WHAT’S IN MY BAG? 😗 | Molita Lin

WHAT’S IN MY BAG? 😗 | Molita Lin

Hi all! Welcome back! If you recently watch my video, my name is Molita Lin and I welcome you to join this family by subscribing my channel so, in today’s video, I’ll create “what’s in my bag’ video this video is requested ever since I start creating content on Youtube but I just made it today as I feel confused about the content of ‘what’s in my bag’ video that’s what’s inside my bag, nothing is special, I was like, is there anybody watching? but, lots of you are interested to watch what’s in my bag version Molita Lin, so I made one by the way, now I’m sitting on the floor, this feels more cozy and casual, less formal anyway, let’s get started so, the bag that I use often nowadays is this one this is Givenchy, Antigona model, small size, black, smooth leather the leather looks glossy tbh, in daily life, if I go out, I bring 2 stuff, which is phone and wallet that’s why I get confused to show what’s in my bag as there are only 2 stuff inside but now, there are more stuff inside moreover when in traveling there will be more stuff so, I’ll show you what’s in my bag when I am traveling quite far so that the stuff is complete okay this bag is heavy without stuff inside the bag with stuff, it gets heavier uh, so heavy first phone! who does not bring phone? this is my iPhone 7 plus this is the casing 2nd is wallet, this is my wallet this is christmas gift from my husband this is funny we had a gift exchanging event in family and we did the drawing total gift is six, I’ll take two to represent Aiden when I and Aiden did the drawing I got the gift from Aiden and vice versa it’s like I buy the gift for myself so, my husband took mine and he bought a gift for me and he bought wallet this is from Chloe, this is how it looks inside when it is opened we can put our money here i’ll review a bit about this wallet this dompet is pretty and quite convenient in small bag e.g. sling bag but the material is sensitive it is easily scratched and the color is easy to fade and becomes dirty i like the card and coin section as it has plenty slots, but for the money, it’s a bit narrow the money is wrinkled that’s the plus and minus of this wallet I think this video will end rapidly okay, next is this this is eucalyptus oil, always in my bag everywhere I go I stock this quite a lot at home so, I can put this in that and this bag I have weird habit, I like to smell oil, whatever the oil is, fresh care, safe care, eucalyptus oil when I feel dizzy or nausea, I’ll smell this to feel refreshed and calm sometimes I feel embarrassed cause this is not classy at all high fives if you also like to smell oil okay next when in travel, I’ll always bring this small camera this is Sony RX Mark 5, my vlogging camera or camera that I need to make video when in travel but the result for taking picture is not good, the picture is not sharp, I’d rather use snow on phone the reason why I buy this is because it is small that it fits my small bags next is pouch, this is multi function, from Longchamp inside, there are sunglasses, I like carrying sunglasses, moreover when I use no makeup or when I want to fall asleep on airplane, I’ll use this because, I’ll sleep like this I feel shy if someone knows me and I sleep like that this sunglasses is from Gentle Monster then I have Betadine Feminime Wipes, wipes for Ms. V if you follow my IG, you know I experience vaginal discharge quite often and my friends bought me this after urination, wipe with this as to make it cleaner, I always bring this then, I also bring BCA token as to transfer money, this has been there then, I bring headset to listen to song there are lots of stuff here, I have powder that I always bring this is from Koh Gen Do, I bought this in Japan, I found the puff! I lost it this is the powder that I often use, this doesn’t dry my skin and not too heavy, I like this one then, I also have many lipsticks, wait, I have eyebrow from SASC I think I want to do makeup, that’s why I have this here, I never bring this usually then, if I go to event and do makeup, I always bring fake lashes glue as the front part tends to release easily then eyedrops if I use colored soft lens, my eyes get red easily, that’s why I bring this to refresh my eyes this is from Rohto Lycee Eye Drops this is from Rohto, Lycee Contact, I bought this in Japan like this what I like from this eyedrops is it cools down the eyes, but it isn’t too cold, like Rohto Indo this is not too cold and next okay, next is lipstick, when I go out, I never bring only 1 lipstick, I always bring more I bring Lipbalm from Tiff Body, I don’t know why it’s inside okay I also bring liptint from Tony Moly Hot Sauce Tint, I like this, difficult to blend but the color is pretty so, I bring this then, I also bring liptint from Dior Lip Tattoo 451 also, liquid lipstick from The Bath Box, shade Sweet Talk and then, small parfume from LV, it almost runs out what more? okay, just karaoke, and I got inul vizta voucher not clear, is it? then, tissue, I am the type of girl that does not bring tissue I don’t know why it’s inside but usually, I don’t bring as it’s not my habit to bring tissue ever since I was child then done, also little money done, that’s what’s inside my bag done I also have no habit to bring powerbank as i think that’s heavy so lazy that’s what’s inside my bag, not too much stuff inside but I hope you guys enjoy this video to be honest, I want to make best and worst bag purchase because girls love to purchase bag but sometimes after purchasing, it’s not satisfying that kind of video is more useful what about you? if you want me to make that video, comment down below I might make that next time that’s all, thank you so much for watching, see you next time, bye!

