WHAT’S iN MY BACKPACK (End of Year) 2018 | Kamri Noel

WHAT’S iN MY BACKPACK (End of Year) 2018 | Kamri Noel

(upbeat music) – I can already smell it. – Maybe that’s what is smelling. – It’s stuck in between all my folders. (laughter) – Hello guys, welcome back to my channel. Today we have another great video. I know you guys– – Another funny video. – I don’t know why you guys like watching this one so
much, but for some reason, – It’s like the weirdest video. We’re like hey, you know
what, we should just do this. – We should just empty out our backpacks. So this is our end of the
year backpack haul, I guess. If it’s a haul. – Or more like surprise. – But it’s really just trying to see what is in the end of our
backpack at the end of the year. ‘Cause there’s some crazy stuff. – I don’t– – It’s like the unknown area
at the bottom of my backpack. I have no idea what’s down there. – Normally I just put– – I don’t want to know sometimes. – Yeah, normally I just
put the stuff I use on top. So like pencils. – Yeah, and then you
just go to the top layer. Never go to the bottom. – Yeah, you never, never
put your hand down there. You never know what you’ll find. – Okay, well let’s see what
we find in our backpacks. Okay, here we go. (groans) – This is my– – Oh, okay. I went to the gym for the day, we’re good. – We’re down. – I’m pretty sure mine’s 50 pounds. I’m not even kidding, I think I’m pushing like half my weight. – Mine’s a good 10. But it’s still– – I don’t know how I carry
this around all day but– – Funny story about this backpack, I had a different backpack,
I think it was sunflowers, and then it was so heavy that this thing completely came
dis-attached on both straps. This whole seam ripped on both. – Wait, wasn’t this Brooklyn’s,
like in eighth grade? – Yeah, so now I just found
this one in the attic. – Like it looks very– – Yeah it’s– – By the way, I’m sick, too. So that’s why my voice
sounds really funny. If you can’t tell, I don’t know if you saw my beginning of the year backpack video, but I had like different pins. That’s ’cause I got new ones, but they all like fell off, and I’m not kidding, one time I walked into Hue Gap class and I find one of my pins
just stuck in the wall. Some kid got it and just
stuck it in the wall. – You know what– – It was so random. – These are my collection
from over the years. – What is that? – What is what? – This one (laughter) We got it from the store and then like this part, like two little
puffballs, just fell off. – It looks like a dog chewed it up. People love these. In the hallway, people are
just feelin’ my backpack all the time, these little cherries, cherry, well it’s one cherry. But then the rest of these,
I got from Driver’s Ed like if we passed a checkpoint, we’d get like different key
chains and they were so random. So I have a mitten and a
green crayon and a fish lure. It doesn’t have a hook, but it’s a fish. Hey you do the same thing as me. – Yes, I put pens. – I put my pens there. – Easy to grab so you
don’t have to dig through. – So I have a whole bunch of random pens. Sharpies, pencils, I have like, these are my last pencils,
I’m not even kidding, and they’re like out of
erasers and lead, I– (laughter) Why do you have lights in there? – They work. (Jingle Bells instrumental) – Were you like decorating
your locker or something? – No, I don’t even have a locker. (laughter) I don’t know. You know what, we’re just gonna go. – They’re only purple, too. Wait, is that the only color? That’s so sad.
– Yeah, only purple. – I have one good pen,
somehow miraculously not out of ink yet and I literally use it for every single class. Where is it, here we go. This pen, right here, my glorious pen. – There’s nothing in it. – It’s like out of ink. It’s so sad, I’m like holding onto it til the end of the year. – Oh. – Paints. We got our art class stuff. Look at how dirty this is. (laughter) – The warm colors, the warm color scheme. I have wrap. – Just, why? – Well, I played sports for a while and if I wanted to wrap my ankle– – Yeah, Rylan always wraps her– – No I don’t, I’ve only done it twice. – She always like thinks she’s injured. – Guys, I have supination, I looked it up. – You have what? – I went to the doctor and he
didn’t give me a diagnosis, so I found it, but– – You self-diagnosed yourself? – Yes, but I have it, anyway. The doctor said I have it,
I just gave it a title. – Oh, okay, sounds official. – Yes. – This is my random pocket. It kind of holds like
my ear phones and gum, even though I don’t chew gum. I basically just have
gum because my friends are always asking me for it, so. Your stress, are you stressed in school? – I think a fan sent us this,
it’s a Hello Kitty donut. – Oh, I remember this. – But this one’s really good. – Okay, I have more highlighters. I have highlighters scattered
everywhere in my backpack and they’re all different brands. I’m not kidding like Sharpie– – Oh my gosh what is this? – Maybe that’s why your
backpack weighs so much. It’s a magnet.
– It’s a magnet. – Okay, here’s my charger,
