What’s in my Bag? Coach Cora Domed Satchel

What’s in my Bag? Coach Cora Domed Satchel

Hi there everybody! Today I am super excited to a What’s in my Bag video. I’m excited for two reasons: one, as I have mentioned
before, I really enjoy what’s in my bag videos. I like getting that sneak peek of
what people are carrying around them a day-to-day basis. I also just really like handbags so it’s kind of fun just to see the bags themselves, as well. And two: this is
the first video type of video that I’ve had requested on my channel! So thank you so much.
After I uploaded my what’s in my cosmetics bag video there was a request to do a what’s in my bag video and I am happy to oblige. I just switched into my spring and summer bag for 2016 so the timing is really good for this. So let’s get started and
take a look at the bag and what’s inside it. So the bag itself is a coach Cora Domed
Satchel. Now this was an anniversary gift from my husband last year, so it is almost a year
old. And I carried this all last spring and summer and I really like it. It’s
very durable, it’s still in great shape and I LOVE this color. I love this color. Just a really bright, happy, orangey, reddish color. I wear a lot of blues and greens and grays, and so I feel like
this always gives me a nice, like, pop of happy warm colors in the spring and
summer. It is a good size. For me this is a good size to carry around day to day just as I’m running my errands and it fits kind of more thank you think. You can get a lot in here but because it’s not that big it never feels overly heavy energy and I feel like it can’t get too messy. I’m actually a reformed messy purse carrier. I used to – it was not good. I used to
just be somebody who would like, I would just leave my receipts in there and all kinds of stuff and I do not do
that anymore and I’m happier for it. Now I’m a little bit nuts about keeping my purses clean and organized and it’s great, I can always find stuff. I never have trash so that’s good. Anyway, so, yeah I like this bag, it has these two little straps they’re not big enough for
carrying on the shoulders but that’s fine because it’s not that big of a bag that
I feel like I have to put on my shoulder. It fits really nicely in the crook of my
arm and I often carry it like that, and it also has a nice cross body strap and
I carry it like that quite a lot as well. What else? It has a slip pocket on the back, I guess that’s the first thing we can take a look at. I was running errands earlier so my phone is still in here. And yeah, this slip pocket is so, so handy for my telephone. I love that, I
kind of feel like for just a regular everyday purse I sort of don’t want to be
with out that, because it’s so nice just to not have to open – I don’t love to carry a purse around all the time that I can’t zip shut or buckle shut. But I don’t want to go digging through my purse all the time either so having the easy-access pocket is handy. It’s plenty big enough for my iPhone 6. There’s a little room on the sides so if you have a 6s it might fit. I don’t know, I don’t have one so I can’t test. It would definitely stick out at the top but that I don’t think is as big of a deal. They use really good zippers. It zips open on both sides, and you can see, I like to keep things organized with a lot of smalls in there. So you can really get it open if you need to and take a rummage around. So let’s just get started digging on in! So the first thing I’m gonna do, I’ll open up the pocket. So has these two just regular open pockets on the side here. The first one is these are my non-prescription sunglasses carry them with me so that I have something to protect my eyes when I’m wearing my contact lenses. They are handy. You know, as always, I’m going to leave links to anything I can leave links to down below in the notes if you’re curious about them. In the next pocket are my headphones. So that I always have them when I need them. These are just the Apple headphones that came with my iPhone. In the center we have more sunglasses. So these are my Ray-Bans, my prescription shades. And… oh hi. Hi Charlie! My dog. He does not fit in my bag or any bag that is at all a reasonable size. You want pettings, bud? Ok. I really wanted like, giant cool oversized aviators but when I put them on my face I felt like they made my face look droopy? But these I like, they’re a little smaller. They’re cute. Next, in the middle, I keep my stuff, I think I mentioned, organized into smalls. Bud, I think you’re breathing like right in the microphone, dude. Should I move it over here? Apologies if you hear my dog just panting in your ear. He just wants pets! He just wants some pets. Yeah, so this is the next one. This is just a little Coach wristlet. This is again in the same crossgrain leather as my purse – dude. You are nuts! (To dog.) He’s normally napping right now, I don’t know what he’s doing. This is where I keep my lady business. Tampons, pads, whatever. They go in here. Kinda handy because it just looks like a cute purse if I ever need to just grab this out of the purse, or if a friend of mine needs to
