WHATS IN MY BAG?! (My Set Bag) | Rosanna Pansino

WHATS IN MY BAG?! (My Set Bag) | Rosanna Pansino

If you would like to show some support, please hit I am also hanging out with my dog Cookie. We usually go on walks in the morning, and whenever I am filming she just falls asleep. Now without further ado, exciting news. you may already know the news. I’m gonna be on my friend Joey Graceffa’s *squealing* I’m so excited! I’m a big fan of Escape the Night. I saw all of season one, all of season two and now, I’m in season three! And, I am also a little biased, It was incredible. It was so scary, But that series starts airing June 21st So Youtube Red is now called Youtube Premium, Also, really quick before I start the video, on the Escape the Night panel. if you’re going to be in California, I would love to see your faces, and that kinda leads into today’s video Today’s video I want to be showing you So, I have been on set a bunch of times to film and some of you noticed You see that on my social media and you’re like, when you’re on set?” And I thought, “Hmmmm… So today, I’m going to show you This is a clip of me with this bag I bring this thing everywhere. A few years ago, I did a video of what’s in my purse, so you could find it on Youtube Premium June 21st Hey guys! It’s Ro! I have got some very EXCITING news today! And if you are new to my channel, welcome! subscribe, and click the bell to receive notifications every time I post a new video I swear she is not always sleeping. She does take a lot of puppy naps, and she takes a nap afterwards. So she is just a little snooze bucket. If you already follow me on social media Escape the Night season three! but I think that it is the best season. and I can’t wait to talk to you more about it. on the new Youtube Red So if you’re going to Vidcon, I’m also going to be at Vidcon this year come to the panel and come hang out! what’s in my “set bag”. web series, TV shows, and music videos, that I always bring the same bag to set. “Ro! What is in that big bag that you always carry around That would actually be a really fun video to make.” what is in this big bag that I bring to set. on the set of Escape the Night. and this video is kind of like that, only bigger and better. I found this online. It is by L&S which stands for Lo and Sons. This bag is their weekend bag. It’s called the “Catalina”. It comes in I think like three or four different sizes, and believe it or not, this size is their smallest size. It’s their Catalina tote. And I’m petite, but this bag is very large. Like, I feel like it’s a great sized bag. You can fit so much stuff in here! Look at it! I really like traveling, and using this bag on sets for many reasons. One is price. This is a high quality bag, and I bought this for $118. And it’s not a super fancy, designer bag that’s worth thousands of dollars. So I don’t need to worry about it getting dirty It is a high quality bag, but the price is not going to break the bank. The second reason I love this bag is the material. It is made out of a canvas, so you can wash it in the washing machine. The bag comes in a bunch of different colors. I got it in “midnight ash”. I like this darker gray color, because many sets are dirty. You’re either outside, or you’re in a warehouse where there’s a lot more dirt than you’d think. So, I like having a darker colored bag for set. Another thing that I love about this bag is it has this bottom pocket. It is a separate compartment from the rest of the bag. And you can put shoes in here or dirty clothes to keep it separate from things that you have up top. And I like to keep my… *oop* cozy slipper boots inside! In the bottom I keep a pair of my Uggs heh Usually, at the end of the day, I have got some beautiful, fashionable shoes on, but my dogs are barking. So the slipper boots come in handy. Yes, yes, yes, yes The weekend bag also has handles. These two handles, right here. And it has a detachable shoulder strap. These are awesome. So they zip open at the top and the bottom, and they can slide onto like a suitcase handle. Which is really good if you’re traveling to go to a set on an airplane. This is so cool. I don’t even mess with bags that don’t even have a suitcase sleeve anymore. I don’t have time for that! See! You just slide it on! *Bloop* And then you can tighten it around your suitcase. Like that! Along the top is a zipper. I love bags that have zippers, so that nothing falls out! WhooooooOoo Now usually on a set they have a ton of stuff to take care of you. Whatever you need, but I like to bring my own stuff. Especially if the film schedule is really tight. On some sets, there’s a lot of down time, so anything that you need, there’s time to find it, and they’ve got it. But on some sets, where the film schedule is really tight, and really aggressive, they have everything, but it takes time to find it. So I like to bring it all, just in case. So that if it’s fast moving, I know exactly where it is, and I don’t slow anything down, and I am prepared! I’m also a little extra! The first thing that I have in here is for my dog, Cookie. This is a little popable bowl. *Bloop* That you can put food or water in. It collapses and it’s easily portable. I don’t bring my dog, Cookie, to every set that I go on, but she is a wonderful set dog. She is so calm and chill, and she just sleeps all day in the trailer. Every time I go on Hallmarks’ Home and Family, it films on the backlot of Universal Studios, Cookie always comes with me, and everybody loves her. She gets SO many pets and SO many treats! The next thing I have in my set bag are straws. These ones are actually paper straws, which are good for the environment. On set, it’s good to have straws, so you can drink without messing up your makeup. These come in handy. The next thing in here is my fresh breath, kissable bag. So after lunch, or after you’ve had a cup of coffee, you can freshen up. So if you’re talking to someone on set, or in a scene, you are not blowing them away with some hot, spicy salad dressing breath. In here I’ve got a travel size mouthwash, mints… This is my favorite flavor of gum. It is called “Sweet Mint”. