What’s In My Bag?

What’s In My Bag?

My dear elegant ladies
welcome back to my channel! Today I have a regular type of video that most lifestyle bloggers or
YouTubers tend to make. What’s in my bag? Yes in this bag, so we are going to
dive in and see what it is that I actually carry with me on a daily basis. For those of you who are new to my channel, welcome and don’t forget to
subscribe. Now if you are curious who I am, my name is Anna and I run
an online finishing school. I teach women about high-society, how to become elegant and
become the best version of themselves. If you are interested in this type of
transformation, visit www.SchoolofAffluence.com My dear ladies, now is the time
to uncover what’s inside. This is one of my bigger bags,
it’s an Alaia bag. I personally love Alaia. I love Alaia have clothes, shoes,
bags with Alaia. But this one is one of my favorite bags. I use it all the time,
this is actually my kind of number one to go-to travel bag. It just fits perfectly on my carry-on roller Rimowa suitcase bag that I take with me
into the aircraft. But it’s also a bag that I just love bringing with me when I have to carry a laptop with me. Now ladies, let’s see what’s inside and I think we
will start with the biggest and the bulkiest thing, my laptop. I have a lovely Missoni case. I love this one, I love Missoni, in general. I’m just really much in
love with their type of print. You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna not have a little peek inside. It is more fun if I just lift something up and then I don’t know what it is that I’m actually getting. So it will be a little bit more
spontaneous and exciting video. So what am I getting here? Oh a hairbrush This is a Ghd Brush, not sure it’s the best on the market. I’m thinking about buying a more
high-quality brush. If you have any recommendations for amazing hairbrushes, leave a comment below because
I’m really curious to find out. I think I’m gonna
buy a new hairbrush. I think this one is good, it does a job
but I want something, I want to find the perfect perfect brush. This one makes my hair a little bit
electric so not sure like that. I know one thing is for sure,
I always need to carry a hairbrush with me because I tend to have my hair out,
most of the time. And if you are running around the whole day, your hair will get tangled and you want to have
a good brush once in a while. My phone, so I have the iPhone XS Max that I’m actually about to trade in my phone
and get the new iPhone. For me, because I am a Vlogger, I’m an influence, a YouTuber,
content creator, whatever you want to call it, I need to have the latest camera.
I need to have the best possible tools so that I can create the best possible content
for you ladies. So what else? Another blogger tool, so this is a
must-have if you are an influencer because this is a selfie stick and this
is also a tripod and on top of it, it also has a remote control. Isn’t this an amazing tool? And look how small and compact it is! Another technical tool,
well, this is just my power bank, nothing glamorous, nothing fancy. Quite honest, this is so from Mophie but I wouldn’t say this is necessarily the
best power bank you can have. For me, it only lasts to charge my phone once.
I don’t think that’s necessarily a very impressive in today’s modern
technological age. But what can we do? iPhone, you have to charge it twice or
three times per day for it to last and this you can only use it once. More tech, my Kindle. Sometimes you just end up in places, maybe waiting for a friend,
maybe you go into an appointment and you have to wait longer than expected. So it’s just nice to be able to have something to read. Now, of course, you can
read Kindle on your iPhone but I just really like to have this one. I like the feeling of something more physical in your hand like a book preferably. But I got used to the Kindle and I actually like it for some occasions, especially
when you’re reading in bed, when you can just like twist and turn
the way you want. With a book, it’s usually a bit uncomfortable,
like laying on your side and reading but Kindle is actually
quite practical. Next, my wallet. So I have a very small wallet because
I don’t like to have the big one. Since I shift so much between
handbags, I need to have something that really fits even in my smallest handbag. Dry clean privilege card, yes important things. So having money for
tips is very important for me. I have a little bit of Swiss money here. Tissue For me, it’s actually quite important, especially since I did my rhinoplasty. Now I wish somebody could have told me about a common side effect
that can happen, especially if you’re are prone to a runny nose. After my rhinoplasty,
my already a little bit more runny nose became even more runny. So I always need
to have these things in my purse, no matter where I go, especially if I go for dinner. Because what happens when you are sitting down at the table and
if I’m eating soup or I’m eating something spicy, and then it starts coming the
runny nose and it’s really uncomfortable if you have nothing nearby, and you
cannot use your napkin, so this is my savior. Would you ask me today, would I have done my rhinoplasty if I would have known that my nose became
more runny afterwards? The answer is yes ladies. It is worth the extra runny nose that
I have today, it’s fine. Air pods and old school headphones Now I actually always
carry both with me. I prefer wearing air pods.
Of course it happens that, oh no, my air pods are running low on energy, that’s why I always carry a backup
ladies. So these two are always a must for me, especially if I’m traveling or
going for walks. Speaking of walks, my Fitbit Fitbit is my step counter because I have a sedentary lifestyle so I need to keep
track, how much I move but it’s also something that I use to control my sleep. I am prone to migraines and my biggest migraine trigger is lack of sleep. I’m really looking into finding something that is a little bit more discreet. Ladies help me here, if you know of something that is very discreet, a step counter and
a sleep counter, can you recommend to me in the comments section below, because I really need to have
this type of gadget in my life. But I need to have something that
I can wear 24/7. Keys for the house, nothing to explain there, I keep it very simple. This is interesting, sunglasses Today I have one of my oldest
pair and one of my favorite pair, my Dior sunglasses. I like a little bit oversized,
a little bit cat-eye, black. I love black sunglasses. So we have my bank,
bank stuff, would you call it internet banking access. Sometimes you have to do a little bit of transactions. Okay I think that’s it. But we are going to find out what’s inside here. So this is my kind of kit
with my makeup with some small items because having these running around in
your purse is so annoying and frustrating. This particular case is from
Cult Beauty and I like to have things a little bit more transparent to see
what’s inside. So I am a lip balm, obsessed person, that’s the number one thing I cannot live without. Hand cream, always a must. This one is from OPI. I personally prefer their hand creams.
I just feel like they smell the nicest and they don’t feel too greasy afterwards. Some red nail polish, as you can see I currently have red nails, meaning I have to have with me something that can back up a chipped nail. I do not carry that
much makeup with me but if there’s one makeup that I do carry, it’s concealer and
this is my favorite concealer. It’s the only one that I use, it’s from NARS,
radiant creamy concealer. Small things like a tweezer and a brush
for eyebrows and eyelashes since I have eyelash extensions. I need to sometimes readjust my eyelashes because maybe they have moved
a little bit and you want to just brush them evenly out and tweezer is
self-explanatory. If you find one little hair that bothers you, you want to be
able to deal with it immediately. And then the remaining
things in my pouch are lipsticks and you can see there’s about five of them. Now I am a true lipstickaholic, I need to carry always at least 3,4
alternatives with me, depending on my mood, depending on what
consistency I want on my lips, it all depends. And it all depends on what lighting I am in. So, ladies, that was it for me. How did you find my what’s in my bag video? I will be making
more lifestyle videos for you where you get to know me more on a personal level. Let me know if you like that, of course, I will keep my educational videos too but just so that we have a little bit of variation happening here. Now, if you want to get to know me a bit better, watch my Q&A video that I did where I really
answered a lot of the questions that you my dear elegant ladies asked me in my
community tab. Make sure to watch that video now and visit www.SchoolOfAffluence.com if you’re ready to start your transformation. Now, I will see you in the next video!

