What’s in my bag?! // Remote Work Bag // My Tech Bag

What’s in my bag?! // Remote Work Bag // My Tech Bag

Hello, my remote workers. I have not made a video
for you in quite some time. I thought that I would
share with you my everyday remote work pack. The bag that I use
is my favorite bag that I have ever had, and it is an Incase sling backpack. Unfortunately Incase
does not make a bag like this and has not made a bag like this
for a very long time. You can tell by the wear
and tear on my bag. There are certain parts of it
that are falling apart, you can’t even tell
that it is an Incase bag any longer. I love it so much that
until it falls apart I will not get rid of it because there is nothing else like it
on the market. It has one strap. The one strap
just makes me look cool. OK guys,
I want the one strap. Onto the essentials. We are gonna start with my laptop. A MacBook Pro, 15 inch
Retina display from mid 2012. Love this laptop and I really do not want
to get rid of all of my ports and have to live that dongle life. I protect this laptop
with an Incase protective hard shell. You can see there’s already
a few cracks on the shell. Of course we have to take
the charger for the laptop. I always like
to bring my extension. I never know how accessible
outlets are gonna be when I go to a café to work. I like to stick it in this back pocket,
it’s just easy access, I don’t have to dig through my bag
to look for the charger. This bag in particular has a really neat
little pocket in the strap itself, this is awesome for easy access
to items while I am on the move and wearing at the bag. My business cards
in case I run into someone that I want to, you know, give that
free promo to. I also put my keys in there so that when I’m opening
and closing the front door I don’t have to do
this weird awkward motion to take my keys in and out of the bag. And lastly, I like
to put my sunglasses in there. I have some RayBan foldable glasses. This front
pocket is extremely deep. I like to put my little umbrella in there
in case it is raining or if it looks like it might rain
later on in the day. I also put my pocket notebook in there. My Felix Gray,
these are my computer glasses because they prevent eye strain when I’m spending a long time
looking at screens. Lastly, in this pocket
I may put some tissue paper, I never know when those
allergies are going to hit. Because I do a lot
of video work and photography work. I have a lot of external
hard drives this is how I manage my data. So, here I have
my Seagate drives, they are super lightweight
and portable, I will put them in the two pockets
that are inside, that way they are protected. We are going to move
on to the upper pocket that is also inside. This is my cork wallet
from Andar Wallets, it is super sick. This is a pill case from Muji, I love how tiny and compact it is. I can easily put it
in any purse or pocket it has tylenol, ibuprofen, benadryl and these are just things
that I like to have on me in case there’s an emergency. This is a stand for my phone it is aluminum, alluminium,
whatever you want to call it. I got this from Amazon super cheap, and I love to use it
when I am on a phone conference, it’s super lightweight
and I just like to have it just in case. I’ve also got this Stabilo pen. I don’t know if it’s Stabilo, stabile,
stab stab Stabilo? These are the only pens
that I use. I love how they look
how they write and how they feel
when I’m writing. I have a standard
Apple USB power adapter, I also have
a car charger from Incase. I love how sturdy this thing is. I always bring my Apple earpods
in case I have a phone conference or want to listen to some music or an audio book on my way
to wherever it is that I am going to go work. My Apple earpods as well,
these are what I use to edit. I love that they are
not noise cancelling, that will give me realistic idea
of what most people will hear when they are watching my videos. I also bring this aloe vera chapstick
which I got for free by attending a core power yoga. Last but not least these are my Bose
noise canceling headphones, and along with them I like
to bring my little friend Cornelius. I put them in this Bose bag and I take them with me
in case I end up in a place that is particularly noisy. I love noise cancelling headphones. That is my bag
that I take with me whenever I go out to work. I hope that you enjoyed this video, be sure to share it with all
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10 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?! // Remote Work Bag // My Tech Bag

  1. I like Cornilius. I like how compact is your bag and the pockets and compartments it has. All your office is inside. You are organized and minimalist

  2. Very Impressive the amount of equipment and stuff you can place in that back pack.
    And like I previously mentioned I am big fan of pokets!!
    Sad to hear they don't make that particular type anymore.
    Unfortunately, I also suffer from allergies and carry tissues in my backpack ,coat, hoodie etc.😀.
    Great video!!👍👍

  3. Heeeey, Romina! I'm in the market for new editing laptop (don't wanna build a desktop just yet), do you have any budget friendly suggestions? 😀

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