WHAT’S IN MY BAG ? | SleepingBeauty

WHAT’S IN MY BAG ? | SleepingBeauty

Can we zoom onto the face that I had in 7th grade!… Hi everyone! I hope that you are doing well! I have been sick for four days, that’s why I didn’t post the Saturday video, That’s why today I wanted to make a chill video, And one of you told me on Instagram to go back to the OG YouTube, Doing a What’s in my bag. So that’s what I’m doing today. I’m gonna go through everything that’s inside my favorite bag, it’s called « College » by Saint Laurent. I love it because it can house a lot, The size is perfect, There are a lot of pockets, behind the bag, even inside it. So I’m gonna show you everything that I take with me daily You can wear it crossbody, on one shoulder, or just hold it by hand like that. It can be a day-to-day bag as well as a night out bag. So if you want to invest in a luxury bag, but you don’t know which one to choose, I highly recommend this one to you. I have several onces, and this one is my favorite! We’re not gonna start by the inside but rather by the outside, because there is a really practical pouch where I store my phone, so that’s it’s easy to take out. Furthermore, it’s really safe because it’s against by body. So yeah, right here is always where I put my phone. The light keeps changing on me I’m sorry!… We’re gonna start by the inside of the bag, that you can open really easily thanks to a magnet. So it’s another practical thing about this bag. There is a front and a back compartment, and a zip-closed one in between, plus a little pocket at the back. So the first thing that I take out, obviously in a bag, my wallet. If you like this one, it’s from Zadig & Voltaire. It’s quite practical, there are also a lot of compartments. There is cash, my cards, my train card, as I’m always on a train, so I have a « Primo-Grand Est » one. Nothing really exciting! Then, there are my sunglasses, in winter as in summer, I always keep them on me. They are from Celine, and I really enjoy them because they are quite wide, And as I have a wide face, it’s not easy for me to find sunglasses that suit me. Then, I have an Amore Pacific mist, that’s amazing to glow me up, and moisturize me during the day. Indeed, my face tends to be really dehydrated during winter time, so it’s really important to me to keep this mist on hand. I presented it to you in my last video, 5 beauty trends for 2020, that I will link above. So this one is my favorite, but you can use other ones, like a thermal water for example. It also takes away the caky effect caused by powder, that we don’t specially like. Then, I always have my favorite concealer, the « Radiant Creamy Concealer » by Nars. I never changed it, except when they created this perfect shade that’s « Crème brûlée ». Before, I was mixing « Vanilla » and « Honey » to get the right shade, but now they created it! So I always keep it on hand to make touch ups during the day, if I need it. Then I have a sanitizing gel, in case I can’t wash my hands, because I’m psycho about that! Tell me if you can relate, but I wash my hands maybe thirty times a day! Then I obviously have my AirPods, such a great invention! It’s so practical to have phone calls, because it’s not hygienic to have your phone against your cheek like that, And when you put your phone on loud speaker, you can’t hear really well, so AirPods are amazing for that! Always in my everlasting quest for hydration, I have a moisturizing and nourishing hand cream. This one is from L’occitane. Actually it’s a foot cream, but it works the same for your hands! It’s made out of shea butter, this one is really good, by the way I’m gonna put some on. It smells like clean! It smells a bit like lavender actually, strange for a shea butter cream!… Being the proud mother of a little Poppy, I obviously have poop bags, I always have them on me, please clean up after your dog, it’s disgusting to leave it on the streets!… I hope that you’re all doing that. So I always have a poopy bag roll on me! Then I have a pen. I always have a pen on me, to quickly write down some ideas. A perfume. It’s not the one that I usually wear. This is « Déclaration » by Cartier. But I liked the size. I have to buy a cartridge to put mine in. Mine is « L’Interdit » from Givenchy. Then I have mittens because nothing is more annoying than gloves when your working tool is your phone. As my hands are always freezing and get violet, I usually take mittens with me. I went through everything that was in the two big compartments, so now let’s go inside the zip-pocket, in which there is my ID. Can we zoom onto the face that I had in 7th grade!… Let’s continue with a pure necessity regarding my vision… Lens! I have daily lenses, by a brand that I love! By the way, I’m not sponsored! They are the « Dailies Total One ». They are great because they are really thin, so I never feel them. I’m -4,75 and -3,25. Who can top that?! Who is in the myope team? It’s terrible… So I always have a pair of lenses on me, just in case. Then I have a lip balm, it’s called « Orgasm » by Nars. It helps to keep the lips moisturized and give them some glow. You can also apply it on the top of your cheekbones and on the tip of your nose. I love this product. When I want to wear red, I use the one from Fresh, it’s called « Sugar Icon ». It’s really good as well because as it’s a lip balm, it moisturizes your lips, while giving them a touch of red, whereas this one gives a touch of pink. So voilà I love it! I usually apply the Lip Sleeping Mask from La Neige before going to bed. I don’t know if you noticed that my skin is more glowy, but I really focus on hydration at the moment, always applying sleeping masks on my face and my lips to get my hydration and my glow back. Staying on the lips topic, I always have my favorite lip liner, which is called « Whipped Caviar » by NYX. I also love « Boldly Bare » by MAC. I presented all my favorite lip liners in my last video, at 11:30 min, so check it out if you’re interested about that. I’m wearing « Whipped Caviar » today on my lips. It’s an intense pink that I find interesting for winter, during which our cheeks and lips get more pink due to the cold. So I really like this lip pencil for that time of the year! I think that we’re almost done! There is a winning trio! I have a paper clip! I don’t know what I’m doing with that, but I think that you can do a lot of things with a paper clip, that’s why I always have one on me! For example, to get your sim card out of your phone, or to open a door… You can do so many things! Then, I have a rubber band. Same thing, we never know when it will be useful, but when that time comes, you’ll be happy! Finally I have a hair clip, to create my sleeping hairstyle. If you still didn’t know it, every night, before going to bed, I do this hairstyle, with the lengths as well. But I’m doing it as well during the day when I’m at home or on a train, to get volume in my roots. And I think that I buy these really handy hair clips at H&M. Are we done yet?! No, we’re not! I have chewing gum that are not finished either. Obviously, I have a treat for Poppy, when we’re at the park, if she doesn’t listen to me to come back home, I shake this treat and she immediately comes back to me. But I only have one, I have to buy more! Finally, I have 2€! Et voilà, my bag is totally empty. As you can see, you can store a lot of things in there! Once again, as I’m sick, it was not a very instructive video, but I hope you were entertained! Let’s keep in touch on Instagram, and see you on Saturday for a haul video! It’s a fashion video, with a quite special try-on! XOXO, bye!