100 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag?

  1. Thank you for watching! What are the things that you always carry in your bag? And if you want to get to know me better make sure to watch my Q&A Get to know me video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=34QzrGSsjEw&list=PLLtTVHnRmkJljcki1d9aOgbqKePsyyX3V&index=2&t=0s

  2. I would recommend Amazfit Equator if you can find it anywhere. It looks like bracelet and it trakcs sleep and steps. 🙂

  3. Enjoying every video you are posting. By the way, where did you purchase the selfie stick? May I know the product detail because I'm thinking of getting one. More power to your channel. 🙂

  4. Thank you, for a long day out or a long trip, i personally must have also my perfume, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste

  5. @school of Affluence you ran into my mind because I feel like I'm losing my classy and style that's why I ran into your video

  6. When I had really long hair the tangle teezer used to save my life! It doesn't look great but I tell you it gets tangles out like a dream! Loved this video Anna 🙂

  7. I loved this video! I love how clean you have everything! Me, I feel like no matter how hard I try my purse always gets super dirty! Makeup breaks, etc.

  8. Could you give us some advice on perfumes?
    Also, I live in the UK, and am looking for a black calf length skirt, any suggestions, brands etc.

  9. As for the best brush, I have tried practically anything, even tangle teezers and wood brushes: I have thick, long hair that tend to get knotted easily and nothing beats Isinis brushes. Isinis are French-made brushes, the best are the professional ones: they are glossy black with a red cushion to hold it nylon fibers; I have the senior size at home and the junior size for my purse; I have purchased them in professional hair shops or Parfumeries in my hometown in the past, last year I simply ordered them from Amazon.
    They have never ever damaged my hair (I suffer from alopecia, so I need to be very careful), they don't break them even if you brush them while wet and they never made them electric or fuzzy; the brushes also last for a very long time, I use them multiple times a day and purchase them every 10-12 year: you can clean and wash them with soap, shampoo or even a delicate laundry detergent and let them dry on a heater and nothing bad happens. I hope this tips will be helpful.

  10. Bellabeat is an activity tracker that is made for women and can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, clipped on the belt/pants/shirt on in your pocket. They have several pretty ones to choose from and Nice accessories:)

  11. How did I never think of having my nail polish with me?!?!? It always chips and I end up looking like a 12 year old. Thank you for stating the obvious, lol! It's going in my purse now.