borrow… not borrow, just use. I can just hand her a nice purse little thing to take to the bathroom with her. Next up, might as well pull this out while somebody thinks he’s getting a stroll… Dude! [laughs] Keys! All I keep on my keychain is keys. Imagine. I like to keep them in, there’s a zipper pocket in the purse. I like that because I feel like it protects my other stuff. Especially if my sunglasses fall out or something and they’re loose in there, I don’t want them scratching up. And, uh, yeah. My keychain is just a little Coach leather strap number… pink, cheerful. Then we have my cosmetic bag! Now I know I just did a What’s in my Cosmetic Bag video two weeks ago And it was a different cosmetic bag but I switched it out… as I mentioned, I do that sometimes. Now I don’t know what my dog’s doing. I’m sorry, distracted. Ok! Cosmetic bag, I switched it. So, I’m gonna leave a link to my What’s in my Cosmetic Bag video that I did a couple weeks ago so if you wanna hear kind of mini-reviews of different things, and more detailed things like swatches of all the lippies, stuff like that, you can go check that video out But if you’re just in it for this video, or you already watched that one, that’s cool, I’m just going to go through what’s in here super quick, ok? So once again this is a Coach, small, this is again one of their small cosmetic bags It’s their crossgrain leather which is kind of a smooth, shiny deal feels very durable and I love the cute bow. I’m just kind of a sucker for the cute things. I scored this at the outlet. Oh and I like the gold hardware too. The light gold hardware that they do? That’s what I like! Um, ok! So. In here we’ve got kind of the basic things. So we’ve got Advil, but I actually keep Tylenol, Midol, random apothecary stuff in there. We’ve got gum, which I’m almost out of, I should just switch that out. We’ve got a few lippies… impossible to not have. So these range in coverage, so I have like, an actual lip gloss, something plain, and a light tinted lip balm. Pressed powder. Handkerchief. And let’s see, eye stuff. I feel like I had like way more eye lens things so I’ve limited now to just one of the moist towelette suckers and one of the
regular dry you know lens wipes. Kind of a more reasonable amount of stuff. Contacts for when I… what… words. Eye drops. Tide to Go pen. This is the Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream. I gotta say the smell of this is really growing on me. It has kind of like a spicy smell. I really like it. And then finally, my tiny little nail file. So the last thing that I have in here is my wallet. This is also Coach, I really like Coach leather goods as you can see. This was a
gift from my husband Christmas 2014. It’s the only wallet that I have used since and it looks brand new. This thing is holding up really really well. This it the Saffiano leather which is super durable, and I love this color. This is my favorite color. And I especially like this color with bright
orangey-red so that combination makes me pretty happy in the spring and summer
this year although I do carry this year round, as I have mentioned. So this is the large accordion zip wallet, super durable and the accordion comes from this inside here. So, it has a lot of room. There’s two things on the ends where you can keep cash, there’s three openings in the middle,
there’s a whole ton of card slots, and then there’s a zip pocket in the middle. Really I just have wallet-y things in here. Nothing too exciting. I do have stamps but I’m going to take them out because they belong – I went to the post office the other day and got those, but they belong in the office so I don’t normally carry stamps around with me. Whenever I get coins back I take them out of here right away and put them in my coin jar, so the zipper pocket Iactually use for you know
membership cards, frequent shopper cards, stuff like that. I keep my little ones that go on keychains, I keep them on, well, a keychain. But inside my wallet because my regular keychain that I use for car keys and house keys and stuff, I just like that to be keys. But this is where I keep membership cards, that way when I’m at the cash register or wherever I’m not really rooting around for those tiny little things somewhere in my wallet, I can pull them out all at once and it’s always easier to find the one that i’m looking for. That is really my only, like, wallet hack. Other than that it’s just pretty standard issue. So that’s that! My spring and summer bag. Thank you for watching! As always I will leave links to anything that I can down below, so if you’re curious about you know
where to get something. Honestly for most of the things here, just you know, go to Coach or Target and they’ll have it. But anyhow, if you like this video please give it a thumbs up! And if you
want, you can subscribe. I have new crafty, planning, DIY, lifestyle videos coming out every week. I’m actually gonna try and do two this week. We’ll how that works I really appreciate
your time watching and I will see you soon!

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  1. Love that purse! I'm a purse girl too and enjoy watching these kinds of videos. Thanks for sharing! New subbie here 👛👜

  2. Our styles are so similar. I carry the same type of things and absolutely adore anything Coach. I got to this video from one of your planning videos. Very functional and helpful. I just subscribed!

  3. Omg I can't believe I'm just now finding your channel! Love it! What's your wrist tattoo? I've been trying to get a peek at it for a couple of videos now.

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