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite flavor gum is. Favorite flavor of gum. *Excited gasp* Ohhhhh And my favorite lip glosses! Usually on set, the colors that the makeup artists use are very natural. I really love natural glam, so I keep natural colored lip glosses with me at all times. This one is almost empty, you can see through it. This one is by Burt’s Bees. Another one that I love is “French Kiss”. And as you can see it has a very natural color, and it is a really moisturizing lip balm. Alright. That is everything in my fresh breath kit. I’ve got that right there, and I keep it by my snacks. There are usually a ton of snacks on set. Krafty really goes crazy. They have a little bit of everything. But I like to keep my own treats, just in case. I like to keep a little snack nuts, because they have a burst of energy. They’re easy to eat. Just little *bloop* *bloop*. little bit size. And these are ones that I fell in love with. This has a mix with dried fruit, and then this one… *gasp* Mhmmm It’s crème brûlée almonds *confused but also excited noises* Also on set, it is very important to stay hydrated. I like to bring a couple of these electrolyte packs wherever I go. I don’t really like to drink Gatorade. It’s just too sugary. It tastes like really fake, artificial sweetener for me, so I’m not really into it. So my nutritionist suggested that I bring these. Just these little packs, you pour them into a glass of water, and drink them. And they help you maintain water, and stay hydrated all day. They come in different flavors, and I’m always changing the flavors. Right now I have tangerine and lemon-lime. Ah! Now we have the bags inside the bags! This is bag-ception over here. A bag within a bag within a bag. I found these bags. It’s a set of three at Sephora, and they come in a large, medium, and small size. Inside the small bag, I have some medical essentials. There are cough drops, Airborne, Tylenol, and Advil, and a tampon, because you never know when Mother Nature is going to do her thing. Then in the medium bag, I have a mini lint roller. Usually, wardrobe will lint roll you, make sure you look good, but sometimes when I’m traveling with this little one, I’ll get little doggie hairs on me, and I don’t want to bug anybody, so I just bring a little, mini lint roller, so I can roll off before I pop back onto set. I’ve also got my favorite lotion, which is water based, so you can use it, not only on your hands and body, but your face. Hair ties, bobby pins, a travel perfume, a Tide Pen so just in case, at lunch, if I spill on myself, I can get my stain out, and not have to tell anyone, so I don’t feel embarrassed. I can take care of it myself. Then in the biggest bag, I have a few more essentials. I like to bring Wet Ones. These are wipes that kill germs. I also have these. These are my favorite hand sanitizer wipes. They are by EO. I have body lotion by them, have bubble bath by them, and I have hand wipes by them. Because look at this smell. Look at this scent right here. French Lavender. Kills germs, and smells delicious. *Sniffs intensify* Some grooming tools, we’ve got nail clippers and teasers, just in case I get splinter or a hangnail, anything. I am ready. Fashion tape, in case you have like a button or a fold that just won’t stop moving around, you can tape it down. It’s like double stick tape, but it’s heavy duty, and made for cloth. The last thing in here are hydrating masks and hand warmers. *giggle* As you can see, I’ve already used this hand warmer. I only have one more in here. And then I have another one of these. So these are like heat therapy patches, but these are basically for night shoots. Anytime that I’m going on a night shoot, I love to bring hand warmers and heat packs because it just can keep you warm. You can stick them into pockets, or you could actually stick them on your back, if the wardrobe allows, and it’s hidden, and it will keep you warm in a cooler situation. So this is a neat little trick if you’re on sets that are colder, or during a night shoot. Last but not least, in this little baggie are hydrating masks. Set days and film days are usually long hours. You’re there all day and sometimes all night, so hydrating the face is very important. Especially at the end of the day, you’ve had makeup on all day. Your face is usually really dehydrated So I have these. These are for under the eyes. Then I have these for your lips. And for your face. The last two beauty things that I have are makeup remover wipes, and my mini portable hairbrush. I bring this with me everywhere. Even to meetings around L.A. I just bring this little guy. I found it at Sephora, and it’s just a nice little travel size. I love it. Whoooooooo And now, last but not least but at the bottom of the bag my tech stuff. Whenever I go to set, I bring a brick charger. These things are heavy duty. They can charge your phone fully, I think eight times. I never want to run out of juice when I’m on set, because sometimes you’re filming outside. There’s nowhere to charge your phone. Guys, let’s be real. Let’s have a minute. I don’t mess around with the small chargers. I get a huge brick. This one is so big you can even charge your laptop with it. Which, speaking of laptops, I also like to bring my laptop. Some sets have a lot of down time, so you can get some work done in between. And last but not least, I like to bring my little headphones. I love these. They’re by Beats I fell in love with these ones because they have really small earbuds, and they’re the ones that are squishy! *Squeaking* I’m very petite. I have very small ears, and this is one of the only headphones that fit me. They have multiple sizes, and their smallest size fits me perfectly, so thank you Beats, for making a headphone that fits me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. *Squeaking* Alright, that is everything that I keep in my set bag! I really hope you guys enjoyed this video! If you did, give this video a thumbs up, so that I know you liked it. And if you’d like to show some support, subscribe, and click the bell so you receive notifications every time I post a new video. I am just so excited for my friend Joey’s new series Escape the Night season three, and I am so happy to be apart of it. I had so much fun. I know it sounds a little bit corny, but filming this series was unforgettable for me. It was so amazing, and so memorable. Some of you may already know this, in general, but it is just extremely rare to get that many Youtuber friends together, for that long, and spend that much time together, filming a project. It was incredible! It felt like we were at summer camp together. The memories that we made together on set, I think I’m going to remember when I’m a 90 year old woman, and I’m making oatmeal cookies. Season three comes out June 21st on Youtube Premium. And just a reminder I’ll be at vidcon on the Escape the Night panel, so if any of you are going, come check it out, come say, “Hi.” I can’t wait! Thanks again for watching you guys! Bye bye! And if you’d like to watch any other videos, you can click up here, or up here. *Dop Do Duh Do* Also, let me know in the comments below, do you think that I escaped the night? I’ll be reading your comments! Let me know!

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