  12. Hi Anna, I was doing research on hair brushes as well and I found out that a wooden brush with wood bristles is a great option. They come in maple wood and bamboo. These will massage your scalp and distribute your natural hair oils throughout the ends of your hair.

  13. I have a solar powered phone re-charger. It really works, just like a Mophie. I heard that students and backpackers clip these to their packs, but I am not sure where an elegant lady would carry hers.

  14. At the moment I use a round Lady Jane brush made from nylon & boar bristles. I blowdry my bangs with it, but I find it works the best to flawlessly put my ballet bun up without showing lines from a brush. Also I find a tangle teaser is compact and works better than traditional brushes, especially on synthetic hair.

  15. The aura ring might be a more discreet alternative to a Fitbit. I haven’t actually used one, but I know it is a sleep/ activity tracking ring

  16. Try BellaBeat.. I haven't tried it but I'm planning to get one when I reach my financial goal. The device would suits us ladies since it can be used as a clip, a bracelet or a necklace and it looks so pretty! 😁

  17. Enjoyed what's in your bag. You mentioned migraine headaches. I suffered with them for many, many years. When I quit eating meat, dairy products and sugar, they went completely away. No more medications and no more suffering. Plant based. Thanks for all you do!

  18. I love your bag!!!!! So classy and not the one you always see in “What’s in My Bag?” videos. This was a great video.

  19. Loved the video! mostly because I just wanted to see what kind of bag you would use. 😆 Now I know what I can invest in. I am looking at getting a elegant smart watch as my step counter and watch. I would love to see an elegant gadgets video.

  20. I recommend a boar bristle brush because it doesn't yank on or break my fine hair. So maybe that would work for you as well.

  21. Awesome video ! Now can you make a video in how you should dress in your 20s ,30s and 40s . I'm in my 30s I don't want to dress like a teen nor a old lady help pls? Thanks for all.

  22. Tangle teasers are amazing! The smaller version has a lid which keeps your hair falling everywhere in your bag. Give it a try

  23. Anna you are beautiful, confident and I really like you. ❤ I also carry hand sanitizer, mouth refresher (mint pills), water bottle and fruit as snacks all the time. 😊 I loved your dress by the way.

  24. You can try tangle tweezer compact for detangling and gentle option is Mason Pearson boar bristle brush variant.
    Hop that will help 🤗🤩

  25. I didn't really expect that Alaïa bag. Thought it would be something more petite or at least structured and not an open tote.

    Now, I'm curious about your handbag collection

  26. Thank you Anna for bringing this up: I am also interested in alternatives for Fitbit, a nice and discrete sleep and step tracker, please help me if you know some good alternatives.

  27. Oooo, get a bamboo-bristle brush. I switched to that well over a year ago after viewing a youtube video about growing your hair. I love it and have never looked back! Love your aura and your work, thank you! 🙂

  28. The brush you should buy is wet&dry by CALA. The brush detangles the hair really nicely and smoothly without difficulties. Also they come in some really cute colors as pink, red, black and such as so you’ll for sure find a cute version that you like. Also I love your videos🥰😘

  29. I loveee3d it, thanks for your time! Could you do a video about basic clothes to renovate your closet and have more style.

  30. Hi Anna. If you are prone to migraines, why don't you carry migraine medication in your bag? Imitrex nasal spray is a lifesaver! Of course, you need to be seen by a neurologist to get a script. Imitrex is also available in pills.
    lack of sleep, skipping meals and stress are major triggers. If you want to avoid migraines, don't skip meals, it's better to have several small meals throughout the day. Avoid refined sugar and alcohol. They are major triggers as well.
    A silk eye mask is another lifesaver when it comes to migraines.

  31. Love this video! I always have a red nail. I go for a manicure bi weekly, sometimes weekly. Do you recommend to keep that consistent? Also, I’ve been looking for a jewelry video from you. Have you done one? If so , I’d love to have the link.

  32. Mason Pierson for dry hair – they even have a "pocket" size perfect for handbag. Makes hair shiny & is great for scalp. For wet hair, the "Wet" hair brush is amazing at getting through tangles and not breaking or pulling even the finest, most fragile hair. It's super gentle.

  33. Anna as a migraine sufferer my self for many years u can down load somthing to ur phone its cald migraine budy its a we app u hav it al the time it monaters ur every moov foood sleep that kind of thing it olso helps u to detect ur triggers and alerts u by pinging ur phone to tell u stuf like ,anna its time for bed before u get a migraine tomorow and anns wake up u cant over sleep ull get a migraine so go to ur play store and free down load migrain budy it asks u basic lifestyle stuf dieat sleep that kind of thing to set it up ,well worth having hope this hels good luck

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