn’t that fun and different, it’s just scissors. To me, this looks blue but I
feel like it also looks green. Click the poll right here if you think these are blue or green, ’cause honestly, I cannot tell. Alright, and then a must-need
for school, is some earbuds. These are super fun
because they actually wind into the little macaroon here. These are actually for the,
not the new headphone jack, but the old one, because
when I use them at school, I use them for my computer
and not really my phone, and your cords don’t get tangled, which is super nice, especially
when you just throw them in your backpack. And a must-need for any
high school student, a note card holder. This one actually comes with note cards. For a lot of my classes,
we take so many notes, it’s crazy, so many. So, I’m gonna get a few more of these and it was perfect because
I actually got these little sticky notes and it
fits perfectly in here, which you can actually
kinda see, it gave it away. But these, I am in love with. I had them in a notebook
that I had last year, and I could hook it on
the book, wherever I was, so it was like a bookmark and it held a whole bunch of sticky notes at the same time, which I really loved, and I used all year long, in my textbooks, in my
notebooks, in whatever. I wanted something kinda
like this this year, and I love these colors, I
feel like they’ll pop a lot on my notebooks and they
weren’t that expensive, so, if you guys wanna check them out, go ahead and check ’em out, but these are awesome and
I’m super excited for these. One of my favorite
things in this backpack, this was a golden find, I was just shoppin’
online and I found this and I was like, “I need
this for my backpack.” This is a cactus eraser. It matches my pencil bag, the cactuses, and it’s just so cute, I have to take it out to show you guys because it’s so adorable. And I feel like I always need erasers. It’s so cute! Look, even the pot is an eraser! This is so adorable! I’m so excited to use this. I think you can actually stick it on a pen or something like that, a pencil, but I feel like it’s much more convenient just to stick in my pencil bag, so that’s probably what I’ll end up doing. And now, for the small pocket. My small pocket, I don’t
know about you guys, but typically, in the smaller pockets, I just stick ChapStick, or a mint, or a gum, or whatever,
and stuff like that. So, that’s basically what
I have in here right now. I have some mints. They’re stuck, mints, there we go! Because I don’t actually chew gum, I used to love chewing gum but I actually have TMJ, it’s basically where my jaw
pops whenever I open it, so the doctor recommended
that I don’t chew gum anymore, so I have mints with me here. I had one of these last
year, and I don’t even think I finished the whole thing all year long. So, these last a long time. These are a really good
find for your backpack. And, of course, ChapStick. You need ChapStick in
your backpack all the time because why not? You always have chapped lips at school. These are super cute and they
match my theme, mellow golden. These are actually ee, eos or is it E-O-S? I don’t know. I feel like people do one or the other, people call it one or the other, but this is vanilla bean. I don’t know, guys, you guys
are gonna have to tell me this, but is it a scent or a flavor? Because that is honestly
my life’s pleasure. Is ChapStick a scent or a flavor? I just don’t know. I really can’t think about it, so, click the poll right here if you think it is a scent or a flavor. And, of course, hand sanitizer. I use hand sanitizer all
the time during school because there’s germs everywhere (laughs), and especially before I eat lunch, I always use hand sanitizer. This one, I’ve never
heard this flavor before, flavor, scent, scent, this scent before. I don’t even think I’m
gonna pronounce this right, sparkling, lee-man-cell-o? Does anybody know how to pronounce this? It should be lemon, but it’s lee-mon. Lee-mone? If you guys know how to pronounce this, you’re probably cringing
at how I’m pronouncing it, because I do not know. But it smells good! It smells like, nature-y. And, last but not least,
for my school supplies, it’s not really a school supply, but it’s still fun for back to school, it is this adorable
PopSocket that I found. It is a llama, so it matches
with all my llama stuff. But it’s so adorable, it’s
wearing like a little, I guess it’s like a llama
unicorn or somethin’ because it has a unicorn’s horn. But it’s so adorable and this,
again, will look super cute on my phone case for back to school. So now, I kinda saved this for last ’cause I didn’t wanna give
away my giveaway item. But this is actually a computer case. I use a computer at school,
I know a lot of people don’t, but I like carrying a laptop because I actually like
typing a lot of my notes. I find it easier and I guess
I just learn better that way. But I like this one
because it’s very neutral, it’s also big enough to hold my computer, and it has an extra
pocket if I need to tuck, I don’t know, some papers in
there or somethin’ like that, that I need to type up later, and it also came with this charging thing. So, I can stick my
charging stuff in there. Oh, I didn’t even notice, look! There’s a little screen thing on there. How interesting, how dandy. You can also use this for your computer or you can use it for
what our giveaway item is, which is right here. Are you ready? Drumroll, while I go grab the item. (drum rolls) Alright, guys, I have it with me. It is, a brand new, iPad Pro, here we go, people! Whoever gets this, I’m
actually very jealous of. I’ve heard very great things about this, so, I’m super excited
for whoever wins this. But, this is actually, they’re calling it the new
computer for students, I guess, because you can hook a
computer, a keypad thing to it. But, it is rose gold, it is
10-1/2 inches and 64 giagbytes, so it should hold all your
school stuff that you need and you’re just lookin’ stylin’, you’re just in the back of the class with your iPad Pro over here, just typin’ or drawing or doin’ whatever, and you can also stick
it in this computer case, which also doubles as an iPad case, and you can also stick all
your charging stuff in here, so, it’s perfect and it’s
very convenient for school, basically, what’s in this
giveaway is a second set of everything that is in my backpack, so we can be twinning, you and me, we can be twinning, and we can
have the same school supplies and you can also have
this ipad right here, this very one, the one that I
have in my hands right here, it will be yours. But you do have to be 18 or older, or have your parents’
permission before you enter. So, you can find all of the information for this giveaway in
the ‘i’ button up here or in the description box below. But basically, there’s
only one required entry, and that’s to do a good
deed for somebody else, so, it could be making your
sibling’s bed for them, or making your neighbor cookies, or something like that, and then once you do something like that, it’ll open a whole bunch
of extra bonus entries that you can enter or
complete to win more chances to get the giveaway item
and my matching backpack. So, for all you international
people out there, I don’t know, England, Dubai, Iceland, but all of you guys, this
can come to you, too, because it is open internationally, so, this is all around the world. So, this starts right
now, that’s kinda cool, that I can point at you and say right now, and you can enter it right this second. So, that’s actually pretty
cool if you think about it, and it actually ends
August 30th, 11:59 p.m., Central Time, so make sure you enter, so you can win this awesome giveaway. So, thank you guys so, so
much for watching this video! Hopefully, you enjoyed seeing
what was in my backpack and, possibly, your
backpack for this year. So, make sure you subscribe to my channel by clicking that red button down below, and you can also check out my other videos by clicking over here, and I
will see you guys next week! Bye! (energetic music)

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