What’s in My Bag? | Minimalist Travel Bag

What’s in My Bag? | Minimalist Travel Bag

so I’m headed back to Detroit in a
couple of weeks to visit family for the holiday season have been one bag
traveler for the last several years so I choose the items I decided to bring very
carefully and this is everything I need for about a week-long trip to have fun
and still be able to get some work done so let’s get this all packed up the bag
we’re going to be using is the pakt one minimalist travel bag I receive this
a while back and actually did a review on it as well you can check out that
link if you’re interested and on that note actually too for the holiday
weekend pakt is going to have all of their bags 15% off it’s not a sponsor
but they did provide me an affiliate link so head over and check it out if
you’ve been meaning to pick one up they don’t typically go on sales very often
so it’s a great deal to grab one if you are in the market so starting off
packing up all of the clothes here and bringing one pair of extra jeans I’ve
got one sweatshirt and two t-shirts and one button-up shirt now I like to keep
this very light I usually will get two to three wears out of my shirts and I’ll
only have two pairs of pants for the week that has been more than enough if
you’re not rewiring your jeans multiple times you’re doing it wrong this is
actually a laundry bag that pakt gives with their travel bags so I’m gonna
bring this to be able to keep any dirty clothes and laundry in just gonna stick
that right on the bottom there then I have my underwear these are Tommy John
if you’re not familiar they’re the greatest underwear I’ve ever worn highly
highly recommend them I’ve had these for about four years now and they’re still
in like perfect condition these are just some basic black athletic socks I like
the longer ones to wear with pants pair of gym shorts to wear as pajamas while
I’m there and a couple of handkerchiefs I am a huge fan of handkerchiefs I
always have allergies so it’s a great way to reduce my tissue usage so that’s
everything in my clothing half here I’m gonna flip this around here really
quickly so this is the other half this is empty right now but it’s actually a
camera cube that houses my DSLR and two lenses and extra batteries and
accessories all in this little thing it’s waterproof super awesome it’s like
twelve bucks I think on Amazon I’ll put a link in the description if you want to
see it I’ve got that there I have this rode microphone bag repurposed as a
toiletry bag I’ve got my liquids here nothing too special this is just a free
Hotel shampoo toothpaste deodorant and body wash I have tried in the past ago
completely liquid free using the crystal deodorant and dry shampoo dry shampoo is
really amazing I would check that out if if you were looking for alternatives
that I have not found any crystal deodorants that do the job very well so
I am stuck back with the liquids for now and next up we have my hydro flask I
wish there was an exterior water bottle holder in this bag but no big deal it
does not have one I’m gonna flip this around here pack up my laptop I’ve got
my 2018 MacBook Pro I’m still gonna need to get some work done while I’m on this
trip unfortunately part of the joys of small business ownership you’re always
kind of on the clock to some extent so it does pack up here and that folds that
up there you flip this and get this lift up next step we’re going to go through kind
of some of my electronics and other items flipping this out here this is
their little TSA pocket it’s come in handy you can just keep like all of your
basic pocket items so you’re not having to fumble around with them when you’re
going through the TSA that is where those go so I just have my wallet my air
pods and my phone put that back in there packing up here I just have my macbook
charger this is just a little velcro strip you can buy these by the hundred
for a few bucks on Amazon and I just have my iphone and air pod charger here
I’m going to stick that in there and this is my portable hard drive for
getting work and editing done it’s the Samsung t5 SSD they’re amazing they’re
durable they’re fast would highly recommend and
this other compartment here I like to keep this external battery bank this is
the anchor power core to slim it’s 10,000 milliamps according to the
ultralite subreddit this is the best capacity per weight for any batteries I
think that is still the case let me know who I’m wrong in the comments though I’m
just gonna stick that in there so I’ve got all of my electronics on the side
compartment here for quicker access once I get on the plane but that is
everything nice and simple Kerry if you enjoyed this be sure to let me know down
in the comments what you think but thank you all so much for watching have a
great holiday season and I’ll see you in the next one

12 thoughts on “What’s in My Bag? | Minimalist Travel Bag

  1. Any other one bag travelers around here? Any particular bags/travel items/locations you'd recommend? Let everyone know! πŸ‘‡

  2. That's a really nice setup, Josh, really nice. You have everything you need, and are only carrying one nice-looking bag. I loved this vid, keep up the good work πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ™‚

  3. I spent 5 days in Mexico with the Pakt One.
    Excellent space and organization. Love this bag.
    And it fits under the seat in front of you, so you can board last and not worry about overhead bin space.
    Big fan of Tommy John, though I've switched to Saxx recently. I also carry a Hydro flask everywhere.
    Also I travel with Outlier Merino T-shirts and a Merino button down shirt. Highly recommended
    Great overview of your travel kit πŸ‘πŸ»

  4. I am a one-bag traveler as well, Josh. I just rock out with a small gym bag that has a built-in laundry compartment so as I wear stuff I can move it over to the dirty side. I almost always bring a sport coat with me on business trips so I will wear that to the airport and then toss it in the overhead when I get on the the plane.

  5. I have flown on average once every 2 weeks for the past 20 years.I must admit that I do have some rigid views on bags and how to pack.. I was impressed with how organised that bag was. Sadly I'm travelling with at least 2 laptops at the moment and have far too many medicines, supplements and Keto snacks with me to cope with it at the moment.. but I do see the potential to become hand-luggage only with it.

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