What’s In My Bag Inspired by Miss Heart Evangelista

What’s In My Bag Inspired by Miss Heart Evangelista

Hi, this is Kim and welcome to my channel. I’ve been reading all your comments and can I just say, it makes me ‘kilig’. So while scrolling, I found out that you guys wanna know So this is today’s bag. My friend offered me this bag. And she’s very happy that I was the one who bought it. I told her I’m not sure if somebody else will take good care of it. She even sent a greeting card! I couldn’t firgure out what its color is But according to the label It’s sesame It came with this dust bag And this authenticity card So I’m going to show you what is in this sesame bag number one would be I love wearing sunglasses I just couldn’t figured out why some people wear sunglasses even when it’s raining But my boyfriend explained to me that there are hippies that’s just their style number two my wallet This is not from Sephora It’s from my ‘inay Nora’ my grandmother next my lipstick This is the fun part. my make up kit It’s deformed First I have this This is my brush Then I have this little pouch Here I have my my rosary Mama Mary Then here’s my blush I’m looking for a new one If you have a recommendation please leave a comment You’ve see these on my first vlog what I use for my eyebrows because guys You can lose your boyfriend but you cannot lose your eyebrows next is this gel eyeliner then I have this lip oil control And finally, the secret to my red lips for those who are asking for emergency I have paracetamol medicines A lot of customers come up to me because my scent smells so good I had to Google it so they can buy the exact perfume I use it’s this one It comes in three so you can refil it here they are the other secret is this is what I use for my hair and that is officially it my make up kit is empty I have here my planner there are quotes like this one It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop. Here are they days I’ve worked for those people accusing me that I easily get everything I want you’re wrong I really for work hard for them and then I have here my mint because you know you always have to smell good and of course if you have a planner you need a pen Others prefer to use their smartphones but I prefer writing and that’s it for today’s video this has been Kim Thanks for watching!

6 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag Inspired by Miss Heart Evangelista

  1. Ganda nung bag! Ganyan pala pag authentic talaga sis. Ma channel ka pala. Omg! You can loose your bf but not your kilay 😂 ang daming secret revealed. Groetjes uit Roermond

  2. Hi kim new friend here from NL too love the bag sinctI’m craZy About luxury bags plus make ip love them love chanel make up too. God bless

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