except for it’s only the block. – This isn’t gonna go
back in for a while, so – Not the actual cord. – These look like the
ones from Big Hero 6. – Oh, they do. – But silver and square. – Okay put this over there, I don’t want to get my computer messed up. Then I have my ear phones. – Oooh I have a braces chart. – Why do you have that in there? – For my rubber bands. – You have the most random
things in your backpack. – Well I thought it would be useful because I just started rubber bands. – Mine at least kind of make sense. (air horn blows) – If you guys subscribe
to my channel right now, I will smash this shaving
cream into Rylan’s face. – Or frown face. – Five, four, three, two, one. (groans) – I can’t breathe. – Now let’s get back to the video. – I have a sock. – I have a– – Told you this was my random drawer. – I have makeup remover. – It’s dirty, it looks like it’s been– – I know, everything’s
covered in gum, it’s so gross. – I have BeanBoozled, not really sure why. Ew, these look so old, pick one. – They’re sticky. – Pick one and eat it. No, no, that’s the easy
one, pick a harder one. That’s toothpaste, that’s not even bad. – That was not– – Okay then I have another charging block without a cord, not sure why. – Mouthwash. – Why do you have mouthwash in there? – Everything’s so gross, it’s
making my hands all gross. – Okay, then I have– – Oh, my SD card because
I’m in photography class, there’s lots of stuff. – Altoids and Chapstick. Look at that, I literally
have like half pieces of gum. – Ew. – No, they’re in the
wrapper still, at least. At least you’re not like chewing. – Ew, I don’t want to put
my hand in there anymore. I don’t know what’s in there. – And then I literally have
all the backs to all my pins that used to go on my
backpack, look at this. There’s about a thousand more there. And a little piece of gum. – It smells gross in here now. – And a quarter. One quarter I have this eraser, it’s kind of pointless because I don’t know what
this is supposed to do, but. – I have my lunch. – Your mac and cheese? Just extra, just in case you get hungry. – It’s so gross. I can already smell it. – Maybe that’s what’s smelling. – It’s stuck in between all my folders. (sad trumpet music) – [Offscreen] Ew! (laughter) – How long has this been in here? I don’t even want to know. – I dare you to take a bite. – I dare you to take a bite. No. – The bread’s not moldy, which means it hasn’t been in there that long. – So maybe like a couple days? I don’t remember packing PB&J. That worries me even more. Who’s lunch do I have in my bag? Ew. – A book. – Hopefully there’s no
peanut butter on here. Look at my computer case. Guys, I’ve been collecting
these stickers all year long and I’m so proud of it. Look at all my stickers. – These are a good book series, so. Choice read. This was also part of my lunch. – How did that not explode? It’s a miracle. (laughter) That is a miracle, you’d better
be counting your blessings that it didn’t get all over your paper. Rylan, you must get bored in class. You’ve got your stress
ball, your pens, your paint. – These are the coolest things ever. – Oh it’s like they build it– – They fit perfectly in each other and– – Okay look, here’s all
my different folders, for each class. Oh, there’s a mustache on the
back, too, so that’s good. (laughter) And we thought mine was bad. – It’s the jam to her peanut butter. (laughter) I made jam, guys. – Wait, were those whole strawberries because that’s more concerning if they came as whole strawberries. – They have tops. Oh my gosh it’s so like greasy. Oh and a granola bar. (gasps) – I have my blue ruler,
I thought I lost this, so I got a black one in there. – Look at all this, I’m
actually really organized when it comes to this binder, kind of. – Yeah, kind of. – I ripped off this thing. So I ripped off the
front end and I glued it to the first page and it– – You glued it to the front page? – No, no it’s still got a
good seven holes on but– – What? Why didn’t you just take it off? – Because I didn’t want to take it off. – You want to see my notes? This is my Hue Gap
folder where we literally had to write like chapters and chapters and chapters and chapters. (Lullaby music) And chapters and chapters and chapters– – Oh, I found the rest
of those puff balls. – Of notes, there’s so many in there and so I finally gave up
in the middle of the year and I went on to this notebook once I ran out of space in that one. And this is the twins like prototype. It, look at this, it’s like,
it was a malfunctioned one or something ’cause the straw doesn’t even go through the cup. – And pencils. I have like a class,
last period of school, and it’s like athletics
and so I always have like, I think I have deodorant
and a brush in here too. And shaving cream. – For your shower there? – I don’t even shower, that’s just weird. Because we don’t have time. – Is this a prank? Did somebody put that in there as a prank? – Oh yeah, probably. I probably left my bag out. – Some boy is just like– – Soothing aloe. They’re not even in our lockers. – Did they clean out their lockers? ‘Cause if they did, they
