What’s In My Bag?

What’s In My Bag?

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  1. Your prediction was true!!
    My moms phone was really slowing down and she had to buy a new phone.
    that one was also slowing down so she had no choice but to buy the iPhone X or something
    She knew what was going on

  2. Saf, just FYI: that is not a conspiracy theory, because I live in the bay and I knew a programmer once who used to work for them and they actually DO do that (purposefully slow down the older iphones when the new ones come out). Also, please recycle the receipts because 70% of American landfills are full of paper. Cool video.

  3. My lucky number is 16 too !! Because my two old house have been 16 my birthday is 16 and when I sit at tables they are most likely the number 16 😂💘 Live your channel so much !! Please reply 💘

  4. You should definitely do another what's in my bag video, this is awesome so it'd be cool to see what's changed about what you carry in your bag

  5. Hey Saf & Ty!
    I know this is an older video, but I was watching and had a thought. I know you guys do some Q&As…but could you do one with questions all about your videos? Like what was your fav videos to make? What video had been the most popular? Where has been your fav place to film? What video, if any do you regret or hating making? I’d love to watch that. Hagd!

  6. Love this. Leaves me feeling happy that not every woman has hundreds of neat little pouches full of neat little stuff inside their perfectly groomed designer bag 😅 i relate

  7. safiya wend from subscribe to smash that subscribe button to sh mash that subscribe button anyone else notice that

  8. I love this haha, I did a whats in my bag video awhile ago, thinking I should make a new one as my bag is full again lol. Love your videos and I cant seem to stop binge watching lol..

  9. Other Beauty Gurus: What’s in my Limited Edition Supreme x Louis Vuitton bag?
    Safiya: What’s in my disintegrating TopShop bag?
    Me: What’s in my sack?

  10. You should go through your bag (again) and then plan trips based on the state of the quarters that are currently in there

  11. Since I didn't see anyone commenting this, here you go…

    Did you see my bag? Did you see my bag? IT'S HELLA TROPHIES AND IT'S HELLA THICK

    Sorry, I just had to…

  12. Safiya! They ACTUALLY DO slow down your iPhone once a new one comes out. They claim it's for the battery, but most people think it's just to get you to buy the new phone. Scam artists 👍

  13. Okay, I don't feel quite so bad now about my purse. My husband commented the other day that it was really heavy (I handed it to him as I came in the door, he doesn't normally carry around my purse) and I started to wonder if it was time to clean it out but now I feel like I can wait a little while before I dive into that abyss. Loved the video!

  14. Comment
    98% of comment are-iphone theory
    1% of comment is about the thing that she never been in Organ(I think)

  15. Is Ipsy really a good value? I’ve been wanting to try it, but I worry that $10 is too much to pay for sample sizes that Ulta gives away for free.

  16. "Or if I just dont want to leave my makeup at home alone"
    Is the makeup gonna get lonely?
    Are robbers going to break in and kidnap kevin cough cough the makeup?

  17. I live in coos Bay, Oregon and I really want to meet you👋. I love your vids❤️ and you make me laugh and are funny 😂but wish I could meet you.😊

  18. Yes! I agree 100% that they make the older phones more janky when new ones come out. It has happened to me EVERY time they come out with a new phone. So annoying 🙄

  19. I'm your fan for like,six months or so,I've never seen this video before,and I'm born on August the 16th!😄

  20. I’m watching this in 2019 she says next year maybe I’ll get the iPhone 7 the best one yet now there’s the iPhone 8, X, XS, XS MAC, and XR

  21. What's in my falling apart bag:

    .12 receipts
    .4 random wrappers
    .My phone
    .My purse (wallet)
    .My pretty much empty lip balm that is covered in vaseline.
    .My falling apart sunglasses, or my glasses if I wearing my sunglasses
    .Something random I bought that day.

  22. Safiya, for future reference, a bag like that with that perfect flat area on the back? You can decorate it with iron on patches. They can be bought in every size, shape and color these days. I personally used some Rick & Morty patches to revive an old jacket that I love, but I have used them to good effect on a larger hand bag.

  23. I have an iPhone SE it’s good in case you want to try it though I would like it better if it had more storage on 😢

  24. By the time the phone or other electronics come out these days, they're already obsolete. They litterally release things obsolete!

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