100 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN MY BAG? 😗 | Molita Lin

  1. Akuu mauu kaa, best and worstnyaa.. Fashion juga bolehh, jadi ga cuman makeup aja gituu ehehehe soalnya kaka itu clean dan casual jadi kusukaa~

  2. Ci molin samaa kek aku… Sukaa bgt nyium2 minyak kayuputih. Fresh care atau minyak2 angin gtu.. Enakk siih.. Mskilun sering d bilangin kek org tua sma tmen2 ku but i like it… Ci molinn cantiikkk bgt….

  3. Maaf kak ini cuma saran aja ya,jangan terlalu banyak menghirup aroma terapi. Nanti bikin kecanduan. Aku udah 3 tahun kecanduan aroma terapi, dikit dikit nyium aroma terapi dikit dikit nyium aroma terapi dan sekarang aku sudah bisa lepas dari itu. Menurut pengalaman aku,menghirup aroma terapi memang enak terus juga kaya lebih semangat gitu. Tapi ga baik banget buat kesehatan. Terus sepengalaman aku kalau pakai aroma terapi, bisa bikin wajah kusam waktu capek capeknya.
    Sebaiknya kak molita menghindari aroma terapi sebelum kecanduan seperti aku. Aku gamau liat orang lain kecanduan aroma terapi sampek parah kayak aku 🙂

  4. Entah mengapa kak molita disini full body menarik dan cantik bangettt berlipat kali yatuhan ;'( i love this video one

  5. Rambut Nya Cici udh panjang.. Bagus Banget!! Cepet yah panjang Nya…. BTW video "WHAT'S IN MY BAG" bagus bangetttt!! Aku suka.. Cece cantik Juga di situ hehe

  6. Oh my yess! Aku juga suka bawa balsem di dalem tas, especially pas waktu masih kuliah – karena belajar lama2 bisa bikin kpalaku sakit hehe

  7. sama banget kyk aku…kemana2 hrs bw minyak kayu putih. kdng klo ketinggalan harus balik lg ke rumah ato klo uda jauh dr rumah, singgah ke apotik dulu 😄

  8. No tissu… sama!! 🤜 uang masi kececer di tas.. samaaaa!!🤜 isinya sedikit dan vocer vocee gitu sama 😁 toss lg dong

  9. What is the formula to be so pretty like you, princess? I loved your bag and every item inside. 🐞unicorn kisses 🐞

  10. Aku suka banget deh ama kak moli makeup nya itu gak terlalu menor sederhana walaupun kaya pembicaraannya sopan setuju gak

  11. Aku juga suka banget nyium nyiumin bau minyak kayu putih, minyak telon, vfresh. Klo kerja wajib ada minyak itu buat ngilangin pusing dan ngantuk hehe

  12. I like watching your vlogs. Very casual and honest, and you seem down to earth, too! More power to your channel!

  13. Aku juga suka bwa minyak apapun itu. Kdang minyak telon.. Wkwkwk tp aku lebih suka yg lavender krna ada reaksi menenangkan gitu

  14. I love your chanel ! Your english damm perfect i love it ! U so cute and i love your Video ! Do u know others is a fake of english ! You such so good ! AmAzing

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