probably stuck them in there. – Yeah, I think we just
had locker clean outs. – I had that before. One time, when I left my backpack out on Valentine’s Day, and once I got back, it was like covered in chocolates. Like people just dumped
candy into my backpack. It was like, I was finding
it for days, it was terrible. Ew, I don’t want it. – [Rylan] Here, take your– – This is from something in wait, that’s not even a wig, that’s a mask. – It’s a Santa beard. – This is from my 10 days
dressing like Santa Clause, when I had to dress up. – You actually– (laughter) – Well I think I, didn’t I, I
had to wear it out somewhere and I had to stick it
in my bag, but I forgot. My calculator which is
actually Brooklyn’s. She’s probably gonna yell at me when she figures out I have this. ‘Cause I asked her for
it like three months ago, she told me only if I gave it back. – I have another granola bar. – I still have it so, sorry Brooklyn. I like this one better than mine so. – And more pencils. I have a bag of candy. Oh, you want to try these? They’re really good. You did get a red one at one point. I’ll do it, too. – I am really scared. Wait, it says cry baby on it. – Bite it. – That’s bad for your teeth. (groans) I can’t even bite it. What am I eating? – Bite it, when you suck on
it, it tastes like cardboard. – No it doesn’t, it
just tastes like candy. It’s not bad. – Is it sour? – Not really, it just tastes like candy. Like a Sweet Tart. – Get another, get another. Green or yellow. They’re sour. – Okay. I can’t bite it. It doesn’t taste like, it just
tastes like a Pixie Stick. – No they don’t. – Mm-hm. – A rubber band. – A brush. – Always needing these. – Ew, this is so gross. – I would not brush your hair with that. – I’m done. – I have one last thing. Can you guess what it is? – What? – Tape measure. – Why’d you put a tape
measure in your backpack? – Piper gave this to me. – Yeah you know what– – I just chocked on hat. – You always wanted a tape measure, right. – No, she’s in theater, tech theater and I think that she needed
to borrow it or something. But I forgot to take
it out of my backpack. I believe I am done. So who’s do you think was the grossest? I think yours was grosser. – Mine was grosser. Like the strawberries. – The strawberries, my
sandwich was pretty gross, but your strawberries and you
had a lot of food in there. – I have a bunch of food, I would say, just that I have a bunch of food. – And this brush. – Yeah, I need to get a
wipe and wipe that down. – Yeah. For the most part, I
think mine was just mostly school supplies and then
just like some random stuff that I forgot to take
out of there, like this. From December. So yeah, mine is pretty good. But this is only like my freshman, and I guess you’re like
an eighth grade one, – Seventh grade. – So seventh grade, so
you’ll still have one when I’m a sophomore and
junior and stuff like that. So yeah.
– Yes. – Alright, well if you guys liked this, then make sure you subscribe to my channel by clicking that red button down there and also comment down below what you think was the grossest thing in our backpacks because I think there was
some really nasty stuff. – Yes, very nasty stuff. – That we did not know about. And then if you want to
see the one that we did last year or my other videos,
you can check them out by clicking the videos over there, in the little boxes and
I’ll see you guys next week. Bye. – Bye.

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  1. What kind of stuff have you guys found in your backpacks that has shocked you? Comment Below! Be sure to check out some of my other videos HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAmAiiJ8M0o&list=PLwmk69JAwngl0xDbDOdEra0nE96So2g3K
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  2. In my country it is pretty normal to use your backpack from 5-12 grade. They don’t break or get stuffed with garbage because they don’t get replaced every year. Also the pens don’t get lost that easily, again they usually last for a long time (at least coloured pencils and stuff do). 😮

  3. I met the fabelhaven (I think that’s the name) author! He came to my school for free and introduced us to the fabelhaven series

  4. as i watch these videos i don't really understand how the condition of their stuff gets so bad?? like my pens gets refills, not new pens and my pencil has been like the same for like 4? years-ish. how do they carry all their notes for the whole year like wouldn't you want to store most of it at home and take what you need?? idk is this a us thing? am quite curious because i dont get to buy much new things for sch every year (except like notes, foolscap paper, sometimes notebooks and then whatever stationery that runs out) does any student in any country other than the us do this?? only seen us youtubers do these kind of videos with all new stuff every year

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