34 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN MY BAG ? | SleepingBeauty

  1. Oooh, moi aussi je suis trèèèès malade depuis jeudi, enfin ! Je suis plus seule ! Reposes toi bien, j'espère que tu iras mieux, je comprends ta fatigue moi même je suis dans ce cas
    Bisous je t'adore ❤❤❤

  2. J’adore se sac 😻😻😻je vais me faire de cadeau pour mes 30 ans 🥰🥰😘
    T’es une femme adorable et humble avec t’es abonnées 🥰💓

  3. Je ne pensais pas qu'on pouvait mettre tout ça dans ce sac!
    J'ai comme toi toujours mon anticerne impossible de sortir sans 😊
    En plus de ce que tu as énuméré, je rajoute également dans mon sac: du fil et une aiguille, une pince à épiler, un coupe-ongle, une lime, un petit miroir, du doliprane, de l'immodium lingual (que je n'ai jamais utilisé mais on ne sait jamais chacun ses hantises lol 😀) du spasfon, un pansement et un tampon/serviette. Une petite pharmacie portable en gros 😁

  4. Salut Marie, SYMPA ce sac Yves St Laurent, Pas donné en Boutique 🙂 Je garde dans celui ci les Air Pods, le trombone et l’élastique, Ça te va ? Ahh ahhh trop marrante sur ta photo d'identité, moi, Perso, je la trouve pas mal 🙂 J'espère que tu vas bien… Je t'embrasse si tu me le permet. Fabrice.

  5. Marie grâce à toi j'ai acheté le mascara cil sensationnal (pas waterproof par contre) et il est ouf, que je me recourbe ou non les cils, il fait un effet faux cils et il tient la courbure et la forme qu'il donne dès application 🧡💙

  6. Coucou Marie, je te souhaite un bon rétablissement, prends soin de toi, merci beaucoup pour ta petite douceur du Mardi soir gros bisous 😘😘

  7. Apparemment tout le monde était malade puisque moi aussi je l'était, donc j'espère que tout le monde va mieux, bon rétablissement kind Marie, merci pour ta vidéo assez originale, fighting. 💖💖🥰👋👋👍👍👍🤗🤗

  8. J'ai acheté le même sac cette année mais en grand ! Difficile pour moi de le sortir en déplacement car je prends tous les transports en commun imaginables sur une journée ! 😂 Du coup je prefère prendre un sac à dos ! C'était le sac de mes rêves 🥰

  9. J'ai le même porte-monnaie Zadig mais en prune!
    Par contre, il me semble que tu avais dit que les sacs YSL n'étaient pas super niveau qualité ?

  10. J’ai bien aimé ta vidéo, je voulais la publier la sur ma chaîne mais je craignais le vu et revue mais finalement je trouve ça toujours aussi intéressant 🥰

  11. Coucou, sur le coup, en regardant vite fait, je m'attendais à une vidéo sur tes sacs ( D ailleurs ça serais une super vidéos ). Mais cest super aussi ❤ super vidéos

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